Maharishi Kashyap-Truth in Light! From Dwarahat to Jyotirlinga  Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar pilgrimage filled with Truth and Light-II.

October 23, 2014

Part A

Spreading Light of God from an energy hub for all sincere aspirants for redemption

Maharishi Kashyap was telling me such sublime matters that I could not dissipate my focus for a moment. I will treasure that meditation forever. For the first time, I had come across him in my subtle meditation. I wanted to know so much from him.  I have deepest respect him for his hard toil as tapasya for which he had become Nitya Jyot, permanent Light and procures such an exalted place for himself in the far most regions of Space. Who would have believed it what we only learnt in school books as history or social or moral science lessons would come alive one day? I had never dreamt of such a thing happening to me, not the least.

My most unexpected visit to Manasa Foundation in Bangalore on 22nd Aug 2014, by sheer good luck charged me up with my new found energies. My coming in touch with Saptrishi mandala refreshed my awareness and receptivity with the great seven Sages of India of ancient times. They were working from the highest skies in the Universe so silently and had made their receiving centre in a remote corner of Bangalore in modern rishis’ modern gurukul. I was so amazed to see historical pyramids made in modern times to channel fresh light energies to striving as well as all lost and wandering souls on Earth. Besides, it was also to sustain the work of God and all the exalted souls to preserve, nourish and sustain us and our planet. This is not all, the very slow procedure of evolution of Spirit of all men has been assigned to these compassionate beings and they all act in unison and agreement so that the gigantic silent work of human emancipation does not stop any time. Such massive work being done so quietly there!  In addition, I also found similar specialty in one more place-Omkareshwar!

About Omkareshwar 

Omkareshwar is a reclusive temple as it is cut off from main cities and is nestled in a serene environment. It is abounding with serenity; it has been designed in such a fashion. Less people come here. It is with the pure intention of separating the people who come in throngs and have very basal qualities; they defile the place. God has something for everybody; no one is left without getting his attention and grace. Being situated on a small mountain with the sacred river flowing besides it, that specialty adds to the overall energy and force. At the same time, the same river and mountain makes it so serene and peaceful!

The Shivalinga has rubbed off by constant touching by devotees over years. A glass cover has been placed to avoid further damaging of the idol. Taking pictures were allowed and we managed to take just two or three from top of the glass shield. Pouring of water and milk is also through copper pipes so that they flow downwards and not on the idol.

Meditating at this place was my prime aim and goal. As soon as we left our car in the parking lot and sat in the boat, we saw the serene atmosphere. We had decided that we will not skip our meditation and on the contrary we will enhance its intensity with the advantage of its exclusive vibrations. It was grace from God and we had come from so far and hence we must not let go of this great opportunity even if we had less time and the temple would close at 12 pm. After a small puja with the priest in the hall, we requested him to wait in the walkway and give us some private time for ourselves.

A dense stream of light was approaching from the upper region and falling on the Shivalinga made of primitive black stone. I saw this when I sat in the hall for more than twenty minutes and fell into a deep absorbed state. The original place had so much light that just a few people could bear to see. As the temple is now being visited by a great number of people unconsciously, we are losing the meaning of its presence and the reasons of its inception; God told me through these streams of Light filtering in the centre of the idol and also enveloping me.

Jyotirlinga on tapa sthal

Whenever some soul tries very hard to gain access into Spiritual depths with acute efforts first time on any part of Earth initially, that part is made sure of not getting defiled as God protects that place. On the same spot, some more aspirants are attracted and directed by God over a period of time and in the process the place becomes highly charged with spiritual energies. On such spots sparkling with pious energies, God someday inspires someone to make a temple of great importance. The 12 Jyotirlingas are such spots. They all are swayambhu or risen itself from the Earth. Thousands of years back, someone made a temple of Shiva and they were found again accidentally and we are worshiping in the same places. And those ancient temples were made on spots that have been charged earlier by many yogis, tapasvis and yoginis and people who were genuinely good, charitable and did good for others.

It takes thousands of years for God to generate a place like that so that sincere seeking souls get quick redemption and results given. When such pure souls come attracted to highly charged places, they leave behind their powerful energies thus keeping the place charged most of the time. Apart from this, the saints and sages who are in Space out of body are given charge of some specific areas on Earth to recharge them with their individual mental and Spiritual Powers so that any curious or aspiring aspirant gets recharged soon and progresses rapidly.

