Part A

My dear everybody, the last post on one’s resolute will power titled ‘Ichcha Shakti, our power to will-I was extemporaneous in nature and straight from the heart and so is this. Before I leave for my next important travel programme, I am convinced that I must pick up from the last post and continue further because it is essential. Some responses came from Facebook also where I had only posted Part A from it. Part B could be little foggy for many people and so it was left out. I am replying to one question from Facebook on Spiritinlife blog because the public would not like to dive so deep into the details of Spirit matters. Moreover, I wished to share this information with my other blog readers also so that it satisfies their queries in addition to the person who has asked me. The question was this-

Didi, even Rama & Krishna are called Avatars. Why is Babaji called Mahavatar by Sri Yoganandaji?

To start answering to this question, I am first quoting from an older post with just one specific paragraph-

Babaji again went back to tell me more about himself. He divulged about his tapas and intense spiritual practices done. “After the initiation of the highest level of Kriya, my body became unconquerable and invincible. My senses became extremely acute and I could no longer bear to hear the sound of clatter and any noisy words. Therefore, I decided to meditate in a place where there would be no disturbing sounds and I headed for the Himalayas on foot. I found a cave in a place where there was no human soul and I meditated in freezing climate without any cloth over me to test my abilities. Once assured, I offered all my accomplishments to God and asked him to now let me exit the world at the age of just fourteen! God’s answer was, “Give me this body; I shall use it for a purpose that no one has done before. I shall accomplish with it that no one has accomplished before.” I only bowed in front of that Divine Light and uttered, “It is yours.”

From-The state of Super Consciousness-II

Now the question that why has Shri Babaji given the title Mahavatar by Paramhansa Yoganandji?

The answer is that Shri Mahavatar Babaji attained phenomenal spiritual success at a very tender age of just fourteen and he gave all his tapas to God and has been serving God without any break for eighteen plus centuries. He has made himself immortal. He will not relinquish his mortal body unless this era of Kaliyug slides in Satya Yuga. His tapasya is unparalleled, it is unprecedented and hence he earned the exclusive title Mahavatar. There may be a few more comparisons but this is the main reason for his being conferred a unique title.

 Part B

About a week back, in my day when I contemplated and meditated, I received some important information from Shri Mahavatar Babaji via mental telepathy. Although I am quite reluctant in talking about myself so often, I have nonetheless no choice in being discreet and quiet any longer. I am asked by them to share many of my special experiences and milestones with everybody on the blog and I am only obeying them. I think with conviction that Babaji must be having some reason to be doing this so often. I always comply because since I believe that disobedience towards my enlightened Guru is being disrespectful.

In my morning spontaneous meditation one day lately,  I was sliding deeper and further in the depths of calmness. The sound of Om came, resonated and it disappeared. I had greeted it with a very humble heart. And then, there was no sound whatsoever inside my mind. I sat in this quiet state for quite a many peaceful moments. In this quietening process, the mind became empty of all mental sounds coming even from others that echo in the background; they are always floating and embedded around us in our aura as others are thinking of us and speaking in their minds. So many people try to reach us all the time in the physical or mental worlds. Such mental waves affect our ultimate peace. But now, all possible subtle and very subtle mental sounds and thought waves from all over were missing and a state of nothing arrived. Nothing.

After a long time I was at last able to catch hold of this phenomenal thoughtless phenomenon. I was watching it without any involvement like a non-participant. In Hindi or Sanskrit or in a yogic language it is referred to as ‘nirav shanti’, soundless peace of mind. I was in a state of existence where the sense of body and mind first loosened and eventually broke off. In this very moment of thoughtlessness, I was in a state of absolute non- entity, a state of pure being. I was in a state of absolute rest and quietude called ‘poorna vishram’, complete rest. It is a state of absolute purity and innocence. I was in a state of uncovered Truth, untainted Reality called Brahma…..

