Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-II

Dear readers, we continue on the same subject from the last article and shall discuss one point in great detail regarding the excessive time-period that is undertaken by any soul to manifest its divinity.
The last post was straight forward and could be grasped very easily since it also advised the blog followers to do some physical and mental exercises to enhance their spiritual progress. That was simple to do. The latter half of this topic is not the same. It is intensive, detailed and asks us to exert ourselves in order to assimilate all that is being revealed through this spectacular post. Part A is a narration of my experience that recently occurred during my tour in Sri Lanka which will take us to Part B in order to arrive at a precept, a philosophy and a teaching of Bhagwad Gita. It is a long post and you are suggested to kindly run through it a few times. Some of you may find this post extra ordinary and thought provoking and will enliven you while others might like to spend a few days mulling over and spend quiet times in the holy company of God presiding inside because of a sense of awe and admiration for it……

Part A

Of late when I was in Sri Lanka travelling in the flat plains of its interior land between beautiful low ranged mountains and flat agricultural land after we left behind Katargama, I heard some stories from the driver relating to past ethnic strife and how peace has been resolved in that small island after a conflict of more than three decades.
The landscape of the area, sparse population and intense quietude in the air had a profound impact on my sensibilities. I did not welcome his conversation as I had experienced so much tranquility in Katargama and there was an uncomfortable calm prevailing in our atmosphere, more so inside me because of this sudden, unwanted dribble with political discussion. I was not prepared for this topic and completely avoided it. I did not participate in this discussion and had withdrawn myself downright. But after sometime, the ongoing discussion was creating a sort of disturbance in my enchanting peace of mind. My state was similar to somebody who was very drowsy and was not allowed to sleep peacefully in bed at night. And as though, I was forced to get involved in the regular outer world’s activities instead of living in my Paradise. But then I was helpless and also in between the conversation of others, I dipped into a state of deep relaxation and with great force I got in connection with the presence of God. I slipped into a short and deep state of transcendental state and could not hear anything. It was a state of pure ecstasy and sublime peace. The fixing of my mind with that of Supreme Consciousness was spontaneous and I thought that may be it is the peaceful atmosphere casting its magic over me. But today I attribute it to nobody but the graciousness of God. My constant, irresistible yearning to be able to hear that Voice just once in between the fast pace and hectic activities of our daily life is similar to seeing the face of our sweet beloved; such is the delight and ecstasy of touching the soul inside us. It has so much joy and peace both mingled as one that I would barter anything that I have for a few, short flashes of this exclusive communion! Anytime!
After a while, I became dead to the conversation that was taking place in the car as I don’t know when I had already plunged and touched the very base of my Spirit.
The Universal Father or Parmeshwar is hyper sensitive and has innumerable feelers to sense our inner most feelings. Responses from God to those silent, innocent feelings come naturally to some blessed recipients if the intentions are pure.
Simultaneously, my intellect on another level of cranium had grasped the ongoing conversations flanked by the connection and disconnection of my God communion and I speculated vaguely.
Side by side I wondered why peace can’t be enduring in our lives and on this Earth. I lamented, grieved and prayed to God to bring about more trust, love and peace amongst the citizens of the place so that we all have prosperity, longevity, wellbeing and happiness. As you know we all end up our discomforts and sorrows with this last word -Why? I was unknowingly silently telling God-Why do we fight? Why do we have distrust? Why do we kill each other? Why should we resolve political issues by killing humans? God’s world is so beautiful, so full of blessedness and graciousness while the world outside is nowhere near it. If only we learn to be more thoughtful, more caring and more generous towards others. May be we as humans, still have to know that peace is of utmost importance in our lives than a few yards of land or some more political rights…….I was pensive and lamenting in my heart. Who is right and who is wrong? Who will decide? God, why do we have ethnic strife? Why do we humans take so much time to discover our own Pure Soul which has all the right guidance, wisdom, precise living ideals and values and that which frees us from all miseries and human sufferings? I was thinking about various dimensions amidst the commentary and reporting of the island’s political status in the car.
Obviously, I was there and no-one else when numerous kinds of reflections crisscrossed my mind. But there was a silent Spectator who heard all this. I have realized that the most bewildering, sudden events occur in case of an interchange with our soul. It arrives unexpectedly, it responds to things which we never expected and above all it is capable of answering to all our questions and curiosity. They may be familial, environmental, political, spiritual or personal. Before long I plunged further inside when the revelations from the divine world began to pour in.
God justified my pleas by giving me some very accurate answers which cannot be sourced from other places and are certainly true because the knowledge gained through our sixth sense is reliable. Knowledge acquired by intuition is resourceful, undiluted and well-intentioned. It is unfailing. Answers from God are trustworthy and since then many meditations have been blessed with acute and in-depth information about the ways and mechanisms of the power of God. I have reaffirmed to myself that we are always under its constant supervision and shelter.
In the car, the echoing, painful observations did not go unnoticed from the very presence of God and in an instant the mercy of God began pouring inside my heart as Grace, as knowledge, as discovery and as awesome insights. I began seeing a wonderful movie in front of my eyes after I had closed them and sat quietly near the window to muse and ponder deeply because by now I had no control over my eyes or my mind either. They were dull and sleepy. I was already transported to a sacred world where God and I as if, sat side by side closely on a bench in the Paradise and the outside world ended! I soon perceived what probably a handful can peep into- wondrous spiritual realizations which I attribute to my sacred Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I realize that these revelations are much beyond any human comprehension and that he wished to reveal to me and to the world through me with this blog’s platform. And he wished to teach us the highest precepts through my multiple, benign spiritual experiences and hence these wondrous revelations……
