Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-III

Part A

Spiritinlife blog is for the benefit and welfare of the whole world community. It was started five years ago in 2008 with the aim of pursuing it for just one year as per the promise done to my sweet daughter, Mandira on her birthday. It was her birthday gift. The first segment A ‘Celebrate Life’ was addressed to her. However, today is the fifth anniversary of Spiritinlife. On completion of five years of blogging’s milestone, I have decided to once again address this post to her for a special reason although the subject matter is for everybody .

Since the past two weeks, I have been thinking what remarkable thing I can write on this distinctive occasion but I have been blank. And with the fast flow of life, calmness of mind was the sole comforter during this period. I was waiting patiently till some inspiration came in my meditations. I was seeing the time ticking every hour but there was no inspiration at all. Until 1.30 pm today, I was clueless how to go ahead and it was already half the day gone, but I did not panic.

Two of our blog’s readers, Nishith Patel and Shahid Khatai made lovely videos in the beginning of the month. I told them that it would be a wonderful idea to upload them on 20th May along with my post as that will be a very happy occasion and a good reason to celebrate. As scheduled, the videos were ready on time and last evening, I just decided to show the preview to Mandira and my husband, Atul as I wished to share with them my overflowing happiness. They have been made with so much love and devotion. I sensed the energies of the videos and I could not hold myself back too long until I shared the peek preview with Atul and Mandira.

Afterwards, when I returned home after the evening walk and read Mandira’s response to the videos, I was deeply moved by her deep love and admiration for me. The videos and Mandira’s mail all touched me to the core. Read this please-

Beloved Ma,

5 years. Wow. I hadnt realised that till I saw the video. I should thank Shahid.

If I could have 1/5th of that kind of commitment to something in life, Ma, I’d consider that great!

You’ve come a long way, Ma. From writing drafts in diaries to graduating to directly typing on the laptop.From reading out posts to a reluctant listener (who else but me), to hitting the publish button with absolute confidence. From worrying that its time to post & you haven’t had time to “download” to knowing that the download will come and you will write. From asking me “Who do you think will read this sort of work, Mandira?” to having a group of divine aspirants who appreciate and understand messages from Higher Souls and are making arduous effort to evolve. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey, Ma. When I tried to teach you some basics of computers I had no idea that you will go such a long way. You haven’t asked me a wordpress/internet related question in months!

At 32, there is still so much I need to learn from you.

I love you and I am very proud of you.


I was electrified by the essence of the mail and I also went into a thinking mode side by side and wondered how could I manage all this? I also thought to myself that instead of talking to her on the phone, I would be immensely happy if I could answer so many of her questions straight on the post and in this way create something that would help others as well. And as I am on the fifth anniversary juncture, I might as well address her again as reminiscence of a joyful experience that continuous blogging has given to me ever since. Nonetheless, I was still empty and had no content or concept at all and went to sleep.

Before sleeping I prayed to God about my request. I prayed to God to give me some indication about the content of my next article. At this point in front of my eyes, I saw a huge hand with index finger pointing towards the North direction and saying “Babaji”. I was quick to understand that Babaji is in charge of this assignment and that I should wait till dearest Babaji initiates a dialogue with me in a calm state of mind. I should also be patient as he works at the level of God’s will and God’s directives. They both are one. I said my prayers quietly to him and fell asleep.

At 2 am I woke up as if it was around 5 am and I was fully awake and I was still there where I had left. I put my mind on Shri Babaji with the intention of knowing from him about the content of the new post if there was any by now. I was in a state of Trans when the atmosphere was so still and quiet. I heard him explicitly as if he was sharing my room and could tell me from an adjacent location. “If I want I can make you write a very scholarly post whereby just a few people will benefit and appreciate the intelligence dripping out of it. But I want you to teach others by your own life and life experiences because we learn a lot more from other people’s life stories more than anything else. You were forced into blogging by others and had no aspirations from your side. Address this post to Mandira and explain to her in great detail as she has reached a stage of decisive decision making. Teach her with your life experiences, they are more effective. You are her role model. She loves you tremendously and depends on you for emotional and spiritual guidance. So do not shy away or hesitate and allow others in your personal life and life stories. I never imagined that you could take so much of my load although I am in the know that you have immense devotion towards me. Even Divine Mother of Pondicherry had visualized maximum three years of blogging and surviving the demanding mental operations of constant blogging from you.”

