Photo gallery-Somnath, Dwarka, Nageshwar and Bet Dwarka pilgrimage of Western India

Dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva on MahaShivratri day

Somnath Temple at night





Juna Somnath or old Somnath temple




Bhid Bhanjan or Bhidiya Ganpati and Shashi Bhushan Shiv temple

 An old Shiva temple with Ganpati behind which is the sea and the spot from where an Adivasi shot a poisoned arrow at Lord Krishna after which he left this world.




At the back of the temple with the pilgrims and the priest



The orange flag on the land is the spot from where the Adivasi man shot the poisoned arrow called Baneshwar Mahadeva


Two Shivlingas submerged in the sea water- Kapileshwar and Chandreshwar Mahadeva



Shree Bhalka Teerth Mandir, the spot where Lord Krishna was pierced with the poisoned arrow and he breathed his last (Camera was not allowed inside the main temple)




Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Light Pillars of Lord Shiva, 16 kms from Dwarka (Camera was strictly prohibited in Dwarka so have none to display)





Just as we entered the premises, it had gravity, it pulled us in. This Banyan Tree had uncountable birds, chirping, singing, shrieking because it had mammoth number of red fruit of the tree. Rested under it and saw this view on my right…..


View on my left



And on the tree were many, many chirping birds…..


There was a big pond behind the temple. Water birds were basking in the Sun. Out of many, this is the best I think.


On our way to Bet Dwarka, an island of Krishna’s kingdom and residence, to see Dwarkadhish temple.







Where the Mind is Without Fear and the head is held high,Where knowledge is free…….Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake; by RabindraNath Tagore ran into my ears again and again.

(An album has been uploaded on FaceBook also Somnath, Dwarka pilgrimage 17th to 22nd Feb’14.

Of This and That





Calf hiding behind the back of the mother to beat the heat.



17 Responses to Photo gallery-Somnath, Dwarka, Nageshwar and Bet Dwarka pilgrimage of Western India

  1. Shahid says:

    Thank you mom for the beautiful pics 🙂

    Happy and Auspicious Shivaratri to everyone on this blog.

    I bow at the feet of Lord Shiva, Shri Babaji and all Great Divine Masters in gratitude.

    May the whole world be happy, healthy , prosperous and peaceful <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      @Shahid, our comments are flying and crossing each other as we have the same nice thoughts for all. May your message reach every human being and all beings on this planet. God bless you. Mom

    • May all awake on this Night of Great Lord Shiva from their deep slumber, with the Grace of Beloved Divine, Dearest Gurus.

      Thank you Shahid!

      Thank you Maa!

      Happy Maha Shivaratri, Maa and dear friends.

  2. Sivarajah Manicavasagar says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos ,especially for those who are unable to be there.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Thank you Shivarajahji, I remember I still have to reply to your last comment which I received on the day I left Mumbai on 16th. Will revert soon.

  3. Nalini says:

    Dear Sarikaji,
    The pictures are beautiful, breath-taking indeed. I am sure you had a blessed trip, can’t wait to hear your enlightening stories. I wonder the year when these temples were erected, what an architecture. Btw I think you are an amazing photographer as well!


    • Nalini says:

      Happy Maha Shivratri to all! May Lord Shiva bless us, purify the dross in us, and bring us out from darkness to light!

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Nalini, I like your perceptions. I also have similar perceptions when I go on pilgrimages, they are overwhelming and all the time we, small humans are gratified and humbled.I see these places with an eye that shows me- religiously, spiritually, aesthetically, geographically, historically and politically too. They speak so, so much. And last but not the least, these places are very enlightening too.
      Regarding photography, I think it such happens because these places compel me to take good pictures!!They recharge me like anything.
      Please see pictures of Orissa temple especially Bhubaneshwar like Raja Rani temple,Lingaraj Temple and Khajuraho on my blog in Segment D if you wish to drown yourself in architecture marvels of India….
      With love

  4. Kanchana Iyer says:

    Happy Maha Shivratri to all ! Sarika ji, pranam and thanks for sharing such breath taking photographs on this auspicious day !


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Kanchana, Delighted to hear from a devotee like you on this auspicious day. I am fulfilled to see responses like yours and the other devotees on the blog. I wanted all the devotees to have a visual darshan of the many teerths that I just covered, not many can travel that far. So thank you all who have savored the pictures and more so on MahaShivratri.I am humbled!
      Always in Divine Remembrance

  5. Asim says:

    Happy Mahashivaratri to all….
    May we be blessed to go beyond the three qualities…May the fiery one burn the inner ignorance… 🙂
    Beautiful pictures aunty…

  6. Shilpa says:

    Hello Sarika aunty
    Thanks a lot for posting photographs here and on FB. Its my wish for many years to go to especially Dwarka and Somnath. I am very much delighted to see all photos.
    Wishing Mahashivratri to all devotees!
    My million times pranam to lord Shiva first most teacher of Kriya yoga!

  7. manju says:

    Pranams at the feet of lord Shiva Jai guru to our dearest Sarikaji !!!! thank you for these wonderful pictures !!! Happy Mahashivratri to all sri Mahavatar Babajis chelas!!! asato ma satgamaya ,tamaso ma jyotirgamaya .mrityurma amrutam gamaya my prayers for all mankind !!!

    jai guru,


  8. Asim says:

    Thank you for the profound love and peace Lord Shiva…
    To Dear Babaji and loving masters…
    And gratitude to you dear Aunty…

  9. Awesome photography!!! We are so blessed to get a chance to see these auspicious places through your eyes. As you said in a post of Srilanka that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, so true it was.


  10. Asim says:
    Fool am i even to let my thoughts go to think the grand formless nature of dear Shiva,even to enquire,even to see the depth…the moment it starts where am i and even the sin of enquiring what,where,how of it…Let devour me into that infinite…let be free…let the waves of love engulf me…certain a fool if i can “do” something to reach that…
    Forgive the sins and please take me with you..

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