Photo album of our long travel to Dwarahat from Delhi by road and back via Rishikesh.

Dear friends, there has been a new post after a long time. Some family issues and a lot of travelling on my part bit into my time considerably. Nonetheless, I have tried to issue a photo gallery as soon as I could have. I believe that this job was not easy to do. Selection of photos and putting them in an orderly manner was important and I spent some time in arranging my ideas. However, I shall revise it once more tomorrow if necessary.

The much awaited trip to Dwarahat eventually took place on 18th Sept 2014. I visited the holy cave of Shir Mahavatar Babaji on 20th Sept . This is part one of the whole trip. A separate section will be made to showcase the short trek to that cave shortly following this post…..

From Delhi to Ramnagar, Kashipur and cutting through Jim Corbett National Park.

After much chaos and traffic starting from Delhi, our car brought us to this lovely scenic place suddenly in the mid day/afternoon with a sudden change in the surroundings. We entered the famous Tiger Reserve, Jim Corbett Park in Ramnagar (U.P.) There were still many streams flowing although monsoon was over and the climate was dry. It was a huge respite and the visuals added so much respite and happiness.

IMG_9657 (2)






We travelled upwards and downwards in the many mountains after this place and reached an altitude of about 3,500 to 4,000 ft above sea level and the topography changed again quite distinctly.








 Sunrise in Ranikhet. Took a night’s halt here.




We left for Dwarahat after breakfast. The air got purer and cooler and number of people also lesser. There was no sign of any fatigue and on the contrary, we were refreshed by God’s wonderful nature and beautiful scenes everywhere.




This place was a few kilometers before we approached Dwarahat. We stopped to inhale the fresh air, see vast expanse of sky and chirping birds.



We also stopped for a short break at this fascinating place although we did not get inside the premises. It was barely half an hour before YSS ashram where we stayed for two days.




YSS Ashram








We took a different route via Nainital while coming back to Delhi and halted at Kainchi Dham for a  long halt where Neeb Karori Baba spent much of his time. His samadhi is in Vrindavan and his ashes are kept in a small temple at this dham.

Photography inside was prohibited. This temple was exceptionally clean and it was a delight to see so much order, hygiene and good administration.

I had to visit this holy place this time because I had to thank Baba and pay my obeisance for his kindness towards me.I spent a good amount of time in the premises and also meditated at the holy spot where he used to sit with his blanket and austere living conditions.


We reached Rishikesh at night and the next evening visited the Memorial of Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji in Haridwar.


The following day we left Rishikesh for Delhi. Before leaving we paid our gratitude and obeisance to Mother Ganga at 5.45 a.m.




Back in Delhi I visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram at IIT Gate, where the holy Banyan Tree called me once again to my good fortune. I was quite amazed to see its new health; it was robust and so healthy. Immediately I acknowledged that his will power to give more prana to the people and serve them has increased…..

To know more about it please read and

Qualities of a real seeker.


I returned from my very special trip extremely satisfied and gratified.


9 Responses to Photo album of our long travel to Dwarahat from Delhi by road and back via Rishikesh.

  1. Fyrah says:

    Namaste Ma’m,

    Beautiful post with even more beautiful pictures. Just seeing the images made me happy.
    I am back from my trip abroad, unfortunately during my time there i couldnt follow the blog but continued my monday meditations on Babaji. I want to start afresh now.
    Eagerly waiting for the post about your visit to Babaji’s cave!!


  2. Shahid says:

    Thank you dear mom for all these pics. They make one feel so fresh and energized.

    Glory to the divine <3

  3. Asim says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pics Aunty..Hope will visit them too..

  4. Shilpa says:

    Very nice photographs of nature!!

  5. midhunpk210 says:

    Ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya..

    thanks a lot ma for the pictures..

    the quality of photography is really great..

    great to see that banyan tree, and the place of sri. Lahiri mahasaya ji..

    With love,


  6. Resham says:

    Wow. So good to learn about your blessed trip, Maa 🙂 May God bless all of us with such Holy and reviving trips.

  7. Kanchana Iyer says:

    Dear Sarika ma, Jai Guru ! The pictures you’ve posted are beautiful and sceneries are breathtaking. Felt blessed to see the pictures of YSS ashram and other ashrams also. Hoping to get a chance to visit these places soon.

  8. Zoran says:

    Sincere gratitude for sharing the story and photos.

  9. pandey2 says:

    II Jai Sat Guru II

    Guru Ma,

    through these photographs, i mentally visited some of the places. As days of us going to Babaj’s place are coming closure the excitement to be with you along with our group in that sacred space and experiencing the peace and tranquility is building up. Thank you mother for taking us there.

    Koti Koti Pranam Ma.



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