As morning came, there were many phone calls, cooking and settling down after house organizing and planning the day so that I could squeeze out long hours for formulating the new post. But I could not sit down with my laptop and time was running out. Consequently, instead of eating my lunch I went to my room to sit calmly and become quiet at 1.30 pm. I wished to ‘download’ my fresh knowledge so that I could receive it for my own sake and then impart it to all others who have devoutness towards God and the other Holy Masters. As I have stated on a number of occasions that I often see that strange are the ways of God and his ways of working. No sooner had I shut my eyes, the tripund or the symbol of Shiva with three horizontal lines hit my third eye in blue Light and I had a darshan of Lord Shiva. It was mesmerizing. The voice of Lord Shiva said, “The knowledge that you will receive now from me is from the times and era of Lord Shiva and is extremely ancient. As people could not write or read because there was no script developed by humans at that primitive time, you will not find any of these things in any books. Nobody knows about it either. Since you are my favored, I am telling you now for the reason that you have surrendered every second of your life for God. I bless you that you will never forget this knowledge nor will it be ever erased in any of your forthcoming lives too.”

I was extremely humbled by this Divine intervention and with a sense of overwhelming gratitude, I uttered, “I dedicate this humblest offering for the welfare of humanity by documenting every word on my blog today for other men and women. And also for those people who in distant future will visit this web site for their reference and recollections. Whatever you will impart me today, I will take that as ‘prasad’ and will share with everybody. I will document it for posterity sake and keep it safely and freeze it for years to come.”

Further blessings were given so graciously through these divine sweet words,“ You have not slept enough in numerous lives in the past. You have worked hard and toiled incessantly. Soon you will be able to sleep early like a yogi at 10.30 and wake up at 5 sharp in the morning. You are sleep deprived but this will change soon as I am about to change your DNA.” I could not have been happier than this. It has been my most earnest dream to meditate as early as possible every day since the very beginning.

When I saw the time it was 3 pm when I sat down to write my experiences in expression of words. Trinity Shiva, 3 o’clock, 3 submissions today, 1 post and 2 videos…. .some co incidence really. But I was extremely thrilled at the unexpected and most extraordinary sensory perceptions that words deceive me. Only my heart dances with joy to such soulful music and ecstasy in my whole being is the consequence of God’s unanticipated Grace. What Lord Shiva told me has already been taught to me by Shri Mahavatar Babaji and has been documented here before. Nobody has been luckier than me in this matter I strongly believe now as I hold this knowledge the most precious of all things in the temporary world of fleeting times. This is the best day to review and revise what has been so easily and sweetly given to us by our dearest Babaji. Remember Mandira, in Celebrate life I told you that on our birthday we should always review how much we have progressed spiritually every year. However, I wish to first revisit my early childhood for the sake of bringing home a point to you because Shri Babaji has insisted that I should tell you and others something from my personal life to corroborate and explain something that is important on this day.

Childhood recollections

I read the biography of The Mother of Pondicherry with extreme interest the first time in Dec 2003. (Refer Shakti –III)

The reason was simple- I could identify very well with her character, her life story and to a great extent my own. But Mother knew at the age of four that she had a big mission to accomplish on this Earth, I only had a great sense of urgency as though time was running out very fast. Since I can remember I, as a child knew that there was something to be accomplished very earnestly, some unfinished task to be achieved in this life and hence I was always unsettled and felt out of place in the whole family settings.

As a small child, I was labeled as a very stubborn, never at ease, ever occupied with something and a girl of resolute ideas. I was highly energetic, active and a great team player and a leader always wherever I went. But these qualities were never recognized and appreciated at home and were discouraged because I should have been more girlish and submissive as per their understanding and cultural inclinations. When I compared my childhood qualities with the Mother’s, I gave myself a clean chit and felt relieved to know that I was not an intolerable or annoying child in the family for the sake of being my own person.

One day some eight or nine years ago, I was lying in my bed thinking of nothing special that I sensed that Shri Babaji is requesting me to take hold of my old forgotten childhood album. In any case, there is scant documentation of my childhood. I have barely six to eight early childhood, old photos that I was wondering what is so great in them that I should burden myself of seeing those forgotten photos in the sultry afternoon. But as I don’t wish to ignore or let go of my acute sensibilities I obediently opened the bed box, took out my album and saw the photos.

scan0004 copy

                                 Age around 4 years old

For every photo, Shri Babaji told me that I had very good hidden qualities which the family people would not appreciate. His favourite is the one that nobody liked!! Because everyone told me that I was unbearably stubborn and would not let go at all, while Babaji said that I showed severe determination and scary resilience on my face and hence he appreciated it and that I should pay attention to it and should appreciate it very much! Bizarre and paradoxical are the ways of the saints!

