Activities of Spiritinlife-Workshop in Bangalore 25th to 27th Dec’15.

Synopses of a few participants.

Date: 26th and 27th Dec 2015.

Venue : Kiran and Chaya Mutt’s house, Raj Rajeswari Nagar Bangalore.

Attended by:  Ma, Babaji and all divine Masters, Kiran, Chaya, Arun, Sudhi, Nazma, Faraha, Neeta, Kumkum, Paripurna, Shahid, Mithun, Kanchana, Bharath, Roshini, Aravind, Adithya, Nishant,

“Kiran and Chayaji family and friends (1st day evening)” ,Suresh Babu (on 2nd day)

Kiran’s Family: Lakshmi, Rama. Chaya’s Family: Prasad, Parimala, Priyanka, Prerith; Sanjay, Chandrika; Santosh, Kavitha. Friends: Vasantha aunty, Tirumal uncle; Kishore, Bhagyashree.


Towards the evening many guests arrived and the session continued till late evening. It was truly a very dynamic workshop with many blooming buds and great wannabe potentials waiting to be pioneered and thus usher a new beginning for some trailblazers there!!


We visited Manasa Foundation on 27th Dec, morning.




Synopses presented by people from all walks of life-Bharat Iyer (engineer)


My Pranams & Gratitude !

Bangalore workshop was longest session I have ever attended and huge flow of Gyan. It started on morning tea session 7.30 am to 8.30 am and after breakfast started at 9.30 am to 1.30 pm  and  post lunch 2.30 to 8.30 pm and summarizing session after dinner till almost 12.30 pm. We did not feel like stopping here.

My synopsis is as below

Mind can create anything out of nothing. It can be positive / negative based on our thought process / kind of activities we are used to carrying out for years -present life / past life. Example was given of rope in the dark can be seen as snake – this is not true but it is a delusion. It gives a false picture. Satya and Asatya was distinguished. Satya ( Truth ) is everlasting, not changing, it cannot be created / destroyed. In search of truth different paths are used- compassion and humility, light and knowledge, Seva,

Mind can cause distortion / commotion it can absorb also distortion / commotion. It has capacity. It is like a spider which can weave the web / it can also absorb its own web

Mind has tremendous power and power of subconscious was talked about.

Analogy of working of mind with computer was explained. The way computer has various drives C, D, E there is partition of all drives to store data and also there is Recycle bin to store deleted files. When there are  a lot of unwanted data and these files are not deleted, speed of computer is slowed down. Similarly our mind has lot of unwanted files / weeds which need to removed / deleted so that we can become more productive / effective in our growth.

Simlarly, in our house, all unwanted things / unused things can be given off so that we become lighter. Mother told about her own things about becoming light in many ways.  LIVING IS GIVING. Amazing !

What God loves the most in devotee? It was compassion and humility which takes 1st place over devotion.

On Gods / Guru direction there should not be any doubt / questions. It should be 100% submission / surrender.

Priority of work – There are a lot of work which is required to be done in a day. Prioritization  was discussed – 1st put priority list – 1,2,3 and do 1st priority item – 100% and then move to next. A couple of examples were cited.

We were cautioned about NOT DOING WRONG THING. Moving slow is acceptable but wrong thing not acceptable. There are signs which our intuition guides when we do WRONG THING

1st – heart beat becomes different / erratic.

2nd – Fear is developed

3rd – Before doing check / Feel that you are in front of your Guru and you are doing it.

As per Shivanandji, we should make a programme of our whole life. For most of us, 70% life is over. How long / how many lives we want to do the same things.? Let us rise and fit right priorities to grow spiritually.

Five senses – Our five senses use all internal energy and it goes outwards. By intensifying sadhna and control of senses we should channelize all internal energy and take it inwards for our spiritual growth.

On 27th  Dec we started in morning for visit to Manasa foundation. Mother had communion with God and Maharishis and conveyed their message that whole group was accepted and there are three power centres created for further expansion of spiritual activities.

1st – Mother’s house at Vashi, Ganeshpuri Swami Nityanandji ashram and SKY

2nd – Ahmedabad Shivanandji’s Ashram, Rashmiben’s house and SKY

3rd – Bangalore Manasar foundation, Kiran / Chaya’s house and SKY

These are powerful energy centres which is blessed by God / rishis.

