I dedicate my Golden Silence to Thee!


Once upon a time there was a girl, who got lost in the quagmire in the desert of illusion of the transitory world.

She attempted many times to free the shackles of the never-ending bondages that came along with her fresh life and new birth.


She ran to places with her queer desire and a free mind to quench the thirst of knowing what she was supposed to do in this stupefying world.

This world gave her incomplete answers and untested theories and her mind rejected the unsatisfying ideas and weird concepts.


With due time, she travelled alone in the far off distances of the desert where there was no water but only sand and sand dunes to walk upon in the heat.

She waited in agony for many years until somewhere a Messiah arrived in late evening and showed her the path of eternal virtues and unfailing principles of known ancient Truth.


She was stumbling upon some mean bones who always stopped her path, pricked her and rejoiced when difficult situations came stemming from her cruel destiny.

She faced every such opportunity with incessant force, grit and challenge much greater than before and worried never since she knew the sender was her very own!


People scorned at her since she had a humble background but never helped her and she never acknowledged her great spiritual endeavours or troubles to them ever.

They only made her life more difficult until God had to intervene and wished for her that whoever would torment her would never sleep at night in peace.


She never complained, only smiled because she knew that it was others who were doomed and not she, they who were laughing at her poor and lean destiny imprudently.

It will be them who will wail and grieve since they never prepared for the end and death of their lives and have lived in abject avarice, self-interestedly and for purely gain sake.


Every mountain was ascended, every situation difficult was changed into opportunity golden and each day was converted and lived as the most productive and extremely useful.

Until God emerged from the veil and deciphered all His secrets and revealed His own will and desire for her and the world at large as such.


Her each step was undertaken when she was immersed in God’s chanting or remembrance or just out of love of God, love that is now shining like a brilliant rising Sun.

Each day and night with no moment without remembrance or not one day spent in forgetfulness of God’s existence; His Power was felt in her every passing breath.


Merciful God and the holy sages are ever vigilant, they never see the outer coat or appearance; they look inside where the seed of hope and a possibility of God awakening exists.

A speck of light in her was transformed into a lavish beam by her own fortitude and humbleness, by her own earnestness and eager temperament.


She combined all her strength and available mean resources, she sat for hours in contemplation and she decided to waste no time and money in squabbling and spending in turn.

She used her own things and available income to strengthen her spiritual earnings until God sent her to teach the world about those realized precepts and hard to earn ancient wisdom.


Wisdom so impeccable that no one could debate with her, actions so pure that none can question her and her moves so accurate that none need to correct her.

With these virtues she ascended upon her own Spiritual territory where none can enter, a cave so spiritualized that nobody can imagine or ever come in.


Until God decided to tell the world to look at the shining star, the golden sun or the brilliant rays of golden light coming out of a devotee’s pure, dedicated heart.

As she would be the beacon of Light and a predecessor to bear the torch of a golden era, for which the ancient sages have transpired and worked hard since many phases and centuries!


With great penance of the invisible sages and their many difficulties, the stage was set for her to come and master all the rare insights and to show the Eternal Light to the world.

The sages were waiting for the right hour for many centuries, a chapter when the wheel of time might be turned by large from unfavourable to favourable for the world and her both.


The negative forces were many, the world was undecided if it wanted to move towards the time of truthfulness, austerity and simple living.

Knowing Truth is not an easy task because it demands your incessant attention, industriousness, being desire less and great power of your will and thought.


People fizzle out fast because they cannot persist the heat of tribulations and the misfortunes that arrive as a tirade and nerve wrecking compulsions.

They wish to know the eternal Truth without going through those tirades, heartbreaks and endless losses and no gain whatsoever.


As God ever knows, He takes no time to understand what the real will of the aspirant is and what he actually desires foremost.

In accordance to that, God delivers and shows mercy and never gives more or less since He is always flawless and impartial.


Knowing Truth is the foremost duty of all men but never revered enough; lives after lives and incarnations after incarnations are lost in dust and sheer waste of unproductive aspirations.

Whenever man realizes in some important life that the main purpose of human existence is for greater living and seeking primarily the hidden immortal God within, be begins to start a new journey.


