What is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini Shakti is the procreation energy lying unused at the lower region of the body for very long. People who follow Tantra Yoga are those people who worship the feminine form of the Universal Force. They perceive the Universe as feminine energy and wish to have atma sakshat or God realization by arousing and stirring up Kundalini Shakti in them. The various forms or depiction of Kundalini Shakti in Indian mythology are of Goddess Durga, Kali, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi and a few others. They all are various images and forms of Divine Mother with different  powers attained for different purposes in this universe. Ultimately all the devotees of Divine Mother have one goal whether they are aware of it or not- to realize God by worshiping the eternal Primary Force as feminine.

In our body, we have 3 main nadis or life currents-Ida, Pingala and Sushmna. In most of the persons at the normal level of consciousness, the energy currents pass through only two channels Ida and Pingala. The central Sushumna is dormant. Ida lies to the left side and has warm currents and is compared to the Sun, while Pingala is located to the right and compared to the Moon and has cool currents passing through it. Sushumna is situated in the centre of both these nadis. It remains dormant and cannot be accessed without proper activation and expert supervision. It plays a crucial role for the sadhak at an advanced stage of spiritual intensification and expansion.Activation of Sushumna is mandatory for higher realizations.

Importance of Sushumna Nadi

If one takes a peep inside our spine, it will show that it is a hollow tube and is like a conduit pipe in which are located multitude of nerves or nadis and nerve ends. The fact is that out of these three nadis majority of people function on only the two nerve channels-ida and pingala as there is no current in the middle nadi and one may wonder why.  Sushuma is a special nerve used for carrying very fine currents of electromagnetic rays from higher levels of Consciousness. Once this is aroused, the man is capable of approaching and accessing very high levels of knowledge and subtle comprehension as well as divine perceptions. Kundalini  Shakti is often compared to a serpent with three and half coils. It is believed so for the simple reason that Sushumna is coiled at the base, at the tip of the tail bone lying floppy and curled. To demystify the myth, please know that it is coiled and curly just because it has no current passing through it and is in disuse for so long as has been explained in detail in the text of previous post. One activated it is straightened up.

At the subtlest level, the release at last

At muladhar chakra lie the remnant energies of present and past life incarnations which block the Kundalini Shakti. The dust like energies which are in many layers cover the Sushumna. But when the soul begins to redeem itself through purification by doing good karmas, silence, peace, meditation, pranayam,  saatvik food, his mind and heart becomes dirt-free. Dust of ego, vanity, desires, greed and similar vices begin to fade away as he undergoes intense tapas. At this juncture, the Guru wherever he is, through his prakash punj or blazing light sends his disciple shakti through his sankalpa (mind power) which we call shakti paat. This is transmission of rays of Divine light through mind power. That light enters and penetrates our navel and whatever unmanifested seeds of karmas are still remaining in the muladhar are now disintegrated and burnt by the guru.

The specific action consequently reduces our karmic suffering in the future to come by eliminating difficult life situations in the form of diseases, lack of prosperity, physical sufferings, bad luck and mental  turbulence and so on. As the Light from the Guru arrives at the navel area, the dormant Sushumna begins to throb. That’s why people may find tingling sensations at the base on arousal of Kundalini Shakti. The Shakti after stirring up muladhar chakra, rotates and spins spirally inside the spinal cord cleaning the conduit pipe. The vortexes or energy chakras get cleaned up of the lying of unwanted elements of toxins and debris of future karmic consequences as the shakti rises up.

The risen supposed serpent or Kundalini cleans the lower chakras and when it rushes and reaches the agya chakra, the blazing light intensifies our vision by giving us clarity of thoughts and finer perceptions. With this light are awakened many other micro nadis which help us to cultivate and open of the third eye, Shiva’s third eye providing paranormal vision and sixth sense. Thus an apparatus and a medium are created through which we can now connect directly to the Cosmic Consciousness without effort. The third eye is the door to heaven because communication with the Almighty is possible through intuition, a faculty in humans which can never mislead or misguide us. Meditation aids in further fine tuning with the voice of God. Intuition or the sixth sense is extremely essential for humans because there is no possibility of erring and suffering as the Voice of God will always tell you to do actions which are in welfare of all.

The silent and extremely gentle shakti further moves up from agya chakra to the upper portions of the body reaching the cerebrum or sahasrar chakra to act on it. The crown chakra is the centre of God realization and divine illumination. The whole process takes a few weeks or months or years or lives depending on each individual’s positive force of good karmas and is not an instant phenomenon as made out to be by some unthinking people.

