What is renunciation?-II

Recapitulating-I had mentioned Mahavatar Babaji’s views on renunciation and teachings “Our whole life is nothing but our ‘prarabdh,’ destiny and we must live upto our ‘prarabdh’ with a sense of detachment and that is ‘sannayas’.

I had told you about the life and works of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya in the last post, who was typically a householder yet detached from within and was merely interested in service, meditation and dispersing wisdom. I hope you enjoyed reading it and appreciated my effort in doing some kind of service to my spiritual masters and humanity as well. And I thought to myself that explaining lofty ideas becomes much simpler if we see or come to know a few persons who are good examples and role models for us to follow. For this reason this post is an extension to the previous one.

However, the question that subsequently arises at this point is- if renunciation is just a sense of detachment and is possible while living your present life, which is nothing but your destiny, how should one live as a householder?  How not be completely immersed in the transitory world and do bhakti or devotion and serve the appointed spiritual master? Is it possible? How? Are there any living examples and any footsteps to follow?

I know of one more saintly man or ‘Divya Purush’ to be precise, who falls in this category as a perfect example who played his role perfectly well by being a sannayasi yet was living right in the middle of hustle and bustle of a city life and was in a job and performed all his roles of an individual, employee, devotee and God’s servant, all rolled into an epitome of perfection as untainted and unparalleled was his whole life!!

Whatever little I have gathered over the past few years, I wish to share with you all on this blog. I have been profusely blessed in my personal as well as spiritual life by him, as I chanced upon Swami Dayananda Shaligram one fine day by meeting his living and initiated devotee on 27th April, 2002 by a quirk of fate. Although Shaligram Swami is no more, his good teachings and spiritual vibrations are still here.  His absolute selfless service to humanity still goes on silently through divine, beatific vibrations from his samadhi in Ganeshpuri, about 70 kms away from Mumbai.

Brief life history

Very little is known about Swami Dayananda Shaligram’s birth and early childhood because it is lost in anonymity and it was also his earnest desire to live and remain in obscurity. But it is believed that he was born in a humble family of devout parents somewhere in an unknown, small village in Kerala state bordering with Karnataka in the year 1929 in the month of Bhadrapad,  according to Hindu calendar, that is sometime in August. As a child he used to get vivid dreams of mountains and rivers and ashrams. He was quiet and reserved by nature and was sober and contemplative from the time of his birth.

He could foresee that his life was brief and he had to do ghor tapasya, intense penance during this period itself. He was very focused and one pointed in his pursuits and endeavours which ever he undertook. Much against the wishes of his parents, he once set out on a pilgrimage alone as a youth in search of a guru. He reached the banks of river Narmada where he took a holy dip in the sacred waters. It was there in meditation that he got a divine vision of Swami Nityananda and he heard his guru calling him. He immediately left for Ganeshpuri, pretty directionless but very firm in his resolution to meet his soul mate and beloved Master of many lives.

He somehow reached Ganeshpuri after an arduous journey and met his Guru. None of them spoke a word!  In the divine presence of Swami Nityananda, he could immediately recall his past lives. He could also now recollect when he was in the astral world before he became Swami Dayanand Shaligram, how he had pleaded and prayed to Swami Nityananda to incarnate on the earth as his guru and he would become his humble devotee and servant for mitigating the woes and sufferings of millions of souls on the earth. Swami Nityananda had no desire to come down on the physical plane as He was in bliss in the astral world. But the humble and sweet request of a selfless soul compelled him to fulfill his wish. And subsequently one became the mighty Guru and master Swami Nityananda and the other became a humble devotee, Swami Shaligram. Therefore we must be grateful to Swami Shaligram as it was at his behest that Swami Nityananad came in this world for the welfare of countless people, just in the way we must be thankful to Lahiri Mahasaya for reviving Kriya Yoga in modern world to householders.

Swami Shaligram took refuge in Swami Nityananda’s feet and expressed his desire to serve him as well as work for him. Nityananda  Baba asked him to continue working in his job and along with that do his tapasya, penance.

