Improving our Thought-Power-I

March 30, 2011


How do the yogis achieve the highest levels of Consciousness?

Each man possesses a mental body of his own. It is the energy of the kind of thoughts that dwell and are nurtured in the mind. His intellectual property, his process of thinking and the kind of thoughts nurtured are all included in the mental body. Each thought that we send out, each thought that we receive and the cumulative power of it all makes a man what he is and it this thought power to which we are attracted to in some people or repelled depending on the quality of thought.

Sankalpa Shakti -This word is also used for determination many a times. Sankalpa here means the rise of a thought, the power of thoughts. Every thought that is born is like a wave in an ocean, and has its magnetic power. It draws to itself positive or negative circumstances. The more positive our thoughts, the more power we possesses and vice versa. Attention should be paid by us every time we think and to our quality of thoughts. We should discard the evil, bad and weak thoughts. In their place cultivate and nurture positive, constructive, creative and healthy thoughts.   

The state of Super Consciousness-I

Dear friends, cultivating and nurturing a powerful mind is a continuous process of a life time. In the last few posts, it was reiterated that we must maintain peace and calmness in all times and try to hold on to lasting peace as much as we can. But due to our karmic cycle, there will be bouts of unrest and instability with loss of durable peace. So should we get discouraged by sudden storms or tides of lashing waves that hit us unsuspectingly in our life? No, a true sadhak and a yogi will still try to be calm inside in spite of suffering as he knows that the tide will recede at the appropriate time with God’s grace. Many a times, the devotees assume that life will be absolutely hassle free when he once comes in touch with God during meditation. Well, this is not correct. In fact, an advancing yogi creates new pious and positive karmas currently and side by side also extinguishes past karmas as and when they arrive. What should we do in such a situation?

We must meditate with a specific purpose so that the effect of the rough tide should be minimized and we must hold on to our Guru who will help us wade through the rough weather. How?

People think that in meditation we must try to stop the wandering and onslaught of thoughts and apply force to stop them. For all the sincere seekers, this point should be clarified once for all. One requires a powerful mind to let go of the subtle past karmas and be an observer. So in your meditation to improve your thought powers, bring to an end those disturbing thoughts which people are sending to you by not allowing them to enter first your aura and then your mind. More so if the thoughts are bothering you and are a hindrance in maintaining the tranquility of your composed mind. For this, you must be watchful of the thoughts and images that keep bombarding you during concentration or meditation and instead of entertaining them, discard them. If they re-occur discard them again and again until they stop coming to you. In this manner, we make our mind empty of re-connecting to past karmas done with those people many lives ago. Practice this and after a few days, you will again be your normal self when harmony and tranquility prevails in normal life.

This method of meditation described is for subtle meditation and is prescribed for past life karma cleansing for advancing seekers.

For beginners, to improve your thought power, practice these suggestions-

When in turmoil, think of times when you were in peace. Re-live those peaceful moments.

Increase the depth and intensity of your meditation. When there is unrest inside you, re-live the depth and intensity of past meditations.

Repetition and chanting of one or two line mantras will soothe the mind and will make the mind stronger. Divine mantras add specific powers to the mind.

Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. If they do re-surface, eliminate them repeatedly.

When in distress- mental or physical, do not give up on daily physical exercise and remembrance of God, even if you cannot meditate during such times.


Another meditation technique for empowering your mind-

After making the atmosphere conducive, sit in a meditative posture with your body completely relaxed.

Once you are composed and calm in mind, concentrate at the crown chakra.

For some yogis, there may be some discomfort in the beginning. Continue after some time again until you feel comfortable.

Once you get accustomed to concentrating at the crown chakra, visualize golden light over your head.

Stay in this position as long as you are comfortable.

After some time visualize the rays of golden rays falling on the crown chakra. Feel the soothing rays. And the peace in the soothing rays will touch the brahma randra or crown chakra. Prolong this action or kriya.

Later visualize the golden rays entering your body through the crown chakra and penetrating the upper part of the brain, feel its sensation. The rays will then trickle down to the lower part of the brain. Imagine that your whole brain has been recharged with divine rays.

The Divine Light when invoked willingly energize us after it flows inside our body. If you focus on the crown chakra then the divine rays will energize your mind and give excess powers to recharge and revitalize your mental energies thus improving your thought power.

As I am wrapping up this condensed post, I am recalling a memorable scene that I saw when we were travelling from Prayang to Saga during my Kailash Mansarovar yatra last year. Perhaps this is the most appropriate photogragh I have for this subject. Because a car was stopped at the Chinese check post for our verification of valid documents, we had to stop in the middle of our journey until that car could join our caravan. It was extremely cold at the place where we had halted; it was open, wild and completely barren. It suddenly became dark and cloudy and it was raining on far away mountains. There was not a single soul around and it was a no-man’s land. In spite of harsh climate, a few of us got tempted and got out of the cars to take a few pictures as the place was very beautiful scenically. My eyes fell on a unique spectacle when at the far end of this cold and barren land, I saw a solitary woman walking all alone in the cold. I really marveled at her mental strength. Here they are, take a look at the pictures! Hope you will revert on this forum with your responses, questions or just your spiritual experiences to share with everybody!!

