My tryst with Maharishi Markandey-II

“Ever since the Earth was made for the first time,” the Maharishi told me on one blessed day, “God never wanted it to be putrefied and decomposed.” 

I was listening in the astral world with rapt attention to the most revered Maharishi in the wee hours of 29th Oct, 2018. I was with Him in my very light, astral body made up of only sukhshma prana or subtle life force and did not have any bit of gravitation force. 

I asked him in amazement, “Why did you call me here? Did I do something so special that I deserve to be here with you in your blessed aura?” 

He quickly replied, “Indeed you are very special and pivotal in this age and time as there is none other than you who has a physical body and can meet us in our territory. We all are without the title of the world, physical boundaries and surnames. We are pure Light, Love and Knowledge. You are the same and will always remain so. You are in touch with God directly and with us all the time. We need you to accomplish the hardest tasks as we cannot do that role now. We wish to remain far from human habitation and insanity; nonetheless the world needs you more than ever before. It has gone through the darkest and extreme impure state of existence but is opportunely now turning towards restoration and revival. 

You are an epitome of sincerity, dedication and commitment. Please tell the world that we all are at a very special point of time when all your wishes of becoming spiritual will be accomplished effortlessly. You are the torch bearer of the lost and forgotten knowledge which the Seers acquired ages before and that which is stored with them in their mental domain. They are seated in far off galaxies and other distinct worlds. We have been ignored for very long but auspiciously not anymore. People can now make distinction between the shrewd and honest, impure and pure, siddha and corrupt, worldly and spiritual.  

I wrote Durga Sapt Shati (holy scripture) in praise of Devi Durga in my life as Markandey. God asked me to write and I wrote every word uttered first by God effectively. You are doing the same with my blessing. The time gap between God’s uttering of words and you comprehending them has become nil because of your intense tapasya in helping people progress in their spiritual growth. You have done unbearable and hardest assignments to make sure the time does not lapse and all  our projects are duly complete. You made sure the people know and treat time as the most important thing in this world. You sacrificed your own comfort and rest as well as many nights’ sleep but are overjoyed to see your children’s excessive growth and improvement. You are blessed equally and exponentially by all the Sages and their community as well as benevolent God. You will always remain youthful, vibrant and joyful. You will attain more knowledge about concealed spiritual matters as you were extremely unselfish and undemanding when the hardest assignments of uplifting others were given to you. I bless you with good health, joyful Spirit and unending vigour and strength to write on our behalf till your last day of habitation on Earth”. 

I said softly, “Maharishi, what more can a small person like me ever think of wanting during the rest of her life and even in all the lives that will come in future. My unexpressed wish is strong so today I shall speak to you and through you to all the people whom I have encountered or will encounter in future, or will not encounter but will meet in the virtual world. Or even those who have never made me know that they are indebted to my writings and me and they have never informed me yet. I do not care who is benefiting from my writings but I must tell them all today that it is yours and other unheard Sages’ tough penance that I wish to expose to the world. The future generations as well as present population must acknowledge the greatness, immensity and stature of the Sages like you. You all deserve a place in the highest plane. The world has not disintegrated only because Yoga Dharma, Tapa, Satya * and of all Rishis hold the world together today or else this Earth would have collapsed and perished long ago.” 

Him- “Yes, it is so true. We hold the Earth and the other planets in the Universe safely together and we do this because it has been made with God’s so much love and sincere intention. Our ‘Yoga bal’, the power of God union and ‘tapa bal’, the power achieved after doing penance of mind with meditation and thought power is being used by God for all sorts of people. For bad people, our bal or spiritual powers are deterrents and they are stopped from doing many horrific crimes and sins.  For pious and virtuous people, we send very sublime spiritual energies and mental thoughts and plant them silently in their minds which they can implement and profit themselves and the world at large to raise the consciousness of the world consequently. 

We are an inexhaustible source of energies, mental as well as spiritual. Our mental energies recharge the recipients because our thoughts are positive, dynamic and solutions givers. They resolve the receiver’s problems and lingering issues which are karmic based. So many times, the source of human problem is deep rooted. People are not aware that their main problems are erupting because of their own negative, poor, debilitating and weakened thoughts. Their minds are putrefied, stagnant and negative too. They all must meditate fervently and regularly to bring some power inside their entombed mind. Their brains and minds both will be electrified and recharged. They must devote time for being a part of a holy company called Satsanga or Spiritual Discourse where Truth is elaborated and transferred through mental energies. Meditating many times in a week will bring influential, compelling and vibrant positive thoughts. They shall bring about transformation in people and society and the human race as a whole…..” 

*Yoga, Dharma, Tapa, Satya- The four pillars of Spirit in life.

(To be continued)  

4 Responses to My tryst with Maharishi Markandey-II

  1. JERRY JOSEPH says:

    Great Message. Thanks a lot Sarika Ma for this glorious post.

  2. Chaya says:

    Dear Ma..

    “Meditating many times in a week will bring influential, compelling and vibrant positive thoughts. They shall bring about transformation in people and society and the human race as a whole…..”

    Thank you!

  3. R S N Murty says:

    Maa! My humble pranams. Really, the messages and subtle conversations you had with Rishis/sages are more motivational for a true spiritual aspirant and the importance of meditations for astral connectivity . I seek all your blessings in my spiritual journey and to receive through you the guidance in subtle planes as you are blessed.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Mr. Murty, I am happy to see your message. Indeed it our greatest blessing even to hear one line about the tapasvis, Maharishis in this life. We must dedicate our life at thy holy feet. It is such an auspicious time phase that we are going through since we are witnessing their presence in our lives through modern means of internet.
      After posting a new article on Sage Vishwamitra, I am today feeling that I am in Haridwar during Ganga arti and all devi devtas are rejoicing because the Maharishis are finally getting their due attention and place in the world. We humans can now display our devotion and reverence to them without being ignorant about them.
      May God bestow blessings to you and remove all your hurdles that are stopping you from your growth. Yours Maa

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