As explained earlier, smriti is a very important factor and  tool in God realization. In smriti lies embedded all the memories of past life incarnations that we have ever lived since our inception. With activation of Kundalini, we are able to see some important phases and landmarks of a few past and future lives. In this way, God helps us to relive our past lives by being so compassionate and understanding. Alongside with the activation and glimpse of our previous lives, are also washed the pain, sorrow, separation from beloveds, remorse, grief and trauma of sad incidents and other life altering experiences. The remembrance of good memories and happy incidents give us hope and joy. A new wave of creative powers is inducted whereby one sees unexpected talents, gifts and special abilities in himself because of this shakti.

Subsequent to this, another portion of the smriti is opened up in due course after past lives’ regression. And that is the memory or smriti of God as Light that was experienced at our inception and forgotten for such a very long spell. The kind Guru gives us an experience of face to face with God represented as blazing Light. And in that radiating light are burnt all the possibilities of ever erring in future and an end to all our troubles and entrapment of directionless re-incarnations!!

God is perfect happiness

Once the smriti, the memory of oneness with Divinity is revived, we experience bliss of exceedingly sweet nature unknown so far to us. The nectar of bliss cannot be compared with anything of this fleeting world because of anshik or imperfect happiness in this imperfect world! And God is perfect happiness. And thus at last, comes to an end our long yatra or journey which had started off way back in time and space over millions of years. The tormented soul is liberated at last to bathe in bliss and peace!!

What is not Kundalini Shakti ?

  • It is not sexual energy. It should also not be used for sexual activities to empower oneself unethically. In fact it is procreation energy which helps us to evolve and advance faster in spiritual unfolding.
  • It is not a serpent. Serpent is only a comparison, a metaphor to understand the concept. God allowed only graphic interpretation so far hence we have so many types of illustrations of Goddess Shakti and yantra and chakras.
  • The serpent is not coiled. In fact the Sushumna nadi is coiled at the base because of deactivation. Sushumna and the other nerves at the head are in a cluster and look like a hood of a snake with its tail at the end of the spine. Hence it is said that the serpent is coiled three and a half times at the base.
  • Once the shakti is revived, the emergence of extra-ordinary abilities and skills are not possessed at random by the recipient. They are the abilities which we had acquired in our past lives and are stored in the memory and re-emerged as the electric currents passed through the brain. But further acquiring of more genius qualities is possible only with our  continuous efforts of today.


Two main purposes of activating Kundalini Shakti

  • to open sahasrar chakra
  • To arouse smriti

Tantra is a holy ancient science of revival powers. People mishandle and misapply it and use it in place of black magic, sorcery, voodoo, and other sciences of natural forces. Beware of those people who misguide you in the garb of religion, yoga or spirituality.

Sarva mangalam maangaleye Shive sarvarth sadhike I

Sharanye Trayambake Gauri Narayani namostute II

Meaning: O Mother! You are the personification of all that is auspicious. You are the benevolent form of Lord Shiva. You bestow Divine energy and help people achieve righteousness, wealth, fulfill desires and liberation. You are  worthy of being surrendered to. Three eyes adorn you O Devi! O Narayani Devi I pay obeisance to you!

(With this post are concluded the series of four topics on yogic diet, mind empowerment and dormant energies called Kundalini Shakti or coiled, dormant energies)

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  1. Atul
    Atul says:

    Dear Sprit in Life,

    This is the first time I have understood this pious subject.

    May we all receive Lord Shiva and Divine Mothers’s Blessings.

  2. Sajal Debnath
    Sajal Debnath says:

    Respected Mother,
    This is the first time I have understood what Kundalini is. There is so much misconception and misunderstanding regarding this particular topic and your post clarifies everything in simpler terms. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you impart on us. I have so many unanswered questions in mind. Knowledge and logic is a double sided sword or more to say the lack of knowledge and logic. Due to this I feel it hinders complete faith or trust in me. But unless you completely surrender yourself you can not attain anything. I am still struggling with my logic and lack of knowledge. May be someday I will be able to surrender myself. But till that time I am lower than an insect to the almighty. Your post gives me hope, encourages me. Thanks a lot again. Someday when I am prepared I hope to meet you in person and get the knowledge from you.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Sajal, thank you for writing so truthfully & respectfully, I am touched by your gesture.
      Never before anything like this has been revealed and I can’t help myself today but bow down reverentially once again to my kind Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji to have imparted me this sacred science of Kundalini Shakti and then making me write about it with his mental powers so explicitly so that everyone can benefit from this sacred knowledge on this blog. I am glad that you have found this article useful for yourself.
      To reach out to maximum people, it is better to keep the content’s expression as simple as possible because the goal is to awaken and enlighten others through this medium and not exhibit one’s literary expertise. And the knowledge that is here is for all those who are keen to know, reform and make a difference in other people’s lives. Therefore, you can ask me those unanswered questions and I shall answer them one by one whenever I can do so. Sometimes, my routine gets extremely hectic but I attend to all the genuine queries and seeker’s honest thirstiness and reply to them comfortably.
      Humility comes with knowledge, knowledge comes with devotion. So first have devotion for God, His mercy, his unconditional love and limitless caring in so many hidden ways……..