Sureshbabu also shared his communion with saptarishis. He asked Saptarishis when do they communicate and they said 24 hours. Then I understood – whosever mind is clutter free ( unwanted files / weeds are removed ) they can sense it .

After this visit, we parted for our destinations. I would like to mention this incident which happened after we left Manasa foundation.

We had our return ticket by train, it was wait listed ticket which did not get confirmed. So immediately at Manasa we did online booking through Redbus for VOLVO, which was done and time of departure was 4 pm from Yeshwantpur.

We reached the spot and bus arrived and did not take us stating all seats were FULL. I frantically called booking office and they checked PNR no and told that tickets were booked for Monday / not Sunday. We cancelled old booking and re booked for 10 pm bus and called up Kiran and reached his place.

After dinner, we called OLA cab and started from Kiran’s house heading to bus stop for boarding.  In cab, I found Ravi Shankarji photo ( Art of living ) heart of heart I thought this person must be good. I was checking my message on my cell phone and all of sudden driver whose attention is on the ROAD observed Babaji’s photo in my cell phone. I m still aghast how did he see my mobile when his attention was on ROAD.

He asked me about Babaji. I said we had fantastic satsang for last 2 days here where you picked us. He was very happy to know and said.

Cab Driver – I m trying to connect to Babaji for last 2 years, I m asking every passenger who travels in my cab but nobody could guide me. I searched through Rajnikant’s fans to get connected but nothing worked . I see one programme in TV they had displayed Babaji photo so I reached them . They were charging Rs.2,000 as entry fees. I went there after seeing those people I did not feel like associating and I came back. For past 2 years I have fully surrendered to Babaji and every day I pray to him- Babaji all this days work ( Mei samarpan kar raha hun apko ).

My reply – You are talking to right person, I will get you connected. Don’t go to places where they are charging you 2000 / any amount. I showed all pictures in my cell. Also told him that when we have workshop in Bangalore next time will call you. In meantime I told him that I will send YSS centre address where he can get books in Kannada and also get connected.

Cab driver – His name Narayana swamy. I m very pleased I will do what you suggest.

Me-  Now I know why my train ticket did not get through and also why my bus ticket was booked on Monday. It is to meet you and connect you to right place as your thougts are very intense and looking forward since 2 years. I was medium. I m very HAPPY about it

After reaching Pune, I checked YSS centre address and got him connected and also Mr. Prasad (  Chayas brother) as per Mother’s instruction.

Once again my pranams !

Yours affectionately,


Midhun Subramanium (IT professional)

Ma, some points which were main, leaving those which have been repeated.

You may walk slow in the path of truth, but remember, never make a mistake. Not to add a negative karma, or perform a sin.

Do not stick with people who are not good to us, forgive them, bless them, pray for them. We can’t please everyone.

Have tremendous faith in gurus, Wht seems impossible now can be done by their will. Say yes to their will. Rest shall be done.

Live simple, do not make so much possessions, it only gives temporary satisfaction and joy. Go beyond it.

Pain and difficulties are chiseling process of god to make u bigger. Never say No to this. ( referring to the tests and difficulties )

Man’s mind is tricky, it always go after things and possessions which can not give him permanent joy.( I could relate this to Mrig Trishna what ma wrote in the blog and the story by Tolstoy ).

Best source of joy and peace are service, compassion, humility.

Karma, bhakti, Gyan are not different. Ultimately they all are one path which lead us to gods kingdom.

One speck of light can change the destiny of mass..thts the power of the light.

Money has to be used very wisely, And used for good purpose.

The vedas and other puranas talk about the glory of Brahman. And no where given practical wisdom to achieve that. Ma,s blog is really a practical guide to the truth.

Man’s tendency of Negative attitude than positive attitude – when we make a decision for something good. first mind make a negative approach to say No by reasoning many things, we have to understand this and keep a positive attitude.

Mas positive attitude made her the channel of gurus for the new yuga.

pilgrimages with guru is very important, disciple do not have an idea how much of their bad karmas can be wiped out quickly by the masters.

Peace ans silence. The very important in sadhana.

We have to collect the energy inside than losing it through the senses, to increase the thought power.

External things and disturbances may be many but once you learn to be in peace inside Nothing matters.