I was initiated into a few new types of Kriyas during this short period. I had prayed to God and Shri Mahavatar Babaji many times in the last many years to initiate me into that but the time had not arrived. A few months ago, I was given an indication that I would receive it in a Shiva temple. I decided to wait patiently for that auspicious day. In meditation I thanked all those particularly Lord Shiva and Shri Mahavatar Babaji for giving me such a pious gift in such a sacred place. I quickly revised the holy act in front of Lord Shiva and took his nod to give his approval if I had picked it up correctly.

After I was told that my job is over, I happily left the place and had my heart so full of gratitude that words are always falling short. I prayed for all of you and your progress and requested God to give everyone His blessings whoever it be.

Part B

There is Truth in Light

To finish my conversation with Maharish Kashyapa, let us know focus on that. He said,

“Kyunki Ishawar ki ichcha hai ki mei tumko kuch bataun sab ke liye jo pahele kabhi kisi ko Ishwar ne nahi bataya, to suno”

“As it is the will of God that I must tell you something for the humanity that has never been told before by Him, so listen to this-

“Mei sada satya mei raheta hoon. Ananda ke baad Satya hai. Satya Prakash mei hai. Prakash tumhare andar hai. Samadhi teen prakar ki hoti. Teen awastha hoti hai-ananda, shanti aur phir satya.

“I always live in Truth. Beyond Ananda, there is Truth. Truth is in Light. Light is in you. Samadhi are of three types. There are three stages-Ananda, Shanti, Satya. First is bliss, then peace and finally Truth.”

Further he said-

“Omkareshwar mandir bahut achcha hai, mujhe bahut pasand hai. Aise mandir jahan bante hai, vahan bahut tapasya ki hoti hai. Wah bahut puratan hai, karib 28,000 hazar varsh purana, sahi batau to 27,782 varsh purana.”

“Omkareshwar temple is very good, I like it very much. Such temples are made on places where great penance has been done. It is very ancient. It is less than 28,000 years old. To be exact it is 27,782 years.”

Rest of the communications I shall conclude in English.

“I meditate continuously and I am in deep Samadhi for many days. I don’t like to be interrupted or disturbed. I send out my energies to the Earth in a few places like Omkareshwar temple and Manasa Foundation. If you wish to communicate with me, then please visualize yourself sitting in the main Tower of Manasa, and convey your thoughts. I shall answer there. The seekers of Bangalore should go to Manasa and meditate there regularly.

How to adopt a floating thought?

Many people correspond with you. Tell those few persons who write lengthy mails to write shorter mails and to talk less. They must practice silence for a day in a week. And for all the other people, tell them this- Wherever there is light, there is Truth. When they write to you they should wait for sometime for your reply. Before that, they should find out if they receive their replies in themselves through space or akash. You are sending your thoughts through your mind even if you do not reply formally. Do they receive them? After a few days, ask them to write back to you with the insight and answer to cross check if that was what you were conveying mentally. In this way, they will be getting an idea and some practice to see how to receive the floating Sankalpa or thoughts arising within an enlightened being. Their own light will be kindled with this procedure.

And for you, I gave you a difficult assignment of writing 10 posts in 5 days and with my help you could achieve that. In December you are going to Pondicherry. Write 4 articles in 4 days continuously. Last year when you went there in December, Sri Aurobindo had told you in advance that you must write at least a sequence of articles in Dec 2014 because the ashram energy will give you the gust to spread those energies far and wide in the world. In this way, our work will be heightened.”

As the Sage was so reluctant to make a lengthy communication and expected us to understand more as we have our own Light to guide us, I have only to ponder about what a fortunate day I had when so many mysteries of metaphysical nature were revealed with the consent and grace of dear God.



Maharishi Kashyap-Truth in Light! From Dwarahat to Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar pilgrimage filled with Truth and Light-I

October 23, 2014

Part A

Pilgrimage to Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar

After coming home from Dwarahat in September, within a gap of fourteen days, I set out to Ujjain in M.P. state to visit two places of light called Jyotirlinga. It was decided within minutes and in two days time we set off. They all are places of worship, atonement and seeking and have Shiva as the main deity in the form of Shivalinga, the symbol of primordial energy. There are 12 Jyotirlingas in India and I was fortunate to have gone to two such powerful places in two days and that too after coming back from Dwarahat which was so splendid. The other one, Omkareshwar is nearly 165 kilometers from Ujjain. We have to cross Indore first and then proceed in the interior, remote villages one after the other and reach a sleepy habitation near a serene river, Narmada. Omkareshwar is on a little height of a small mountain on the banks of Narmada and the now narrow river has to be crossed in a small boat at this point between two sets of mountains on either side. Though the quick trip got a little hectic for us but the gains and rewards are nothing in comparison to what we have received in lieu of that.