Later, after a few seconds a new vision emerged from within. The Earth was in front of me with plenty of green foliage and lot of peace.  It was completely green from top and all over. There was only one inhabitant on the Earth and that was me. I was relishing the serenading peace and very cool air coming from thick foliage.I had no urge of having some people around me because it was very peaceful in that state of being. I rejoiced being alone. After that I envisioned that I was sitting on top of the globe smiling in serenity to myself and meditating on Earth top in the Lotus posture! My feet were receiving tremendous energies and they were rejuvenating me. I was on top of the world!! My body had no weight and I was feeling totally weightless. Living peacefully in our Atma is a very beautiful state of our being and living there I was experiencing it subtly!

And the symbolic vision of me in a yogic state of peaceful repose on Mother Earth must now wait to materialize in due course of time. So many times symbolic visions and futuristic events that take place in the phenomenal world are first seen in our deep states of mental rest and meditation. This was same.

As the Earth moved out of my vision, I saw Shri Mahavatar Babaji coming near me with his both hands moving fast in the air in a hurry and his face containing a sense of great importance and significance for something. I am yet to fully understand the meaning of his expressions. He came up to to me and told this,” You have a great desire in you to know Atmà. You have known it only because you possessed a great will, you have tremendous Ichcha Shakti. It is a very difficult thing to do in one life.  I want you to write about this experience in your forthcoming article on the blog.”

So with this narration, I wind up this post and wish to first attempt re-living these extra ordinary, very sublime and peaceful experiences. In moments of deep peace and quietude, Atma is known. There will be many noises and disturbances from many sides, they come from the Earth level but I must live some times at least on the level of Sky, in the consciousness of Atma……

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  1. pandey2
    pandey2 says:

    Thank You Masters for asking Sarikaji to share all this with us else there is no way we would be able to think that something like this also are part of milestone and so if anyone among us get privilege to travel deeper in this path, then he/she shouldn’t be satisfied and stop somewhere but keep continue the journey using this blog post as reference.

    SarikaJi thank you so much for sharing it. Keep pouring this divine Ganga on us.

    It is amazing to read ‘nirav shanti’, soundless peace of mind, state of uncovered Truth, untainted Reality called Brahma…..
    consciousness of Atma.
    Seems spiritual Journey is ever exciting till eternity. Nit Nutan.

    Om Shanti!

    with love and gratitude

  2. movvasrinivas
    movvasrinivas says:

    Sarika ji, (didi),
    What an inspiring article! A being (boy of 14) by his iccha sakti rose to such heights where he is called MAHAVATAR, greater than all avatars! What a hope for humanity. What an inspiration for all beings. Babaji is the mother glacier which gave rise to sikhism ( guru nanak), hinduism (adi sankara), buddhism (padma sambhava), chritianity (jesus christ) and kabir , not to mention the fountain of kriya sri lahiri mahasaya and his parampara. Babaji even mentioned in a book by sri satyeswarananda giri that HE was guru to Dakshinamurty also.
    See his love for termites like us, avatars come & go , Babaji remains eternally to guide us. What a great responsibility, what a great Love!
    Blessed indeed are the beings who communicate with him! (Sri Sarikaji)
    Blessed are we to drink this nectar.
    Jai jai jai sri Guru babaji.

  3. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Happy to read this post. That was a very good question asked as to why Shri Babaji is called MahaAvatar. Also glad to read about your vision Sarika mom.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear Shahid, I was busy with some other things and hence the delay in responding. First of all, thank you so much for remembering the 6th anniversary of our blog and also wishing Mandira. I purposely kept myself away from active internet involvement and wished to be with myself instead in this time period.
      Yes,it was good to know the meaning of the title Mahavatar and this also shows that the posts should be read very carefully as they are very compact and full of depth and meaning.
      Will resume blogging soon, attending to other blog activities first.
      With my good wishes to you and all other blog followers on completion of six years on WordPress on 20th May.


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