The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-II

A message of peace and harmony

Whatever inhuman acts and events that have been happening in the past so many years, the recently aggravated violence in the form of mass destruction, ghastly killings of innocent people by various radical outfits, political unrest  all over the globe are absolutely against the nonnegotiable values of humanity. It is a sign of degeneration and waning human values of tolerance, compassion, sympathy and kindness, lack of motivation of political will at the governance level by the people in power. Violence in our current society is on the rise because of their apathy, selfish motives, lack of understanding of the growing of menace and dangers of terrorism. It will not be an exaggeration to state here that violence has grown and is spreading more specifically because of lack of goodwill at every level of human society as well. We, as sensitive human beings must not forget that if we douse and set a house on fire in our neighborhood, are our backyards safe? We are one world, one planet and one family. Must we not remember this that unless we make our family happy we can never have a peaceful life for ourselves?

And whenever there is an increase in anti God activities in our environment or somewhere on our earth, we must spend more time and attention in remembering the omnipresent, merciful, blissful God. Worship God as Jyot or Light more on such ominous occasions, wish for peace in your hearts and bring down peace on earth by meditating on white Light of God. Think as though white light from heaven is dispersing and filtering over our mother earth. Visualize mother earth as a white pyramid of crystal of light and meditate under the crystal of beatific pure Cosmic Light of God.

Dear friends and responsible citizens of this world, please know these are not my words, views or opinion but the message of His Holiness Sri Mahavatar Babaji. He is a messenger of God to spread love, peace and compassion. It pains and saddens him and he is doused with grief and sorrow when we make our lives deplorable and miserable by our own wretched acts of violence and inhuman acts. To understand his philosophy and teachings, we must first of all get our own perspectives right. He has explained to us in detail here that we ought to understand and reflect as to how and why is our society degenerating so swiftly and what are our responsibilities in its reformation, revival and regeneration. It is advisable that we take some immediate positive and constructive steps in big or small measure towards realizing our goals of achieving oneness of god and unity amongst ourselves as a world family.

Mahavatar Babaji  is the torchbearer, a beacon of Light in the world today

Definition of MahavatarMaha means great, avatar means the descent of divinity into flesh. In simple terms, this means the great ascent of Godliness and holiness in a being. But much greater than all this is the spiritual stature of Babaji, much, much beyond the understanding of limiting barriers of an average mind. His accomplishments are rare and impossible to comprehend for us because he has transcended all human limitations and boundaries. Babaji in Hindi simply means revered Father. For affection and convenience, we can address Him only as Babaji, although He is addressed by many other names by his devotees all over the world now.

Revered Babaji leads a life of a recluse and shuns public gaze because He meditates most of the time in the Himalayas with His band of trusted disciples.

In between they discuss matters of the world which are of profound concern; they need to be addressed on time, particularly pertaining to the preservation of our planet and its inhabitants. During meditation, He addresses mentally the predicaments, worries and questions related to the spiritual growth and foundation of the devotees as well as of any other people which He answers through the medium of telepathic transmission and diffusion of light.

He also does spiritual atonement from time to time so that the benefits of His tapas can be transferred and transmitted in all direction in order to maintain and regulate order, harmony and peace in this world. And in addition to all this, he prays and meditates for the spiritual evolution of human race as a whole, although the pace of human evolution is remarkably slow. Nonetheless, it is one of His major responsibilities that Heonce undertook from Father Divine when He was a young lad of fourteen, the tender age at which He took saurabh samadhi at Badrinarayan. His disciples, who are with him, assist him and give Him a helping hand in his enormous and unfathomable endeavor of world reformation in spite of concurring cyclic ages of major changes. The many disciples who are away from Him physically also work as channels of His world wide mission for man’s progress and those who are now in the astral world also contribute by sending out positive waves of mind thoughts to our earth for spiritual reinforcement!!

He is undergoing tapas for one more significant reason today. His very intense tapasya or atonement is also for the unforgivable, intolerable sins of those people who for the sake of terrorism and political upheavals, violate God’s natural laws and propagate violence, hatred, unrest and undertake innocent killings.