Humility and service, god love most in his children’s, that which enables man to go close to him very fast.

God is pure itself and can reach him by those who are pure. We have to raise above all gunas.

Leave expectations, just give & receive with love.

Unwanted thoughts should be eliminated.

Organizing things properly, prioritizing things are very important.

Be a loser but never do mistake.


Lavanya Kurup (IT professional)

Dear Ma,

Please find below a short synopsis of our meet/workshop.

We are given the freedom of choice to overcome the obstacles in life. We need to keep trying and plunge wholeheartedly into whatever we choose to achieve. Ma gave her example of pursuing her goals irrespective of various hurdles till her wishes were fulfilled and realized. She never gave up and followed the instructions of the Guru without hesitation or think about the pros and cons. Human life is a struggle from the time we are born and at the same time is a beautiful miracle. So, it becomes our responsibility to live a sin free life and let go of greed and the habit of amassing possessions all the time. Let’s always give more and receive less. There is great joy to the self in giving – we tend to overlook this fact. Babaji and other Masters work tirelessly for the benefit of all and always for the greater good. We must remember their efforts and try to make the world a better place – be it caring for the environment/Mother Earth or serving the needy.

We are a speck of sand in the infinite universe around us. When we think of this, ego cannot be our nature. Humility is something that we need to practice and perfect. Our mind tends to linger onto experiences. Its best we move forward and not hold on to our past experiences and also not get entangled in the problems of everyday life that we cannot escape. A true yogi always shines with inner strength irrespective of external circumstances. Meditation can help in building this inner peace and clear away sheaths of unwanted past memories and make us receptive to the guidance from the Guru and other Masters. Ma also gave a beautiful example of a paramour longing for her love irrespective of her daily activities. All her attention is focused on when she can meet her beloved even though she is engaged in multiple activities. Similarly, remembrance of God and keeping Him at the focal point of our lives can help us a lot to rise above the 3 Gunas  (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) and inherent traits we are bound to.

What is most dear to God and the Guru? Compassion and selfless service are two things that can surpass even Devotion. Babaji has clearly shown us the way forward on the path of action and love. Think and feel happy regardless of our circumstances. Positive affirmations can create a positive life.



Neeta Agarwal (House wife)

Pranaam dear Ma!!
Like Ahmedabad, Bangalore has been an amazingly uplifting experiance!! On 25th dec Kiran n Chaya welcomed our spirit in life family to their beautiful,palatial and newly built home. Ma was divinity personified.On 26th dec.. It was a marathon session of almost 12-14 hours of divine sharing,elaborate explanations with wonderful examples n stories thrown in . Ma touched upon various topics which resonated with each of us and we all had great learnings to take away with us. Here is my synopsis of the workshop..
1) Mind has great power. It can create anything out of nothing. Ma explained this by citing the example of a rope which resembles a snake in the dark. Only when there is light do we realise the truth. Similarly with our mind, we can perceive anything so we should expand our mind to positivity.
2) Ma said that unwanted things clutter our house and when we part away with unnecessary possessions we make way for positive energy to move around. Similarly we need to unclutter our minds of unwanted thoughts so that in the space created we can experiance divinity. Outward clutter affects our inward clutter n vice versa.
3) Also energy goes out through our 5 senses all the time. If we start conserving this energy we can convert it into spiritual energy for our progress.
4) Ma quoted a beautiful line: LIVING IS GIVING!! When we give to others we are actually giving to ourselves indirectly becoz what we give comes back to us. So the mantra for right living should be- live simple, dont clutter , dont hoard and surrender unconditionally to the divine.
5) Ma spoke about What is Truth? Truth is eternal, never ending, complete, whole n holy. She pointed out that material possessions never give happiness. It is the truth inside us which gives us Bliss when we connect to it.
6) The quality that God loves the most in us humans is the quality of HUMILITY n SERVICE and not Devotion as is generally believed.
7) A very important fact pointed out by Ma was that when we do many good deeds, we should not spoil it by doing negative karmas , becoz its like adding little sand to kheer. However sweet the kheer may be , it will not be worth eating if there is sand in it.
8) God has blessed each one of us with some good qualities and talents. We should work on them and excel in those areas.
9) Ma explained that this world is mithya or mirage…where things look real but are not so . We need to become aware of this fact and transcend it to understand the real.
10) Lastly we should also work on our body to make it healthy, active n fit so that it can help our mind also to be agile and alert.
On 27th dec..  We visited the Manasa Foundation on the outskirts of Bangalore. This is an amazing place exclusive effort by Guruji Krishnanandji!! We visited the Cosmic Tower which is in the shape of an inverted pyramid over normal pyramid. The Sapta Rishis radiate light n energy through this pyramid. One can meditate here and experiance great and  uplifting energy. We visited the Sapta Rishis temple, Amaraji n Guru Krishnanandji’s Temple where their Holy Ashes have been kept. We also meditated in the Kundalini Tower. They also have 7 different cells where we can meditate ..each corresponding to the 7 chakras in our body . We also visited the Antar Manasa where Guru Krishnanandji lived and got the inspiration to build Manasa Foundation. Manasa was truly an uplifting experiance with its serene n peaceful environment!!
This Christmas eve..we all were baptized by Ma with the holy n divine teachings which she showered on us so freely.. Gratitude to Ma n my spirit in life family members..n special thanks to Kiran n Chaya for their amazing hospitality!!!
Aditya Iyer (student)

