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Third and concluding post does not have any questions asked by me to most revered Adi Shankaracharya like previous part.   

On the contrary, part three post is an extension of topics that I think about after something unusual happens. I think, I wonder, I contemplate. I find myself solitary. I can’t go further. Later on a fateful day, I get many replies from some unexpected source to my undying quest. I don’t ask for anything but I receive bountiful in mercy. Generous, soft breeze of Grace cascading over me kindly! 

This time it was from Adi Shankaracharya. I am buoyant since the last many days. I touched his Spirit!  

 He told me about many things 

“Adi Gurus are those who had God-Realization very long time ago. They take many lives after that. When they were born in their last incarnation, they became world teachers. I am one such World Teacher.  

I am not a grammarian, I studied the mind so well that it appears to people that I was a scholar or a strict adherent to Vedic philosophy. The fact is that I was very well versed with all Scriptures, Mathematics, Astrology, Literature, Music and Poetry. I was a traveler too. I was a multi-faceted person. I was best at meditating and I could meditate for a long spell up to ten hours without food or water. I was austere, contemplative and thought deeply. I had a good nature, I was not as serious as is made out of me. I had a good sense of humour.   

About Vivek Chudamani  

It is my favourite spiritual text because in brief it charts out the entire journey of a sadhak, seeker from start until Samadhi state, or the state of Super Consciousness is obtained and how to attain that.  It came to me as a blessing with the grace of God even before I met my Guru. I was born with the knowledge of liberation. I had earned it with my own hard penance very long time ago.


Detachment-The resilience comes from detaching the mind from the external factors and sensory stimuli. If we continuously keep away the mind from bothering us about the irritating external factors, the mind learns to obey after all. Do not tell yourself repeatedly that some things are pestering you or misbehaving with you. If that is so true, God will take care of all your problems, but do not let your mind irritate you day and night.  

 Vairagya- or renunciation is  having dispassion by vichara or contemplation towards everything which is temporal and non real after knowing its defects . Surrendering fruits of all actions is renunciation.

Chitta- It is sub conscious mind. It is called chitta in Sanskrit. ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” is an important line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.  

It means stilling the mind with Yoga by removing the fluctuations until it rests and comes to a state of complete tranquility. Yoga, Puranas, Vedas and Self Sacrifice for Highest Ideals are infallible ways to have command over Atma.   

Not every saint or sannyasi removes all the Maya from their innermost manas, the last level of unconscious mind. Most of them stop at sub conscious mind, chitta. Today even tamasic people have become sadhus.

 Benefits of Maun-maintaining silence   

  1.  The flow of prana becomes steady throughout body.  
  2. The senses are at rest and rejuvenated.   
  3.  The energy is centralized and coherent in the body. The body assimilates all the left over and wasteful pranic chunks scattered in the nerve channels or nadis. The non-performing tributaries of veins and nerves begin to function in an orderly manner thus boosting immunity, concentration and productivity.  
  4. The vortexes of energy centers or chakras, big as well as small, spiraling at important crossings are given enough oxygen and liberated from accumulated carbon-dioxide.  
  5. Atma unnati or progress of the Soul. It begins to first upsurge, then unfold and lastly shine.  

 Benefits of Yoga 

  1. Yoga practice endows the practitioner with longevity, endurance, immunity and deep calmness in body, mind and Spirit
  2. Subtle breath prevails in endocrine system
  3. Yoga maintains your body and makes it fit for sense control, mind control and prepares you for Samadhi.

Your good qualities make you everyone’s favourite 

You are everyone’s favourite. Be it me, Bogar, Karthik, Gorakh, Agastya, Markandey, Vishwamitra, Amara, Krishnananda, Shivananda and all others including Shri Mahavatar Babaji. The reason is you keep our assigned jobs as top most priority on your ‘to-do task-list’ every day. No other person does this. They first give priority to family and oneself first of all. After distributing time in this way, whatever time is remaining, they allot to us, if available. Our work cannot be given second or third priority because work of God is most important and should be done hastily.  

Secondly, we are extremely delighted with your comprehension abilities and speed of processing in the brain. You understand very fast, even before we finish our sentence or thought, you grasp it instantaneously. This is because of two reasons-1. Your very sharp focus and acute concentration 2. Very acute comprehension skills due to your intensely calm mind procured with daily meditations and prayers of many previous incarnations.  

Importantly, your body is very precious for all of us. Myself, Krishnananda, Gorakhanath died in unnatural conditions because there was no one to look after us or our health and well being, although we had tremendous body of work to accomplish. However, this will not be repeated in your case. We will make sure henceforth you get the best of everything- a good routine to follow daily, yoga asana practice, daily meditation, Ayurveda and regulated, structured exercise for fitness and health. Rest and sleep combined with regular contact with nature and some solitude is mandatory for you to work now or else you will not be able to stay in touch with us and write further.  