In the past, like Him were born other prophets like Jesus Christ, Lord Rama or Mohammed and Guru Nanak who took on the sins of the sinners for their redemption and atonement. It is the wish of God that no impure or sinner should interact with Babaji or see Him personally as He is unimaginably sanctimonious and pure and the chaste and holy saints have to suffer unduly. Babaji attributes his solitary nature to this fact- He prefers silence and peace of the quiet mountains in contrast to the noise of the maddening city lives!!

There are 2 types of forces in this world-constructive and destructive, positive and negative respectively since eternity. They have been there since the earth was created. When the equilibrium of both these forces is disturbed because of man’s misdeeds or ignorance there are natural calamities, disasters, misfortune, tragedies. Evil and immoral acts by humans like corruption, selfishness, greed, lust for power and money give rise to regression, anarchy, disorder, turmoil and  mayhem.

Cut throat competition exists today among men and between countries and societies for the sake of dominance as well as superiority, status symbol and power. Once the country becomes powerful, the ruling people of those countries exploit other nations to maintain the achieved material prosperity and affluence. Competition is good as long as it is healthy and done with the right spirit and sole intention to excel and not  to  finish or demolish others. One country prevents and stops other countries from progressing which is against ethics and universal laws. Destroying others is animal instinct for survival. Survival instincts can only be gotten rid of if we discover our real identity. The true nature of man is divine- love, peace, hope, amity, mercy, friendship, compassion are his attributes. So love all, do not hate is his message.

This post is neither politically motivated nor is it a political comment but as humans where we share the same planet, same resources our lives are without doubt interlinked as we come from the same God. We, as responsible and conscientious citizens of our planet must make a pledge now to replace hatred with peace, jealousy with love, frustration with satisfaction, rebellion with obedience, rivalry with companionship and violence with mutual understanding and goodwill for the sake of ourselves and the generations to come. Our earth is established and rests on eternal laws of humanity or Sanatan Dharma. Babaji believes that Sanatan Dharma in unchangeable and is forever suitable in every society or nation at any given time or age. It can be followed by anyone and needs no formal initiation.

What is Sanatan Dharma?

Because of attaining incredible yogic powers, Babaji is approximately 1,800 years old now. (those who have just come in, please read-The light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I) He is  alarmed regarding the erosion of human values at a frightening pace in the last two centuries. 

Sanatan in Sanskrit means eternal Dharma means righteousness. Sanatan Dharma means eternal Truth, teachings and traditions. The eternal truth is also about Universal principles that make up the spiritual lifestyle that helps us to uncover the Divine that flows through all things. Dharma has a profound meaning. It means as one’s own duties in individual sense and globally it means the universal law by which we are bound together. Dharma means something that should be borne all the time. Thus it becomes a powerful means that saves us from catastrophe and leads to all round development and prosperity.

Sanatan Dharma is considered to be the oldest religion, no one knows how old and there is no known founder. Sanatan Dharma has given birth to other main religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and some other offshoots.

Every religion is based on underlying same principles- that of oneness of God, non violence, charity, love, kindness and being good human beings. They all speak and propagate the same principles. Vedas are the original scriptures of Sanatan Dharma. Bhagwat Geeta complied by rishi Ved Vyas has the essence of all the Vedas. Bhagwan Krishna laid great stress on performing the right actions so that the consequences are positive in the form of peace, prosperity and harmony everywhere.

Today’s society runs on competition, consumerism and capitalism, the three evils of our modern society. Moderation is the key word. Life should be comfortable, there should be no deficiencies of essentials but blind rat race of materialism, hoarding, power struggle, status symbol is a sign of ruination which is tearing apart the very fabric of our once peaceful co-habitive society.  If we continuously violate the laws of- nature, morality, society, religions and spirituality it is going to prove detrimental as the consequences are grave.

This is Kaliyug, the age of machines. Vedic texts have prophesied the following ill signs of Kaliyug. They are as following-rampant decline in morality and absence of conscience, restlessness of mind, man will not hesitate to kill his own blood even brother for maya i.e. land, woman, money or power; downfall of woman’s chastity and fidelity, dishonest  and deceitful  males, rise in adultery, decline and corruption of intellect and intensifying of sensual pleasures and lust, drastic decline in numbers of trees, birds animals, shrinking of mountains and rivers, extension of oceans and inward bound seas and oceans, excess and intolerable heat and cold and untimely premature deaths. Isn’t this what we call global warming and climate change today?

