Part A

My Invocations heard! 


On this holy day of 25th November’18 when the two divine Sages came up to me to bless my impossible endeavours. 

Besides laying my mind at rest and removing the mental stress and worries that were continuing since last many days. 

How can I write or speak about a stellar Sage whose reach is beyond anyone and who speaks so little or nothing at all? 

I do not have the mental strength or the ability to peek into his world since he is so far away in time and distance both. 


I heard him first in a dynamic place in my meditation and with his blessings I could hear him give important guidelines. 

And then in my house several times giving his introduction and brief life history which is scarce to find and inconceivable. 

I jotted down points quickly after meditation got over and could not find any expression or language to convey. 

Today when I read those benedictory words, I cannot believe that I am now supposed to share Sage’s auspicious words. 


Since I have vowed and pledged that I will abide every wish of God, so I will today reveal him to the present world.  

Common masses have never got an opportunity to listen to my story since they have not earned but will be included. 

In the circle of all pious Souls who have meditated, served, forgiven, suffered yet blessed others without expectations. 

One needs an ocean of good karmas or earned merits to even receive this holy speech coming from heavens. 


But who are those two divine Sages who came on ethereal pathways made of thin golden light and wisdom endless? 

Why did they arrive early in morn as soon as I opened my eyes and had not risen from the night’s peaceful sleep? 

Who is this exclusive and one and one only Sage who deserves so much honour, glory, respect and veneration? 

The holy steps that came tiptoeing in the morning to me are themselves such lofty Souls and their names famous. 


They are Adi Shankaracharya and Kartik Swami who alighted with so much grace, peace and silence and affection. 

They are also very ancient and seasoned in meditation, Yoga, Dharma, Tapa and Satya apart from thought powers.

Yet they decided to usher me lovingly in a hall where none can enter or peep into until it takes many lives’ penance.

They came to invite the Greatest Sage ever into this physical world as a guard of honour, they made the time ready.


One by one they guided me and solved all my problems related to my upcoming Discourse and problems of people. 

Also, about how the very herculean tasks approaching ahead should be carried out and how to continue my Yoga. 

Without their guidance I cannot do a task since it is them who are always meeting and deciding on welfare of all. 

I become only the last person in the chain of humble workers, I prefer to be called a servant since I am the youngest. 


I repeat, I cannot fathom this designated task of bringing the tallest figure out in the world as the world is ready. 

He is the most superior in the lineage and tapas as well as in his stockpile of virtuous deeds and speed of God contact. 

His speed to communicate with God, his command and speed over traversing in the globe or any Universe or galaxy. 

His mental powers are superior than anyone else, nobody can match him in manifestation of thoughts.  


Hence, I fear attempting this write up because I am just a fledgling, my vision disconnects looking upwards. 

I need extra help and insurance to accomplish this mammoth task of bringing out a very, very exclusive ancient Sage. 

From the zone of antiquity and ambiguity, from a period of time scale which is unheard of and incomprehensible. 

No one can tell you this except the highly accomplished Rishis or Sages who have themselves become immortal. 


He is Vishwamitra Maharishi and I his youngest disciple and child at his Lotus Feet yet to bloom under his tutelage. 

Though he has known me from the beginning, I have known him not until he came to me days only five back. 

To come face to face through the medium of white Light, Light so brilliant equal to many stars and galaxies.  

I was finally able to see him in the Light that he is made up of, prior to that I was equipped to only hear. 


With folded hands, eyes closed, a prayer in my heart, mind completely inward and words none, I bow to him. 

He knows what is in my heart, what I feel and worry, love or devour, resist or endorse, want or wish. 

I will not speak but he will understand, he will tell me everything that I have desired, what is inside a Divine Soul. 

I want to reach him but I cannot, yet I long for gliding in the sky highest, the furthermost territories. 


His divinity attracts me, his purity makes me fall in love with his Soul, something is calling out to me echoing. 

It must be him since my most sensitive perceptions are reacting to his calling, my invocations he has heard! 

He is preparing me to listen without hearing words, to know without speaking, to realize without speeches. 

My deepest caverns of silence are carved out of rarest of rare attained peace coming out from inside of God!! 