Millions of years ago, India was pure Heaven; a clean and beautiful sub-continent full of all nature’s gifts. Abundant water, natural resources and people with high morals were all there. Animals would roam freely and birds, animals and humans coexisted peacefully. The forests were lavish and copious and there was enough to feed all. The rivers were held sacred and worshipped. People were generous and greed was unknown. Nature was worshipped as God and reverence to all living creatures was held high.
The intelligence of God conceived even then that India’s population would explode in times to come during an era of modern age of machines and the environment would be in great threat because of that. The divine plan was to save, preserve and retain the natural ecosystem from destruction permanently by man’s wrath. As it was the will of God to save and preserve the endangered species, an island was carved out. With the help of natural geographical major changes, the curvature of the Indus land was naturally broken apart with the force of nature of earthquakes and climatic changes. The breaking up of India into two parts happened with the Will and Initiative of God.
At this juncture I became numb. I thought to myself if God knows so much and with his bidding and command major earthquakes take place and a large nation is broken into two pieces to save the living beings’ future, I should in every minute of my life live by the command or wish of God!!! Everything happens with the power of God so where is the problem of submission and why do we have to discover and find it hard to go by the natural flow of things that happen to us in our lives. Why we as humans not realize this? What is it that our eyes can’t see and what is it that we cannot bring ourselves to understand the mechanisms of this enigmatic world? All throughout we are advised by the learned men to surrender to the will of God and accept his decision and not be ruled by our unruly mind. It is so evident to me at this moment that God is in charge of this Universe and He will make the place alive by its bountiful life force and the very ignorance of this great fact shuts my eyes to its everlasting Presence!
And those phenomenal realizations could have come only in a peaceful place like this cut off interior village of Sri Lanka because the wavelength coming in my brain from the astral world was extra fine and needed so much quietude, peacefulness and privacy. I assumed the reason very well for Babaji for sending me so far off from home to get this blessed, unique understanding. My humble prostration to the Holy soul and the Greatest Master residing in the hidden caves of the Himalayas at this sacred hour of twilight! Though so secretive in nature yet like God so visible through intriguing workings and mysterious protective hand at my back!
I was also exposed to one more very fascinating fact during those holy times of God communion. It was this-At that time Sri Lanka was an integral part of India and was geographically one piece of unbroken land. In those times the locals of today’s Sri Lanka were the people working on the agricultural land and the people of the tip of South India in Tamil Nadu were the owners of the fields. Today the situation is reverse. The strife between two communities dates back to a few thousand millenniums back and still seems to simmer and there has been a conflict because of this fact! Some of the people who are born today and are involved in the conflict as victims or perpetrators are those ones who have lived their lives when Sri Lanka and India were one nation!! Their sub consciousness resonates those memories and motivates their actions.
I said to myself- “Does it take us so long to realize the Truth of God in us? Do we fight over land issues, have enmity, jealousy, create violence and sleep over millenniums?? Oh my God!! What is this?
And how did God calculate and predict the time of population explosion of India thousands of years back??? Extremely mind-blowing thoughts were floating inside my tiny head about to be exploded though the outside conversation hadn’t died out and even as the excitement of the driver was consistent! I was craving for a space where there would be no humans and just me and God and the mystifying revelations…….
I learnt that the predictions were based on a few theories out of which the law of karma outsmarts everything else. Maharishi Boganathar, Agastya Maharishi and Shri Mahavatar Babaji are those divine souls who can trace back their steps and rewind memory by the power of visualization back in eternity when the Earth was created and founded. Agastya Maharishi has therefore been applauded and commended for writing people’s future on palm leaves thousands of years ago even before those souls were born to exact precision in times to come. Even today we have astrologers who have our life predictions carved by Agastya Maharishi on old leaves in remote villages of Tamil Nadu written more than some thousands of years ago. Such perfect is their science of reading the future of individuals with the insight given by God and other deities that one is dumbfounded. I have been to a few such people where the accurate names of my present family, relatives and a few life incidents have been inscribed on dried palm leaves by none other than Maharishi Agastya!!!! And I don’t even know how many years back it was inscribed.
God explained to me that this science of predicting people’s lives before thousands of years was to help them in taking charge of their lives and having accountability of their deeds. It also ensures them that there is someone who is invincible and we should surrender our existence and ego to it. Such sciences are given by God to a selected few pious souls in order to harmonize the people of this world and bring lasting peace in all continents. Here I mean to say that Shri Boganatharji, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Agastya Mahrishi are those sacred souls who have been given the rare gift of Godly Science of reverting steps back in eternity and peeping into great, elongated periods of time and space so that the planet can be preserved and God’s establishment on this Earth cannot be revoked by mass human misdeeds! World harmony and peace has to be maintained and erring human nature should be checked. As long as the sacred goal of establishing worldwide peace is established, it does not matter which occult science has been used because the enlightened souls go only by the will of God and have no personal choice in selection of their intentions.
Similarly, Himalayas were created through titanic movements of plates inside the Earth by the Will of God to have a definite place which would be cut off from the noise and senseless uproar and chaos of urban, modern world for sages, thinkers, yogis, writers and ascetics to meditate and work in purity of nature. Endangered Nature can have the possibility of avoiding the reversal of degeneration of natural eco systems too with this purpose.
I earnestly bow to these greatly illumined Masters for casting their graciousness at me and having revealed such unique and never before revelations to mankind. My humble prostration with folded palms and head bowing down with thankfulness for allowing us to get a glimpse into their ocean of limitless knowledge of the secrets of the sciences of the Divine and its wonderful functioning….