Both the places were very dynamic except that most people go to only Mahakaleshwar as it is easily reachable.

Maximum people go there to gain spiritual powers and power of various kinds including occult powers. For later, they are condemned by God and all the divine beings. People also go to ask for prosperity or relieving themselves of their mental or physical sufferings and so on.

I had no idea what was stored for me and I wished to just go and seek blessings so that I could garner more energies to do my seva, service which comes unexpectedly from any quarter when God ordains. No one is capable of serving humanity unless we receive very specific energies from those specific zones which store and bestow us with divine powers. The blog has received very high grade spiritual energies since its inception and it continues to do so regularly. At this juncture, a new thrust of energies have been activated and induced into the current new posts at regular period. As we gear up for the next ascension, some more energies of higher to highest grade will be infused consistently at the behest of God.

About Mahakaleshwar

It is a very old temple and it has a mention in the Puranas, the old holy Hindu scriptures. Earlier it was a very humble small Shivalinga on the bank of river Kshipra in a dense forest. In medieval times, to please their public the kings added some extensions by making it a large structure. Today, the main Shivlinga is to be reached by taking a few steps down in water in the basement which is made of concrete on the bank of the river. This was such a unique experience. The cool water in feet was a pleasant surprise so refreshing to the body and mind.

People are mostly coming for fulfillment of desires and for using negative energies as I discovered in silent moments. Apart from that, I was pleased to know in my meditation in the hall just opposite the main Shivalinga that Lord Buddha came here along with so many holy men including Swami Vivekananda in modern times. After knowing this, I shut my eyes and mind as nothing mattered because I had come to such a blessed place.  I wished to only take my Prasad , blessing and leave with nice memories.

Part B

In spite of hectic touring, I receive grace and encounter exclusive, immortal Astral Being

After I came back from Dwarahat, I had only taken a short lay off of two weeks in Mumbai and I had soon set out again to go to Ujjain for my next whirlwind  journey.

For quite a few days, I was in a state of unbroken peace and bliss after I came home from Dwarahat meditation. It took a few days time to reorient and recondition myself in the chaotic city. On so many occasions, I had a great urge to go back to that cave and experience the divinity once more.

There was a fixed plan of writing five posts on the blog without a break after these trips.  Yesterday night, after publishing seven posts which included two on Fb, I was running short of ideas and energy. I was in vain. I received no inspiration even after meditating and concentrating the whole day. Around 9.45 p.m. desperately I prayed to God to ensure time should not run out. Soon after I had finished expressing my plea, in my meditation, I envisioned something wonderful.

Meeting of Divine beings undertaken in higher regions 

I saw that there was a meeting going on between a cluster of godly heads when I traveled to higher sky. They all were in a serious meeting.

In a frantic hurry, Swami Nityananda and Shaligram Swami of Ganeshpuri were going  somewhere in ether and walking upwards hurriedly. I was hushed and asked to remain absolutely quiet and still and not to disturb the meditating Sage which we all saw in the far off zone. I was asked to wait till they reverted to me. I watched all this quietly and waited in curiosity as well anticipation to know what was about to unfold before me. In a few moments, Swami Shaligram reverted and said- “I and they all have been very busy and are deciding between ourselves and finalizing what should be written in next immediate post. We had lots to do you see.  The Maharishi is still meditating. He is Nitya Jyot. Let us not disturb him at any cost. We will work tomorrow now.”  I understood the gravity of the situation and held back myself and withheld my anxiety.

I  know that we are cursed by God if we disturb somebody who is in meditation and is busy handling mammoth missions of God. I anyway asked for forgiveness from God instantly just in case by mistake or innocence, if I had entered and trespassed someone’s personal space in which he was meditating silently and was blissful in a transcendental state. I  pleaded and apologized sincerely in case I  had offended him.

When the precarious few minutes were over,  I saw Swami again walking downwards and I could not hold myself. I took the liberty and raised a question. I was anxious I would not be able to ever reach with my mind that far off exclusive zone again and find out myself about Nitya Jyot. I instantly allowed my anxiety to diffuse.

