On Guru Purnima-New Light, New Life

Dear devotees and readers, today is an important day for us on which we in India, keep aside a lone day in our calendar to invoke and remember the illumined sages. We worship them. We also thank them and offer our heartfelt gratefulness. We renew our pledge to liberate and redeem ourselves from our own created sufferings initiated in the past incarnations, some made now because we lacked focus and awareness.

As this is a very advanced segment, Segment-H ‘Inner Sacred Life of Infinity’, it has only audios and videos. Older posts of Infinity Level have been discoursed through direct interaction in Satsanga or Pravachan or Discourses in Rishikesh in November 2016 and April 2017 and elsewhere. You may please go over these audios and videos in the coming months and get a good grasp over the veiled knowledge of liberation owned by a few solitary immortals, shining gems in the galaxy mysterious to the world.

Posts from this segment are very challenging and cannot be deciphered alone unless a great deal of explanation about the complexities is given in Discourses personally. Furthermore, unless I explain a few important points about the layout of the mammoth blog, readers will not understand the profundity of each post which are so many by now.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji has over uninterrupted long period of time, through mutual mental connections imparted me the supreme knowledge of Moksha and beyond. His own astral Gurus have further added to his given treasury. They have gone still further and revealed to me their procured spiritual knowledge attained with so much penance back in forgotten time. I have documented most of that in Infinity Posts or Anant Gyan in H segment.

They have divided this seamless knowledge into 4 categories as below. Please find an explanatory Tab on the Menu on the Home Page titled-Blog at a Glance & History of past rich heritage. Briefly for your convenience it is,

  1. Blazing knowledge after Moksha termed as-Teevra Gyan. That is labelled as Level 1. There are 3 stages in this level. They are Level 1, 2 & 3.
  2. Very Blazing knowledge termed as Prachand Gyan. There are 3 stages in this level likewise. They are Levels 1, 2 & 3.
  3. Extremely Blazing knowledge called Prabutva Gyan. There are 3 stages in this level like before. They are Level 1, 2 & 3.
  4. Infinity or Anant. This is endless and has no stages or divisions.

The colours used in the representation bands are-yellow, orange, white and blue for Teevra, Prachand, Prabhutva and Anant respectively.

The segment H belongs to explanation primarily of audios and videos of Anant or Infinity posts. Or of L2 or L3 stage of some previous segment of Prachand or Prabhutva Gyan.

There are numerous posts already published since May of year 2008. Most of them are hard to grasp and retain even after understanding on the surface. To first understand these difficult posts and to be able to transfer them in our regular life, we must slow down and look back now. It is important for all of us; it is no mean task to grasp the in-depth and veiled meanings. Therefore, it is not advisable for us to expect a new post on this auspicious day. However, we will not skip the fortunate occasion to invoke our sacred, enlightened Masters and Gurus who have been blessing this masterwork Blog-Spiritinlife since its inception. We will surely seek them, seek forgiveness for all our past misdeeds and ask for grants and boons so that we all lead a humble, pious and virtuous lives in coming years.

On such favorable days, boons specially of salvation and great transformation are always granted. Asking of such boons is restricted to a small number of population. Most of the population fail to understand the importance of a Godly and devout life in modern times. Leaving out a very small population, everyone now a days is hypnotized with material and money’s flash and madness. More humans should turn to God for wisdom and spiritual solace. A few should at least spend all their lives in pursuit of true happiness, harmony and peacefulness. Only after attaining divine virtues, nobility, tranquility and inner lasting peace, we will put our minds to stall and rest and never again entangle it with this devouring and mesmerizing Maya….we must try to go near God as much as we can in this life and at least visualize a new life full of light and purity.

To celebrate this pious occasion, let us dedicate one whole week for our soul’s liberation and removal of our mental, physical woes. There will be 8 posts each day beginning from today Sunday 9th July, lasting till next Sunday 16th July when I will insert an important quote from an old segment from mid way. They will be on Facebook since we cannot have posts other than audios and videos in this segment. But for discussions and question answers, you may please respond in the comment box of that post on WordPress only. In this way, we shall also get enriched from the untouched, intact previous posts.

I take this good opportunity and holy day to also make an announcement. Some years ago, I was really inspired by the sweet voice of my intuition during my daily meditation coming straight out of the Universal Mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji when he said that one day I must establish a Foundation. He wishes to spread New Life and New Light in this world through this blog. He called it Nav Jeevan, Nav Jyoti. I compressed it and coined it to- Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation (NJJF). There is a very interesting cluster of posts from segment New Light New Life.

