(Extreme! -1) Long discourses held in Rishikesh Workshop, 21-26th Apr’17

My dear revered readers, there are long gaps in new postings on WordPress. The reason is valid; I am holding quite a few direct conversations and interactions with interested seekers in different cities. I am thoroughly busy with explaining the hidden meanings of my articles to people who come to meet me in my Workshops and sit through the brain storming discourses. The lectures are long, sometime extremely long but it can’t be helped. There are some postings which were very elaborate like the one we discussed in Rishikesh-How to find God in this life-I, II, III. It took us more than twelve hours to go through each line to do the excavation of the Mystic’s lives and attained spiritual knowledge. The audios and videos of the same will be available on 20th May, ’17.


The hard labour and Spiritual achievements of the ancients Seers has been lost in antiquity and people today cannot fathom how people who lived so back in time could have known the facts about God and God’s creation called Maya or Prakriti. Nonetheless, these Rishis have not been forgotten by God as they did prolonged and extensive penance in forests to attain Godhood even when their lives were in danger.

To know about such long forgotten happenings/events today is possible only when God wills. God’s will translates as myriad occurrence in human lives, most of the times undeciphered by common men. However, when we follow the will of God every day in our lives, our lives are bound to change and alleviate our Consciousness and we are enlightened. We begin to get access into the unknown realms or hidden mysteries of life.

The soon to be realized audios and videos in next post on 20th May, 2017 are testimony of that.

Extreme is the word used in this particular Rishikesh Workshop because of three reasons-

  • Each discourse was very long
  • It was very deep and intense
  • It was elaborate.

Despite this, people will not be able to fully follow each and every fact about the long lost and forgotten spiritual knowledge through my previous posts. Hence, I suggest 2 previous short posts from Fb and WP each, for you which will support as well as elaborate the concepts and facts which were disclosed by me in Rishikesh Workshop recently. They are-

1. https://www.facebook.com/sarika.nagrath/posts/1780551542202102


In spite of all this, I shall also help many of you through the soon to be held Workshops in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune between 11th May and 16th June, 2017 to continue my feverish endeavour to go on revealing the lives, times, penance and biography of these ancient Seers and mysteries of God. Apart from these Lectures in Workshops, there will be available for you, all the audios and videos of all the Workshops being conducted henceforth. But that does not mean that you should be complacent!!

The Lectures and discourses shall be spontaneous in nature and shall intermittently divulge my personal communications with the various ancient Seers in my meditations. My intense meditations so many times consist of revelations by these Seers of yore about unknown, hidden laws of God and how God functions and what are the dos and don’ts for we the human beings. This is in addition to prophecies and oracles which are made known to me through these Seers and many times by God. This phenomenon helps me to always walk on the path of Truth as well as show the world ‘The Truth.’

So, when such wonderful anecdotes are happening, it obviously deserves chronicled reporting and documentation. My blogs are those documentation for posterity on WordPress and Facebook!!

Thank you.

Regards and gratitude always.


Some glimpses into making of these posts-

Important summaries for your perusal and recollection-

  1. Midhun

Dear Ma, if there is any mistake please correct me.

