Bodh means enlightenment and Gaya is a place in Bihar where Lord Vishnu trampled and killed a demon or asura named Gaya. Therefore the place is still called Gaya.

It was in Gaya under a ficus tree that Lord Buddha had enlightenment and hence the word Bodh Gaya.

 At the entrance gate


 A view of the canopy of the main temple from outside.


Maha Bodhi Temple





The entrance of the temple in which there is a huge idol of Lord Buddha. Just behind it is the Peepal Tree or Vata Vriksha under which he had Enlightenment.






I have a Peepal leaf in my hand which had fallen down from the Bodhi Tree with the breeze. People from all over the world, mainly South East Asian countries and Sri Lanka come here and Sarnath to make a holy pilgrimage. 

People love to get a fallen leaf which is so holy and venerated. They take the leaves home and preserve them. We did the same.

This is the Bodhi Tree which is very, very healthy till this day and widely spread. It is under this Tree that Lord Buddha gained severe spiritual illumination. We spent a lot of time here and did not feel like leaving this serene place. Many people gather here under this tree, say prayers in groups and also do chanting in batches in a group or singly. Most of the people come here to do meditation and sit calmly as much as they can.

It is a very energized place and I felt that if I had more time, I would have come here early in the morning to meditate with minimum people.

The MahaBodhi temple with Buddha’s idol is in our view, we are at the back of it.



Devotee from Philipines on my right and the monks were from Burma. A true moment of universal love and brotherhood, felt one with them. They were very, very happy to come to India, holy India they said. Wanted to remember such lovely moments and hence  took this picture to remember and recall that in Spirit we are always One.









Dhamekh Stupa, Sarnath, one of the few pre-Ashokan period Stupa.

Sarnath, the place of first sermon. This is the place where Lord Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths for the first time to his five disciples. It is also known as Mrigadeva or Deer Park

The Four Noble Truths are-

  • The Truth Of Suffering
  • The Truth Of Cause of Suffering
  • The Truth Of Cessation or End of Suffering and 
  • The Truth Of the Path leading to the End of the Suffering.

The Three Gems or Jewels are-The Threefold Refuge or Tisarna

Buddham Sharanam Gachchami

Dharmam Sharanam Gachchami

Sangham Sharnam Gachchami…..














Peace, peace and more peace on this Earth and to all living and non living creatures!!

With this photo gallery, we come to an end to viewing all the three places that I visited last month in March-Varanasi, Sarnath and Bodh Gaya. They will always be remembered, recalled and cherished. Bodh Gaya was exceptionally peaceful. Such divine and serene air and atmosphere, hardly seen before in a public place. If God wills, would love to go back at least once to meditate in quietude in the wee hours.

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    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Sangeeta, look at the pictures of Bodh Gaya. Sit under that holy tree. Take a deep breath. Inhale tranquility. Exhale all impurities and anxieties.
      Recall some fine and pleasant moments of your meditation. Reset them in your mind. Instil in your mind that you are and will always remain pure in mind and Spirit.You are one with God and your Soul.
      In divine consciousness ever

  1. Asim
    Asim says:

    Very enchanting pictures…
    Sangham sharnam gachchami…seems this blog represents the same ideal…association with the wise will keep on the path…
    The Bodhi tree is addictive truly…

  2. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Such a Lively place and it really feels serene……
    I bow down to the sacred Bodhi tree.
    THANK YOU again mom for all these fab pics 🙂


    Namskar Sarika, thank you for bringing up close places which we only read in books. I wish I could have a leaf from the ficus tree under which Buddha meditated. Thanks again for the good and benevolent work.

  4. manju
    manju says:

    Jai Guru to dear Sarikaji,

    I am only thanking Param Gurudeva Mahavatar Babaji for making you go to so many Holy places and and even blessing all his chelas with the treasures of the beautiful photos and teachings . with your sincere prayers and efforts the darkness will go away from our souls and will shine in divinity and purity . thank you !!!

    Pranam ho Babaji ko pranam ho!!!!

  5. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Thank you again mom for all these beautiful pics esp of the holy tree so that we can visualize sitting under this tree, while we meditate at our own homes <3


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