My soul all my life knew that there was no time to waste at all and every minute matters and hence the uneasiness throughout. My conclusion of my reflections on such matters Mandira is that if a person decides that he or she has to accomplish the uncompleted task of achieving the Highest Goal in life, he should know the importance of following important principles of life. I recommend two critical things at this point-

Save time in every possible manner. I have saved my precious time by multitasking, letting go of all sensory pleasures and entertainments of life, unworthy discussions and gossips and constantly reviewing methods of prioritizing my daily life actions. This is important. People who think that Self Realization is not a worthy cause to prioritize, then they need mature understanding to come to this conclusion someday. You aim for the Highest Goal and attain wisdom to banish your ignorance.

Do it alone Some enthusiastic aspirants think and believe that they will do Spirituality when the times or destiny is favorable. Never right this theory will be for anybody. Right from the beginning, my life situations have been difficult and adverse. But I learnt very early on in life that if I ever want to earn or learn something very special, I will have do it all alone. Don’t expect or wait for life circumstances to be to what you imagine, rather change the average situations to wonderful experiences out of which you derive the maximum union with God!

Part B

Very briefly we will go to those wonderful transcendental spiritual transmissions of esoteric knowledge that was told to me by Lord Shiva some hours ago. My dear child, you should now read each of these posts with great interest and get at the bottom of its depth-

“To manifest our soul, we need 3 types of energies or Shaktis- Ichcha Shakti, Sankalpa Shakti and Kriya Shakti. The power of Will, Thought and Action respectively.

Spiritual knowledge is of 3 levels- Teevra Gyan, Prachand Gyan and Prabhutva Gyan-

Intense, very intense and Blazing knowledge respectively.

There are 3 things to do to know our Spirit- Meditation, Exercise and Right Diet. Meditation is to calm and control the mind to bring it inwards and then connect it for longer times to commune with God.

The foremost necessity of exercising for the yogi is to increase the amount of oxygen in the brain and the body, more oxygen is required in the brain for meditation. By exercising regularly, the amount of carbon dioxide in all the cells is reduced. Yogasanas make the body supple and supply additional oxygen to the brain. It also helps the yogi to meditate easily. Abundant supply of fresh air and sunshine is compulsory.

Right diet is essential so that the activities in the world as well as for the sadhana are procured from the food by the yogi. Therefore, meditation plus exercise plus right diet is mandatory.

Why does it take us so very long to discover our soul?

Lord Shiva expounded to me, “Moksha is mandatory because ignorance is the cause of all human sufferings. The true meaning of Moksha is living the life on the will of God and eradicating ignorance by receiving spiritual wisdom and removing the sufferings of all past karmas today. The past amassed karmas act as a huge hurdle. The good ones are easy and simple to live by but the sins are very difficult to overcome sometimes. But if you follow what I have said, you can achieve that.

When the sanchit or accumulated karmas are exterminated slowly, new virtuous karmas will be created which will be beneficial to you and the society at large. We will not suffer mentally and physically if this goal is achieved. Instead the results of unselfish and virtuous actions done consciously will result in love, peace, happiness, health and longevity. They will also produce the Joy of Spirit and highest ecstasy. The world does not know about this and does not also believe in this theory. So do not preach anyone; they will learn when they observe your good, righteous and pious living. But this takes a long time because the human being learns from his own mistakes and not otherwise.

How to tackle the impact of the difficult accumulated karmas?

It can be achieved by maintaining your peace of mind. All of you worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha in the reclining position without ever finding out the exact denotation of this symbol. Lord Vishnu is shown with either a pink or a blue Lotus in his navel in this special position. Pink is for love and blue represents tranquility.

Nepal (182)

                                Lord Vishnu’s temple in Nepal

Nepal (181)

 Profound peace can be attained if you balance all your chakras at the navel, the Kundalini spot. Bring your mind’s attention at it and inhale deeply. You will be supplied extra oxygen in this place which will in turn make your mind absolutely stable. This is one of the many Kriyas to bring a disturbed or an agitated mind at rest and fetch harmony and stability in times of intense crisis. Practice it until your peace of mind is never lost frantically.

Express peace and peace everywhere. With peace of mind, you can achieve the impossible by being grounded and stable. Rest your mind when troubled like reclining Lord Vishnu until peace returns and live your life by the will of God every day. God is the savior, the provider and the biggest healer.”

I have wrapped up my today’s post at the Lotus Feet of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and our Param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji with the most modest and simple offerings- saffron colored marigolds and a kindled earthen lamp as my token of gratitude and devotion. As the knowledge imparted today is so very ancient, so are my humble offerings- so simple and basic yet full of appreciativeness, thankfulness and gratifications.