Dear Maa,Here I have written down my takeaway from the wonderful and enlightening workshop we had. I did not get it in order in which it was discussed, but this is how I have absorbed what I learnt:

  • Discussed truth- agam, agochar,, anant, sashvat, nitya

Cannot be created or destroyed. There is only one truth, the rest is all illusion.

Satya and Mithya.

  • One begins their journey towards truth in some or the other direction- it could be in search of love or compassion or wealth or knowledge. It is in that direction that you finally end up at the truth.
  • Until we have reached the truth, it is like we are in darkness, groping around in search of truth. The mind has the power to create that which is not real, but feels absolutely real. It is all a mind game.

Andhere me rajjo ka sarp ka bhram.

  • We finally understand that one cannot simply find the truth. It has to come to you. It cannot be taught. It has to be self realized. Satya hame var leta hai.
  • Taking Nachiketa’s example- not getting tempted away from finding truth, not getting distracted by maya
  • Icha Shakti is a very strong tool. When applied in the right direction, one can find God. We saw this from examples of characters from the Mahabharat.
  • Maa explained total surrender through Arjun’s example;sleeping soundly while Krishna worried about the war of Kuruskshetra.

Din ko raat and raat ko din kaho, agar Guru kahe to.

When Guru says something, all we need to do is take a leap of faith and take the first step, even if from our point of view things may seem impossible. It may happen that the other things will take care of itself eventually.

  • Discussion on the nature of children, and how they can be molded by good morals and values

It is much more important to grow into a good human being than to excel in studies alone. It is essential to learn compassion, hard work and to earn/deserve what we get.

  • Learnt how it is very crucial to monitor our words, thoughts and actions. We need to strive to do good, show love and compassion always
  • Be very careful to not(knowingly or unknowingly) do anything that is sin. It will be like ‘ek chutki ret in kheer’
  • Discussed Hoarding. We need to realize that accumulating wealth or any other materialistic objects disturbs peace and distracts one from path of finding God and Truth.
  • Importance of being lite. It gives us peace. We won’t retain any of the accumulated wealth once we leave this body this life. Holding on to worldly objects is like taking desert sand in your hand. It will only slip out through your hands, leaving you with nothing.
  • ‘Poot kapoot  to dhan kyun sanche; Poot supoot  to dhan kyun sanche?’
  • I asked Maa whether bad or wrong thoughts count as bad karma.

Maa said that acting upon those thoughts is bad karma. We need to identify and catch these thoughts before we act on it. There are three signs:

