The Shining Stars in the Galaxy!



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(Maharishi Kashyapa)

(This post has been guided by Maharishi Kashyapa, Nitya Jyot, through thought transference )


Invisible Stars are shining in the galaxy in galore of the cosmic universe and infinite space.

They are invisible in the sense that their rays are made up of extremely light rays of God’s light and cannot be seen by normal eyes.

If your mind becomes clear of the debris of the matter made out of the thick thoughts of this physical earth,

You can engineer your mind with special cells of cosmic light by which you can perceive the rays of these sparkling stars.

The light rays arrive without any sensation perceptible; they fall on some; not on all because some have removed little of their matter particles.

If you have incarnated limitless times and not separated Spirit from matter, then you are not equipped with those useful eyes.

Where do these rays come from? Why do they come? To whom are they visible with inner eye? Who are these sparkling Stars in the galaxy?

How have they reached up there? Who has installed them? Moreover, how long will they be installed there?

These questions are significant because the human mind is a part of God’s Universal mind and it has the capacity to reach any corner of the infinite space made out of Spirit and matter.

When the regular mind, which is a blend of Spirit and matter can be dissolved bit by bit leaving behind matter and lastly Spirit alone stands.

Then the current in the mind is of special nature, the speed of nerve currents is inexplicably swift and hasty.

This unique speed comes from the light of God and enters only those special cells of those unique minds where only Spirit resides!

If you look inside such minds, there is nothing but rays of golden, divine light that move at a dizzying speed.

These rays of light bring along with them special messages encrypted coming straight from the thought or will of God.

When these golden or silver rays arrive, they touch the base of the subconscious mind, which in turn is connected to all the parts of the body by electric currents.

The body gets electrified and becomes receptive to the invocations and suggestions sent by the all-pervading God through light.

The matter sleeps, consciousness awakes, and disregard of morning or evening or health or disease, the individual being connects with the Supreme.

The Supreme travels in currents, electric or sublime, sharp or vague, bright or misty and can be gathered in the mind by dulling the senses which are five.

In this state of being, the Universal Spirit is free to work independently and can travel at frightening speed in any part of the Cosmic Universe from one being to another.

It gets an opportunity to function with its own flawless wisdom and intelligence and can work for the welfare of multitudes of millions!

There is no hindrance or delays, there is no confusion or interference and the Supreme wisdom can travel in no time to those who are clear in mind and have no doubt or have misinterpretation.

The blockages in the mind are the barriers in the light of God travelling in the minds of all; remove the matter dust, they shall become a useful receptacle or vessel.

Some human minds were very extra ordinary, they mingled quickly back in Spirit when the Earth was formed.

They did not allow the physical matter of their mind to become very dense and gross, they returned to their original state of immovable and peaceful Spirit.

Their self-realizations were so brilliant, they were made up of deep and thick rays of divine light; they were embedded with exclusive knowledge of Universal Spirit’s formation of humans and even this whole creation.

They decided not to become again matter and asked God to give them a place much above the Earth where their last remains of individualized self or jeevatma can rest forever.

God permitted them to live in space, which is much, much lighter than Earth and that which happens to be the sky and were asked to never perish their individual selves since they were so humble and purely humanitarian.

They were asked to help the humanity in removing their dust of ignorance-matter while they themselves would be thriving on the ambrosia of god’s bliss and love!

Some rare gems in modern world could drop their earthly remnants faster than ever expected by God and the other exalted enriched and enthroned shining Stars, Eternal Lights called the *Nitya Jyot .

It was their sheer will power and the burning desire to burn all the dark residues of past so many lives lived on the ever changing Earth that played the major role in their exceptional divine manifestation.

God has made use of this golden opportunity and rare occasion to use those rare gems in his world wide mission of spreading literacy about Spiritual World and its old forgotten wisdom.

Not only this, their selfless body and magnificent mind has been utilized to document the oracles coming straight from beneath the skies emerging out of the bidding and wishing of God.

These prophesies will be preserved for many millennia so that the future generations will come to God straight without any doubt or skepticism or public indifference.

They will have a road map to follow, a guide to show them an arrow leading straight to their destination of God realization and ancient invaluable wisdom.

God will not allow these rare gems and twinkling Stars to perish or erode or go unnoticed because they have been very honest and fair in their established relationship with invisible Supreme.

Though not visible, yet God has its everlasting presence and will not allow his obedient and sincere children to perish in the crowd of fake propagators of God’s reality and manifestation.

Those who are adverse to fake propagators and can distinguish real from false, authentic from fake, surreal from customary, progressive from regressive, original from derivative.

They will be able to imbibe the current fresh waves of ethereal waves coming straight from the mouth of God and delivered at the nick of time for their perusal and urgent requirements.

These sparkling rays of the Stars are coming from the very old, extremely enlightened primitive Seers and great Sages who are filled with Divine Light and acute Wisdom.

They are perennial, everlasting and eternal in Spirit and form and will never disintegrate since God has designated them a place and form such as the present one.

They are always beaming immensely endowed, powerful, regenerative rays to the world; which they either receive directly from God or they absorb them from the floating ether immediately.

When these rays are directed at some specific areas on Earth or at particular people, wonderful results are seen visible but very subtly and finely, only the distinctive mind observes.

These Sages are out of the ordinary, they are endowed with some rare mental earnings and calibre by which they can penetrate in the minds of other people who are located at extremely far-off places on the planet or even Universe in very subtle form.