Part B

*Anadi  Vishwamitra 

Vishwamitra Maharishi-“I belong to Adi Lok, highest realm of existence in the subtle  world where very few reside. I am a very, very ancient Sage who like Kartik will always shun the world but will not shy from sending out the most powerful positive vibrations to the world. I am understood only by two or three people. Amara is on top and to understand him very well you must also try to know him. I am the Master of space travel. I taught Amara this yogic kriya. You must also learn and practice this science. It saves a lot of time and we can do a lot of work as it is rapid in speed. You will need extra oxygen to carry out this exercise. 

There are maximum 11,00,000 permitted recipients of these Sages’ positive vibrations. God decided this. It is because people whoever they are, even if they are not at all aware of my presence will without any doubt get benefits and positive results and they will progress. 

The recipient will release all tensions and worries and the result of receiving such divine vibrations will always be positive and fool proof. This is because these Sages can absorb maximum Cosmic rays and bring about desired good changes in others with them.

Time is the most crucial factor in such a unique method of exchange of mental rays.  Vishwamitra, Amara, Adi Shankaracharya and three other Rishis- Gorakhnath, Bogar and Kartik fall in this category. Each and every sankalpa or will or positive mental output from them is bound to create a ripple and make a mark on the recipient. Whoever comes under the protected canopy of these Sages, even the worst person on Earth will start turning and change into a better human without fail. The Adi Gurus can move huge mountains of barriers lying in front of the sadhak which were earlier next to impossible to surmount. 

You have been asked and ordained by God to join this league of eternal saints as they wish to bring bigger changes now as the eclipse will recede and before it recedes, maximum work will be pursued to add to the pool of dharma and punya of this Universe. You have been chosen because you wish to see big changes in people who come to you but they have very little punya, merits. Since your heart is always thinking, remembering and praying for their quick growth before the clutches of death devours them, God chose you to work in symmetry with the exceedingly enlightened Bodies of Light or Rishis who wish to work forever for God and the Creation. Your punyas, merits are exceeding and have become countless. They are now infinite; you are in extreme peace of mind and stillness. You have reached a depth when there is no tarang or a ripple when you are meditating. You are in shunya always when you are sitting quietly. Shunya is samadhi.

Purifying the space of land by divine light

I am a very big Light. You entered a very big Light and both spheres or fields of light merged. When this happens there is total unity and silence. When this phenomenon happens, the earth becomes lush green internally i.e under the top surface of earth, the layers become energized and positive. After a gap of time, there will be greenery on that land. That land will have either a meditation temple or a forest, both extremely dear to God. 

Penance done on that purified space of land and a temple or meditation centre made on it.

**When such a sthal, place is purified, some yogi or tapasvi will be guided by God and she or he will do some tapasya on it. When the tapasya will be accepted by God and the tapasvi succeeds, after thousands of years a temple, a meditation centre or temple, dhayana mandir will be built on that same place. After a few thousands of years many, many people will come and meditate and purify the place further. That place will be totally free of sins. After that God will never allow that place to become impure. 

As you are aiding me in this mighty endeavour, I bless you that in this and all coming lives you will be materially and spiritually very, very rich and prosperous. Earlier you have made many temples, in future you will build many mandirs, meditation centres or temples. 

Your source of energy is your clean and sanctified heart, love and dedication, sincerity towards us, people and God. You will never fail in your any endeavours or projects and people will automatically come to you to provide their services for your pursuits. And cooperation will be given by them without asking. You are my blessed and holy child. I give you more spiritual powers or siddhis so that you can always help people in whatever bad situation they are in. They are all very blessed to have you in their lives. Your health will improve by each day, your unending patience and trust in God will uplift millions in future through your writings and present day’s seva to all people relentlessly. Come to me when I call you to Manasa. I will refresh you when you are low in energy. Your meditations will give you more peace, wellness and trust in God. Your thinking abilities will be more copious and all your enemies will perish…..”

Part C

“When a very positive thought, a sankalpa of a human or humans arise, God accepts it. On the very same plot or piece of land begins to form a future divine plan. God sends out an order to allot that piece of land for a great purpose in future.

