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  1. manju says:

    Jai Guru dear sarikaji,

    thank you these beautiful pictures.thank you for revealing about sri Mahavatar babajis life and teachings unknown to us devotees till now.

    pranams to sri Babaji and jai guru dear sarikaji,


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Manju, First of all my humble namaskar to Shri Mahavatar Babaji for making this blog such a powerful medium of mutual exchange in attaining new levels of spiritual knowing for all of us. Indeed, we all needed to know and practice some teachings by which we could enhance our inner lives and become closer to God. Babaji has been worshiped for centuries and it should be so but only worshiping cannot make us cross our Maya or inner dimness. Hence, our hearts automatically bow repeatedly for his kindness and compassion which you rightly express here for revealing his personal life and teaching us directly by mental communications through this spiritual blog.
      My gratitude and unending love for the greatest yogi.My humblest pranam once more to Him as I write this to you today.

  2. manju says:

    Pranams at the Lotus feet of sri Mahavatar Babaji and jai guru dear Sarikaji,

    It is only due to the compassion of sri Babaji that he revealed many truths to you about the journey of our souls and the hiterto unknown methods of living a life that is pious and divine for his chelas to follow these teachings and begin our souls journey homewards which is to ultimately merge in the satchitananda.thank you for all the troubles that you undertook to faithfully record themfor mankind.My prayers to sri Babaji to kindly fulfill your desire to go to his cave near Badrinath and give you his Holy darshan and blessings soon !!!

    Jai Guru and thank you dear Sarikaji,


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