  3. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Thank you Sri Babaji and Sarikaji for such a clear cut description on what Kundalini is.

    I desire to be free of the cycles of birth and death in this lifetime itself. Great Masters, Mahayogis, Rishi’s, Babaji please help me in all ways possible to achieve this.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shahid, I don’t know how I missed out this comment. And by the twist of co-incidence as I was flipping some pages of the blog, I found this portion that has gone unnoticed by my keen eyes. So-
      Freeing ourselves from ignorance and repeated blind re-births is the most superior desire which a human being can possess. This desire is supreme and we should invoke God, merciful Almighty to help us search our way back.
      Divine knowledge brings about clarity of thought. This clear cut description is a mile stone on this weblog. It is the turning point because nowhere before such crystal clear vision, straightforwardness and indepth reality on this much sought after topic can be found. Therefore my suggestion is that when you have the mental make up, gear up and once again with a cool and calm mind, read this topic again so that it gets engrained in your mind very well. Get more clarity and depth by doing so.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Nish, my response to you is the same as shown to Sureshji. Perhaps after many days, you should read this topic
      again because there will be something that you will understand after a gap.
      Take care of yourself

  4. Suresh babu taintavide
    Suresh babu taintavide says:


    Respected Sarikaji,
    You are illuminating the glorious path of knowledge with powerful light beams showing the hedges and ditches also so that
    sadaks can avoid falling or crashing into them and go safely through.
    One can only prostrate in front of such a river of knowledge!
    Praying for Blessings….Suresh

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Sureshji, You are right, the blog tells us at many places mostly subtly though, what the pitfalls are so that we take care of ourselves on the long path of Self Realization. Kundalini Shakti was one topic about which I was very keen to kñow what exactly it was. I had read about it in many places but did not get right guidance. When Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Swammi Nityananda and Swami Shaligram of Ganeshpuri as well as Mother of Pondicherry enlightened me on this mysterious topic, I was overwhelmed. Never before was it known to us that Kundalini Shakti aggravates our memory of Brahma, and the moment how we fell into sleep called vismriti. I feel very happy when I see that many people are able to access this knowledge now.
      Secondly, I only wanted Babaj to enlighten me as much as he could. I have never asked for any boons or favours. And he has kept his promise……
      May I be able to with his blessings, help as many of his disciples as is possible through my endeavours.
      God bless all of us

  5. midhunpk210
    midhunpk210 says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya.

    pranam to param guru sri mahavatar babaji, pranam to ma. pranam to all gurus from all religion.

    very very beautful and sacred post. very lucky to read this, i feel very lucky the moment i found this blog. thanks a lot to sarika ma.
    i will read this again.

    everything is in clarity now, thanks again.

    seeking for your blessing sri babaji and ma.

    with all love,
    Midhun Pk

  6. midhunpk210
    midhunpk210 says:

    – ” Humility comes with Knowledge, Knowledge comes with Devotion ”

    – “The kind Guru gives us an experience of face to face with God represented as blazing Light. And in that radiating light are burnt all the possibilities of ever erring in future and an end to all our troubles and entrapment of directionless re-incarnations!! ”

    Pranam ma..Thank you so much again..

  7. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” The third eye is the door to heaven because communication with the Almighty is possible through intuition, a faculty in humans which can never mislead or misguide us. Meditation aids in further fine tuning with the voice of God. Intuition or the sixth sense is extremely essential for humans because there is no possibility of erring and suffering as the Voice of God will always tell you to do actions which are in welfare of all. ”

    Dearest God, Pls help me reconnect to you again in this birth.
    Pls end this inner darkness. Pls shower your light and grace
    on me. It will be the happiest day of my life when i get your
    darshan. Thank you for everything and this human life
    which is a gift, to get back to you while on this earth <3

  8. Rajesh Shankar
    Rajesh Shankar says:

    Blessed I am , to read about Kundalini from the most authentic source. Its an Amazing area, which I never knew before and thanks to Gurus and Ma for enlightening me on this Sacred science.


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