Took a short break…

Dear friends,

I am unable to publish the next post today as I was not in town for Christmas and New Year holidays.

I sometimes need to take some time off and go in the wilderness as my city’s pace is quite exerting and simultaneously the next posts are asking me to concentrate and meditate and therefore today’s post cannot be accomplished. Unless I get a bit relaxed and free, unless I meditate deeply, I will not be able to come up with the next article on Silence of the soul…   So please wait till I get some more  free time. And once when I can really get down to read all the emails again, I shall respond; I hope you understand!

In fact, I haven’t rested at all in the holidays and how I wish I could go to a retreat to stay in silence and then write something thought provoking after that! Hopefully, that should happen some time in future. But until that happens, let me  share some nice pictures of my trip to Igatpuri and Nasik for four great days! We went to trek on Kalsubai mountain near Igatpuri and visited Trayambakeshwar temple in Nasik. Some pictures of wonderful memories to go through once again with you and others!

  Before the trek, a scene of a village. Sunlight filtering in!

At the base of the mountain Kalsubai is the village Bari,  the starting point.

  Half way up!

While relaxing in the lap of nature there, saw some beautiful wild grass…

A flock of white birds were kind enough to hover over us in the high skies for some time. Captured them in my camera!


On our way to Nasik, while passing through in between only open sky, rough mountains and a little bit greenery, we stopped to take a glimpse of breathtaking view of this beautiful panorama- river Vaitarna.  Recalled Mansarovar Lake!

Trayambakeshwar temple, Nasik.

On our way home, rugged Sahayadri mountains and the harsh valleys in between with very little vegetation in them .

Found just one single tree of –

“Flame of the Forest’

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  1. Sushma B. says:

    great pics !

  2. Asim says:

    Love this pic of sunrays filtering in… 🙂

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