Kaliyug is man created, his own creation for greed, to satisfy materialistic urges and exploitation as well as mismanagement of natural resources. We have to turn the wheel from Kaliyug to Sat yug– an era of truth, peace, order and humanitarianism by inculcating tolerance, forebearance and cooperation for preservation and survival of humanity’s sake.

Babaji advocates practice of Yoga propounded by sage Patanjali, the author of Yoga sutra. Yoga is above all religions and can be practiced along with any other religions that we follow or have faith in.

It is Mahavatr Babaji who revived Kriya Yoga in modern world through Lahiri Mahasaya, the lost science  of God union as mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta. Kriya Yoga accelerates spiritual evolution of man and can be practiced in spite of any belief or faith of the practitioner.

Babaji has vowed that until the augmentation of satyug, he will retain his indestructible body to carry out the divine’s work. The various cycles on our earth may come and go but the eternal principles of Sanatan Dharma will never cease to change. Mahavatar Babaji will come out open in public in World congress of religions meet around the year 2053 or so if everything goes right. He wishes that His centuries old mission of spiritual evolution and progress of the human race will be completed by then with the grace of God.

We all have a role to play in bringing about a new age by becoming the harbingers of the Dawn, dawn of Truth, peace, sincerity, willingness and earnest desire to make our earth a better place to live in.


Babaji is Smritgaami. Smrit means to remember and gaami means to come which when translated  means that whenever you remember or think of Babaji, He will respond to your calls.

So meditate on Monday nights between 9 to 10. Fix your gaze on Babaji’s visual image at Kutastha, the point between the two eyebrows and think of Him, pray to Him and talk to Him like a child to his father. Take his refuge, he will free you from many unbearable sufferings. He will mitigate your worldly and spiritual problems and will guide you in every way. This sansara , the world is a booby trap and we do not know how to navigate the deep seas. If you take his shelter you will be under his tutelage, protection and guidance, no harm will come over you and you will be able to overcome all problems however big or small. Babaji is our oarsman, He will navigate for us and sail our boat in this bewildering, unpredictable world.

(Read chapter 33 of Autobiography of a Yogi titled ‘Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of Modern India’ by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda, which is dedicated to his withdrawn nature and formidable spiritual stature. On the advent of publication of this great classic by a mahayogi Yoganandji, it was the first time that something was written about Babaji in print in the late forties, such is his reticent nature out of sheer humility)

You may read ‘ Holy Science’ by Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri on underlying similar truths and principles of Hinduism and Christianity. Also ‘The prophet’  by Khalil Gibran to read the never changing truths and philosophy of life)

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48 Responses to The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-II

  1. hey this blog is great. I’m glad I came by this blog. Maybe I can contribute in the near future. PM ME on Yahoo AmandaLovesYou702 Thank you day427

    • spiritinlife says:

      Yes, this is the whole idea about having a blog about awareness so that we can in some way make a difference in the world that we live in and also awaken our souls. Happy reading.

  2. Subhash says:

    I agree with you Baba ji’s mission is to uphold the Dharma and to maintain the balance between the evil and good forces. My personal experience verifies your contention tha Babaji answers our calls and help us if we with devotion call Him

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Subhash, as Babaji is pure Light, He is able to receive our thoughts with lightning speed, there is no barrier at all. That’s why he is smritgaami. I hope and pray for you that you too get blessings from Babaji as others have received earlier. And may you too follow Dharma about which he is advocating. Read the two articles on Him again as they are very condensed and you will find a lot more about Him. Sarika

  3. Atul says:

    What I wish to say is that I feel happy reading about Babaji and Saints and their messages for us.

  4. Atul says:

    I think re visiting all the Posts regularly is a way to stay attuned to The Divine.

  5. spiritinlife says:

    Saints give us peace, knowledge and awareness. Getting to know the inner self of saints uplifts us as they also give us solutions to our quest.
    As they have unfathomable depth, we need to dive again and again & in the process we unfold ourselves. Reading this blog is like getting in touch with the spirit of the great ones. I also read these posts over and over again and everytime I get a new insight. Take care.

