The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I


Grace in Solitude

Solitude is the time when the soul comes in direct contact with the Spirit. The Spirit, the source of true knowledge and understanding.

As I returned from a quiet evening walk to my abode, the Spirit silently descended over my being and revealed to me that was so far unknown.

I remembered a dear soul whose heart ached and could no longer hold its own weight. My heart went out to give solace and tend to this tired soul.

Our ache and helplessness became one, from where came the source of the pain and who was sharing it became blurred.

His pain became mine and I the source of his load, the way it is difficult to differentiate the light from its glowing radiance.

Just then my eyes became moist and wet, and a drop of tear filled the eyes.

My heart was filled with a mild and poignant pang and in no time it took over my complete self.

How else can I give relief and more comfort to the soul who wants to help itself but does not know how to do so?

A few fleeting moments passed by when my Spirit, in the form of a Voice spoke to me in a calm tone – “Vasudeva is very pleased with you. You have risen many steps upward today.”

“Higher than the worship of deities is the worship of Guru. Higher still is the worship of mankind.

God is worshipped best if worshipped through mankind. Those who love and worship humanity is loved the most by God himself.”

Mental prosperity


Divine Will

Each and every atom in the Cosmic Universe is created with the ignition of the spark.

Every atom that exists in the Cosmic Consciousness is nothing but Light.

We are created and exist because of the existence and presence of God created atoms.

Every atom conceivable is created by Divine Light.

And each atom ever created has been created by Divine Will.

This Divine revelation when unfolded and discovered upon me.

Unearthed to me one of the most hidden secrets of Creativity.

I bow to you my Divine, my Master and true Preceptor.

For revealing such sacred knowledge, pious and Supreme.

What you revealed is so pure, so pristine.

So very genteel, yet so startling.

It has unformed and disintegrated the fragile, glassy walls in my mind.

From which I could see You, but touch You not.

Your Supreme Grace has cascaded on me once more.

My sweet and beloved Divine was hidden so near, yet so far.

Can any word of gratitude suffice for the greatness and magnitude

of your Grace, dear?

That you have showered on me, my dearly loved, Supreme and my Creator.

How come I and not others are your continued blessed receivers?

I wonder at this moment and find no true justification.

Except that it may perhaps be only because of some extra-ordinary good deeds.

That I must have created for myself, back in space in time, unknown to me.

And as you are ceaselessly very gracious and benevolent.

And we your naïve children in your warm and secure shelter.

Offer and give you so very little, as small is our might and capacity.

And you the force behind this Magnum Opus, the all giver Father of the World.

But now that you have revealed to me that

Every tiny particle in this Infinite Creation is created at your impulse and will.

Hence I am now convinced and surely know that

Whatever meritorious deeds I did in the past.

Was in reality driven and created by your mere will!

And very stealthily you impose on me that

It was I who did it!!

No, my Lord, no. It can’t ever be me.

It is just you and you and just you.

I now know that the wheel of this Cosmic Creation.

Is rested upon your magnificent creative powers.

You are the Creator, Preserver and the Destroyer.

I am merely a spectator who bows to you in servile humility.

It is only you and you and you my beloved Lord.

It is you who is present in all the unseen and seen manifestations.

Every letter and word that my fingers move to create this manuscript.

Has emerged, is being created and written by You, You and only you.

Silent Praying

In this hour of twilight, my mind is at rest and peace is more.

The gentle peace is the step by which I bridge the gap and

Reach the inner chambers of my house of silence!

I have walked in and ask in awe.

Who resides here?

I recognize His presence very well now.

As He says not anything, but says it all!

He is mute but speaks to me when we are alone.

His words are like the silent flow of a stream on a hill.

The water so refreshing, cool and sweet.

The life-giving amber ambrosia on which He feeds me.

Is the sweet nectar which He quietly gives me.

Give me more as it is the Life in it.

Which sparks my mind like tiny meteors in the sky.

The sparkling of the sparks illumine me and I know that

You are the one who holds the lamp of the Light in my mind.

Illumine me more as I wish to know and feel you even more.