After a lapse of a few years, he did intense tapasya by keeping maun, silence for three years after which he began serving the people of Mahul, a sleepy hamlet of fishermen on the creeks of Bombay. He began living there after the people appealed to him.  They also served him in their own ways as a token of service and gratitude. Though Shaligram Swami  used to live in Mahul, he made very frequent visits to Ganeshpuri on weekends and other holidays to be with his divine guru for his affection and infallible wisdom. He showered his intense love and reverence for his guru and would always address him as ‘Dev,’ God and called himself a ‘bhakt’, a devotee.

They hardly spoke to each other as their mental communication was very well established, it was unbreakable and flawless. They would sit together in silence gazing in eternity!

Swami  Nityanand guided him in his spiritual practices as well as in practical life too.  He also asked him to serve the people in Mahul which he did happily. Although he had renounced his family in Kerala, Nityananda Baba gave him a much larger family to attend to the old, sick and poor people whom he restored back to life and health. The sick were healed by miracles and divine healings and many people’s unfulfilled desires were fulfilled as and when they approached him.

And then there were a few who loved Shaligram Swami for his extreme devotion and depthless knowledge. But they were just a few! They arrived not for mercy or miracles or material considerations but for salvation or mukti and  bhakti,  devotion. Swami Shaligram showed them their path of salvation according  to their karmic patterns, capabilities and level of endurance. He would promise and assure the seekers that he will always hold their hand to give them much needed mental support to overcome the difficulties of everyday life as well as tough suffering of karmic bondage which they would have to overcome for salvation. He pledged and promised those true and devoted disciples that he will never forsake them until the destination and goal of attaining mukti and  karmic bondage is not attained. Such was his assurance and commitment towards his disciples. He gave advice to commoners, learned, householders and all those who came for help to him. No wonder he was the most beloved of all the many disciples of Swami Nityananda and they both were inseparable, although they hardly spoke to each other. But their inner communication was enduring and unbreakable. Mahavatar Babaji calls Swami Shaligram Swami as my ‘laadla’ or very dear one because of his purity and flawless devotion towards his divine guru.

It holds true even now although he is living no more, that whosoever takes his refuge with a true and pure heart, he will never be disappointed. If we remember him with a pure heart, he responds to our needs without any delay. If we wish to clear our baggage of past lives and find it difficult to carry it out alone, he invisibly lends timely help and rescue. If one is destined to become his disciple due to one’s past karmas, then he will definitely become so.

Swami  Shaligram  loved his guru the most, more than anything in this world so much so that he could never even dream of being separated from his master. So when he discovered that Swami  Nityanand is about to leave the world, he decided to take jeevant samadhi, a conscious exit from his body by some yogic powers by stopping his breath which he had mastered earlier. He relinquished his last breath on 27th April 1961 in Ganeshpuri by chanting Ram rakshastrotra mantra. His samadhi temple was built on that spot and he rests there very close to his master today. He came in this world to show us what should a perfect devotee be like, how should one live in the family as a householder performing his worldly duties and continue doing his sadhana.

                                 Shree Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram 

He would chant this mantra for hours and reach an ecstatic state and deep peace in solitude. This post is dedicated in his loving memory as a symbol and epitome of endless love of a disciple towards his spiritual teacher. I consecrate and offer my heart and soul for such exceptional souls who visit earth so rarely yet leave their sweet fragrance for centuries to come. May we all be inspired by a true devotee, a  bhakta, a  yogi and a supremely beautiful soul. May our souls pay homage to such a celestial and virtuous incarnate.

His views on renunciation and his valuable teachings Our whole life is nothing but our destiny.  Do not relinquish your duties.  Live your life with a sense of detachment and not self-punishing involvement. 

Do not run away from your life which is your destiny, fulfill your destiny as it is created by no one else but you. Living your destiny with detachment is renunciation and sadhana. Do all the spiritual practices or sadhana while staying at home. Do not reject your present life, instead awake, arise and enlighten yourself where ever you are placed.

He agrees that sometimes living your destiny is very tough and difficult but none the less it is possible to exhaust the karmas with faith and devotion. If we run away or relinquish our duties we will still have to face the same situations in some life ahead in the future lives yet to come and on the contrary we will only pile up the karmas, counted as accumulated or sanchit karmas.

Serve your parents Do not shy away from your duties of serving your parents, children and other elders.

