A few paragraphs from my new post on Face Book of 6.3.16-

Build your sacred and divine world within you!

This world was carved out of God’s compassion, silence and unconditional love for all and it still holds true.
Those of you who err too often and refuse to change their underlying behaviour and nature will some day realize, maybe on deathbed,
The importance of true love and service; and useful, purposeful living when we refuse to err and barter sand for gold.

God has a plan for all of us, we all have come in this world for a greater purpose, and that is to live our lives as per the commandments of the Divine and His blameless will.
However, the alluring illusion and clever deception overrides every human and the cover of ignorance is again unfolded every time he errs.

When we remember that our lives are in the hands of the Creator and Maker, the time allotted to us is so limited, we never err.
Remember time flies in front of us and flows out like a cupful of water, which we can never hold for abundant times.
Weather and seasons, stages and life circumstances are so fickle, health and sickness ever so deceitful…….

In the last two or more years, I have reduced my writing and have been concentrating on organizing Workshops for a small number of people who were very keen to go on higher levels of spiritual progress and have been in my contact constantly. They are known personally to me. They are the ones mainly who have been attending my Workshops conducted first at my own residence in Mumbai for a few years and then in other cities like Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. While for my own solitude and further escalation I have been visiting Rishikesh quite often lately as I have been put under Swami Shivanandji ‘s tutelage by our revered Holy Shri Mahavatar Babaji.

Hence you have been able to read many of his books’ excerpts through me. I have been focusing on Thought Power or Sankalpa Shakti without a break and therefore must have also found similar topics on the blog or Face Book in the last postings.

Many disciples whom I have been grooming since the past 4 or 5 years are quite independent now and are doing their sadhana under my guidance and support. Many readers have come and gone but some have stayed on with me. Probably because after I put you in a state of independence, I watch you from far and expect you to face your life situations, which are nothing but your own destiny and I expect you to remove your own ego and undesirable desires with your own effort after your reflections and cleansing voluntarily. If any of you among so many readers are interested to go higher in spiritual domain with some help from me from a distance, then you are most welcome to start from today. Workshops are meant for my explanations and lectures by which I can further elaborate the hidden principles which are abbreviated in my poems as posts. Hope many of you would be now interested in more interactions with me and other fellow brothers and sisters. I would be pleased to guide or prompt you to walk on your path of evolution and spiritual unfolding.

I am holding two very important Workshops in the coming days.

Katargama in Sri Lanka, 9th to 14 March 2016. Total no of people 15.

Rishikesh 10th to 12th November 2016. Expected number of people 25 to 30.

Usually in such places the group activities pursued are meditating in spiritually vibrant places and a few lectures  by me in an informal manner which are mainly explanation and elaboration on posts, or questions related to picking up someone’s sadhana’s pace or confirmation of their steps taken in the right direction or not. Winding up or facing the current life situations are mainly related to our past karmas or destiny. The more it is cleared, the simpler and easier our daily struggle begins. Acceptance and owning up our life as it is and having enough endurance to endure ups and downs of life is a big victory for humans. A lot of tolerance power and inner light is received when we are able to come to terms with our difficult life situations and thereafter we also start receiving divine help and inner guidance to solve those problems. Peace and calmness enter our life, in peace and calmness and quiet mind, we begin to see glimpses of God-the ultimate quest and highest pursuit of all humans. I am just a mere small instrument in your unfolding of your divine nature and Spirit.

I would like to end this extempore post with my most heartfelt wishes and prayers so that this Earth and planet becomes much more peaceful, loving and tranquil so that all of us live here with more divinity, more joy and without inflicting our fellow brothers and sisters……May love and peace be in all our hearts and may we all spread divine messages in all corners on our Earth. Sarika

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