Nothing else I ask of you, but one thing now.

Transform my mind to enable me to acquire mental prosperity.

Like shimmering golden sparklers on a moonless sky create ripples of joy.

The sparkling of silent illumination in my mind gives me peaceful happiness abound!


 What is love?


In love we shall find God,

In love we shall attain peace,

In love is hidden our salvation,

In love is hidden salvations for others.

Love means to give and never ask,

Love means to give freedom and never tie,

Love means to receive whatever comes your way,

Without a grouse, complaint or a sigh.

Love means to endure, even if you think you can’t take it anymore,

Love means doing things for others which you never did before,

Love means giving respect for their ideas, beliefs and unique thoughts of mind,

Knowing that one day they will converge with yours.

All roads lead to one destination,

That is the abode of God,

No matter where, when we met and how,

All that matters is we have met at last with a purpose in mind,

Our love is true and must meet every test of time,

We both must hold hands together and must attempt the climb,

The next step of transformation and ascent,

To prove to ourselves that we have met with the wish of our Maker.

In these moments of utmost happiness and joy,

Let us not forget and enter the stupor,

Or else the purpose of our meeting will be lost.

So arise, arise, arise and arise and you shall climb.

Till you see the Light of the creator in you,

And re-awaken the Glory and Honour that was once yours,

So that the world will see you and

Through your grand work for the Divine

Will be reminded to others that

Do not be in a state of quiescent,

Know that the Light of God is present everywhere,

In you, me and everyone.

Know that in God you shall find full rest and peace,

In God lie all the answers to all the queries of the fleeting world,

One cannot ever rest well unless he rests in God through his soul,

So rest your mind and body in God alone!

Using the creative powers of visualization


My Lord! You give me Inspiration

Inspiration is blind without creation

I call you, my Divine to make me your

Space of beauty and rhyme.

Create in me something never created before

And create so beautiful that never seen before!

The power to create by mental and Spiritual visualization

In our mind lies the power to create.

In our mind lie the thoughts.

Our thoughts have power contained in them.

To make them dynamic, strong and come true

Invoke Divine Will and use Divine perceptions.

Throw and beam your thoughts in the Cosmic Universe.

Soon you will see Nature at your command.

See your ideas, visions and dreams

Shaping up, bit by bit, like the bricks in the castle.

Weave dreams around your aspirations, lofty ideas and soft fluffy wishes.

Create visuals in your mind like a design on a fabric.

Soon you shall see the vibrant colours and hues of the motifs coming up alive,

Like a beautiful garden full of blooming roses.

Inhale the intoxicating fragrance of the lovely roses floating in the misty air.

Drink the nectar of peace, serenity and fulfilling joy.

Design and create your own wonderful tomorrows

By the warps and wefts of creative visualization and mental imagery.

Keep on weaving your dreams till one day they manifest

Like a heavenly angel straight from the fairy tale!!!


Our lives are in our hands-III


Agar atma prakash karna chhate ho to shubh, hitkari, swarthheen karam karo.

Nishkam karam mukti ka dwar hai, rasta hai.

Nishkam karam man ko shanti deta hai.

Nishkam karam-bandhan se mukti deta hai.

Nishkam karam do dilo ko jodta hai. Raag, bhaye ko door bhagata hai.

Nishkam karam punyai ka ambar lagata.

Nishkam karam se Arjun ko Krishna mil jata hai.

If you wish to have Divine Illumination, then perform beneficial, selfless actions.

Selfless acts are the door to salvation, is the path of salvation.

Selfless acts give peace of mind.

Selfless acts free us from the bondage of results of our actions.

Selfless acts join two hearts. It eliminates anger and fear.

Selfless acts add to your treasure trove of virtuous acts.

With selfless acts, Arjuna (devotee) finds his beloved Lord Krishna (God)



One particular devotional song moved me to the core right from the moment I heard it. Whenever I would sing or memorize a specific stanza, it would bring tears in my eyes spontaneously. I would get choked as though the story was my very own. My heart would tear in pieces when I envisioned a picture of Draupadi’s appalling and pathetic state in the hands of the wretched Kauravas. And my heart would well up with gratitude when I would think and imagine how Lord Krishna came to rescue Draupadi who was distraught with so much anguish and distress.