I also offer all my work done so far on this blog Spiritinlife to the Sweet Lord and all the sacred Gurus and the saints and I invoke their blessings so that I always remain their true servant, submissive disciple and an ardent devotee.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om………

P.S A video on Ichcha Shakti and one on The power of praying intensely-II is available on You tube for all readers to see and revise those posts in snap shots.

8 Responses to Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-III

  1. Shahid says:

    Dear Sarikaji, I am delighted to read this sacred post on
    this special day where you have completed FIVE years of
    arduous blogging. What persistence, what dedication…
    Hats off to you !!!

    I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mandira sis
    as she was the one who put the idea of writing a blog
    into your head and now after 5 years, look at this
    amazing blog 🙂

    I especially resonated with these 2 para’s:
    ” Some enthusiastic aspirants think and believe that they will do Spirituality when the times or destiny is favorable. Never right this theory will be for anybody. Right from the beginning, my life situations have been difficult and adverse. But I learnt very early on in life that if I ever want to earn or learn something very special, I will have do it all alone. Don’t expect or wait for life circumstances to be to what you imagine, rather change the average situations to wonderful experiences out of which you derive the maximum union with God! ”

    ” Profound peace can be attained if you balance all your chakras at the navel, the Kundalini spot. Bring your mind’s attention at it and inhale deeply. You will be supplied extra oxygen in this place which will in turn make your mind absolutely stable. This is one of the many Kriyas to bring a disturbed or an agitated mind at rest and fetch harmony and stability in times of intense crisis. Practice it until your peace of mind is never lost frantically. ”

    Gratitude to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and
    all the other divine beings for this blog today.

    • Stewart Benson says:

      Thank you Sarika for this wonderful well timed inspiration
      om na ma shivaya
      Stewart Benson

  2. Asim says:

    Dear Sarika aunty,
    5 years is such a long time…
    juggling and balancing with many responsibilities and having perfection in each with a very calm state of mind is a task of such great endurance and determined attitude.
    This is itself a great lesson as never letting oneself down amidst most turbulent situation…
    It really feels great to have received a peep in yours spiritual life by relating to which we can trace the ups and downs in our own efforts…
    And i really agree with Shahid bhaiyya that we should be greatly thankful to Mandira di as she proposed of making this blog…
    Yours message of “saving time in every possible manner” is very apt for me,,,
    Really thankful to you aunty.. 🙂 and all the divinities having placed their blessings on us…

  3. Mandira says:

    Dear Amma,
    Congratulations on five years of blogging. You always set benchmarks hard to meet. There are lots of blogs that have been around for 5 yrs or more, but none of them write on a subject like this. Nor do they write with such consistency.

    I am bookmarking this post. Its truly written for me. It makes my path and my goal clearer. And with the clarity comes the determination. Some of the things you have written I will revisit time and again.

    You have become a reservoir of knowledge,Ma! And what a volume you hold calmly within. Like I said in the email, I have a long way to go. You will always be lightyears ahead of me.. and I will always be humbly waiting for my next lesson.

    Love always

    @Shahid and Asim- Pl dont thank me for anything. I am pretty sure the Divine put the idea in my head. So far in life, I have never come up with any earth-shattering, life-changing ideas,so it must be Him. 🙂

  4. Ma,

    Congratulations for completing 5 years of blogging. Its a very long time and your continous efforts to light hope, faith and love for God in humanity is tremendous.
    Every post you present is thought provoking and in my own self I can see changes after following sacred words of this blog. I m sure like me inumerable lives and souls are learning true life skills and growing each day.This blog is truly a divine’s paradise .

    Beautiful are the videos, full of divine’s love and gratitude.

    Be with us always.

    Lots of love


  5. Pranaam…
    CONGRARULATIONS for completing 5 years of spreading divine knowledge and light on all of us.. And lots of gratitude for this sacred post… I humbly bow down to God, Our beloved Babaji and you Ma.
    Om Namah Shivaya…
    Om Vishnave Namah…
    Om Babaji Namah…
    Om Guruve Namah…

  6. Atul says:

    Babaji’s Blog is our link to the beautiful Divine !
    God adores you Sarika dear !
    And we all adore you too !

  7. Kalpanaben M Jani says:

    prannam… ma sarikaji aapi krupa ham per barsti rahe.Om namah shivaya,om Babaji namah… Om guruve namah lots of love.aapke gyan se hamari taqat badhi ,thank of god

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