The foremost objective of visiting Nuara Eliya was to go to Seeta Eliya. Just a few kilometers before Nuara Eliya, is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama, his consort Sita and the mighty Hanuman. We visited ‘Panchvati’, a beautiful garden on a hillock where Ravana captured Sita and kept her in custody. He made this garden extremely beautiful to seduce Sita in order to win her heart. ‘Panchvati’ as decribed in the epic ‘Ramayana’ should have been very beautiful as they say because Nuara Eliya as it is today, is such a breathtaking place and the climate is so wonderful. So it looks true that Ravana’s intention of keeping Sita in this far off place was manifold and the garden in which she was withheld must have been extremely beautiful with pretty flowers, waterfalls, streams and cool breeze….

Anyhow, it was mighty Hanuman who went there secretly in search of Sita and had found her in captivity. He then, with great relief informed Lord Rama that atlast they had found Mother Sita in a very beautiful garden called ‘Panchvati’ captured by the demon Ravana. Those readers who are unfamiliar please know that this story is from the great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’. We went to see the temple erected at the site of the stream where Sita used to bathe. It is a very basic temple made by Indians.

We begin with a  few pictures of this temple in this photo gallery.

Panchvati in Seeta Eliya



Paintings depicting Ramayana on the walls of the temple.





They say that these huge footprints are those of Lord Hanuman. I went upto that place and compared my foot with the giant size of the foot of Hanuman! The yellow markings around the huge holes are the footprints of Hanuman when he stepped on these rocks  to gain entry into Panchvati- as the story goes.

We leave Nuara Eliya.

Because of temperate climate, it is favourable for all types of vegetation to grow in abundance. Large amounts of vegetables are grown here and supplied to other cities. Fresh veggies for travellers to buy and take home!


Tea gardens occupy kilometers and kilometers and almost all slopes of small mountains and provide tons of fresh air in the atmosphere in return. I still remember the clean and fresh air that prevailed there. Most of Sri Lanka’s tea is produced here.





Tea Factory





Chamomile growing in the tea factory. Chamomile tea is an excellent antidepressent and antioxidant.


Of this and that….

Turtle Conservation Centre

Green turtle and Ridley Turtles.






The previous ones are pictures of just four days old and four weeks old turtles respectively.  Their eggs are protected by the conservationists in this sanctuary.This turtle is an adult one and many such turtles are rescued from the sea if they are in a crisis and if their bodies mangled by trawlers. They are taken care of by the caretakers inside. The others which are hatched here are nurtured and left in the sea at the right time with the help of the fishermen to live in their natural environment finally.

Adult turtle


Masks Museum








With this image, we are finishing the whole series of the picture gallery of Sri Lanka toured by me between 26th March to 4th April’13. Indeed it was a long trip but so much has been benefitted, innumerable insights received and deep learnings have been bestowed by Param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I seek his blessings for all of us who read this blog with love and devotion towards God and also from the many sages and divine souls who are guiding all of us silently in our endeavours.

It is very important that we grow everyday in Spirit and become holy so that we can one day have communion with the Silent Spectator and our beloved sweetheart. The more we grow that love for Him inside, the more we liberate ourselves from all the sufferings that we have created for ourselves by forgetting the Divine Presence in us.

The aim of showcasing these pictures was not what it is normally meant to be. The approach has been very different. I just wanted to tell all the devotees of the many Sadgurus and Mahatmas who are following some daily practices all over the world that remember  it is very important to take care of ourselves by not getting lost in this Maya. It  is essential that we take charge of our lives and with our own hard efforts release ourselves from the lack of wisdom and Divine Light and learn to live each day in Divine ecstasy and deep love for God. The mentor and our Gurus will make us do all the difficult tasks to accomplish the higher goals of spiritual life. We will be given rough and tough lessons to do but the merciful God will also show us his Creation called the world even if we have no desire of it. If we roam in this world with holding the unseen, silent hand of God, we will never get drowned in the delusion or deception caused by our own ignorance.

The section’Of this and that’ is exactly that. With merciful God’s kindness, we got to see so many things in Sri Lanka unexpectedly as if it was preplanned and we did not know about it before. Whether it were the hotels or the people or the driver, everything was so good, right and perfect. Everything was carried out so smoothly because the power behind all the planning and organizing was from the Higher Sources.

With my heart so full of thanks and loving gratitude, I thank God, Shri Mahavatar Babaji, other saints and endearing angels as well as all the people who have made this tour so successful. The pictures are mere documentation of a very extraordinary trip that I made and will be retold to myself from time to time in future……

Thanks for watching this photo showcase my dear friends……….

6 replies
  1. Nirav Majithia
    Nirav Majithia says:

    love all the photos of your sri lanka trip..
    and thank you so much for making realise that whatever we do or whereever we go, if we can hold God’s unseen and silent hand, we will nevet get drowned in the delusion or deception caused by our own ignorance.
    Lots of love and gratitude and humble pranaam to you, Babaji, all the sages and dear God.

  2. Vanita
    Vanita says:

    Beautiful photos dear Sarika! Your presentation has brought the whole trip and all the experiences to life !! I also love the way they tell a story and how you wonderfully weave a teaching in every thing! Thanks for this visual treat full of insights!!
    With love,

  3. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Thank you taking me on a tour to Sri Lanka through these 3 blog post’s
    Sarikaji 🙂

    I have selected a few para’s from different blogs and I read them aloud 3 times a day. It somehow sinks in better rather than reading quietly for me.

    GRATEFUL to be here and bow at the feet of all the seen and unseen masters who bless me and others through this Sacred blog.
    This blog is like Mount Kailasha or rather a refreshing divine spa for the
    thirsty soul !!!

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear son Shahid, you are a blessed soul! If you are thirsty and have so much respect, adoration and kindness endowed in you for these sacred words, what more can I say? There is not a single word or a single image which has been written or uploaded without a very valid reason or cause behind it.It depends on the individual whether he or she has been able to see that or not. Everything has a purpose here and you have now understood that I spend many hours in a day in pursuing these aims- of giving an opportunity to people to liberate themselves. Your comments reflect that feeling. You are grasping very well and I feel extremely happy when anyone makes a swift progress in God realization.
      Adopt any method that you like to sink in the words of wisdom and Self Realizations.I appreciate that very much. Just march ahead and you will reach your destination.
      As I could not take everyone with me to Sri Lanka, I shared my photos with all in order to make them see what I had seen and hence have toured with everybody. Isn’t sharing a good virtue?
      With love and blessings


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