Excerpts from subsequent post of 3 articles titled New Life, New Light. A foreword before we take a new turn into our future spiritual training on this website…

A brand new path has been chalked out through Spiritinlife, the clean path has no adulterations and if you are ready to walk on this path, you shall succeed. Provided, Shri Mahavatar Babaji says that-

  • You are always obedient towards him and your mentor.
  • You will keep your mind in control by practising yoga of meditation or dhyan yoga daily without fail for a very long period of time
  • Have enough patience till you see positive results
  • A part of your income to be shared and given for suitable charitable causes
  • Occasional mental and physical isolation to facilitate and retain new learnings. Spiritual tours to pilgrimages required to boost the positive energies

Today’s sadhana according to Babaji, is something that can be done at home but we need to give ourselves in whatever ways to restore the environment that has been deteriorating at a very rapid pace in modern times. We have to add to our sadhana, which we will be doing at home, the seva or serving the Mother Earth. This is new age sadhana as per his vision and if we care to follow this ideology, then we should get very quick results in our endeavours.

A foundation will be made in future which will have the name Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation, NJJF. It means New life New light Foundation. This word has been coined by Babaji himself because through this blog and its Foundation, he wishes to communicate with his millions of followers and well-wishers. He wishes to spread spiritual light and wisdom and give new life to this planet by involving as many people as possible with the help of these two mediums. There would be mainly five objectives of NJJF-

  • To spread awareness about the grave necessity of restoration of our Earth planet
  • To spread divine knowledge in India and far off lands
  • To dispense ancient spiritual wisdom through modern tools and technology through internet to cover as many people as possible in the world.
  • To involve people’s participation in greening the Earth
  • To preserve the Himalayan Mountains and the rivers; more so the sacred place where Mahavatar Babaji lives near Badrinath. The recent spate and trend of landslides and flash floods in the Himalayas in the month of August and September are an indication that all is not well in that environment. And to enable and allow Babaji to live in his cave in Satopanth and other winter abode, that environment should be protected. In future, tie ups with other working agencies and NGO’s in the mountains shall be welcomed and solicited in this regard. It is indeed a mammoth task and mission………

Today on this auspicious day, I wish to state that the Foundation has become a reality and is functional now. Apart from spreading ancient, lost, sacred knowledge of bygone sages through this blog and discourses, it will also publish books in future. It also has environmental issues on its list like tree plantation, water harvesting as top priority.

I extend my help to all those worshippers, believers and disciples of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his lineage of Gurus to serve you, help you, advice you and in helping you come out of the deeply buried spiritual ignorance through this blog, posts of Fb as well as through mails.

To accomplish his dreams and aspirations, we seek partnerships, patronage, guidance and information on these issues from all our revered readers from all walks of life. If you wish to contribute in the field of your knowledge, advice as well as support us monetarily in achieving these goals, please write to me on spiritinlife@gmail.com.

Important-Please note, giving your name, place or city, Pan card is mandatory. At this stage, there is no tax exemption of 80 G from Indian Income Tax department and monetary contribution should be only in INR. We are not in a position to accept any contribution in foreign currency at this stage. Thank you.

With eternal gratitude and my humble offerings to all my sacred Gurus,


10 Responses to On Guru Purnima-New Light, New Life

  1. Aditi Bhatia says:

    Dearest Sarika ma,

    pranam. A very happy guru Purnima to you and all the great sages and souls who have guided humanity from ignorance towards light at various times in history. I bow down to you and all these sages on this opportune day.

    I myself am a lost, bewildered and restless soul desperately in search for some light and meaning in life. I’m lucky I’ve been guided to your doorstep. With folded hands and a humble heart I ask for further guidance. Correct me if I’m wrong in saying this ma, I believe every human takes birth with magical potential to achieve a definite purpose. It’s another matter whether he lives that potential or not.
    These days I have only one desire in my heart that I seem to be sleeping and waking up to – I wish to live MY potential and purpose. What is it that God created me for? When will it be revealed to me ? I don’t believe I’m meant to live a mundane life. What can I do to come closer to finding my purpose? Each day is a struggle in this dark tunnel, but I’m treading with hope in my heart and strength borrowed from you.

    Thank you beloved ma for taking me under your wing 🙏🏻
    With love and gratitude,
    Your Aditi

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Aditi, to you and through you I thank everyone for making this day so useful and purposeful. Such days give us a great opportunity to peep inside deeply and look for higher purpose and meaning.
      Replying to the main points that you have chosen to know from me-

      You-Correct me if I’m wrong in saying this ma, I believe every human takes birth with magical potential to achieve a definite purpose. It’s another matter whether he lives that potential or not.
      Me-Yes, Aditi, this is true but the Spiritual Science says that the potential gets buried inside the layers created by our karmas and we lose contact with God residing and speaking to us.