By knowing their minds and the distortions, they apply their own mental powers to enhance the thoughts for changing the existing to more powerful ones or they plant new, very innovative ideas on the lowest layer of their subconscious mind.

I have received this extra ordinary knowledge, never known before to the world publicly on account of my very good deeds and devotion towards my very humble and holiest of all great exalted Masters residing in the infinite sky ever since millennia.

I shall beam these sparkling rays of enlightening holy information to every part of the world by which many areas in the world and many people scattered in the globe shall manifest their dormant Spirit and neglected divinity.

The specified, assigned job  to me by my sweet loving divine Father and our beloved God is to revive this planet and Universe with very powerful spiritual rays by merely spreading awareness about the long forgotten, very humble ancient sages.

And to help those who wish to come forward on their own to redeem their aggrieved souls and to care for them so that they do not lose hope or lose their path which they must never leave and must always walk on………





Quotes  from related posts about Maharishi Kashyapa

“What is *Nitya Jyot, I have not heard this before?” I asked slightly.

“They are highly illuminated divine beings who work ceaselessly for God as well as people and live very, very far from the terrestrial zone. They have very long lives given by God. They are constantly living in God’s light and hence given the title Nitya Jyot-always in light. They live in Satya Lok, the land of Truth,” replied Swami.


To finish my conversation with Maharish Kashyapa, let us now focus on that. He said,

“Kyunki Ishawar ki ichcha hai ki mei tumko kuch bataun  sab ke liye jo pahele kabhi kisi ko Ishwar ne nahi bataya, to suno”

“As it is the will of God that I must tell you something for the humanity that has never been told before by Him, so listen to this-

“Mei sada Satya mei raheta hoon. Ananda ke baad satya hai. Satya Prakash mei hai. Prakash tumhare andar hai. Samadhi teen prakar ki hoti. Teen awastha hoti hai-ananda, shanti aur phir satya.

“I always live in Truth. Beyond Ananda, bliss is Truth. Truth is in Light. Light is in you. Samadhi is of three types. There are three things-Ananda shanti satya. First is bliss, then peace and finally Truth.”

*Nitya Jyot *


Picture of Swami Shivanandji of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh holding a photo of Swami Kartikeyan, his Guru. The temple is Jageshwar in Uttarakhand and the temple in which I am standing is Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Please note-Detailed explanation of thought transference from book Thought Power by Swami Shivananda of The Divine Life Society, and from my blog posts reflect in this post. There is a wonderful book ‘Thought Power’ by Swami Shivananda. It can also be downloaded from-


8 Responses to The Shining Stars in the Galaxy!

  1. pandey2 says:

    Pranam Ma
    Thank you so much for writing about silent work of these great beings. Million and zillions of Thank you would not be enough. My heartful gratitude to these great Masters.

    May we follow the road map suggested, leading straight to destination of God realization.


  2. Chitra Iyer says:

    My namaskarams to your holy feet. JAI MA.

  3. Wonderful Article Amma..

  4. soniasharma79 says:

    I have been seeing these rays or particles ( both as light and matter) since 2012 . It is amazing – not everyone around me understands it but these have now become part of my life

  5. Shahid says:

    Every blog post is like a Diamond, nope in fact more valuable. It is a blessing to be reading these sacred, God light filled posts. Thank you so much Mom <3

  6. Shahid says:

    Jageshwar temple picture with the divine light coming down is so
    magical and heavenly.

  7. Jai Sat Guru dear Maa,

    My questions are very similar to what Kanchanaji and Shahid and others have asked.

    * What changes will come to the world through this world-wide mission of spreading the Truth of the wonderful ancient Sages? How will the people of world change?

    ** Please tell us more about the wonderful Sages and Souls compassionately serving the earth endlessly. How did they achieve the highest level of humanity?

    *** Please also help us understand more about you dear Maa. Who is the sweet wonderful Soul we address as Maa? I am sure I have not completely understood you. I believe if we understand you more and more we will someday understand the great Gurus a little bit more.

    **** How does a mind decipher the encrypted messages coming from the Sky? What are the prerequisites for a mind to be able to do that?

    Thank you Maa.

    Jai Sat Guru

  8. midhunpk210 says:


    Jai Satguru Dear Ma, Pranam.

    • What is really meant by ‘Universal Mind’

    • The state which is mentioned in the below paragraph, is it referring to the state after Liberation or can it be achieved before liberation by doing Sadhana or is it the same? (“ and not separated Spirit from matter,……”)

    • If a Sadhak is aware of the impermanence of the matter, still why does the mind not registering completely to this fact?

    • How can a Sadhak who don’t know what real guru is, who didn’t even get a chance to be in the presence of a true guru, can differentiate real and false? I thought this question may be useful to all, who are about to come (“Those who are adverse to fake propagators and can distinguish real from false, authentic from fake, surreal from customary, progressive from regressive, original from derivative.”)

    • Ma, the question Nish has asked, was raised in my mind too many times even though you have explained about you in many times. Please tell about you more.

    • As it is mentioned in the post, It is icha sakti the greatest power in man. and humility is the great quality of a seeker which make him closer to God faster and bhakti that purifies the mind. Which is the greatest power that made you cross even the Prabhutva Gyan in one life? Humility, Icha Sakti, Bhakti, Seva or all this are proportional to each other?

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