Early 60’s Mavoor, Kerala.



Early 70’s Pilani, Rajasthan.


1978 Delhi

Mid 90’s Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


 Pilani, Rajasthan 

2002, Mumbai

2006, Badrinath

2009 Colombo, Sri Lanka

2010, Kailash Mansarovar

2018, Rishikesh Uttarakhand.



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Synopsis of chapters of-My arduous Soul Journey; My Autobiography-I


1.CONFLICT chapter is about my encounter with destiny, an endeavour to untangle prefabricated, distressing, protracted fate. To break the fetters or chains of compulsions caused by one’s own actions created back in the past unintentionally.

2.PEACE An emphatic desire to become free from bondage of subjugation and desperation to get lasting peace in life and relief from enduring conflict. 

3. DEEP STRUGGLE OF CONFLICT AND PEACE When I sought lasting peace, there was opposition from nature. The two types of forces positive and negative do not converge. When the positive powers ascend, there is always a contradiction as they are incompatible. The negative powers overwhelm the positive powers in the beginning and try to replace them as a rule as they wish to remain dominant in nature.  

4. TURMOIL It is caused because the seeker of peace and truth does not respond or relent to falsehood and lies. He or she becomes a battle field where there is an army of two forces-Dharmakeshetra, and Kurukshetra alternately, meaning negative forces and positive forces. 

5.EBBING OF TURMOIL As this war is not possible to win or conclude, Krishna possessing the supreme Consciousness is asked to drive the chariot of life. In my case, Shri Mahavatar Babaji intervened and drove my life-chariot. By having a Guide in life, receiving answers for internal strife the turmoil begins to retreat as narrated in this chapter. 

6. DAWN OF LIGHT Where there is Truth, there is Light. The negative forces are sure to recede and die out after which the dark night dispels and the day breaks. Dawn is enlightenment, light from enduring, inner darkness. Shri Mahavatar Babaji brought immense light in my life. 

 7. BEAMING LIGHT Enlightenment comes to humans when they execute certain actions and expedite them. The nature and intensity of illumination received by the receiver depends on the earnestness and actions of the doer. We beam that light in many ways in our life, example our thoughts, deeds and everyday life. 

8. EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The Consciousness of God can be expanded by applying three hidden forces in a man-power of will, thought and action; ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti respectively. I was sent to very extra ordinary Spiritual Masters by Shri Mahavatar Babaji though astrally in meditation, this was my tapas for further progress as organized by the wish of God. They were his own gurus-Swami Kartik, Bogarnathar and Agastya. 

9. EMISSION OF LIGHT RAYS-In order to emit the received Light Rays from the Sages like Kartik Swami, Bogar and Agastya to the world, I was in addition delegated to three more great Sages to further my working amplitude and scope. They were Guru Gorakhnath, Bogarnath and Swami Shivananda. 

10. MORE RAYS OF LIGHT ON EARTH-To bring more light rays and stored spiritual knowledge in the skies where the ancient Rishis reside since time immemorial.  I was sent to Maharishi-Amara, Krishnananda, Markandeya, Kashyapa, Adi Shankarachary, Vishwamitra and a few more. To save time, I was initiated into the Yogic science of Astral Travel, write at a rapid speed and bring about positive changes in society.  

11. AWAKENING OF HUMANITY- To awaken humanity at an accelerated speed, pralaya or natural catastrophe constantly take place.  They settle the balance of good and bad deeds in the world and thus save it from further deteriorating to abysmal. To aid in dissemination of original, ancient spiritual values and redeem the world, the lost science of Self Realization is being spread in the world through modern technology through this blog, my discourses and activities of the Foundation. (Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation, NJJF) 

12. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION- Total transformation in humans is only possible when the last layers or unconscious mind become purified. It is called chitta. Meditation is the tool or method by which humans can bring about complete transformation in them by changing the lower consciousness to advanced. It requires repeated practice and the guidelines of the spiritual Gurus. The layers are tricky to remove as accumulated seeds of actions and reactions are obscured here.  

13. ETERNAL ABODE- Our Spirit or Atman is our true friend and guide. The real purpose of spirituality is to unfold the presence of this hidden Spirit in us. It is in our Spirit that we procure the final rest and peace and freedom. The purpose of human life is only to remember that we are not mortal bodies but Consciousness or Chetna, the eternal Knower which never dies or changes its attributes with time. And that this world is not made for us to indulge, it is made only to crack the puzzle and pass various examinations to qualify to know that ever present Spirit within. 




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