      You-What is it that God created me for? When will it be revealed to me ?
      Me-At your stage, God wants you to overcome the Maya of mana or delusion so that someday you will encounter your true Self.

      You-When will it be revealed to me ?
      Me-This is the prerogative of God. God knows when to remove the delusion that one is born with, God knows our past and future. Your duty is just to go with the flow and not be restless. Calm your mind more as each day passes.

      You-What can I do to come closer to finding my purpose?
      Me-Stay under the tutelage of your Guru and go by the advice. Sometimes some answers come after too much waiting, please give in.

      Have immense patience and practise calmness day and night. This is one way of surrendering subtle ego to God. Let God decide what is to be done with you and when. No great task was even done overnight so know that when your time comes for complete unification of your jeevatma with Atma it will happen. But there is a procedure and fixed time. Meditate more and hold on to good thoughts as long as you can…

      With blessings and lots of love,
      Yours Ma

      • Aditi says:

        Dear dear ma,

        Thank you very much. I am so indebted to you for your continuous support and strength. Your words are like a soothing balm for my ruffled soul.


      • Aditi says:

        Ma, for the short period that I have been under your eye, I have evolved in ways that I can see. I must have also grown in ways that I can’t see, yet.
        Thank you…

  2. Supriya says:

    Dearest Ma,

    Please accept my Koti koti pranam on this auspicious day of Guru Pournima.

    It’s indeed a blessing of our Gurus that we are getting aware of true spiritual knowledge and our ancient Guru parampara from you.
    You are a source of inspiration for me and all other sadhaks.

    Through this blog I am benefited in many ways. . Earlier I was confused as ‘Who is God? How to find God in this life? How should I do my Sadhana? How to find Guru? What is the purpose of my life? Blog and discourses have answered many of my questions/ doubts.

    Now I am endeavoring to follow all your teachings and do the sadhana as per your guidelines.
    I am eager to read and understand all the upcoming posts in this week.

    I am grateful to all holy masters and Gurus who are trying hard to uplift our (mankind) lives.

    Thanks Ma for all your help and support.

    Pranam !!!

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear child Supriya, Pranam. This blog is a great help and support for sincere sadhaks like you. It is a complete manual, a guide map and a great ocean of sweet nectar of God realization science. In a matter of a few years if you persist, you will see remarkable positive changes in you. If a few people awake, it will make a big difference on our planet. So become a faithful and devout disciple, work hard, be steady on your path of God realization and make a purposeful existence. You will succeed.
      May more blessings pour on you….
      Yours Ma

  3. Shahid says:

    Dearest Sarika mom,

    Salutations to the Guru Who is Equally Mounted on Jnana (Knowledge) and Shakti (Power), and Who is Adorned with the Garland of Tattva (Truth or Absolute Reality)

    On this auspicious Guru Poornima day 9 July 2017, I wish to thank God, all the divine masters and you for all the guidance,blessings and light you have been generously showering down on me.
    I bow down at your feet and ask for forgiveness for all mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly.

    I wish to thank you mom esp for sharing this blog openly with the world so genuine seekers can attain God with the help of a stalwart, humble Guru like yourself.

    I seek your constant help and guidance in all matters worldly and spiritual mom. Please help me be free of the cycles of birth and death. Please guide me to the highest possible level of consciousness in this precious birth. Please help me be immersed in the bliss and light of God.Please help me serve you and God in any way I can,as and when the opportunity arises.

    Love and Gratitude ❤

  4. spiritinlife says:

    My dear Shahid, you must have done some auspicious karmas to have found this divine blog which is lighting your life. There may be periods of darkness and gloom, despair and disharmony, but a true devotee will always have unlimited patience and foresight so that the inner darkness dispels one day. The past karmas of a true sadhak should burn, their residual ash should evaporate and a new light should be kindled. Even small efforts should be made on days when the light is out and grief and despair at its peak. You have and are doing that. I respect and appreciate that in you. Hold on to light, faith and patience and you shall succeed. May God give you more aspiration, peace, prosperity, stability and virtuous lives ahead…Mom

  5. Kanchana Iyer says:

    Dearest Ma, Jai Satguru !
    On this sacred day of Guru Purnima, we bow to you and the illumined sages, and offer our deep devotion, love, and gratitude for showering your grace on us. Our lives have had a complete V-Turn ever since we met you 6 years ago. You have led us step by step from darkness towards light. I feel that now my life has a real meaning/purpose and it is to offer myself in service to God and Gurus.

    Thank you and Happy Guru Purnima Ma !!!

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