Those truthful seekers who really want God and nothing else from his Maya or God’s creation are truly blessed, because God seeks such aspirants extremely eagerly.

People waste their opportunities for some miracles to happen if they go to saints and sages, they do not ask for either one’s redemption or they do not even seek their concealed godly treasures.


However, some rare gems complete their work extremely fast without any fuss or demands or complaints or outward expressions.

They are put on the fast track by God and are enhanced to greatest heights of spiritual development and fructification.


Such souls are hard to find, difficult to understand and are most adaptable in their constantly changing atmosphere and environment.

They are provided by God, protected by God, energized by God, shown to the world by God and their lives are completely directed by only the wish of God.


When such stars show their brilliance, truth manifests in its true state, ancient and forgotten, neglected precepts of Truth are presented to the world.

Lessons of universal brotherhood and world peace are propagated silently and the humanity marches towards a New Age.


People who are reluctant to accept the propagating principles of Truth will again slip this time and would not be able to recover in many millennium.

In every era, the Truth of God is given to people but only a handful fulfil their duties of knowing the Spirit and they neglect their real wellbeing.


Many lessons will be given to you in modern world with modern tools that will be combined with the ancient method of thought transference.

The rays of golden light beamed on Earth shall be distributed everywhere, you should be able to receive it with your own mind power.


Your own thought power is of prime importance if you wish to continue on this path of wireless communication.

This Universe still has dense thought substance of very primitive, ancient, realized souls of great sages.


They look upon us to respond to their mental suggestions that are for your own and world’s up gradation and stirrings.

They allow you to make a few mistakes but not very grave and serious since sins are the roadblocks which you must never build and generate as ill will.


A role model has been carved out for you to see and imbibe; a story has been presented to tell you that it is possible even if your outer conditions are mean and lean.

Those of you who have shown real devotion and love for the Almighty God have been responded to and a new path has been laid free of any trappings for you.


Whoever wishes to dedicate this life in knowing your real worth and your true Self.

Must not waver or shake, you must come forward forgetting your past and put all you have to stake.


Instil new faith, clean the air that you breath which predominates your worldly desires filled in it.

Wipe out your old personality to be able to consecrate at the altar of God, at the pious lotus feet of the holy saints and ancient sages.


Hold her hand humbly, speak to her graciously, respect her unquestionable spiritual attainments and worship her for her indomitable courage and power of will.

Through her, you shall know the hidden secreted nature of God and the working of God’s creation called prakriti.


Feel the air that is blessed, watch the grace falling upon you incessantly, notice your heart that is oozing abundant gratitude and observe the mercy showered upon you.

Touch the door of your heart, it shall open, peep into it, there you will find an ocean filled with supreme love, tranquillity and endless bliss of the most beloved God living within.




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An important information-There have been many posts on Facebook in the last many weeks and months although none have appeared on WordPress blog. They are an extension to my explanation of the themes which have been spoken of on this blog on WordPress. Kindly treat all my posts on FB or WP as one work since they all converge and speak of the same thing.

The posts that have been published here required more discussion and further explanation which I have pursued through recent Workshops, mails and personal meetings besides new short posts on FB. Those of you who are not aware may please visit https://www.facebook.com/sarika.nagrath. so that you do not miss the links and stay in touch with the constant new discharge of spiritual energies through them periodically.

Thank you,



3 Responses to I dedicate my Golden Silence to Thee!

  1. Kanchana says:

    Pranam ma at your lotus feet ! We are following your footsteps on this beautiful journey of finding God.

  2. midhunpk210 says:

    Ma, These lines touched me deeply.

    ” As god ever knows, He takes no time to understand what the real will of the aspirant is and what
    he actually desires foremost. in accordance to that, GOD delivers and shows mercy never gives more or less
    since he is always flawless and impartial.”

    ” Those truthful seekers who really want god and nothing else from his maya or gods
    creation are truly blessed, because god seeks such aspirants extremely eagerly.”

    Thank you ma..

  3. pandey2 says:

    Instil new faith…….Wipe out your old personality…Through her, you shall know the hidden secreted nature of God and the working of God’s creation called prakriti.

    Pranam Ma..

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