After a few years or even Ages, a tapasvi or yogi gets motivated and decides to do further penance and is drawn to that same land. As if the land attracts or calls the yogi or ishwar abhilashi, god seeker. Penance is done, meditation is repeated on that place and the land becomes completely purified and cleansed of all negativity. On that place soon a temple, a meditation place or both are constructed and people come in large numbers to mitigate their problems and resolve lifelong issues. Never again is that land defiled as sins dissolve there. In some rarest case, even if it does get putrefied by evil actions of demonic people, in due course of time that place is freed by virtuous and pious men of God and the place released. In some course of time a Spiritual hub, a University of Spiritual Sciences where higher realities are disseminated is built with the will of God on the same site.”  

Relation of Kailash mountain and Vishwamitra Maharishi

Kailash Parvat

“There is a place in Northern part of India where I meditated and did intensive penance with the most extra ordinary hardships. To save such a place, God silently worked in nature in mysterious ways. To protect it, natural disasters came into action by the will of God. There were heavy rains, storms, floods and Earthquake. From beneath the ocean sprang up big mountains many, many years ago. One such mountain surfaced from the ocean and came up on Earth. The mountain mounted on the same place where I had done intensive penance in my life when I got realization of God when the Earth was formed for the first time. I was the first ever human being to attain that. This was ordained by God so that the place where I did tapas should remain intact for millions of years. That place is today mount Kailash in the Himalayas! The mountain hides beneath itself the shakti sthal, the tapa sthal of Vishwamitra, the most ancient Maharishi! 

My subdued silence is my only way to greet or prostrate at His Lotus Feet! He Thus Spoke further –

(**I remembered this line spoken by Kashyap Maharishi- “Truth in Light”) 

Vishwamitra Maharishi-“The key to your success is due to your nature. You have never said ‘no’ to anything that was asked of you.  How will you be able to write so much in future in such limited time you are thinking? You will never stop writing I bless you today. I will speak and you write. In this way, you will accomplish faster. You will produce more results. You will be taught gradually to master Astral Travel by us.

Yoga, Pranayam and maun are the tools which will support you all your life to continue with your global mission and objectives. They are your tools. Pranayam will give you extra life force to do work non-stop. Yogasanas will help you to meditate more frequently and longer in time by giving you a robust body. You can sit longer in one posture for longer duration by Yoga. The spine and nervous system must be pliable and strong for meditation. A stiff body creates resistance thus reducing meditation duration. Maun, silence will give you time to recharge and work continuously.

What you have written so far is of anant level, Eternity level. It is nothing; there is so much even beyond this point. The world is now ready to receive many mysteries of God. Out of so many only the selected few, a handful ancient Rishis have held these secrets from immortal times. That knowledge is being dispensed in the world for the first time through you with God’s consent. It is knowledge about lives, penance and difficulties of the unknown Seers and how they have mastered so many Yogic Kriyas with no support systems and hardships of nature many, many centuries ago singly. 

Time has come for your writings to reach the world in due course of time after the eclipse is over on the 19th of January in 2019. 

(“I command you to tell the world that a new era has begun since the eclipse of September sixteenth, two thousand sixteen.” Guru Gorakhnath) 

Many will begin to understand that a new wave on Earth has begun and they will change and transform their old nature. They will continue to do meditation in their whole life. Their punyas or pious deeds will help them and also the world to bring about the New Age also known as Satya Yug closer. 

Your writings will be simple, narrative and lucid. The essence of your writings will always be unique. It will be your flagship. In due course of time, many people will come to you for guidance in their spiritual endeavours. They must be guided and solutions offered. Writing non-stop all your life is possible for you because of your own good deeds done in the past in several lives, more so in present years in exceeding numbers.

You are unstoppable, unbeatable and unknowable. Your kind nature makes you everyone’s favourite in the world of the Light Masters or Rishis. They bless you because of one reason mainly. Even though you can approach them easily, you are forever only showing your gratitude. Your heart always overflows with it. Your heart is complete for it is tender, kind and very compassionate. It is uncompromising and whole. It is filled with purity, sincerity, warmth and effervescence. It is innocent! 

You will be always remembered as a woman of unheard grit, compassion, forgiveness and love for God and her Sadgurus. The world will remember you always for being fiery, witty and very tender in heart. God has blessed you with so many special qualities because of your good nature and soft heart. All your good qualities are being used for the welfare of the people in this world. You ask nothing in return. Hence, I bless you now that all your goals in life will be achieved without any hurdles. You will always remain a mystery in the world because no human has ever made such a rapid spiritual progress in one life ever before and never will! 

Me-“What is my life span Param Pujya Guruvar? 