  1. Heartbeat feels irregular
  2. The conscience pricks, it feels wrong
  3. If your Guru were in front of us, would we be doing what we were thinking.
  • I told Maa That I have not been meditating often, as I have been distracted with college and adjusting to the new life. I felt I have not done justice to my spiritual goals, which I hold at great importance.
  • Maa asked me to look at it this way, that I took time and have been concentrating on the change in life and environment. It will soon be understood how concentrating on what you are doing is a form of meditation. I have not been meditating, but I haven’t forgotten about it.
  • Maa assured me that I am on a right track and that gave me lots of peace and encouragement. I will give more of my time and energy in realizing my progress on this path henceforth
  • Importance of physical activity. We need to maintain a healthy body to maintain a healthy mind. We need to sweat out and burn out the excess calories from the body. Play group games and exercise.
  • Importance of good company. We need to be careful, as it is from our company that we imbibe characteristics. Avoid companions who have developed bad habits. This is necessary to keep the mind clean and clear and peaceful. Books are also company so read good books.
  • Energy flows in the spine. That’s why it is told to sit with spine erect while meditating.
  • We spoke about handling problems in the world, when it can interfere with our spiritual goals. When the inner world is not the same as the outer world. We sometimes are unable to focus on inner peace, when there are outer troubles bothering us.
  • Maa said that only by dealing with these problems and addressing them can we finally get rid of it and get peace. Prioritize. Sit with yourself and find out what are the thing that bother us. Organize them as top priority, medium priority and low priority, and deal with them in that order. Don’t think of the other things while dealing with one.
  • Practice peace and let go of things. Old matters should be forgiven and forgotten.  Unlock old locks and empty the grooves of the old thoughts. Only when we let go, we can have space for new thoughts. We will realize that in time, we will get a lot of peace.
  • Forgive and forget. We cannot forgive someone unless we are still expecting something out of them. Drop the expectations from anyone. Bhool chook maaf.
  • Maa told us about the question she asked God… we as human beings have such varied perception about you. You being high above, how do you perceive us? God replied that he sees us as people drowning, groping in darkness, not knowing where they are or their purpose of existence, just indulging in their own baseless achievements. Yet, through all struggle, if we must persist to find God, not be distracted by the delusional world he has created.
  • Maa then told us about another question… what pleases you most?

God answered that it is humility and a willingness to serve selflessly, and not devotion as it is largely believed, that pleases God the most. One who is humble and bows down to God, and willingly serves his children and his world, is held most dear to God.

  • On 27th, we went to Manasa Foundation. I heard of the place last year in the Pondicherry workshop, and ever since, I had been wanting to go there. The place was highly peaceful and it felt energizing. We meditated in the Cosmic tower, which was designed to absorb the energy from the Aakash and concentrate it on Earth in that place.
  • After going around the place, Maa gathered us all. We were told that God had accepted all of us who had come there. We are a family- Spirit in Life Family. God and the Gurus have made centres, trapping the energies in triangles: Aakash,  Maa’s house in Mumbai, Ganeshpuri; Aakash, Rashmi aunty’s house in Ahmedabad, and Swamai Shivanandaji’s Ashram; and now Aakash, Kiran Uncle’s House, and Manasa Foundation. It was thrilling to learn this.

I have always felt so peaceful after every time I have met you Maa. This time was no different, in fact, it was all the more peaceful. I will be more connected with you and this path henceforth.

Thank you for accepting me.

Seeking your blessings,

Aditya Iyer


Paripurna Pandey (Scientist)

The day started with Guru Puja. We did our Pranam to our beloved Guru Ma.  Later Ma, put flowers to Babaji’s Photo frame and deepam was lit along with Agarbattis. All of us done our Pranam to Babaji one by one.

Ma, started the day talking on Mind. What is mind. Know the nature of Mind. Mind is continuous changing. Mind can go back in time, Mind can travel to any place in no time..It is very powerful tool and can make out things out of nothing. Mind can perceive rope as Snake – “Rassi me sarp hone ka bhram hota hai” and due to this an individual may die.. All this happens because of fear and darkness. We need to be fearless and remove the darkness (Ignorance). Seek help of Guru.

Increase your concentration to increase your Mind power. Mind power can be increased by controlling the scattered mind energy and this way we can create balance in our work for materialistic goal and sadhana. At the core we should be peaceful and connected to the source while doing the external work. We need to train our mind and do right things. Let the mind not imagine negative things. Build strong body and build a strong mind. Clean your mind remove junk cleansing. Think positive and be happy. Discipline is important.

Give, give and give..Take less..expect nothing.. It is like Neki kar dariya me daal. Whatever you do for other is in fact we have done for our self. Reduce your possession. Be contended..Have only, what is needed. Remove unwanted things. Give it.  Ma, mentioned about great saint Kabir das saying “Poot sapoot to kyon dhan sanchay poot kapoot toh kyon dhan sanchay”. Leave attachments. The things we are holding are not going to be permanent..We all will die one day..then why so much attachments. Substance don’t give joy it is your mind which gives joy.