Thought Power-III

March 20, 2011

A little after midday on 10th March, in a period of absolute relaxation and complete tranquility my consciousness was lifted from normal to high. Earlier to this, I experienced enduring calmness since my morning meditation and therefore I made up my mind not to let go of this graceful attainment which is so hard to hold on to.  So I left my mundane jobs and came to sit in my room. I sat on my bed, the eyes closed so willingly and gently.

In just a few fleeting moments, I felt waves of profound peace sweeping over me from the sacred Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas. I saw it standing magnificently with snow fully covering it in white till the top as I sat on my bed contentedly. Its soothing and pious vibrations were familiar to my heart and soul and I attentively detained all that was coming my way.

Even before I could fully absorb the divine rays coming from the Himalayas, I subsequently had a mental picture of a turquoise blue lake shimmering like silvery rays. The serene waves of the tranquil waters created a peaceful environment inside me and I felt my consciousness getting higher. I grabbed every bit of those placid waves eagerly and was careful not to miss a single blessed moment. Peace is precious, so very precious. It is fragile in nature and one must learn to hold on to it and that surely comes with practice.

As I was involved in embracing the delicate, flitting peace coming straight from the higher regions, at the same time I saw a dreamlike white bird in the water of Mansarovar in my inner view. It was made of ethereal components. I tried to look at the bird carefully and saw that it emitted rays of joyous peace. Its mere sight and thought brought me closer to the utmost levels of exposition. It moreover filled me with more calmness and yet more calmness….. The magical bird started getting ready to flap its wings to lift itself up to fly while standing in the waters. I tried my best to go on looking at it as long as I could as I grasped that what I was seeing was so, so exquisite….. I never saw such a heavenly sight before…..  I looked at the white bird once again earnestly and it stopped pushing itself up, though it flapped its wings once and eventually it became immobile. It stood still in the blue waters there. I became more curious by this time when…..

I perceived that the white bird was standing in the waters of Lake Mansarovar with Mt. Kailash as its backdrop and it was brahm muhurat time (auspicious time 4 am and little later after that) because the colour of the sky was cobalt blue. The peace that I felt while looking at the imagery was similar to our rising at very early morning hours sometimes. It was a soundless morning with no soul around anywhere and just me with the sacred mountain, the lovely lake and the white surreal bird on an extremely calm morning!! The experience was so splendid that when I slip back to it, I wish to go again to that celestial world mentally. I know that I got all this with the blessing of my divine guru!! Everything was so sublime, so uplifting and so heavenly!!

A voice came from behind and uttered these eloquent and cryptic words- ‘Hansa, sukhsagar, Mansarovar.’

At a lightning speed, a verse of saint Kabir’s composition ran across my mind and I comprehended that the myth of a white swan in a lake is an analogy- representative of our Spirit and Lake Mansarovar is representative of soul-peace. So when we attain darshan of Atman, we experience sublime peace. I could understand just this much and the next two days that followed were so  full of serenity….serenity….and serenity.

If you ever go to Lake Mansarovar in the Himalayas, you will get to hear many mythological stories. It is believed that if one visits the holy lake before dawn around four o’clock in the morning, a white divine swan from the astral world comes to drink the sacred waters of the lake. Rishis and munis always long to have a glimpse of this sacred site though just a few lucky people get to see it.

Swami Nityananda of Ganeshpuri gave me my next lesson when he very sweetly explained, “To increase the power of your thought, remain peaceful all the time. Peace is achieved when we do noble and pious actions. When evil or inharmonious deeds are performed, the guilty is punished with unhappiness and cheerlessness. Joy is derived by doing good deeds. Besides, actions  performed consciously with a noble vision leads a soul to higher awareness and clean consciousness. Actions performed with powerful thoughts of nation building, looking after the needs of all the people, of environment and ecology of one’s nation and world, taking consideration and care of all living beings will produce and generate new power to your thoughts.

If you do powerful new karmas today, progressively your mind will get stronger and more powerful as each day passes.

Very strong and positive mind will create a new ‘shrishti,’ a new world for you. If more and more people do pious and generous actions, the collective thought power of the world will increase many times. The mission of all the saints is to increase the collective thought power of masses in all nations and it begins at individual level.

You initiate this act from today. As one’s sanchit karmas are extinguished with the grace of God and the gurus, the power of thoughts increases manifold. All the shakti of the manas or mind should be oriented and focused in doing only selfless actions- nishkam karmas. The power of nishkami purush is so much higher and has more potential than others. The results of our actions are in God’s hands. When we decide and dedicate all our pious actions to God, God and our Gurus are extremely pleased and give us more shakti, their power to do nishkami karmas. Thus each good action is born with a good thought. Increase such good thoughts and also increase the power of each thought by meditation daily.

