The Kailash Mansarovar yatra commences from Kathmandu, Nepal. Irrespective of  where we came from, we all assemble at Kathmandu. We stayed in a palace converted into a hotel named Shanker hotel and the stay was very comfortable. Ours was a large group and all of us looked forward to what lay ahead of us.

Behind the buzz and excitement when I looked at the people a few questions raced my mind and I wondered to myself if they really knew why they were here. Were they really prepared physically and mentally to cover the distance, brave the unpredictable climate and the other hardships that one is expected to on a pilgrimage like this? Many of them looked out of focus to me to be honest. I introspected the situation for some time and then I consoled myself by deciding to  let them all be and to let them get a grip of the situation on their own. I focused attention on myself and put my mind completely on attaining what I had come there for.

Now let’s move away from this thought for a while so that I may be able to explain the main point of the post and elaborate on a  few thoughts more explicitly.


On a  recent trip to Delhi for personal reasons, I chose to stay in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. I usually like to stay there not for the convenience it offers but primarily for spiritual gains one makes there. The meditation hall which had become old and weak had been reconstructed with a very strong building keeping the French style of architecture in mind. Irrespective of the condition of the building, the soul of the place has always been the same- very dynamic and powerful. I take advantage of this and it is no secret that it enhances my spiritual efforts to a great extent. It always adds something. I wish to share with you some pictures of the place so that if you are in Delhi, you may spend a few quiet moments of silence in the Ashram.

The hectic stay in Delhi gave me very little time to think or write anything.  And most of the time I encountered people who I thought were so deluded that it made my life impossible. The only refuge was my inner sanctuary. I was holding a conversation with Shri Mahavatar Babaji mutely in my mind to stay calm and live in truth and reality. I prayed to him many a times during the day and night. One of the prayers made was that I should be able to commune with him all the time irrespective of the disorder and absurdity that I saw around me.

On the return journey home, I reached the airport many hours early so that I could do my prayers, meditation and contemplation in order to wipe out the disorderly and inharmonious movements of the people’s thought -vibrations that had been surrounding me for days. A startling episode took place the time I settled down in a chair with my luggage as I contentedly closed my eyes. As though Babaji was waiting for this opportune moment, he showered me with a cascade of thirst-quenching knowledge of self- realization. We had a very long communiqué between us over a period of a few hours . It comprised of everything that was going on in my mind and much more. All I could say to him was this- “You are the answer to all my prayers”.

A great deal of that exchange is written here for all of us to read and discern from the ocean of spiritual knowledge of salvation. It is for us to consider this, mull over the profound knowledge and then apply it in our lives. At this hour, as I finish my last words to complete this enlightening post, I pray to God to give us light and keen understanding and to eradicate our deep seated ignorance of many, many lives.

Cryptic questions and answers that took place between Shri Mahavatar Babaji and me mentally at the airport while I waited to catch the plane.

Q- “Who gets enlightenment?”

A- “Those whose heart is pure.”

Q- “When and how can one clean and purify the heart?”

A- “When the intellect is pure. The intellect should be purified of ego, ignorance, jealousy, fear and all other insecurities.”

Q- “What is delusion?”

A- “Doubt, skepticism and confusion. When they cover the mind, the soul is in delusion.”

Q- “How do we eradicate delusion?”

A- “By cleaning the heart.”

Q- “How can the heart and mind/buddhi be purified?”

A- “By awareness, meditation, selfless activities, kindness and charitable actions.”

Q- “Why must we eradicate delusion?”

A- “Because it gives us chains and recycles of birth and death.”

Q- “What happens in delusion?”

A- “When we are in delusion, a sort of mirage is created in the mind which in reality is a reflection of the true self-that is yatharth or reality. There is distortion of the vision. When we are covered with distorted perceptions, our actions are distorted. Our judgment goes wrong, we create wrong actions. The consequences of our actions are ours and hence we suffer adversely.”

Q- “How does one know that he or she is in delusion?”

A- “There will be bouts of confusion, temptations, frustration for having lack of control over things and most of all, one is uncertain.”

Q- “What are the correctional methods?”

A- “Introspection, reflection, contemplation, study of scriptures, listening to the ancient wisdom of the sages and realized entities. And most important of all- correcting your present actions to redesign the future life.”

Q- “How does one know that he or she is getting the wisdom from the right person?”

A- “If what you read or hear can be identified with and you are convinced, if your mind accepts the mentor or guru’s wisdom and advice and counsel. If your mind does not oppose or contradict his or her knowledge and if you are applying the spiritual philosophy with positive results, then you have found your mentor or spiritual adviser.”