Follow Guru’s words wholeheartedly.  On Sri Lanka trip,  Ma mentioned that the planning and the creation of list is done by divine Master’s.  They plan well in advance. We need to have total faith on it as this is planned by God and divine Masters out of compassion for our benefits. Ma, mentioned that we can’t comprehend how much power these Masters have and how much we can get benefited. We need to follow the schedule “as it is” since it was given by great Master’s.  we are so lucky that we are getting opportunities like. It  is like we won some lottery as we are getting things so easily. Utilize these opportunities.

Ma, mentioned that even if one person decides to free himself from this Materialistic world then it creates it’s positive impact on universe because this increases the weightage of Dharma.

Babaji says we are world citizens.

We need to be determined on our to you self..Do self analysis…Be single pointed..

We shouldn’t be lethargic… Our body has memory and at times we gain weight if we don’t workout on our emotions. We should work on reducing our weight and start new life. Forgive all and then forget.

Sadhak should be careful about Satoguni  (Sukhsma ) ego. Only Guru can identify it and can free us .  If we made good kheer (sweet rice) but if we mix even little sand then it can’t be eatable… on the same way we the Sadhak should do good karma but shouldn’t do sin’s else things will go wrong and God will punish us. We all have some way to check if we are doing wrong things. While doing a work if our breath or heart pulsation changes ..please think about it before doing it.  Ma told one story on this topic ->

Guru nanak story- On doing the righteous thing. One of the baba Nanak disciple told him that he loves other disciple more than him. Baba Nanak out of compassion to teach him the lesson called both the disciples and gave each one of them one bird and asked them to go and kill the bird where no one can see them while killing. The disciple who earlier accused baba nanak that he loved him less came quickly and told that work is done and he is able to kill the bird as asked by him and he ensure no one seen him while doing this act. But other disciple haven’t come for a while and then came finally when after lot of time passed and handed over the bird to baba Nanak saying that he couldn’t able to find a place where no one is there since god is everywhere. Baba called his other disciples and told the deeper understanding this particular disciple had, which eventually explained why Baba loved him more.

Parents should inculcate righteousness virtues in their child. Emphasis should be on doing the right thing rather on winning on any cost.  It is fine to lose but do the right thing.

Everyone has one good quality. We all should cultivate that good quality. Keep working on it and do better and better on it and at the end everything will fall in place.

Do you work and Live by the will of God. That is Niskam karma.

Satya humko Var leta hai. There are two things in this world.  One is Satya and other is asatya.  Satya is like Jaggery whoever eats, it tastes sweet. Satya is eternal, avinashi. Satya mai duality nahi hai. Hum dukhi hain kyoki hum astya ko pakade hue hain. To know Satya we need to leave astaya. This sansar is not nitya..We live this in this world like as if it is never ending. We create our own Samsara like spider creates it’s web but at the end, we have to eat our web, like spider does to be free from this Samsara.

Any challenging task..say that you can do it..Be instrument of god. Create priorities..divided it into with timeline and work on it. We can do a lot by organising our brain. Universe support us when we take things positively and start working on it.

Find out yourself what is giving you peace.  Live nice simple truthful life.  Know that, what I am giving to world is coming back to us. Have gratitude.

Shivanand Swami ask us to to plan Program for the life.

God loves humility and service…start from any one and reach to other ..They both are one and are direct path which leads to God fastest.

Ma told multiple stories reflecting on we are Atman and forgot our true identity…

Leo tolstoy: A king told to his citizens that i will give land to everyone of whatever size they want. Each citizen was asked to run without stopping and whatever distance He/She can run that much land will his/her. The only condition was that He/she has to return back to the king. It is said that no one got the land except one person because that person remembered that he has to returned back also. Rest never returned. We the children of God also are running and we have to return back to the god.

Lion and goat story:  Due to circumstances a lion cub had grown-up along with goats. In company of goats he started behaving like other goats. Once a Lion attack on goats and found the grown-up lion cub also running along with goats. This Lion put hold this grown-up lion and told me that you are lion and not goat but was not able to convince him. At-last the other lion took him to a water body and shown him his face and then he realized his true identity also roared like Lion.