Vishwamitra Maharishi- “I will decide.”

Blessings from Vishwamitra Maharishi  on 24.11.18 afternoon quiet time. 

“You will increase your Yoga shakti hundred times since you are writing about me. This is my blessing for this service.

You will always be very prosperous in all your lives which are about to manifest.

Your memory will be able to go backward in timeline to the very first ever event or thing that ever happened on Earth when it was made for the first time. Except for what God has not allowed man to ever know, your memory can now reach to the very first thing that happened on Earth although you are born today while the Earth has been made 13 times before. You will henceforth be able to reach that point of time with my blessing. The first time when the first bird was created, the first animal was born and the first life force entered a living species, you can tap into that time…….!”

(To be concluded in next post)

*Anadi is that which is beyond infinity, timeless.

Updated 21-07-19



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    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear child Kunal, I am blessed I have found such sweet children through my blog. I get immense joy when I see a young boy like you to have immersed so much into knowing higher truths. You are making my life abundant and joyful. Always remain pure and innocent and live your life with the principles of God and truth.
      I hope today’s post has answered your last comment.
      May God bless you with better concentration abilities, endurance and one pointed focus in both physical and spiritual worlds.
      Bless you.
      Yours Ma

  1. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    I bow at the holy feet of Vishwamitra Maharishiji <3

    Thank you dearest mom, it was amazing to read these 2 latest blog posts.

    May the whole world be healthy, peaceful and in divine order.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Pradeepji, You have reached the right place at the right time. This blog is a treasure house about information on ancient spiritual Masters and their guidance to the world. By knowing them little by little, we in turn will realize our Self. There is so much energy embedded in each word,it will change you for better. In case of any difficulty in grasping the wealth of the new found treasure house, please do not hesitate. Delighted to find you here. Sarika

  2. Neeta Agarwal
    Neeta Agarwal says:

    Pranaam dearest Ma, I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful post.. felt so much of peace and energy as I read it, mind became so still and every word that you have written became alive.
    Although It will take many more readings to grasp Maharishi Vishwamitraji’s messages..iam feeling blessed to be a part of this Divine blog and receive this prasad. May we all serve you in every possible way and may this world regenerate and be peaceful always!!
    Deep gratitude to the greatest of all Rishi’s and to you Ma

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear Neeta. Since you wish so much, God will give you ample opportunities to serve your brothers and sisters. Your concentration has improved a lot. Meditate more. Apply all teachings in life. Maintain silence in the day and recollect your recent learning. Take care. God bless you. Yours Ma

  3. letTheColorsRumble
    letTheColorsRumble says:

    Jai Sat Guru dearest Maa and revered Gurus and Maharishis,

    Very happy to read the last four posts on the blog. Feels like something in me was waiting and yearning to read and learn something phenomenal like this. Feeling a happy satisfaction and calmness.

    I had an internal question ever since reading Your wonderful autobiography, dear Maa. Yesterday, before reading the new post I had gone for a short walk. The question popped in my mind again. I thought I would ask You the next time I meet You. Very happy that the question appeared and even happier that I was not come to the conclusion of it myself. (I would have gotten a sense of false pride). Happy to read the answer in this post.

    More questions are there. Will read the posts again to understand better. If I don’t find the answers, I shall ask.

    Dear Maa, please allow me to also congratulate You for unheard of feats, You are truly the reason we feel blessed. Thank You letting us be a part of Your Life and Journey.

    Thank You dear Maa, God and Gurus for Your Grace and unconditional Love.

    With lots of love and gratitude,
    Jai Sat Guru🙏

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear Nish. Whenever drastic changes are meant to take place in the society in any era, dynamic life characters or great personalities have to set benchmarks. I am speaking of the great Holy Masters.They have achieved unforeseen, unbelievable feats and mastery over human limitations and mind’s expectations. They show and exemplify to us that once we decide to achieve something, it is made possible since we are invoking certain energies located somewhere in the Universe. Similarly, we can advance our human features and aspirations to unprecedented heights. Just gather all your inner resources, concentrate, pray, stay humble and leave everything to God to deliver. It will happen.
      May God deliver justice, redemption and service without expectation to you and your family. May you and your next generations redeem the Earth with planting countless trees on Earth. May you all live in love and peace and serve God and the constellation of Rishis with a loving and
      abundant heart. Always yours, Maa.