Nitya Jyot

“What is Nitya Jyot, I have not heard this before?” I asked slightly after seeing the meditating Sage in a golden halo.

“They are highly illuminated divine beings who work ceaselessly for God as well as people and live very, very far from the terrestrial zone. They have very long lives given by God. They are constantly living in God’s Light and hence given the title Nitya Jyot-Always in light. They live in Satya Lok, the land of Truth,” replied Swami.

I was very relieved to know that all was well.

I was quite drowsy, I closed my eyes. Promptly, my eyelids were filled with soft, mellow, pale yellow coloured light. I felt so warm and good and forgot the state of the physical body. Before long, I heard the auspicious sound of Om arriving immediately and I heard somebody say, “Your body has less oxygen and less space or akash and therefore you must not tire yourself more than this. You are already on the edge of crashing out and now we shall not allow this. Earlier we ignored it. The nerves if broken will take six months to repair. So rest now and I shall tell you what is to be done tomorrow.”

In a little while, I saw a very tall, thick beam of flowing, brilliant  golden light falling over the Earth from very far off. Some answers to personal lingering questions also came along with this Light with exact date and time for futuristic references. I prostrated at him and went to sleep. I thought I must follow their instruction obediently and should sleep as sleep is of utmost importance in order to get started in the morning without delay.

At the daybreak, I woke up very fresh and went to the park at 6.30 am. After a short walk,  I sat on a bench under a tree and open sky and closed my eyes gently. The weather was perfect and I sat relaxed. I began to do long inhalation and exhalation to inhale abundant amount of oxygen inside and immediately felt good in a few minutes. My mind was totally calm and attentive and once more I connected with the same beam of Light that I saw the previous night. I felt balminess in my body. I was side by side also getting a sense of reassurance after the appearing of Light of God filtering in that my work will not be stalled and I will continue  to write uninterruptedly.

After slipping into a deep state of peace, I was able to touch a new height. In my continued long meditation there, I came to know the following new wonderful revelations-

More revelations

After the Earth there are layers of sky like atmosphere, stratosphere etc. Beyond the sky there is empty Space, ether Akash. Some highly enlightened Divine Beings are located in that Space beyond the sky much, much away from the Earth. Those Divine Beings are sages who are meditating there and wish to be excluded from the humdrum of Earthly life. They exclude themselves because they wish to meditate without any hindrance and noise coming from teeming people walking on the Earth. They meditate for years and centuries and are contributing towards man’s final emancipation.

“I am Kashyap Rishi, one of the seven rishis. I am living very far off from the Earth because my desire of Earthly things has banished epochs earlier. I wish to stay away from it because all the people are so attached to Earthly objects. Come, I will show you my vision from the centre of my existence. The Earth looks so small like a small piece of stone, it is that for me.

Tell people that they are wasting their time in just being born and then dying. People only take birth and die, they are born and die, they are born again and again and so many times again. They suffer so much in their reoccurring process of birth and death.

I send out rays of my mental energies as Light on Earth to people who are striving to establish the Truth. You have experienced so much Light in the cave at Dwarahat. Earlier you could see little light and before that rays of light, sometimes even single rays. But you did not know that rays of God’s light have Truth embedded in them. Whenever you experience Light, you must wait and watch to see what message it contains for you. It does not come without a specific reason.”

Maharishi spoke in chaste Hindi, “Satya kya hai? Satya ka tatva kya hai?”

Satya hai ki ishwar hai, wo avinashi hai, wo prakash hai, wo nirakar hai, wo amar hai aur wo sada bana rahega. Us satya ko jano. Aur us Prakash mei Satya hai. Dwarahat mei jo tumne Prakash dekha usme Satya hai, jab bhi  tum Prakash dekhoge usmei Satya bhi milega.”

Translation- What is Truth? What is the substance of Truth?

Truth is that God is, it is immortal, it is light, it is formless it is immortal and will never be destroyed. Know that Truth. And in that light is Truth. The Light that you saw in Dwarahat has Truth in it. Whenever you see Light, in that you shall also find Truth……”

Well, I accepted that I was still very naive as far as the science of enlightenment is concerned. I told him that I consider myself a small baby as far as they all are concerned. They all are my spiritual, sacred fathers. And I am very keen to know a lot from them as I am a new child in their cluster of very enlightened beings and wish to do more sadhana under their guidance.