(Maharishi Vishwamitra, Antar Manasa, Bangalore)

Part A 




My inexhaustible desire to learn, my ease to disconnect the mind with the burden of work and my love to serve my Holy Masters endlessly has got me here.   

Their Grace, God’s consent brought more blessings of more Sages whom the world can’t remember or ever know as they arrived earlier than others.   

Maharishi Amara, Krishnananda, Markandey, Kashyap, Bhardwaja, Adi Shankaracharya are all immortal and guiding my penance on daily basis.   

Out of them, the most advanced is Sage Vishwamitra who heads all world projects; nothing escapes his eyes, not even the sound of a falling needle.   

They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.    

In this way, more rays of Light can be brought into this materialistic world and slowly the world will transform and turn back to the Age of Truth and Purity.   

This process is hard and yet needs to be attended to as the world has reached its peak in deteriorating its moral values and life-giving green environment.   

I was elevated to higher ranks in spiritual kingdom because of God’s directive as it was observed that I have been serving others unselfishly and unreservedly.   

Impeccable peace was granted by the Lord so that I could meet Him with ease at any time and place or condition of health or when I wished to only thank Him.   

In pristine, unmovable state of my being is God received and met, mutual love exchanged, a deep sense of connection between us established and rooted.   

All Sages and God are constantly working as a very trusted, reliant team to bring peace, order, harmony, brotherhood and co-operation in the ever-changing world.   

Karmas of world, countries, families and individuals are broadly looked into and accordingly mental waves thrown at them as justice deliverance.   

More Rays of Light are systematically emitted by God and the Sages through their periods of silence and meditation; forgiveness granted for the pious ones…….. 

 Part B 

My humble offering 

Today is 23rd Nov, 2018, the very auspicious day of Kartik Poornima also known Deva Deepawali, the festival of lights of Gods. Today is also the samadhi day of Guruji Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation, Bangalore. It was in Manasa and through the books of Guruji I discovered that Sage Vishwamitra is the most respected and senior in spiritual heights. I had never known this fact earlier until I came to Manasa to meditate four years back. 

I dedicate this very special write up on this auspicious day as my service and humble offering to God and all my divine Gurus……… 

My first ever direct interaction with the most exalted Maharishi 

On 19th November night when I was desperate and determined to take a good night sleep, I thought that it was just a matter of a few seconds that I will disconnect with the noisy world, but instead I fell into a spell of unheard, immeasurable bliss and peace. It  felt very divine as it expanded its girth over me until I began to grow in my capacity to gulp and swash it and simultaneously gently touch a bottomless, endless ocean of joy!  

I was drowning inside that ocean of anandaJoy which humans have not heard of! Spontaneously, I wished to drown willfully in that divine bliss without allowing time to slip by as it was so endearing. 

I have never fathomed that I will after a few minutes of such unheard and anomalous bliss will experience one more overwhelming paranormal experience instantly after this extra ordinary sublime experience. Nonetheless, it was awaiting me with God’s grace. 

I saw a substantial, luminous body of silvery Light coming from far away and resting near me. It was a brilliant white light which was very dense and thick in form. I saw it in the next moment to have come inside me. I could see the luminous Light within my eyes. As I am accustomed to this type of transcendental phenomenon, I welcomed it by giving it all my reverent regards, submission and love. Then, 

I quickly effortlessly entered inside it as if the luminous Light had captured me with its power and took me in. It engulfed and gorged me completely in next breath of mine. 

In a daze and disbelief, I wished to know from where the luminous Light was arriving as I was conscious of the ongoing rush of dazzling Light running towards me and engulfing my whole Self. Somewhere I was also thanking God in this rapid benign activity. I acknowledged Him also to have been the collaborator and ally of this very soothing and peaceful experience. In this way, I had thankfulness for God for sanitizing me of the flecks and speckles of worldly dust that is thrown at me by some people unintentionally when they interact mentally with my mind. I felt spotless and pristine during this state of mind.  

“I am Vishwamitra. You have been probing since a long time what is your first point or time of connection with the Great Rishis? How did you first come in contact with them in the past? When did it really start? You think that it is impossible for people to even acquaint themselves with the Rishis but on the contrary, you are flooded with their presence in subtle and direct ways throughout the day. What is your connection with them after all? You have been pondering since many days. 

You have been examining with hawk’s eyes and thinking also if it is ever destined by you to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji in person since you got to know about him first and you know us now. Your blog is a testimony of his presence in the world and about how he can transmute his mental thoughts and teaches millions of people in the world silently. You had assumed that beyond a few years you will not be able to write and pursue the blog since what is there beyond Shri Mahavatar Babaji. You have put him on a very high position in the celestial world of the enlightened beings. You have gone back in time by looking into your past and have found your previous connections with him also in some life.  You were very satisfied by the fact that he has known you earlier also and you have spent an entire life with him seeking his counsel. One thought that one day you will meet Babaji in person could not be erased for a very long period of time as you wished to show your gratitude in person and wished to meet an accomplished Yogi. 

I saw a nodding head of a Sage with extremely peaceful eyes in that dense Light and then came these words. “But this is not true. 

“Your mainspring or first ever connection with any spiritual Master or great Sage was not with Mahavatar Babaji as you have been thinking but with me!!!!! 

An electrifying shock wave jolted me; I was stunned and thoughtless for a few moments. But he continued to aghast me further since I have no memory stored in my DNA of the same as far as I can understand. I scraped every particle of it and came out blank since I did not have remotest recollection from my storehouse of knowing anything of our past connection whatsoever. 

“In your fifth incarnation as Markandey and others have told you, you have started your first ever conscious effort of attempting to go to God’s abode. People never do that. You are the first and only human being ever who has done that. Humans come on the earth and begin to enjoy the various temptations and splurge in revelry.  

You pleaded with extreme pain and anguish to be freed from the slavery and clutches of very indulgent, selfish and over-permissive people night and day so very early at the advent of your arrival in this world.  

When you cried in anguish and agony, it was first of all me who heard you and responded immediately to your appeal in the astral sky. I reacted instantaneously. Next were Swami Kartik and thereafter Markandeya and not Mahavatar Babaji who heard and responded to your cries. I have the most acute hearing capabilities. I hear the unheard, silent pleas and cries of all the needy people on the Earth.  

Therefore, you will now be associated with us forever and your life is connected and linked in several ways with the Rishis.” 


(To be continued in next)

Updated 21-07-19


2 replies
  1. Kunal Vakil
    Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    I love the blog

    if Rishi Vishwamitra was 1st and Rishi Markendeya was 2nd in being enlightened, when did shiva get enlightened as he was called adi yogi and enlightend the saptarishis rishis, are shiva vishnu brahma devas different from rishis, is swami kartikeya also a deva? How does vishnu differ from maha vishnu?

    Can we chant the name of the rishis regularly, connecting with rishi vishwamitra would be a joy, but do they get disturbed by such chanting? Because you have mentioned this earlier in the blog that you don’t like disturbing them too much and its a sin to keep calling them when they are in meditation

    surender at your lotus feet

    Be in my heart always

  2. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    “In your fifth incarnation as Markandeya and others have told you, you have started your first ever conscious effort of attempting to go to God’s abode. People never do that. You are the first and only human being ever who has done that. Humans come on the earth and begin to enjoy the various temptations and splurge in revelry.

    You pleaded with extreme pain and anguish to be freed from the slavery and clutches of very indulgent, selfish and over-permissive people night and day so very early at the advent of your arrival in this world. ” <3


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