 Q- “If there is a contradiction in mind, what does it apply?”

A- “It applies that it is the ego which is acting as a wall between the teacher and the learner.”

To sum up, delusion is created when the dark clouds of the dark world cover the mind in the form of self-doubt, confusion and skepticism. To annihilate delusion, regular practice is required in the form of meditation. In meditation is involved- concentration, contemplation, reflection and thinking upon the idea and concept of God.

At an advanced stage, the yogi is able to receive solutions to all his problems, advice, plans for future and also thoughts about the nature of God effortlessly. The yogi at this stage does not require any special technique or method to bring his mind to a central point. His mind is completely absorbed and immersed in the Universal Spirit which is the guiding Voice and Light.

Delusion can never again cover the mind of an accomplished yogi because the darkness has been completely eradicated once and for all by divine wisdom. His nature is spiritual and not worldly at this stage. After this stage, the yogi has only one thing to practice- remembering God in every moment of wakeful state, with or without meditation. He reaches a stage where there is no effort as the layers of darkness and ignorance are wiped out completely. God in the form of knowledge, wisdom, love, peace and pure bliss manifests all the time.

Our nature is spiritual and divine. Our motto and aim in life is to discover this nature, achieve a higher state of divine consciousness and rid ourselves of all the consequences of ignorance and delusion. There are mental and physical suffering and pain in acts done with delusion. As we sow today, so we reap tomorrow. If we make an attempt today to uncover the spiritual nature and beget divine wisdom, we shall experience permanent peace and joy, a worriless state where we have God’s fountain of lasting peace and silence.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om.

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  1. spiritinlife says:

    Thanks for your appreciation. May you get all the answers for your journey to divine knowledge & self enquiry.

  2. Mavin says:

    Amazing experience!!! Amazing knowledge and so simple…

    • spiritinlife says:

      Truth is benign, truth is beautiful and truth is peace giving. Knowledge liberates us. May God help you in realizing the supreme truth.

  3. 369rajeev says:

    Om Kriya Babaji Nama aum..

    What a theory explained in such simple words. We are really fortunate to understand all this.

    Thank you so much for ur continued efforts in writing these blogs. It is such a treat to read your blog.

    Thank you.
    Rajeev Aditya

  4. Shahid says:

    Thank you, I didnt know that there is a Sri Aurobindo Ashram branch at Delhi. Shall visit this place if I go to Delhi in the future.

    Thank you Beloved Babaji for all the wise answers here 🙂

    • spiritinlife says:

      There are passerbys who come and go on this blog. But the fortunate ones will realize that this place is a paradise, a heaven of spiritual nectar……if you crave for spiritual knowledge, there is no dearth here……

      • Midhun Pk says:

        absolutely..this place is paradise with the teaching of great saints and yogis, more over the place which filled with ancient knowledge, the words from sri sri mahavatar babaji..

        this platform is the door way, that is all i can say…

        this may help many souls now and in future,forsure…

        the contineus reading this make entirely a ancient world, similar to a gurukul system..where guru sishya relation and ancient science has been reflected very well..

        no words for this work..really valuable for wandering souls..

  5. Midhun Pk says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya..

    pranam to sri babaji, and ma.

    the questions and answers really helping one, clearly written what one need to follow to get higher conciuosness,enlightment…

    we do not want to be in delusion, may god and gurus bless everyone with the devine light to remove all the dark clouds covered us,

    thanks a lot to param guru sri babaji and ma for this valuable post.

    With love,
    midhun pk

  6. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Midhun, this post is a nut shell of Upananishads and Veda where the sadhak at a particular stage is trying to reach Brahma. How is the question and this post reveals that. You will have to read this post at many life stages so that as you grow older in wisdom, you will cherish it all the more. If there is any question that you wish to ask more, please do that.

  7. Midhun Pk says:

    thanks ma for the reply.

    i will read again this..

    yes, i will ask questions whenever i have doubts ma, thanks for the oppurtunity you giving us to clear all the doubts…

    with love,
    Midhun PK

  8. Shahid says:

    Happy to read this sacred post again today.

    Opened the pic of Delhi ashram in a separate tab and
    visualized myself sitting there for several minutes.
    Such mental trips to dynamic spiritual places can
    be refreshing.