Remember me and the places that you have just visited related to my life in Kerala if you undergo any crisis pertaining to body or mind. You shall revive. 

In 2005, Shri Mahavatar Babaji invited you to Shri Badrinath- People don’t understand Babaji they only worship him.  

There was a mission underlying this invitation. He wanted you to write a few books on Yoga, mysticism and spiritual theology on his advice. He told you about it and asked you to do this task when you were going to Vyas Gufa, near Badrinath (a cave where Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharat more than five thousand years ago). He also alerted you that you may write the books but you will be like so many scholars and intellectuals who have authored great books, theories and debates as well as ideas about God or divine things but they themselves do not understand what they have written or spoken!  

You instantly refused his proposal with a firm conviction by giving a genuine answer. He was very impressed by your simplicity and honesty. It was at that time that God changed the original plan and reviewed the situation.   

You said this to Babaji telepathically when he spoke to you-“First of all, I don’t want to write anything, I don’t think I can do that. Secondly, if ever I do so with your blessings, as such things occur with only blessings from Gurus; I will first like to come to a stage when I am in a state where I am understanding everything myself. With clarity and deep understanding, I would like to write something. It should be my knowledge gained out of own experience. It is meaningless blabbering and impressing a large crowd when I do not myself know the subject. I do not wish to be a great orator only, I want to speak with my own experience and knowledge.”  

Shri Mahavatar Babaji blessed you by giving you four pillars-Yoga, Tapa, Dharma, Satya-God union, penance, righteousness and Truth.  

Your blog is also based on these four pillars.  (The state of Super Consciousness-II) 

After this incident, God changed your map of future spiritual journey and added many new stop overs and diversions.   

You started coming to Rishikesh and began learning under Shivananda, Karthik, Bogar, me, Kashyap, Gorakhnat, Agastya, Amara and Krishnananda. And now Markandey and Vishwamitra. Your platform of preparation for highest goals was distended to unprecedented levels. You have been under one or many of these Sages unremittingly for the last more than thirteen years and you have never got one day to rest or release your tensions and frustrations. Living in this ugly and disorganized world brings dissatisfaction and disharmony in your psyche but you quickly go inward, become introverted by ignoring outside episodes and remember one of us to give you solace and peace.  

You have brought all of us in front and showcased to the world on your blog. Prior to this, we were anonymous barring me, Shivananda and Mahavatar Babaji. No one knows our true self.  To the world now, you are introducing us in the way we were. The ancient Seers were long forgotten and were hiding in the dust of time before this. 

Endowment of time 

Beating time, conquering time. Time is the rarest commodity that God has made. Time conquers and wins everyone; Time cannot be conquered unless you learn how to meditate. Time is saved if the mind does not scatter and all energies harnessed in human body and mind at optimum. Furthermore, at the highest level of Cosmic Consciousness, the Soul in the end conquers time and triumphs.   

Astral Travel-All achievements, performances and feats are easily accomplished in the God’s world if one can learn the art of Space Travel. It is attained after Samadhi is achieved and mastered. In highest Spiritual stature, God permits the use of this swiftest method of communication as time is a deterrent in the physical world. To beat Time, to save and utilize every moment to its maximum potential, Space Voyage to distant parts of the Universe is the most suitable method for achieving extra ordinary missions for welfare of Society.  

Travelling with vehicle of subtlest mind, ati sukshma mana back and forth from Earth to other orbits of Space, the accomplished Yogi is able to bring down the rarest of rare, hidden secrets and knowledge of God and his Creations from the very Enlightened Beings called Rishis or Sages.

Out of all, Vishwamitra is the most proficient in this Science.  He gave you darshan on 20th May in Manasa Foundation, Bangalore and initiated you formally in this yogic science. Henceforth, you shall perform better in it day by day in order to achieve a list of extra ordinary feats in future.  

You will write till you live with this qualification! You have beaten Time!! Vishwamitra blessed you on that special day of 10th blogging Anniversary of Spiritinlife. He vehemently said to you that you will not stop writing. Your wish was to put an end to this marathon blog on 20th May on 10th blogging anniversary. Instead, he ordered you to continue writing until the blog is three and a half times the size of its present volume!  

