Audio – ‘When God Wills’ (Bangalore, 15th to 17th Sep 2017 Part – I)

Dear revered readers, Bangalore Discourse was concluded on 17th September 2017. 4 posts were taken up for discussion on 16th September in long sessions. First two were from Face book and the rest two were from WordPress. They were-

  1. When God Wills!
  2. What God wants from us?
  3. In blessed moments with Agastya Maharishi-I
  4. In blessed moments with Agastya Maharishi-II

On 17th morning we went to Manasa Foundation, Taponagar for a group meditation after which we all dispersed for our destinations.

Many of us bought enriching books by Guruji Krishnananda from the book shop. They are very useful for the senior as well as junior aspirants.

The audios are about 6 hours in duration. A lot of stress was given on the post ‘When God Wills’ as it demanded a lot of explanation and clarification. Audios of this post are about 4 hours.

There was a brief session of questions and answers.

In November another Discourse and pilgrimage is being undertaken with a large group in Madurai soon.

Before we have another Satsanga or Discourse in November, we will over a month listen to the audio files of Bangalore Discourse. In October starting from today on Dussehra festival, I will intermittently upload 5 files of these 4 posts. In between whenever relevant I would like to insert some passages from the writings of Guruji Krishnananda to fulfil the purpose of synergy and collaboration and thereby radiating higher energies for our rapid evolution.

We will begin today with a short file of introduction and start up. After 2 days there will be second audio file in the same post. There will be a separate post for next post ‘What God wants from us?’ By 30th October we shall have all the audio files of different durations and we shall conclude the Bangalore Discourse.

Side by side, a post of synopses will be shared on Fb with some very calming pictures of Manasa Foundation just after this.

Your comments are valuable for all of us. Please use these posts as Home Lessons and derive as much benefit as you can and expedite your current progress.

Jai Satguru!

1.  Part-1 (30.09.17) 

2. Part-2 (02.10.17)

3.  Part-3 (07.10.17)

4. Part-4 (09.10.17)

5. Complete Audio of the post-When God Wills (09.10.17)


Who is a Rishi?

A few passages from Doorways to Light by Guruji Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation, Taponagar, Bangalore. (pl ref post of 30.09.17 on Fb about our visit recently)

20171009_082851 Doorways to Light



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  1. Resham says:

    Dearest Ma, Jai Satguru.

    Ma, you know, when I hear people around me at workplace talk about God, I get hurt to hear their rubbish opinions and beliefs they harbour, more so, the young generation. I hold myself back thinking it is useless to debate with them, but it is difficult to tolerate all the time. I hope with the Grace of God more and more people awake to the divinity and offer the divine entities the respect they deserve and stop judging everything with their intellect and reasoning. Looking at the state of such people, I feel very fortunate that I am under the shelter of such blessed great Gurus and God. Please always be with me, Ma. Please accept my salutations for sharing this post as prasad with us.. Looking forward to imbibe more wisdom from you. With best regards, Resham.

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