    Each picture in this blog is a Blessing and a million
    thanks for your efforts for everything related to this
    blog dear mom <3

    Love this para:
    " Delusion can never again cover the mind of an accomplished yogi because the darkness has been completely eradicated once and for all by divine wisdom. His nature is spiritual and not worldly at this stage. After this stage, the yogi has only one thing to practice- remembering God in every moment of wakeful state, with or without meditation. He reaches a stage where there is no effort as the layers of darkness and ignorance are wiped out completely. God in the form of knowledge, wisdom, love, peace and pure bliss manifests all the time. "

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear child Shahid,
      Making mental visits to energized, holy places in very useful. You can derive many benefits by doing so, it is not necessary to go there with your physical body always. The mental world, that of akash/space is more powerful than the physical world of prithvi/Earth.I have been sent to many divine places to help others in this manner as everyone cannot visit those places but they can mentally connect and the benefits will be the same. You can apply this formula/method with other places also, that which are mentioned in the blog. Increasing your imagination power is advised, it helps a lot.
      Try to come to a state of mind where there is no power of Maya to delude you. For this we must remember God incessantly for a very long period of time.
      May God be with you always.
      Yours Mom

  9. Kiran says:

    Pranam Maa. Read this sacred post again after a long gap.
    Both questions posed and answers given are very helpful. It is clear and concise.

    I loved this answer from Babaji about your question about remedial actions (for delusion)

    “Introspection, reflection, contemplation, study of scriptures, listening to the ancient wisdom of the sages and realized entities. And most important of all- correcting your present actions to redesign the future life.”

    My deep gratitude to param guru Shri Babaji and you maa.

  10. Kunal says:

    Dear Ma,

    These are some of the common delusions I have faced on my path and have been cleared in a attempt to understanding you:-

    All problems are caused because of lack of spirituality and selfishness, spirituality is not a instant but a long term remedy into making your character more selfless which helps only rise above problems. Spirituality does not solve our problems. So each problem has to be faced directly by working at it.

    Problems, work and chaos in the external world will always be there, no escaping this. Only in meditation there is peace. Rama and yogananda and almost all avataras had hard lives too. Living as per gods will does not mean living as per chance and not doing anything about it, but knowing very clearly from within a voice telling you the next step forward and then putting full effort and love into it. In life a strong purpose must always be there, till you can’t hear gods voice, have your own. till now I feel in life I have been escaping.

    Most people can’t handle their minds and want to escape into the world of saints, this false drama can confuse you into believing we are very spiritual. No matter how much we study yoga to become a scholar or pundit, we don’t know our next thought. By reading books nothing will happen. You have to do sadhana. Whatever growth takes place, it’s from that.

    Sadhana is a daily habit. The emotion, intention, identification during the daily sadhana matters a lot. do it with full attention. This habit will change your character and consciousness. Whatever action you do, your body repeats automatically. Therefore each act makes us repeat it once done and binds us to it. Character and consciousness changed overtime, changes destiny.

    In our daily sadhana most people think they are getting taking shakti, but we are actually only letting go of blocks we have, give till you don’t have anything left, throw out everything, all negativity, what’s left behind is divine, its already there. Therefore don’t ask what a saint gives, see what he can take away from you.

    Kundalini and chakras are not the focus, practicing identification with atman and love every day for sometime, make loving yourself as a habit. Since we live in the mind, dividing ourselves into 2 as god element and ego, we find a way to pour love onto ourselves. Loving ourselves has lots of benefits. No cause is needed. It will make us remember the divine in us.

    Life is forever. Soul goes on forever. It does not merge back into god. The Maharishis still have not merged with god. The rishis are still meditating, that’s the best thing to do, how can common people like us not see its value. Evolution is directly proportional to meditation, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly by meditating sameway humans must become rishis.

    Gurus help not by taking away small problems but by taking away our vasanas and making us capable of facing our memory with non-attachment. Painful memories also don’t go away, your memory increases, its power over us goes away. Psychology and our sad stories have no meaning in yoga, they have to be ignored and replaced, not to be energised with attention. We have to replace them with a strong purpose and high thoughts.

    All doubts and curiousity must be dealt with only in meditation. A verbal answer has very little effect. Only in periods of trying to listen to the silence can rishis and guru guide us from within. The best advice inspiration is all within us.

    There are too many pitfalls on the way, thank you ma for always guiding me, I feel your presence within always and want my consciousness to be connected to yours forever.

  11. RESHAM SENGAR says:

    Dear Ma,
    I was trying to resolve a doubt, but it will be so much better if I could understand it by your grace. Ma, I had about ego. It is said that the Ego contacts our personality and separates us from the Whole. However, I could not understand the depth of this statement. So, my doubt is – how does the ego contacts our personality and creates bheda-buddhi? What is the process? How does it happen and what can be done to annihilate it from the very beginning? Please help me understand this in the light of your knowledge, dear Ma. Warm regards,

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