He blessed you profusely that day in a very pious place like Manasa, the future Shambala. We all were a witness to this great event in the morning at 11.12.am. Reason-it is once in million years that a plan and project of this impact is planned, road map laid and finally undertaken at the most auspicious time. More so, if there is certainty of its thumping success. We all wait anxiously, God waits apprehensively because it is a matter of gravity and importance when a Five Star project such as Spiritinlife and Manasa are conceptualize, born and adheres to the wish and plans of God. So much is endowed in these projects, be it time, spiritual energies and good wishes of all the worlds, the perceptible and imperceptible. The Sapt Rishis have extra ordinary patience and endurance and they will withstand all kinds of failure, opposition and hindrance. In the end they win, it is just a matter of time. It may take more than a few millions of years for them to wait, to succeed for such significant undertakings!  

People ignore you, scoff at you or even  not believe in your visions; you never want to be promoted by anyone. You are totally unaffected. This is you. This is your hidden strength and basic nature from birth and hence all of us chose you to head start Spiritinlife and Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation projects. In future, Spiritinlife and Manasa will collaborate and achieve unheard accomplishments in the field of Spiritual Sciences, research, meditation, group learning and innovation with the blessings of God and Sages of yore. They both are blessed and under the protection of all the saints, rishis and God Almighty.  

It takes millions of years for conceptualizing, inception, planning and waiting for such kinds of far reaching, painstaking endeavours on Earth. The seeds are sown with the Sankalpa of God, wish of God. At most appropriate time, the sapling grows!

You must stay very peaceful and even minded all the time in spite of most disturbing situations. This is real maun or silence.  


Live in Shanti, Maun, Anandapeace, silence and ecstasy. 

Have Divine Ego- I am Atma, I am free, I am pure Consciousness, I am eternal…..*Nirvanashatkam  

Chiranjeev Bhav, Ayushman bhav, sukhi bhav, yashasvi bhavshubhashish meri beti “




The Atmashatkam (आत्मषट्कम्ātmaṣaṭkam), also known as Nirvanashatkam (निर्वाणषट्कम्, Nirvāṇaṣaṭkam),[1] is a composition consisting of 6 fold śloka (and hence the name Ṣaṭ-ka to mean six-fold) written by the Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara summarizing the basic teachings of Advaita Vedanta, or the Hindu teachings of non-dualism. It was written around 788-820 BCE.

It is said that when Ādi Śaṅkara was a young boy of eight and wandering near River Narmada, seeking to find his guru, he encountered the seer Govinda Bhagavatpada who asked him, “Who are you?”. The boy answered with these stanzas, which are known as “Nirvāṇa Ṣaṭkam” or Ātma Ṣaṭkam”. Swami Govindapada accepted Ādi Śaṅkara as his disciple. The verses are said to be valued to progress in contemplation practices that lead to Self-Realization.

“Nirvāṇa” is complete equanimity, peace, tranquility, freedom and joy. “Ātma” is the True Self.



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  1. midhunpk210
    midhunpk210 says:

    Dear Ma, Thanks for sharing these knowledge. My humble prostration at yours and Shankaracharya’s feet with lots of love and respect. Very blessed to know about these great masters. I can not imagine who they are, how big they are. Only by your grace we are able to see so many things which are otherwise hidden always.

    ” Guru and Atma are one. Atma cannot be cheated or won by cleverness but can be won easily with innocence, kindness and service with the continuous guidance of an Atma Gyani Guru. ”

    “Have Divine Ego- I am Atma, I am free, I am pure Consciousness, I am eternal”

    Jai Satguru!

    JERRY JOSEPH says:

    Dear Sarika Ma,
    Thanks a lot to your 3 very elaborate posts on Sri Shankaracharya. As a person from Kerala, I was always interested in Shankaracharya. So far, only fictitious stories were available on Shankaracharya’s disappearance near Kedarnath. For the first time, I am reading clear cut account on Shankaracharya’s death. There are stories on the great debate between Shankaracharya and Mandala Mishra. Also, there is the story about Shankaracharya’s ‘Parakaya Pravesh’. I think ‘Sharada Peeth’ which is associated with Shankaracharya’s life and times is now in Pakistan. I have visited Shankaracharya Ashram at Joshi Mutt. I stayed their overnight while going to Badrinath. There is a big cave at the ashram in which Shankaracharya’s disciple Thotakacharya meditated. I have meditated in that cave also, if I correctly remember. Unfortunately, in Kerala Shankaracharya is often associated with caste bias. There is the famous ‘Theyyam’ art form which even to this day demonstrates how Lord Shiva appeared in front of Shankaracharya to prove the futility of the casteist biases. In William Dalrymple book ‘Nine Lives’, there is a graphic description of that ‘Theyyam’ performance. I have also visited birth place of Shankaracharya – ‘Kalady’ on the banks of Periyar River around 20 years back. That time on my enquiry, I came to know that the admission to Vedic school was restricted to ‘kulin’ Brahmins only. Now I don’t know whether things have changed or not. I basically feel that the true self of Shankaracharya and his times is not understood by most of the people who have written on Shankaracharya. Thanks again for such an elaborative posts on Sri Shankaracharya.
    With deep regards,