Part B

Dear readers, we were discussing the reason why does it take the human soul to manifest so exceedingly late before the description of the exclusive experience was narrated. Why does it take so, so long to manifest our soul?
One of the main reasons what Shri Mahavatar Babaji explained to me was that we human beings are drowned in our ignorance and do not have the realizations of the eternal Truths. We do not know that there is God’s presence on this Earth, around us and even inside us. We do not surrender to that all pervading Force and we go on doing endless, erring karmas which are detrimental and harmful to us. If we once understand that our life is sacred, temporarily given by God to only manifest that divinity in us, we shall be blessed.
There is a certain order, a definite mechanism governed by God which we are unable to see because of the dark covering of our weaknesses of evil thoughts, greed, immorality, falsehood, lust, anger and many other human shortcomings and flaws. The aim of pursuing spirituality should be living each day and each moment surrendering to the sweet will of God, the Supreme. If we are not driven by our weaknesses, we can slowly bit by bit uncover the pure, joyous incredible soul in us. Living with the brightness and beauty of our soul shall remove all our miseries, illness, misfortunes, ill luck, unhappiness and mental depression. Divine Will or the initiative of God is not known to humans and we begin to live by our own ideas and egocentric habits.
Today lack of morality, no faith in God and greed to consume has forced the humanity to come to a point of no return and create a sick society.
The entire world worships Lord Krishna in various glorious forms of life roles that he had donned when he was alive. Krishna means Universal Spirit. But who meditates with Krishna’s Presence inside to get AtmaSakshatkar?
So learn to meditate to stop the disturbed, agitated and avaricious mind to anchor to the divine presence in you. The Divine is present in us but we cannot access it because we are already preoccupied with incessant senseless direction of our life because of desires, egocentric activities and engrossed in worthless possessions. You will know God’s will if you meditate with pious intentions with a sincere and earnest mind. Bring yourself more closer to God in times of God communication and say your prayers with all your love and devotion.