Be fair in your relations at home, place of work and society. Respect and love your wife. Appreciate her contribution in building up the family, do not deprive her of money and other basic facilities. Be humble, kind and understanding to your servants and helpers.

Women must have high moral and spiritual standards because she is the backbone of the entire family and a builder of future generations. She should handle children with love, understanding, affection, intelligence and tenderness, yet be firm when it comes to inculcating good moral and spiritual foundation very early on in life.

Make your family a heaven and a paradise Give respect and love to all members equally.

The elders should not be on an ego trip but help the younger ones to bloom and flower into responsible and worthy citizens and individuals for posterity.

Even if people harass or inflict upon us, we must not retaliate or get tormented Those people who are unkind towards us will in due course of time bear the consequences for their wrong doings.

Be compassionate towards the ill, old and dying people Have mercy on the deprived and poor people and serve them food, clothes and give monetary help.

Serve your Guru by following his teachings. Serve the learned and men of wisdom and intelligence. Fulfill your religious duties.

Be just and fair in your dealing and handling of money Do not indulge and splurge money in evil and immoral ways. Save for your future and also donate generously.

Have mercy and compassion for animals and all other living creatures of God

Swami Dayananda Shaligram’s ashram is in Mahul where annually the birth anniversary of Swami Nityananda is celebrated by the locals even today. He used to celebrate his Guru’s birthday by feeding the masses and chanting ‘Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ for a week. Swami Nityananda is in bliss on this day and blesses all who come to take his ‘darshan’ on 30th Nov every year. Those who can visit Mahul ashram should go and take the blessings of both the divine souls on this auspicious day.

Mahul Ashram

The devotees of Mahul and other places perform a pooja and bhandara every year on 27th April on the samadhi divas in  memory and respect of Swami Dayanand Shaligram in Ganeshpuri.

Samadhi mandir

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23 Responses to What is renunciation?-II

  1. Jyotsna says:

    Thanks for doing this write up giving information on Swami Dayanand Shaligram’s life. I recently had been to Ganeshpuri with my mentor. I wanted to know more about Swamiji, and found ur write up. It has taken me more close to Swamiji and his samadhi!

    • spiritinlife says:

      Jyotsna, you are always welcome. I must tell you that it has been my great privilege to be able to write something about Swami Shaligram. It was only after pleading for a very long time to Swami Nityananda that I was allowed to write on him. Such is his reclusive nature. His teachings are simple to follow and he is most happy when we surrender to him and worship Swami Nityananda too. One more article will interest you if you have not read it yet- How to make your life extraordinary from ordinary? There are many references about him in other posts too. You can also write to me on spiritinlife@gmail.com. for any further clarifications.

  2. Mandira says:

    Dear Amma,
    It was wonderful to read this post again. It brought back so many memories.

    One thing I like a lot about Shaligram baba is his simplicity. He’s given us 10-12 simple principles to live by. Of course the collective impact of living by these principles will be phenomenal, but instead of giving us long lectures and complicated tasks, he has made it so simple. The other thing that stands out about his approach is His practicality. I am sure you can site a hundred or so examples of that.:)

    I am filled with gratitude for all that He’s done for us and on behalf of all of us, thank Him profusely today.

  3. spiritinlife says:

    Yes, Mandira, I am very happy that you have dedicated your this day in the memory of Swami Shaligram. In this way, you have not only paid your homage to this pious soul, but you have also revived his simple and easy to follow teachings. I am sure he has blessed all of us today as it is his samadhi divas.
    He tells us simple things to do but if you ask him, he will also explain the Gita verse very well in your solitude and meditation time. If you remember him, he will oblige us by silently explaining the hidden meanings of a few important verses of Gita.
    Love Amma

  4. Thank you Mandira and Ma for bringing this post to our notice today as its swamiji’s samadhi Divas. The holy soul who dedicated his life for others and was so dedicated to his Guru that he didnt even require words to commune with swami Nityanandji. We also seek his blessings to become a true disciple like him.

  5. pandey2 says:

    Serve your Guru by following his teachings.

    So much is there in one line…

    Thank You so much Swami ShaligramJi. Your compassion is infinite Sawamji. You request led to Prabhu Nityananda to come to earth from which we all living beings get benefited so much. I have read about so much about Hanuman Ji Bhakti in Ramayan but after reading this post i can imagine you as HanumanJi who was in body just a while ago.