  4. Pallavi G
    Pallavi G says:

    Thank you, Ma, for sharing such beautiful, rarest of the rare experience and information about Maharshis.
    My humble pranaam at the lotus feet of the great Rushiji.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Pallavi, I have heard from you after a long time. I am glad you are still following the blog. Please avail the most from this sacred space. God bless you. Ma

  5. Shernaz Bajan
    Shernaz Bajan says:

    Sarikaji so very pleased to read your posts which brought tears to my eyes. You are such a pure and divine soul that Maharishi Vishwamitra chose you to spread his messages. We are truly blessed to have come in contact with you. Love you lots.

  6. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    My dear Shernaz, a pure Soul recognizes hidden qualities in others. You are an experienced sadhak and are ever so energetic and enthusiastic in progressing on your chosen path overlooking your physical age. Others must learn from you. You and Noushad together make a bond of much positive energies and can progress together.You bring with you a huge pile of virtuous deeds, humility and selfless love.
    I am now certain that you have found the real place that you have been actually searching for finally.
    I say all this so that others know that a good sadhak has many good qualities. You have those and have exhibited in our first meeting held recently.
    You are the first person who requested me specially to give some time on your first visit so that you could meditate with me for 20 mins! I was very happy to comply. You, Noushad, Kunal and myself sat to do meditation and it was a time that gave so much tranquility and power. It was such a good thing to do spontaneously. This speaks of your maturity as a seeker. You have utilized my time and yours too in the most prudent way. I appreciate that quality in you.
    You, Noushad and Kunal were such a delight to meet. You have raised my expectations from others and other people must learn from you.
    Please know that I take my own time to respond to messages, I respond when I feel like saying something. But I hear out everyone.
    Stay blessed and be steadfast on your path. Don’t be bothered about problems of life, they are too small in nature because they are short-lived. Continue marching ahead and you will succeed.
    Bless you and your family.
    Sarika Ma

    • Shernaz Bajan
      Shernaz Bajan says:

      Dear Sarikaji. Thanks ever so much for your inspiring words. I was deeply touched. As you have rightly said that I have now found the real place which I was searching for a long time. Meditating with you on our first visit was the best thing that happened for three of us for which we are grateful. Please guide us always and shower your blessings on us.
      Love you lots.

  7. babu sadanand
    babu sadanand says:

    Dear Ma,

    Pranams at your divine feet.
    I feel blessed to read your blog and your experience with the
    Masters. I sincerely seek your guidance for me to the spiritual path
    and realize myself and the Universe and the Masters of our Guru Parampara. Please bless with me and I will continue to read your blog and hope Amighty bless me sometime to have a meeting with you and sit in your prayers.

    With Unconditional Love
    Babu Sadanand

  8. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    Dear Babu Sadanand, indeed the blog is a fragrance of divinity! It is a temple of silence, of bliss and peace! You must visit it as many times as you can. It is made for devotees and seekers alike.
    Kindly acquaint yourself with me and tell me more about yourself so that I can work on you silently as well as otherwise. Write on and I will know your background.
    I can only reply after I return from my field visit to Assam which i am about to undertake. But you must get started, next steps will be given to you, you can do your sadhana with me for sure.
    Yours Ma

  9. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” The Adi Gurus can move huge mountains of/like barriers lying in front of the sadhak which were earlier next to impossible to surmount. ” <3

  10. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” I am a very big Light. You entered a very big Light and both spheres or fields of light merged. When this happens there is total unity and silence. When this phenomenon happens, the earth becomes lush green internally i.e under the top surface of earth, the layers become energized and positive. After a gap of time, there will be greenery on that land. That land will have either a meditation temple or a forest, both extremely dear to God. ”

    Amazing to read this mom that where there is total unity and silence the earth becomes lush green internally.

    Glory to the Divine <3

  11. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” I am a very big Light. You entered a very big Light and both spheres or fields of light merged. When this happens there is total unity and silence. When this phenomenon happens, the earth becomes lush green internally i.e under the top surface of earth, the layers become energized and positive. After a gap of time, there will be greenery on that land. That land will have either a meditation temple or a forest, both extremely dear to God. ”

    Amazing to red this mom that where there is total unity and silence, the earth becomes green internally.

    Glory to the Divine <3


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