  6. debra says:

    could you please help me,in meditation recently the soul name..’shemari’ came up and i have searched its meaning without success,maybe mis spelt…any suggestions,thankyou for your time..debra

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Debra, I was unable to communicate with you due to some fault in my computer. I am happy to discover that you have read the write up on Shri Mahavatar Babaji. And I am all the more happy to know that you are interested in meditating. Dive deeper and deeper inside during meditation and what ever words or names you get to hear will become more meaningful with you immersion. When we begin to meditate, we do get various messages, signals from higher sources. Do not stop your spiritual practices and with passage of time, you will be able to decipher and know the significance of inner revelations. If any further query is to be satisfied, please do not hesitate. Sarika

  7. Stewart Benson says:

    your inspiration can not function whole without

  8. Rojan says:

    How do I contact Sri Mahavatar Babaji..everytime I pray and thoughts get too emotional. I want to be with him. I want to live in seclusion with do I speak to him?

    • spiritinlife says:

      The only way to contact Mahavatar Babaji is to first still the mind then to purify it completely. One can get Mahavatar Babaji by only ‘tapasya’. When this is done, we may be able to see him

  9. Gunnasai says:

    This blog is very good. Very good information about positive things which can change the minds of people and drive into inn. Thanks for your blog, So glad to read it.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Thank you very much for writing to me. Shall appreciate if some questions may be asked or further inquiry is made regarding the subject matter. Rgds.

  10. Mohan says:

    I liked this blog a Lot. I have read about Babaji in Paramahamsa Yogananda’s book -“Autobiography of a Yogi”. This is an amazing book ! Ever since then I have been trying to Meditate but Iam still seeking a Guru to guide me properly as I often back slide after a few days and this interrupts the whole process & continuity. I certainly have discovered that meditation & spiritual life is what Iam made for, however the mundane chores of day to day life is not allowing me to per sue my desire. If you could guide me on an ideal way of life to attain this, I would be immensely grateful. This is the first time Iam writing on this blog and I may sound immature, but i think it is important to express one feelings candidly and I hope this reaches the right ears who could guide me and understand the meaning of what Iam trying to convey. Once again thanks for this very lovely Blog. Hope I can stay tuned to it without any interruptions….

    • spiritinlife says:

      Mohanji, nice to hear from you. You seem to be serious about your spiritual pursuits and I will try to guide you in the best possible manner and to my capacity if you wish to go ahead.
      It will take you quite sometime to really become established in the inner recesses of your mind and attain the Higher Consciousness. But please be at it as it is possible.

      You asked-If you could guide me on an ideal way of life to attain this, I would be immensely grateful.
      It takes time to change our sankaras or old tendencies and meditation if done regularly for a long period of time does its own work or magic. Nonetheless, it is possible and one must try seriously to attain those objectives. Regarding the mundane chores, one must sort out the very important and not so important tasks in a day and in this way do only the very essential ones to save time for practising meditation or jaap or contemplation in silence. A new life style, a new way of living with right priorities is very much required.

      You said- Once again thanks for this very lovely Blog. Hope I can stay tuned to it without any interruptions….
      This blog is very useful in many ways to all the sincere seekers. It is a manual, a hand book and a road map, so dive in it and learn what ever is comprehensible to you. Continue your sadhana and practice something daily to cleanse and purify your inner self and you will quickly see results that will encourage you further. Leave out all those elements, people and activities that take away your focus and concentration from your goal. Read this blog and do question answer with me, you wil get clarity of mind. Stay in good company and before sleeping at night and after you wake up, bring back your mind on God and your Guru and if you have none, then on Shri Mahavatar Babaji, he will be your guiding force.You will now stay tuned to this blog, no worries there.

      And let me tell you that one must be honest and candid with the Guru if that person wishes to know God… no qualms about it either.
      And thank you for telling me that you liked the blog a lot and that it is lovely. Please visit this garden more often!!!!