The words of that stanza in Hindi were-

Madho, Madho.. Tum ghat ghat ke ho basaiyya,

Madho Madho…

 Drupad suta ja din nirbal bhaiyee

Kinhi kripa dayala

Dusshasan ka maan ghatayo aru

Mukh kinho kala.


 Oh! Madho ( Madhav is one of the many names of Lord Krishna)

You are present everywhere. Madho, madho…

The day the daughter of Drupad- Draupadi

Became weak and was in a pathetic condition

You showered mercy on her and oh! compassionate Krishna

You shattered the pride of Dusshasan

And blackened his face.

Madho, Madho…

Why is Atman difficult to know?


Light the lamp of Thy Love

In my house, with Thine own hands,

Light the lamp of thy love!

Thy transmuting, lamp entrancing,

Wondrous are its rays,

Change my darkness to Thy light Lord!

Change my darkness to Thy light,

And my evil into good,

Touch me but once and I will change,

All my clay into Thy gold.

All the sense lamps that I did light

Sooted into worries.

Sitting at the door of my soul,

Light Thy resurrecting lamp,

Light Thy resurrecting lamp!

(Poet Shri RabindraNath Tagore, translated in English by Paramhansa Yogananda)

How to increase the level of your consciousness-II?


O lord of mine! Surrender, complete surrender to you

I do today; I bow to you completely at Thy Holy Feet.

May You and I always be one like the wood and holy Vedic Fire.

The big woods burn in the flames of fire but in the end.

Where is the wood? Only fire.

May I burn like the sandal incense.

Soothing, sweet fragrance it has and calming touch.

And healing properties of inner soul.

Once burnt all, only deep fragrance left,

In the house, in the mind and in the remaining soul.

May I too, Oh my beloved Lord! Burn like the incense and

Spread your Light, happiness and delight

And emancipating knowledge of Supreme.

And forever live in the inner chambers of your benevolent heart!

Hidden from the eyes of the people malevolent everywhere.

Yet serve them, my kind compassionate Master.

In serving them I express my love for you, my beloved.

As the expression of my gratitude towards you can only

Be expressed in no other but just this way!!

The state of Super Consciousness-III


Sant Kabir has praised his Guru who has realized Brahma and has described the transformation process of self-mingling, assimilating and uniting with the Infinite. This is what he has to say:

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani

Payi amar nishani…


Kaag palat guru hansa kinhi, dini naam nishani

Hansa pahuche sukhsagar mei, mukti bhare jahan pani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Jal beech kumbh, kumbh beech jal, bahar bhitar pani

Niksyokumbh jal jal mei samai. Yeh gati virle jani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Hai Athah thah santan mei. Dariya lahar samani

Jeevar jaal dal ka karihe, jab meen pighal bahi pani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Anubhav ka gyan, ujjwalta ki vani, so hai akath kahani

Kahat Kabir gunge ki sena. Jin jani un mani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…



I have found a Brahmagyani Guru and

And got a gift of immortality…

My guru has changed me from crow to hansa (a bird equipped with the skill of separating water from milk) and given me the name of god.

I have been blessed with an ocean of divine happiness and now salvation is a small thing.

I have found a Brahmgyani guru……

There is an earthen pot in the river; there is water inside the pot.

There is water outside it. When the pot breaks, the water inside

Mixes with the water outside, only rare people understand this

I have found a Brahmgyani guru……

The saints have a depthless depth in them, the wave shall mingle in the waters of the ocean

How can a fisher man catch a fish which has dissolved in water?

Kabir says that this knowledge has come from experience, speech is born out of purity, and the knowledge is endless.

The state that I have reached is indescribable, only those who know shall believe.

Expand your Consciousness-I


Pani Bahata hai, jeevan bahata hai, manushya tharta hai.

