We are revising our old lessons.

Dear friends, it is Down Time. The last post issued was on 3rd June ’14 . Since then no posts have been published because there are already many serious posts published earlier and they need to be revised in depth. There are many new blog followers; some prepared some not so prepared. Many are at the very basic level while others are about to take off on a flight of their own. So it is a very good idea to sit back and see what this blog has to offer to all of us.

The posts on topics such as Consciousness or Chetna Shakti has commenced recently on FB. Excerpts from important articles are going to be picked up for some time and those posts will be read again in this way. Absorption and churning of those articles is very important.

A delightful beginning has taken place recently where the serious people are visiting many  holy sites on their own to clear off much of their karmic baggage after reading my spiritual journey when I made  trips to those holy places. Pondicherry, Parangipettai, Palani, Dakshineshwar, Dwarka, Somnath, Kumarpukar, Jairambati, Dwarahat, Varanasi and Ganeshpuri are those places mainly. There are also some who have gone to other places also. I feel extremely happy to see your enthusiasm and the will to overcome your past and renewed energies seems to have seeped in the blog as well the blog followers. Some say that they were inspired by me and my determination and hence they are motivated. I am very grateful to God and the readers for it. May I ask God that more people understand the value of walking on the foot prints of so many highly advanced spiritual giants who have put their holy feet for centuries on those highly charged places of spiritual value in India? May those people too have the inner urge to rectify their past and seek those precious vibrations of great spiritual value!

A silent revolution is taking place although there are no prescribed norms and regulations from my side and yet on their own some people are walking quietly on the sands of the footprints of lofty Yogis and Mahayogis and saints and sages of India’s past heritage. I have only the enlightened Gurus and God to thank because such acts are performed by very few people that we know of. Most of the people are too busy as they very engrossed in their daily life. It requires resolute and firm determination to walk the path of your convictions. Nonetheless, too much is always too little on this long path of eternal bliss and peace of God. So take one firm step at one time and seek God every day in every breath.

Wish to end up this small page of some information with this poem which I wrote on FB some time back.

Lasting friendship!

Deep within lives my mate, my dearest friend,
My guide, my most favourite and most beloved,
When I forget the world and severe ties with it and lose myself,
I find you waiting there for me silently and patiently,
Thus I come back to you, your abode within me.

I find you there in the most blissful state,
Your love that oozes and flows into my heart,
Your love so refreshing, so serene, so endearing,
That nothing in the world compares with it anywhere,
If only somebody could possibly dive there to know what I so genuinely speak!

Your presence so firm, your existence so eternal,
Whenever I come in your contact, the lacklustre outer world is dissolved,
A world that has no power to capture my imagination anymore,
For what you give me is so incomparable and so strongly desirable,
A sense of complete being, a sense of timelessness and eternity and flawless enduring continuity!

Please do keep coming back to me amidst the mundane and amidst the regular,
Please be with me when the most important task is in my hands,
Please seek me when I am doing my daily duties,
Please hover around me when there is a looming danger,
Please watch me and sleep with me at night, where with you there is no fear!

My mind’s focus is never blurred; my eyes never tire to wait until you arrive again,
With you immortality seems natural, bliss my nature and peacefulness my natural state,
My Soul appears to be eternal and I seem to belong to the pure Immortal world,
The ebb and flow of the constantly changing world is unnatural,
As behind all this magical game, it is You who will outlast the whole thing!

I have found a friend in you who shall never separate from me,
I love your unconditional, permanent and appealing friendship,
I have grieved; I have faced indefinite calamities and tragedies,
I have endured so many challenging circumstances in many bodies and incarnations,
And have found you at last my most revered, most pious and my most treasured beloved Friend!!

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