      • Mohan says:

        Dear Sarika,
        Thank you so much for your very kind and useful reply to my message. I have absorbed the essence of what you have conveyed and I am trying to follow the same with all focus. Already a sense of peace & direction seems dwelling on me and I hope to keep at it as much as possible. I wonder if you are able to guide me through any specific meditation techniques to be followed every day as you said in order to gradually tap the inner recesses of the mind. I shall be most grateful if you could guise me through this. Once again thanks for your kind reply.
        best regards

        • spiritinlife says:

          Mohanji, I can see that you have begun to read the blog from the behinning and also trying to absorb whatever was my insight and experience in those posts.It is true that one should meditate regularly and it is all the more true that meditation techniques come to us as per the developmental stage of our soul. Although I do not teach or have any specific meditation technique but what I gathered intuitively is that you should meditate on the image of Babaji and techniques will automatically come to you. Follow them. You can also be guided into Kriya Yoga for purification in YSS or any other authentic Kriya sanstha or Organaization if you so desire. If you have no inclination to go and meditate in a group formally then,
          Sit in a comfortable position and calm your breath by observing it.
          Imagine the image of Babaji at the third eye.Believe that he is guiding your meditation mentally.
          The breathe will shorten and slowly the mind will calm down.
          Enjoy that calmness and sing a chant or bhajan or repeat Babaji’s name or any name of your Isht deva.
          Retain this peace and calmness as long as you can in the day.
          Do this exercise for many days and you shall progress well.


  11. Shahid says:

    Beloved Babaji, Thank you for this post and want to say you are Amazing, I mean not everyone would take a vow to remain in the body till Satyug is established.

    Sarikaji, Have you been to Babaji’s birth place Porto Nova ? Curious to know. Perhaps You have already posted a blog on this and I shall find it later as i am reading this blog in the order you suggested.

    I thought Tuesday was the best day to connect with Babaji between 8 and 9. Thank you for letting me know that I should connect on Mondays between 9 to 10, Shall do that.

  12. 369rajeev says:

    Sarika Amma, I was re.reading this post again today remembering babaji. . . Gud insights here but a question cropped up here. The book HOLY SCIENCE written by sri yukteshwar giri clearly specified that we are currently living in the dwapara yuga and not in the kaliyuga as many pundits mistakenly think and we are in the development phase of communication and many other factors because of the ascending cycle we are in and this is the buk behind which mahavatar babaji is the guiding force. Please xplain which reads correct cycle and which phase of cycle is this. I also checked*holy science in wikipedia and it said dwapara yuga. Regards,rajeev

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Rajeev, After I communicated with Babaji just three days back, He said that we are at this moment in Kaliyug. Holy Science was written at a different time with Babaji’s will.
      There are 4 timecycles or yugas depending on the volume and intensity of dharma prevalent in society. When there is much more dharma or righteousnes than sins, least men on Earth, the resources are shared peacefully and there is enough for all to eat and live in prosperity, we are in Satyug or the era of Truth.The Earth is green.
      Then comes the decline- Dwapar when these traits begin to decline until we come to Treta Yug and the last time cycle of Kaliyug where morals decline to the hilt. Earth is severely populated and violence and dishonesty at its peak. So the aim of Dharma instills abundantly the value of compassion, love and peace on Earth like never before. Hence Babaji is today fiercely working towards the objective of cleaning the Earth of viciousness or adharma, spreading love and peace and He is redefining Dharma as per today’s needs. The importance of conservation of our planet is also his major concern.He has included looking after and caring for our Mother Earth as one of our spiritual duties and sadhana and therefore we had a segment on our heritage on this blog. In future our foundation called Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation NJJF will pursue these goals.
      Hope I clarified your doubt dear child.
      Yours lovingly

  13. Vivek says:

    Dear Maa, after reading this blog i have realised tht it is very easy to stray into the wordly pleasures and getting lost in our daily lives. And how staying focussed, being in the company of good/like minded people so essential to continue progressing on the spiritual path. I was on this blog for a while and then suddenly kept getting busy with so many other things. I was away for a few days and lost momentum. Thank you for the gentle reminder. I m back again. Back in the real sense. This blog brings me to good things. I feel positive and calm. It helps me stay focussed, directs me to follow a righteous path. From this particular blog post i have the following questions: What should we do to stay focussed? Where do we start from? What is kriya yog? What is special about praying on mondays between 9 to 10? What are the other days and time?
    Thank you again.

