28th night was an uneasy night. All the way through that nighttime, I was tossing and turning and when I became awake, I found myself to be concentrating and connecting to the prevailing Awareness- the Consciousness ever established inside us. I was attempting to understand the doings of my lively mind sometime in the middle of night when I shook myself out of sleep. It was like during my sleep, someone was sending me important mental messages from far off distance and as though sleep was not important that night. The purpose of remaining awake was of higher importance I supposed and so I remained vigilant when I was not sound asleep. When I woke up intermittently after every two hours or so during the night as time was progressing, I tried hard not to let go of any important message that was coming in. Yet when I woke up at six thirty in the morning, the reminiscences became hazy and I could not recall much. Whatever little I recollected, I could not make out anything of it so I accepted the state of affairs pretty well.

The fact was I did not even try hard. I believe now that whatever God wishes me to remember I will. If it is important it will be surely remembered during the day some time because that is the will of God; sooner or later the information will come around. And the initiative or inspiration of God has to always be wonderful and pleasant so why must I have anxiety and lose my peace of mind until I recollect? Rather on the other hand, my cooperation in its execution was whole hearted and I was much rested in my composure and had full faith that God’s trail is never failing. Thinking on these lines, I yielded and waited till things solved on their own with time.

Events like these are very common in a yogi’s life. This is due to the fact that the association and linking of the yogi’s mind with the thought of God is very strong and unbreakable. The sankalpa or thought from God is very important in a yogi’s life because his or her life revolves around the will of God. The motivation and will of God is translated as the thought or sankalpa. The thought of God has power in it. That motivation or inspiration gives the right sense of direction to the yogi’s actions and in concluding them with successful results in everyday of his or her life; no matter how great or trivial the task is. Parmeshwar or Heavenly Father rejoices when we give Him the due respect and undiluted love from our lovable heart. In following his resolve, we acknowledge and salute him by following his commandments with all reverence and adoration. Following God’s will and doing his missionary work is not being meek, imprudent or unwitting. On the contrary God gives us the worthiest of blessings like tranquility, sense of wellbeing, harmony and a balanced mind if we do so. Winning God’s heart is the biggest victory for the enlightened yogi. Reasonably, it opens all the doors and pathways to blessedness, graciousness, peace of mind and harmony……

Since then whenever I have meditated in the night or sometime in the day for prolonged hours, all the revelations and explanations have been streaming in. The decrypting of the celestial interventions of 28th night and simultaneously the translations of the vivid mental impressions did arrive with God’s Grace. Although I could not recollect on the following days, but my mind was riveted to those far off feeble signals that were beamed at me. As I persisted and waited to gather the important messages in transcendental states sporadically, I was fortunate to have finally succeeded in my goal.

So much is the information coming from the Heavenly Father and our dearest Shri Mahavatar Babaji regarding those celestial communications that this post is being delivered at the nick of time and is spontaneous in nature. Those seekers who are interested and concerned about their future progress will definitely find this post very illuminating after reading it with devotion and veneration.

I learnt with the compassion of God and benevolent and pure love of Shri Mahavatar Babaji through many living examples that it takes anybody a very long time to manifest the inherent Soul inside us predominantly for these reasons-

One has to struggle hard with one’s destiny-

Irrespective of whatever kind of destiny we have, the aspiring sadhak or seeker must at every critical turning point of his life be braver and mightier than those challenging prevailing life situations. Winning those challenges and trials and not bowing down to them by merely keeping the sacred Guru and merciful God shall assist you in this tough attempt. Just a few succeed. The reason is the mind should have a very strong will power to overcome all kinds of precarious life situations like sickness, misfortune, lack of sight and blurredness, resentment, lack of support and apathetic relations to name just a few. The trials could be of any type depending on the karmic pattern of the individual.

Lack of persistence real hard persistence pays. Determination, if added to persistence will help you tremendously if you wish to know your Soul and relieve yourself from the complicated trap of action and reaction and the suffering that comes along with it as we do not know what should be done and should be avoided best.

Lack of undying patience Some problems of life are simple; while many are complex and some other very complex in nature. Those who have patience will persist till their impact wanes.

Gratitude towards God and the Divine Gurus is limited

The concealed characteristic of many individuals to put themselves before others pops up at wrong times as this is basic human nature. But those striving yogis who till the end point put Guru and God before their own selves skip so many of the so called ‘landslides and rockfalls’ of their precarious fates and recover from them quickly as they save them by showering their Grace from time to time. The self-centered person suffers from delusion, the delusion of ‘I’ness while the self-sacrificing and loving yogi marches ahead and is victorious in the end as he is able to win one by one all the difficult and tricky life situations.

To manifest our soul, to recover from the hardships and miseries of the impelling tricky destiny, the following procedure needs to be followed in the increasing order and the Yoga or Union with God attained.

Nadi shuddhi The purification of the energy and nerve channels.

They are spread profusely in the body and can be cleaned and energized by Yogasana and other simple ancient and Oriental mild physical exercises.

Shwas shuddhi The purification of the breath. It is achieved by doing one of the various types of breathing techniques call Pranayam. Even watching the breath is one easy technique for the beginners.

Karma shuddhi Improving the quality of our actions from woeful to gleaming ones. Being ever vigilant and cautious at every moment on each day and watching our actions and forcing them to be always clean, good, selfless and pious. This is of extreme importance for any seeker because any wrong deed can push anybody from a great height in a ditch. Merely doing Yogasana or Pranayam will not suffice. Utmost care and vigilance should be paid by the sadhak in improving the quality of actions in body and mind both.

Mana Shuddhi Purifying the muddy mind by daily meditation, chanting and watchful awareness. It is only after this final stage is arrived that the seeker can attain ‘Atma sakshatkar’ or God realization.

(To be continued……….)

P.S This post will be revised two times more and is at this moment fresh and spontaneous.

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  1. Nirav Majithia
    Nirav Majithia says:

    Dear Ma,
    Thank u so much for showing this procedure of Nadi Shuddhi, Shwas Shuddhi, karma Shuddhi and Mana Shuddhi for Self realization and God realization.
    One question here Ma…. If unknowingly someone is following many things of this procedure, so how he or she can know that up to what level his or her shuddhikaran is done? are there any signs to know this? I mean during meditation or in routine life?
    Pranaam with lots of love and Gratitude,

  2. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Love what you have written here : “Following God’s will and doing his missionary work is not being meek, imprudent or unwitting. On the contrary God gives us the worthiest of blessings like tranquility, sense of wellbeing, harmony and a balanced mind if we do so. Winning God’s heart is the biggest victory for the enlightened yogi. Reasonably, it opens all the doors and pathways to blessedness, graciousness, peace of mind and harmony…”

    I bow at your feet for all this wisdom being showered on us so freely, just like sunshine 🙂


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