  3. rsnmurthyyct
    rsnmurthyyct says:

    The posts gave good understanding about astral travel and in present modern world one can have the guidance from great sages and saints when craved with utmost devotion and Sarto. Hats off Maa for your achievement in getting connected and guiding real seekers to be more confident to carry out their spiritual journey to attain the state of ultimate. Through your posts

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Murthyji, (I am guessing your name from your email id) indeed we are blessed to get an opportunity in this modern world to know what exactly is Astral travel in true sense. Very few people must have given a narration of this spiritual practice which comes after attaining samadhi. God has finally given permission to write about the so far concealed yogic powers. This is to let the genuine seekers journey their destination under a torch light and be sure of their each step. I feel elated if someone understands my posts and acknowledges. Please let me know how can I help you in your endeavours. In the meanwhile please go through many other posts which may be relevant to you. Jai Satguru!

      • rsnmurthyyct
        rsnmurthyyct says:

        My humble pranams Maa, just now I have seen your kind message. I am following the posts. Really, a great work is being carried out to establish the spiritual legacy of the ancient Sages and Masters. You are laying a path to true seekers to attain the ultimate state with less efforts I.e., just to understand, follow ,practice without going to refer any more texts. I am also one among. My due prayers to Babaji and lineage to shower all the blessings to guide more and more.

  4. Sujata Pradhan
    Sujata Pradhan says:

    Dear Ma,
    ” People don’t understand Babaji they only worship him.” will you please elaborate on this sentence of Shri Adiguru.

  5. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    Dear Sujata, it is true people do not understand Babaji. They are very mesmerized by his spiritual powers and his extra ordinary life story. They only worship him because everyone has problems, be they emotional, financial, familial, karmic and so on. They look up to him for solace, happy relationship, fulfillment of worldly desires. In my experience, I have seem maximum people who are in awe of his powers, siddhis or miracles. They swear that whenever they remember Babaji, they have some paranormal experiences.

    Well, this is true. Babaji is smritgami which means who ever remembers him from any part of the world, they will get a response, in which ever form since he gets evoked by our mental thoughts.
    However, to understand Babaji is so different. It is penance of countless lives that has brought him to this peak of spiritual status.

    We must try to remove our ignorance by acquiring wisdom and introspection-that is what is really meant by Adi Shankaracharya. Adi Gurus mean enlightened beings who got enlightenment very, very long ago when earth was made for the first, second, third or fourth time and so on.

    We must know God with our hard efforts, we must go very deep inside our manas to know God with the help of meditation and sadvichar-thoughts of truth.
    By doing so, we will understand these Greatest masters since we will be able to appreciate their greatest achievements in spiritual fields. We must experience all that it takes for Self realization, then we will truly know who Mahavatar Babaji is, or else he will remain an enigma, a mystery or a Himalayan mystic.

    • Rajesh Shankar
      Rajesh Shankar says:

      Guru Ma, How true
      “people do not understand Babaji. They are very mesmerized by his spiritual powers and his extra ordinary life story. They only worship him because everyone has problems, be they emotional, financial, familial, karmic and so on. They look up to him for solace, happy relationship, fulfillment of worldly desires. In my experience, I have seem maximum people who are in awe of his powers, siddhis or miracles.”
      I have no shame in admitting that I am (rather was) one such person, however, being here in SIL, my understanding is expanding and slowly I am learning the truth.
      Glory to Gurus, Adi Gurus and Mahavtaar Babaji

      • spiritinlife
        spiritinlife says:

        Dear Rajesh, do not waste time in describing miracles or stories about the unusual powers of Gurus who ever they are. Waste no time in getting influenced or impressed by their siddhis. You focus only on removing your ignorance and relieve yourself from karmic bondage.
        Remember what I have written in post of Adi Shankaracharya? That unless the chitta is completely purified, he or she is not truly a sadhu or enlightened being……


        “It is sub conscious mind. It is called chitta in Sanskrit. ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” is an important line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

        It means stilling the mind with Yoga by removing the fluctuations until it rests and comes to a state of complete tranquility. Yoga, Puranas, Vedas and Self Sacrifice for highest Ideals are infallible ways to have command over Atma.

        Not every saint or sannyasi removes all the Maya from their innermost manas, the last level of unconscious mind. Most of them stop at sub conscious mind, chitta.

        Today even tamasic people have become sadhus.”
        Look after yourself even this shall pass…..
        Bless you,
        Yours Guru Ma


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