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear child Vivek. It is so nice to hear from you on the blog after waiting for some time. If you read ‘Our lives are in our hands-II, you will understand much better in detail about the phrase ‘getting lost’ and also the deeper meaning, its connotation and symbolic references many times in the many posts. Anyway, I will reply to you at this point also. Many aspects are going to be dealt with the same topic in the next post due tomorrow co-incidentally. Please read it carefully once it is out sometime in the later part of the day. It is in its initial stage at this moment. I feel very delighted if some readers or followers of this blog and our revd Babaji are intelligent enough to grasp the hidden subtleties and refinements in the words spoken. They will go far and they should also realize that the sharpness of the mind can be further enhanced in holy company of the sages, realized souls and good people and not the opposite.
      What you have stated cannot be otherwise, it is true that we all become off track because the Maya or the worldly attractions have the power in them to make you forget and we call it vismriti and strangely you will not know about it. Everything will look normal yet you will forget that you had set out for a definitive set of higher objectives in life. So in future mind this, remember always that first comes your own welfare of knowing Thyself. Constant reminders to yourself are required from within from this day on. Don’t wait for others to remind or alert you because this path is long and demands a lot of your time and attention.
      This blog is embedded with tremendous blessings, the foremost being a sense of calmness and stillness. You will get all your answers here. So come to it again and again and maintain a diary, note what you like, discuss with me or write to me. Contemplate those precepts over for many days and absorb those realizations and righteousness deep within. AOY is a great book for beginners and alters our lives but if you want a self -help book for further advancement and want to know what to do next, then Spiritinlife is the answer. Follow it, track older simpler posts and connect everything to relate the complete meaning of all that. Come to right conclusions.
      Build a new life of right living starting from building a healthy, clean body and mind. Learn to do some basic yoga postures to align the body, mind and Spirit and rejuvenation. The mind will automatically slow down and become inwards and you will be able to meditate. Meditation will come naturally to you. Establish Babaji inside your heart and worship Him.
      Shri Mahavatar Babaji is your Sadguru. You are his child and he knows you very well and is guiding you and your parents even though they or you may be unaware about it. Through me you are getting his advice and you should rely on it. Babaji has set aside about an hour in his week where he meditates in his cave and listens to the mental waves of all his devotees and disciples. Telepathically he answers to them; those who are careful and alert will understand this and will see in a short while how true this is. All your prayers and pleas will be heard and answered so just be attentive.
      Kriya Yoga consists of breathing rhythmically and regulating our breath very similar to Pranayam. There are many kinds of Kriyas or breathing techniques. It is a part of Yogic practices to arouse our latent spiritual energies beginning with purification of nadis and chakras. At a later stage the breathing exercises recharges our spinal chord to purify them and silences the mind completely. It is meant for God union.
      The rest of the things you will understand on your own if I have not answered them. Let them get unfolded naturally and you shall be joyous when you start understanding those sublime precepts……
      Have a blessed day.
      With love

  14. manju says:

    Pranams to our param gurdeva Mahavatar babaji and Jai guru dear Sarikaji, i am so very thankful for this wonderful post.I read about meditating on Mahavatar Babaji and decided to meditate on his lotus feet today as suggested by you in this blog.But i want to know that why have you written monday to10 p.m.? and what if i cannot visualise the form of babaji at the kuthastha ? still i continued my meditations on him. hope to go deeper and deeper.

    Thank you Babaji for these posts.Thank you for all your love and guidance.