  1. Intuition opens the door to knowledge.
  2. Ma made Sankalpin Rishikesh in one of her past life that she wanted to attain god, knowledge and at the same place, she came as a teacher. Such is the power of good & strong Sankalp. One should always make good and strong Sankalp, which can take us further to God. Sankalp Sakti is so powerful that can create our future accordingly
  3. Ma always faced all challenges and difficulties and that nature made her walk beyond blazing knowledge and reach Anand. Icha saktiis very strong power in us, which should be used wisely and only for good, pure, higher intentions.
  4. One should always hold on to peace & Calmness even during our duties, conversations. Etc. A yogi should always aware about his or her breathe since the Pranaand mind are interconnected.
  5. Humans are the most evolved and most advanced creation of God. Whose brain and Nervous system are very advanced, by which he can experience the creation of God and ultimately reach God.
  6. A true Sannyasin renounces everything mentally. Sadhakneed not to renounce externally to attain God. True Sanyas always is in the mind.
  7. Mind & Manas are two separate and different things. Mind is always referred to the brain and Manaswhich is a part of Atman and the same have 3 segments, Sthool, Sukshma, Karan. The atman is beyond all this.
  8. We all are part of God, We become Jeevatmaand born in this earth to experience the creation of god which made by 5 elements. Slowly it start identifying itself as a separate entity other than God, and more indulged in matter. Many of us have travelled so far from God, and still indulging in the impermanent matter & in each life strengthening the Ahankar more and more.
  9. We have 5 Karmendriyasto do karam oractions in this world and 5 Njanendriyas to perceive the world. Njanendriyas gives the Mind information’s from outside and accordingly mind react, hence it is very important for a Sadhak to control the senses and keep mind always focused on Guru & God.
  10. We are always in debt to the Guru. We cannot repay to Guru, as the Guru gives us the most precious true knowledge of God which is only gained by few, which again take us back to God. Doing Sevais one way to show our Gratitude and love. Relationship of Guru and Disciple is eternal.





Dearest Ma,


My sincere apologies for the delayed response. Please find below my synopsis:

  1. Responsibilities of people listening to this workshop
    • Relinquish all ego
    • Live Life by Guru and God’s will
    • To do unconditional seva to humankind
  2. Who is Chiranjeev  – Vo jiska astitva nahi mita sakte hain. Mana aatma ki tarah amar ho jaata hai
  3. Why does human not understand futility of life?
    Guru Gorakhnath ji says, “Humans don’t have sense of time”
  4. Why does Guru have to purify Sadhak’s mind?
    • Mind has many layers. Every thought creates impressions in mind (dense particles)
    • These dense particles are so tightly packed that there is no space for God’s golden rays to penetrate our mind
  5. Who is Brahmachari?
    • Someone who has surrendered body and mind to God. He has no mental vibrations at all from mind
    • His mind has no fear/imaginations
    • In his/her mind there is only one thing “How can I serve God?”
  6. One portion of Atma is “Manas”. In Manas, changes can come but in “Atma” changes can never come
  7. If we collect water from river in a vessel, then even the smallest drop from vessel is same as water droplet from river. Similarly Jeevatma is a portion of Paramatma
  8. Good Smriti needs nourishment, Ichcha shakti and good company
  9. Keep everyone happy in family – career, relationship, money etc. everything should be in perfect balance
    • Have self-respect but not ego
    • Give right amount of time to everyone in family
    • Simplify life by removing useless people and activities
    • All systems will automatically fall in place and they will function smoothly
    • Save time and energy.
    • Now do Yoga sadhana and Good will bless you!
  10. Personal tips
    • Do every action in a gentle pace. You have to be calm and composed all through the day. Ma wants you to rise and become a Yogi
    • Don’t cut other people while they are talking. Wait for them to finish talking and let them take a breath. Then speak up.
    • Ma, I will strive hard to work on resolutions I shared at the end of workshop

Jai Satguru!

Lots of love,

Your son,



  1. Bharat Iyer

RISHIKESH WORKSHOP 21.04.2017 TO 26.04.2017

I thank you with deep gratitude for being part of this Workshop. I consider very fortunate and blessed to be in this meet.

My learnings from workshop are as below

Topic -1 – How to Find God in This life – Part I

  • This topic covers your communion with Param param Sidha Yogi Bogarnathar. They conveyed that they are resurrected by your writings and come alive.
  • Guru and God want to now know all the great yogi’s who have done lot of penance for many lives in process of achieving spiritual goals and enlightenment.
  • Mankind is bound by clutches of birth, old age, disease and death. People are repetitively in the same cycle. Just for one temporary happiness he takes numerous life, disease and death cycle. From one’s own death also man is not learning and still ignorant.
  • We will never be born same again. Nature puts lot of effort to make us.
  • To go all out for permanent cause i.e, Go into inner depth of our mind to contact God
  • Meditate under any circumstances as this will help us differentiate temporary happiness and permanent happiness.