Maam Ekam Sharnam Vraj…….
Sarvadharmaanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraj I
Aham tyaam sarvapapebhyo mokshyishyami ma shuch II

Resigning all your duties to Me, the all powerful and all pervading Lord, take refuge in Me alone. I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.

From Bhagwad Gita chapter 18, verse 66.

8 Responses to Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-II

  1. Meena says:

    Sarikaji, brilliant and another timeless post. Thank you for being our guide. Karma, indeed is a difficult concept to grasp. I surmise after reading this that I should just forget about understanding this Karma and just focus on paying tribute and invoking the divinity in my soul. I will be at least walking towards the right destination.


  2. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Meena, I like your spontaneous response. I may have written much longer posts earlier, but this one was disturbing as well as exhausting. Reasons- I had to comprise so much in such few words. The flow and the rhythm of the post was difficult to conceive. There were two types of continuous experiences taking place in SL simultaneously inside and outside of contrast nature yet the link with God could not be afforded to be cut off. Description of sublime experiences demand so much of an art because all the time words fail us. Disturbing facts should be taken with right attitude and right knowledge, getting disturbed about our environment is natural and we are helpless anyway. But how many times can you mourn for others? People should be allowed to learn from their own mistakes by Nature’s laws of progression in their own manner and we should allow God to give justice to everyone in His own peculiar ways. We should only have compassion, forgiveness and understanding for everybody as we are the children of the same God.
    As you have rightly pointed out, we should only pay attention to our destination and not be affected negatively by so many weird, bizarre, abnormal or sometimes normal events in this world. God will surely give you peace of mind if we always pray and meditate as our daily duties instead.
    I am grateful to God for having asked me to share with others this exclusive revelation. Since its inception, my heart is feeling very obliged and grateful towards Shri Mahavatar Babaji to have guided me mentally in composing this post and giving me the strength and courage to publish it for the public. Gratefulness and mere gratefulness is pouring out in every pore of my being……..
    May we all get an insight and an answer to our ongoing quest. Love always

  3. Lata says:

    How does one know when one does something and when god in us does something?

  4. Lata says:

    We say shivoham and yet we perceive duality. We worship god. So who are we and who is god?

  5. Lata says:

    It is all so beyond ones understanding that I feel it is better not to think at all and just pray to god as one did as a child

  6. Nancy Bhatt says:

    It is lack of TRUST on THAT SUPREME POWER OR ENERGY or God or whatever you name it. It evolves little by little…..one has to go through the INNER growth PROCESS! Simply like, we go through toddler, preschool, elementary, middle school or junior high ,high school, college, University etc. Baba like souls have accumulated their present status!!! Yes they are REALISED SOULS. I totally agree with UR transe experience. I do not doubt it for a second. You are blessed to have that GROWTH! Keep it growing. It is wonderful, fulfilling and peaceful. Your state is also a DIVINE Grace, believe me dear ! Loads of love, Nancy hugs

  7. Asim says:

    Surrendering to the will of God…When he manifests within,all limits vanishes to limitless and infinite…
    We imagining in our own “well” dread to be dissolved in that infinite “ocean”…Truly enlightening and fabulous post filled with great spiritual energy…

  8. What a beautiful enlightening Blog !! Came to know on how, when and why Sri Lanka, Himalayas were formed for a higher purpose set by God. Learned the crux of ancient Agastiyar Nadi Jyotishya.

    So beautiful para
    “Shri Mahavatar Babaji explained to me was that we human beings are drowned in our ignorance and do not have the realizations of the eternal Truths. We do not know that there is God’s presence on this Earth, around us and even inside us. We do not surrender to that all pervading Force and we go on doing endless, erring karmas which are detrimental and harmful to us. If we once understand that our life is sacred, temporarily given by God to only manifest that divinity in us, we shall be blessed.”

    May we all contemplate, absorb and implement all the Divine Nectar we are getting through SIL

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

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