    Jai Guru,


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Manju, Jai Guru!
      It makes my day if I am able to do something very useful like posting a write up for people like you and others. If my efforts draw benefice
      al results, I am extremely happy. Draw as much as possible from these blog-posts and imbibe enough to change your life situations positively to the hilt.
      Babaji has allotted a specific time for world’s improvement and his innumerable devotees when he sits in long meditation to hear all the invocations and prayers of them on every Monday night. He responds to them gracefully and silently. We draw strength from him and we move ahead in our spiritual path when we meditate on this particular time and day. It is more beneficial for the beginners as they need more power and motivation.
      If you cannot visualize Babaji’s image at Kutastha or third eye, it is alright. Babaji is anyway pure Light and Knowledge so you may receive more of those attributes if you are prepared for them. Whatever the case may be, whatever you are doing is right because devotion and your sincere intention are most important and not visualization of his image. Just be natural in your invocation and surrender completely. Be firm and steady in your resolutions and you will make it…..
      Wish you a very wonderful journey on Spiritinlife……May you rise, may you be able to jump over all your hurdles on this path and may you find peace and joy and spiritual strength at every decisive junctures…….

  15. Shilpa says:


    It is so nice to know that there are so many people in this world who can communicate with babaji and can get his guidance directly. I also want to communicate with him. Please convey my wish to him, although he must be knowing it.

  16. Shilpa says:

    Please be my messenger to him, and please convey my deepest desire of meeting him. Please tell him that i also want to receive his guidance directly. And want to be eligible for receiving his instructions. Please let him know that, I want to be his medium to do God’s work in this world. Today is Krishna janmashtami, please convey my message to Babaji. Please, please convey him to meet and communicate to me. Please be my messenger to him.

  17. Atul says:

    Krishna Consciousness He is.Shiva of Kailash He is.
    May His blessings always be with us.

  18. Shilpa says:

    Dear Sarika,

    Thank you very much for conveying my message to Babaji. Earlier also I requested to some other people, but, you are the one, who actually became messenger for me. Thanks a lot.
    I will try to become pure and humble, as Babaji told me. But I don’t know what does it mean by Babaji. As far as I know myself, I don’t cheat, don’t behave cleverly, never have bad intention for anyone etc etc, so I used to thought that I am a normal and pure person.
    I don’t know from where to start and how to change myself to become pure and humble as Babaji wants me to be. And how will I know that, i have passed first lesson and ready for second one? Should I ask you periodically to check with Babaji about my growth if there is any? I think I have a long, long, long way to go:(. But, I have to do it, this is the only way.
    Please guide me, help me.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shilpa, begin your new journey now. Read each post with reverence and softness in heart. Each line that has been written here is filled with Divine peace. Try to get into the depth of what is written here and then apply it in your life. Have gratitude and soften your heart by releasing the ego. Speak politely and gently to all and remain calm all the time.
      Reaching Babaji is not easy, we have to first clean our heart and mind. Clear your past baggage and when you start doing that, you will begin to understand what I am saying…….

  19. Shahid says:

    You wrote ” Think as though white light from heaven is dispersing and filtering over our mother earth. Visualize mother earth as a white pyramid of crystal of light and meditate under the crystal of beatific pure Cosmic Light of God.”
    — Sure mom, shall do this for peace on earth.

    Dearest Babaji, Is there anything specific you would like me to do so that I can assist you to bring in Satya Yuga at the earliest on earth ?

    THANK YOU God, Babaji, all the masters/ angels / guides, Sarika mom for helping me in my spiritual evolution and please continue to guide me always.

  20. Shahid says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday beloved Shri Babaji as on Nov 30, 2013 and THANK YOU for everything <3

  21. manju says:

    Divine Mahavatar Babaji,

    pranams at thy feet on the occasion of Guru Poornima falling on 12 july this year to our param Guru .may we all walk the sacred path which will lead us all to the higher planes and the world of light and joy. may the darkness of maya not be able to tempt your chelas anymore.thank you dear Sarikaji for making all the efforts to make us know more about ways to lead a life divine.Happy Guru poornima to all the blog readers !!!!


    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Manju, I am delighted to read your responses which came just two days back. I receive all your thanksgiving with love and gratitude. Words are always falling short in thanking all the devotees and the Holy Gurudev Shri Mahavatar Babaji and other noted spiritual Masters who are guiding us here.
      All I can say is this has been a very wonderful journey and each day brings so much freshness and vivacity. Joy and peace are the ways of living now and after getting so much enlightenment, what more could one ask for?
      So if like me, every other person who has arrived here feels blessed and privileged, I am humbled and grateful to the Almighty.
      Once again with you I address everybody that let us take a pledge that with continuous compassion of all the Divine Gurus, let us dedicate our every breathe in uplifting ourselves and live in the pure and blessedness of our Spirit. Hari Om Tat Sat.
      With love and grace of God and Gurus for all of us.

