Audio of discourse on-How to raise the level of your consciousness?-I, Navi Mumbai 19.3.17

Dear readers, I take pleasure in informing you that a new Segment H has just started. It has a title ‘Inner Sacred Life of Infinity’. These are of Infinity or Anant level.

It began with the last post of discourse on raising the level of our Consciousness in a Workshop held in Pune on 14.1.17.

The following three audios are from my talk given in a Workshop held in Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 19.03.17. The first short audio is of introductory level, the following two are from passages of the above mentioned post.

The next Workshop of discourse is in Pune on 09.04.17 on -

In this year there will be many Workshops to explain the hidden facts about these posts so enriched with wisdom of ancient Rishis and Maharishis. The new segment will comprise of only audios and sometimes videos. Whoever is interested in attending these classes or Workshops may please write to me on Synopses of previous Workshop is available on

Thank you.


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4 Responses to Audio of discourse on-How to raise the level of your consciousness?-I, Navi Mumbai 19.3.17

  1. Farha says:

    Pranaams Ma, I had read these series of blog posts on Raising your Consciousness with lot of time and detail but your audio explanation on it is so deep and wide…goes to show how much little we absorb when we read and just like sacred scriptures, the words of the blog give a deeper and different level of meaning based on our consciousness every time we go back to it.

    There are so many points that I have made note of but this particular line you told Ma, has stuck a chord – ” Try to reduce the reminiscencing, stop revising maya. Don’t add layers. Stop revising, recapitulating, recalling, redoing……” How often do we do this! I never thought that by doing this I am adding unnecessary layers and baggage. This is such an unconscious habit. Thank you for this point, Ma.

    “Jeete jaagte, mann ko sthir kar ke, ankhen khol ke jeeyo”

    Could you please share the name of the Kabir bhajan, when you have time?

    Thank you so much!! 🙏🏻

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Farha,

      Indeed, spiritual awakening requires constantly going deeper inside, deeper than we went the previous time.This can be compared to pure classical music renditions which can be heard all our life over and over again and we will go back to them in future too.
      In the following Kabir bhajan, I am giving you a gist of what I had said on 19.3.17.during my discourse.
      A lion’s cub got separated from the parent and got mixed in the herd of goats and sheep and also learnt to bleat. The shepherd brought him up along with his herd of goats and sheep. The cub also believed that it was a goat’s kid and not a lion’s cub.

      From a jungle came a Lion and seeing this bizarre sight, caught hold of the cub and took him/her to the lake/pond/well and showed him his face in the water and explained to him that perhaps now he should change his perception about himself. And that he and the Lion are from the same tribe and family. And to ensure there is no doubt left in the cub, the Lion roared and asked the cub to roar too. The cub felt sheepish at this moment and then saw the difference and also believed in himself and realized that he was a Lion and not a goat….

      Hence Kabirji says that without a Satguru a human being is always wandering aimlessly in this world endlessly in Maya.
      Wisdom found in this rendition-

      In the end, there is deep wisdom when Kabirji says as there is strong scent (basana/vasana word used by him) residing in the navel (fragrance called kasturi) of the musk deer wandering in the higher regions of mountains. I assume that basana/vasana word is positive here. The deer is going after the enticing smell and gets attracted to it and tries to locate the source somewhere else; not realizing that the fragrance(basana or fragrance of God) is emanating from inside his own navel and after searching a lot gets tired and lies down. When he is quietly lying down, he realizes that the enticing smell or fragrance is coming out from his own navel and at last he rests completely and his search stops…
      This metaphor is applicable to all human beings, we look for happiness outside our own selves and spend many lives looking outside. It is only because of the Grace of a Satguru that we realize that we should not spend our time unnecessarily outside and we must search within us and we will find that everlasting Joy inside us….
      This is how I have looked at this rendition. I have read Kabir Vani long time back but the essence and fragrance lingers….giving you the link to savour this beautiful composition.Bin Satguru Nar Rahat Bhulana….without a Satguru, a human being is always wandering, even after searching so much, he does not find his path….


      • Farha says:

        With such patience, love, understanding and warmth, you reply to each and every comment. Love you Ma. I read the detailed explanation and listening to the soulful rendition, I become aware of how special this life of mine is, cause I have found my Satguru. You had said, “jab jago tab savera” Now my task is to just obey and follow. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • Aditi says:

        Such beautiful beautiful words, and what a rendition!
        I second Farha, we are lucky we have found our satguru…

        Please accept my humble pranam.

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