Meditation leads to contemplation. Contemplation leads to Self-Enquiry which in turn leads to Self Realization and Self Transformation.

Strike a balance between meditation that is- self transformation and practical life that is-actions. To increase your thought power you must do both, both are essential for your inner growth and progress.

The gurus will tell you how to solve the riddle of this complicated world as one is always puzzled at its bewildered state. Do not be afraid of taking a variety of experiences as experiences will give you practical knowledge. Experience is your master. Guru’s protective hand is always at the back.

Do your duty of meditating as the mind can become powerful only if it is devised to generate its own energies and to unite with the powers of the gurus and God. Those who are enabled to strike a balance between actions and meditation will grow in body, spirit and mind.”

After a few days, Swami Nityananda again gave me respite when I was hit with a wave of tumult. His timely guidance was this-“People think that if our life becomes more comfortable and prosperous we shall automatically attain peace. Nothing can be more untrue than this because if you have peace, then everything is alright. ‘Hansa’ means durable peace, not freckled and fickle. If your mind is calm, then the thoughts are powerful. Words, thoughts originating from peace are always beneficial.

Sometimes disturbances from outside are so overwhelming that our sustained peace gets upset. If you have lost your peace, regain it and stay in a peaceful state of mind. Practice meditation and one needs practice of holding on to sustained and durable peace. In such a situation, start your ‘japa’ and other practices so that the mind again becomes tranquil and gets relief. When the mind gets relief, it will be able to meditate deeply.

The outside world is in a feverish state-noisy, restless and agitated, ascertain it. Get involved in it only as much as is essential, leave the rest like the saline water of the ocean. Practice living in peace like that of Lake Mansarovar. For such intense peace, stay in seclusion, turn the mind inwards and continue doing your sadhana. If you continuously put your mind in God, a great deal of power will flow in your thoughts and you can do impossible tasks”.

Thought Power-II

March 10, 2011


  • Always have a higher purpose and goal in life.
  • To achieve that higher purpose, have great thought power.
  • And to have great thought power, be in control of your senses and the mind.
  • To control your senses and the mind- meditate more and more.

When our thoughts are concentrated, attuned with Divine Gurus and surcharged with god’s power, one can do impossible things for the sake of spiritual welfare of others. For this one must raise one’s consciousness, bring the senses in control and focus the mind completely to empower it with full force.

When the mind is surcharged, powerful thoughts of the highest good of oneself and for others should be sent in the Universe.

After meditation, leave and disperse thoughts of someone’s spiritual progress as well as evolution and pray to God that their souls may be redeemed. God’s Grace is received with such selfless acts and the gurus respond by telling us how this purpose can be achieved. In this manner a few more souls are empowered, emancipated and enlightened thus making our Universe more peaceful, harmonious and enlightened.

 One outstanding example of a dynamic thought.

At the end of the war of Mahabharat, Yudhisthir performed the ‘tarpana’ ritual for the souls of the departed. Although the Pandava emerged victorious, Draupadi was remorse and dejected as she had lost all her sons in the war. Unable to bear her personal loss, she wailed unceasingly. After remaining poignant and cheerless, a noble thought rose in her mind. She decided to perform a ‘havan’ or fire sacrifice and ‘pooja’, and to worship the deities  for forgiveness after consulting her  protector, friend and guru-Lord Krishna. She conducted a very big ‘havan’ in a desert to also pray to Mother Earth and the Universal Lord with rishi Ved Vyasa by her side. She sincerely prayed that although her own children were no more alive, but the future generations of God’s children yet to come must have a long life and they must live in a world of abundant love and peace!


Morning meditation 10.03.11.

Meditation is a unique mental activity since it involves an individual’s mind which connects to the Universal Power thereby making it capable to receive those unlimited powers directly and in return enhancing one’s own individual powers.

A meditation technique for the beginners and advanced seekers alike.

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet zone with your eyes closed and back upright.
  • Rest your hands on the knees with your palms turned upward.
  • Take a few deep breaths until you feel relaxed.
  • After sometime bring your attention to your eyes and remain there.
  • Lift your attention from your eyes and bring it in between your eyebrows.
  • Visualize a small lamp at this spot with a flame.
  • After a while visualize that there is just the flame lit at that place. Focus on the flame.
  • Remain in that position as long as you are able to.
  • Now visualize entering the flame.
  • You will only see yellow Light in your vision.
  • At this juncture, repeat a positive affirmation for your self for your own higher good or affirm for others or do both.
  • The limitless powers of the Universal Energy will start entering you, receive them without any restriction.
  • Remain in this position as long as you can.
  • Sit in silence for some more time so as to absorb the divine rays.
  • Benefit from the calmness and tranquility.
  • During the active day, recall this experience and revisit the positive feelings over and over again.
  • Practice this morning and evening/night till you see the good results.