  22. whatever I have read above is great and inspiration indeed.
    BABAJI bless every body.

  23. Asim says:

    Humble reverence to dear Babaji,great Masters and to you Aunty on this Guru Purnima.May everyone be guided to Light… 🙂

  24. midhunpk210 says:

    hari ohm,

    sarika ji, as always it was a sacred reading,

    whatever iformation about the great guru is just priceless for me,

    while looking at the comments in the blog, just i am happy happy..:) individuals trying to get connected with the devine guru, and want to raise their awarness, i am also ine of them.

    i wish everyone get guided by the devine guru who wandering for the light, light may pass to everyone to spread it all over the world, and one day the world become full of light.

    for your information sarika ji- the page contains “The light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I” article is showing ” Not found ” message.

    Kind Regards,
    Midhun PK

  25. Shahid says:

    ” Fix your gaze on Babaji’s visual image at Kutastha, the point between the two eyebrows and think of Him, pray to Him and talk to Him like a child to his father. Take his refuge, he will free you from many unbearable sufferings. He will mitigate your worldly and spiritual problems and will guide you in every way. This sansara , the world is a booby trap and we do not know how to navigate the deep seas. If you take his shelter you will be under his tutelage, protection and guidance, no harm will come over you and you will be able to overcome all problems however big or small. Babaji is our oarsman, He will navigate for us and sail our boat in this bewildering, unpredictable world. ”

    Thank you dearest mom for this technique.

    Just want to wish God, Sri Babaji, all the divine masters and you mom, a very Happy Christmas 2014. Thank you for all your help, grace, blessings, positive energy and love. Thank you for leading us all slowly but steadily from darkness to Light <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Shahid, I could only become free now but can wish you and others a very happy Christmas, ten minutes left. May the coming days bring all of us abundance, health, happiness, brotherhood, love and peace.
      May we gradually bring more and more Light and awareness in our lives to mitigate all our sufferings.
      With loads of happiness, cheer, bliss and love to you and all.
      Yours Mom.

  26. manju says:

    Pranams to sri Mahavatar Babaji,

    Please do talk to Sarikaji and to all of us through her . the next post will be a life altering one for all of us words of Mahavatar Babaji . for all seekers of the divine .

    Humble pranams and thanking you our dear Sarikaji

    Om !!!


  27. Pranaam dear Maa,

    From the photo of dear Babaji attached at the end of this post, we can understand that He is in deep meditation and constant communion with God. Could there be other significant meaning for His sitting posture, placement of His hands, and His eyes?

    Thank you Maa.


    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Nishith, this photo of Babaji is a sketch made by the younger brother of Paramhansa Yogananda who was a painter. His name was Sananda Lal Ghosh. Such anecdotes are profuse in his book titled Mejda, which means the middle brother and is a life portrait of Guruji. Most likely you and a few others must have read it it too.
      For this impressive picture, Paramhansa Yogananda describes his imagery created during meditations and his younger brother sketches the body and face of Babaji. All the work was done intuitively and thus this very attractive image of Babaji came alive when both the brothers must have become intuitive and transcendental.
      Now except for the very serene face and very attractive eyes, at this juncture I am unable to tell you anything more about the posture. Maybe some other time, I shall be able to delve deeper in what you wish to know.And that is if God wills!

  28. pandey2 says:

    In this sacred post a wonderful technique prescribed by Babaji to bring down peace on earth by meditating on white Light of God:

    “Worship God as Jyot or Light, wish for peace in your hearts and bring down peace on earth by meditating on white Light of God.
    Think as though white light from heaven is dispersing and filtering over our mother earth. Visualize mother earth as a white pyramid of crystal of light and meditate under the crystal of beatific pure Cosmic Light of God.”

    Koti Koti Pranam to Ma, Babaji and all the great sages who out of great compassion working on day and night to free us from this worldly bondage. My heart is full of gratitude.

    May we all grow spiritually and realize our true self in this life time and do the service of God through our beloved Guru’s.

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