Topic -2 – How to Find God in This life – Part II

  • Continuation of communion with Sidha Yogi Bogarnathar who has done thorough research on the formation of mind
  • Explanation about three states of human mind built over many years- conscious mind, sub conscious mind and unconscious mind.
  • Mind is composed of matter and spirit. Our mind is full of dense matter which is accumulated through many life cycles and eventually forms thick curtain where light of God does not reach i.e, access to our spirit.
  • Ego is settled in the innermost mind i.e, it is there in unconscious mind and it does not leave. This can be removed only Guru.
  • As and when our matter in mind starts melting, divine light reaches and charges every cell of our brain. Charge keeps on increasing as and when our God communion is continued.
  • Disease first comes in mind and then in body.
  • Run our life by Godly principles and live life by will of God. Everything will be taken care.

Action to be taken

  • Bring revolution within
  • Emit peaceful and loving vibrations
  • Help and serve.

Topic -3 – How to Find God in This life – Part III

  • Explanation about difference between brain and mind . Brain is in physical body and mind is in subtle body. Mind is made of food and thought.
  • Heart and brain has lot of energy. Healthy, impactful and influencing mind is because of thought power. Brain is developed with good food, nutrition and exercise
  • Aura and personality of person is because of the energy of mind.
  • Mind can change but Atma does not change
  • Intellect ( power of reasoning ) and memory is also part of Subtle component – Mind. Huge data is stored in the mind. We have to organize proper mind file storage.
  • Quality of memory- Fragile, mediocre and Grave. Knowledge we get is engraved through proper exercise, nourishment and Will power. Mind gives electrical command to the brain and decides by will power that it wants to do certain action.
  • Don’t eat wrong food, not to be in wrong association.
  • Remove junk from mind space to store new information

At the end of workshop my sankalpa is I serve  spirit in life whole heartedly as this is the way I can understand / work on serving my higher purpose of life.

I will work / aid / involve in activities  in conserving earth.

My  pranams and deep gratitude to you for all teachings.



4. Nishith Patel

Dearest Maa,

Jai Sat Guru!

Please find the learnings and synopsis of the most amazing workshop in Rishikesh.

-> With unending gratitude to the great Gurus, Swami Kartikeyanji, Maharishi Bhogarnatharji, Guru Gorakhnathji, Swami Shivanandaji, and Shri Mahavatar Babaji… unknown rishi’s, and beloved Guru Maa.

-> Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha.

-> Determined to find God in this life, no matter what.

-> The announcement of arrival/disclosure to the world of the Greatest Gurus has been made during the workshop.

-> Mind can be brought back in control by doing right actions. The mind can be surely controlled when Gurus’ instructions are followed without resistance. The Gurus can see further than anyone.

-> The speed of instructions and messages is unbelievably fast in the astral world, and between Maa and Gurus.

-> The power and effect of this workshop was tremendous. Large scale work and cleansing of disciples has occurred during this workshop. Cleansing worth 10 years of pilgrimage was completed in 2.5 days.

-> One single thought in a tiny moment can change the mind’s course, either for good or for bad depending on the quality of thought.

-> This path is always difficult in the beginning, but later life becomes peaceful.

-> Worship the wise sages and follow the foot steps of the great ones. Serve humanity, family, and earth. Offer the life to search for God.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Jai Sat Guru!

#Please note-There are two more posts published just now on Fb on Rishikesh Workshop along with this one on WordPress.

-Synopses and photos of Spiritinlife Rishikesh Workshop 21-26th April’2017 &


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  1. Mandira says:

    Dear Amma,

    Thank you for publishing the synopses here. Bullet point summaries gave me a glipse into the sea of knowledge you would have shared in Rishikesh.
    Awaiting to see the videos now.

    Love and reverence,

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