Beggar story: A beggar who actually was Son of a king but lost in early childhood.  While begging once he went to the kingdom and somehow people recognized him as lost son of the king and told that he is successor of the kingdom. But the beggar was still not able to believe all this and after wearing King’s cloth still behaved like beggar. It took considerable time by the prime minister to convince him on his true identity.

Towards the evening so many aspiring souls reached to gathering. They all are wonderful people with inclination towards Truth/Self realization.

In the night we recalled our learning in presence of Ma. Ma told all of us about her amazing experience in Babaji’s cave and later revelation by great sage Kashyap Maharaj about that experience. By the time we went for sleet it was around 1:00am.

On Next day we all went to Manasa foundation.  A very sacred place with full of divine vibrations. We all meditated in Cosmic tower for 30-min. What a wonderful meditation we all had. We paid our respect Saptrishi, Guru Ji Krishnananda, Maharishi Amara, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Kundalani tower, Raw temple (Neel Bramha).

In Manasa Ma made one interesting revelation that in Bangalore, Kiranji House become centre of “spirit in life” and receiving energy from Manasa foundation. Ahmedabad is another centre of “spirit in life” and receiving energy from Shivananda babaji ashram.  Mumbai is another centre of “spirit in life” and receiving energy from Ganeshpuri.

We all were filled so much. We all are one family bonded by “spirit in light” thread with Ma.

Ma was was right in saying that we learned years of learning in just one day.  My Pranam to Ma, Guru Babaji and great divine masters. May we all grow spiritually and serve our guru and God wholeheartedly.

A note for readers of Sri Lanka

I visited Katargama and many other places in 2013. On the day I was leaving for India and was in Colombo, someone was frantically trying to contact me in Colombo. He wished to meet me. He was a Sinhala from Jaffna, living in the USA. As he did not inform me in advance we could not meet.

If there are any readers of this blog residing in Sri Lanka and if they wish to meet me to discuss the content of my posts if they are following it, then please note that a band of devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji from India will be making a pilgrimage to Sri Lanka with me between 8th to 14th March 2016. If you wish to meet, then kindly write to me on I would be glad to see how these blog posts are impacting your life and also love to explain these precepts in detail depending on your level of consciousness presently. Thank you.

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  1. pandey2 says:

    Thank you Ma for sharing the learning’s we had..It has so much for each one of us to contemplate and bring divinity in our life.

    Babaji way of working is amazing. I don’t have word’s to say how I felt while reading your synopsis. So much compassion!..millions of thank would not be enough.

    Ma, you are do so much for us..May we able to reciprocate by absorbing these learning’s in our life.
    My pranam to Ma, Babaji and all divine masters. My heartfull Gratitude.


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Paripurna I understand how you feel after seeing so much grace falling on us during our congegration in Bangalore just 10 days ago. I will be very delighted to see everyone’s progress, daily progress now. So begin with leaving out unessential thoughts and actions and concentrate on your inner development. It should be fast and tangible. We all have limited time with ourselves so don’t let time slip out of your hands. Utilise every moment. Go inwards and touch the inner layers of your mind. You shall find your peace. God bless. Ma

  2. midhunpk210 says:

    Had Intense learning section, thank You so much to all of you and ma.

    ” The supreme form of the Guru is the nectar of immortality to one who has eyes of discrimination. But, like the blind who cannot see the sunrise . . . those who are idle, sluggish, or indifferent are unfortunate for they cannot perceive this Divine form. ”

    _ Guru Gita 49.

  3. Stewart Benson says:

    Thank you ma, wonderful prod to right rememberance.
    om na ma shivaya
    Stewart Benson

  4. nidhilaw50 says:

    thanks everybody for writing the synopsis so intensely.i felt as though i was present there.pranams to sarikadi and param guru Babaji.

    nidhi gupta

  5. Vindhesh says:

    This one is beautiful maa:) Reading this the moments of our small Delhi meeting flashed before me. I was lucky to have met you and received the blessings. Hope the Sri Lanka trip brings more peace and knowledge to our sincere members. May it be a successful divine event.
    and look at the visitors map…..we are having visitors from all over the world!

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