Apne andar ki kitab kholo,

Khud ko jano, apne ko pahchano

Kisliye yahan aaye they, kya kar rahe ho?

Dukh kyon sahate ho jab swayam sukh ki khaan ho?


Andar ke taale tumhe jakadte hai,

Unhe guru se chabi lekar kholo,

Ganthe  swayam khulti jayaengi

Jab samarpan karte hai


Samarpan woh sachcha jisme

Bhavnaye sachchi ho

Man mei tarang sundar uthe to

Ishwar use sweekar lete hai.


Mai bhi tumhara haath pakad loonga

Yadi tum chahoge

Pakadkar phir kabhi na chodunga

Jab tak dhyeya pura na saadh lo


Ek bar chu kar dekho

Andar kaun hai?

Kya kabhi mahsoos hota hai

Tumse pahele koi mojud hai?



Water flows, life flows but man stagnates.

Open the book which is inside you

Know thyself, recognize your true self

Why did you come here, what are you doing?

Why do you suffer when you are a treasure of happiness?

The shackles inside arrest you

Release these chains with the key from the Master

The knots shall open on their own

When we surrender our self

Surrender that has sincere feelings

Is real and true, and feelings which are true

Are hurriedly accepted by God.

I shall hold your hand

If you so wish

Once I hold, I shall never leave you

Until the goal is met.

For once, glance inside, touch and see

Who is inside you?

Have you ever once felt that

There is already someone present even before you?

Qualities of a real seeker


Mana ki andar ki sadhana karo

 Mana ko bahar ki vastuo se door karo

Mana ko aadat dalo chup hone ki, shanti ki, pratiti ki,

 Eeshwar ke anubhuti ki, atma prakash ke darshan ki

 Aur bahut kaal tak eeshwar ke dhyan mie rehene ki.

Atma bodh kathin hai kyunki is mei parishram and thakan adhik hai

Parantu ek bar prarpt karne ke bad sada sada ke liye vishram hai.

 Isliye mana ko modo, mana ko sansari baton se sada door rakho

Chahe hum sansar mei rahe parantu yadi hum kuch samay pratah kaal eeshwar ka dhyan kare

 To mana poora din shaant rahega,  itni takat hai eeshwar mei ki shanti poora din bahegi

Isliye nirantar eeshawar ka dhyan karo jab tak ki

Avastha aisi aa jaye ki sare din mei kabhi bhi bhagwan ya guru se dhyan hatega hi nahi.

Vaha paripakva avastha tak aa jao aur eeshawar mei vishram karo

Us shanti me doob jayo aur anek janmo ki thakan ko door karo.

Om shanti shanti shanti Om!



Perform inner sadhana of mind

Detach your mind from worldly subjects

Habituate your mind to remain silent, to remain calm and to live in divine perceptions

Make it a habit for the mind to experience God, to see Divine Light

And let your mind have the habit of remaining in constant communion with God over a long period of time

Given that Self Realization is arduous to attain since it demands extreme effort and one is exhausted in the process

Yet once you achieve it, there is rest for forever

Therefore transform your mind, keep it away from worldly chitchat and repartee

Although we may live in this world but if we spare sometime in the morning to meditate on God

The mind will remain calm because God has so much power that

Peace begot from God will linger throughout the day

Therefore always meditate on God until you

Arrive at a stage when your mind never off tracks from the thought of God or Guru

Come up till this established stage and rest in God forever

Immerse in that God peace and get rid of the weariness of many lives

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om !

Pondicherry revisited….. photo gallery


 (I thought it would be a nice idea to share a few inspiring lines from ‘The Prophet’ Khalil Gibran where according to me, Love spoken here is about the penance of the seeker and the reward is the Love of God in return……)

‘Then said Almitra, Speak to us of Love.

And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a great voice he said:

When love beckons to you, follow him,

Though his ways are hard and steep.

And when his wings enfold you yield to him,

Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.

And when he speaks to you believe in him

Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.

Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.

Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,

So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.

He thrashes you to make you naked.

He sifts you to free you from your husks.

He grinds you to whiteness.

He kneads you until you are pliant:

And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.’


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