In pursuit of happiness and joy!

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Spiritinlife Workshops in different cities.

Dear all, because of home and other familial commitments, I have not been able to blog or write something on Fb for quite a long time. My last three posts on FB were the only compositions in recent times. Reasons are obvious if you have read them. However, I was micro-blogging in some other arena and that is Spiritinlife Whatsapp group and my building Whatsapp group. I resorted to it so that many of you could not be completely cut off thereby not cutting off your energy supplies. In building Whatsapp I was forced to join; all I do there is motivating people to get involved in healthy community living to enhance our lives and to live with peace and harmony. In this way because of micro-blogging, I got to know the thoughts of many great thinkers, world leaders as well as saints and spiritual leaders. I found quotes of learned men and great people who gave so much to the world and its people. It also gave me immense mental power and empathy towards all. By doing so, I would say that I took small private classes on Whatsapp and when the teacher was away, the children were helping each other to learn and share! It was a joyful experience for many of you as is evident.

Apart from writing, the inherent, undying passion in me is to teach. The lessons imparted in Spiritinlife family are now going to be serious and useful. Those of you who have been diligent and regular will know that walking up the stairs of seeking your home of Spirit is no mean task. It needs ample support and guidance and regular supervision. Keeping all this in mind, I have decided to visit some places where I can undertake Workshops in homes of the seekers or gather even in common public places like the lawns of Shri Aurobindo Ashram. In Delhi, I meet people there also and who have something to learn from me personally since it is midway.
If you have been reading my posts either on Face Book or WordPress and wish to interact personally and join others in these Workshops, then kindly write to me on I shall be delighted to help you and guide you in your pursuit of happiness and joy!

The schedule-

1. Mumbai
Sunday 15th Nov 2015 from 12.00 to 3 pm.

2. Delhi.
Friday 27th November 2015 from 12.00 to 3 pm.

3. Ahmedabad
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th Dec 2015 from 10.30 to 5 pm.

4. Bangalore
Saturday 26th Dec & Sunday 27th Dec 2015
10.30 to 5 pm.

With regards

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  1. Sunil Ghogale says:

    Dear Sarikaji

    I want to attend your teaching of tomorrow Sunday 15 Nov 2015 12.00 to 3.00 in Mumbai. Kindly provide me the details of the Venue.

    Thanks Regards

    Sunil Ghogale (+91-9969028813)

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