    Thank you so much for everything to Sawmaji and Bhagwan Nityananda Prabhu.

  6. midhunpk210 says:

    ‘Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’

    Guru devo nama..

    it was wonderful reading about two masters , and also the importance of serving parents, guru, respect to all.

    Thanks sarika ji, for this dedicated writing for us, also the service to the great masters. really appreciable .

    i believe, reading, accepting & following this blog is enough for a true seeker initially for his spiritual journey.

    Kind Regards,
    Midhun PK

  7. Shahid says:

    I bow to Swami Shaligram who taught us how to be totally dedicated to one’s Guru. He actually took live samadhi-amazing. I would love to visit Ganeshpuri someday 100% to get his blessings and also Bhagwan Nityananda’s blessings.

    Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      Shahid, Swami Shaligram lived all his life as a true devotee and had all the great qualities exemplifying that role which he played extraordinarily. ‘Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ was the maha mantra that he sang and chanted mentally all the time. On special days, this jaap is done in sapthas(singing of mantra for a week) even today in his temple. Swami will cal you to his temple at the right time in Ganeshpuri, so please wait till then…

      • Shahid says:

        Thank you for your reply dear mom. Yes shall wait until the right time comes to go to Ganeshpuri. I would love to sing the maha mantra for a whole week at Ganeshpuri temple. Gratitude to the divine <3

      • Shahid says:

        In 2014 , i had expressed the desire to visit Ganeshpuri and v happy that it is time now and will happen this year in 2017.
        Om Namo Bhagawate Nityananda <3

  8. midhunpk210 says:

    blessed morning, so much inspiring words of swami dayanandaji, pranam to both masters and ma.-
    “if we run away or relinquish our duties we will still have to face the same situations in some life ahead in the future lives yet to come and contrary we will only pile up the karmas, counted as accumulated or sanchit karmas”-

  9. Shahid says:

    Looking forward to visit Ganeshpuri at the appropriate divine time.

    Also resonate with this para :
    ” Do not run away from your life which is your destiny, fulfill your destiny as it is created by no one else but you. Living your destiny with detachment is renunciation and sadhana. Do all the spiritual practices or sadhana while staying at home. Do not reject your present life, instead awake, arise and enlighten yourself where ever you are placed. “

  10. Resham says:

    My humble prostration at the holy feet of Divine Swami Nityanand and Baba Shaligram. SHaligram baba’s teachings are so practical and easy. I could not help thanking him, Maa for writing this article with so much dedication and other Gurus behind the work. I so much wish he takes me in his shelter and showers his unconditional love and blessings on me and all my co-travelers. With love, and adoration for the Gurus and God – Resham

  11. Shahid says:

    ” They hardly spoke to each other as their mental communication was very well established, it was unbreakable and flawless. They would sit together in silence gazing in eternity! ”
    It would be wonderful to have such a perfect surrender and
    mental communication with one’s guru.

    Shree Ram,
    Jai Ram,
    Jai Jai Ram <3

  12. Shahid says:

    ” we must be grateful to Swami Shaligram as it was at his behest that Swami Nityananad came in this world for the welfare of countless people, just in the way we must be thankful to Lahiri Mahasaya for reviving Kriya Yoga in modern world to householders. ”

    Indeed we must be grateful to both Shaligram swamiji
    and Lahiriji. I hope I can be of immense service to
    God and the masters, follow their instructions and do something valuable for humanity, before this body of mine perishes.

  13. veena shetty says:

    Loved readin evry word if ur article….m already feelin serene……it has given me a calming effect without meditating..

  14. pandey2 says:

    Jai sat guru Ma
    While reading following lines I felt that you are also taking us on the path of salvation on quite similar way-

    “Swami Shaligram showed them their path of salvation according to their karmic patterns, capabilities and level of endurance. He would promise and assure the seekers that he will always hold their hand to give them much needed mental support to overcome the difficulties of everyday life as well as tough suffering of karmic bondages which they would have to overcome for salvation. He pledged and promised those true and devoted disciples that he will never forsake them until the destination and goal of attaining mukti and karmic bondage is not attained. Such was his assurance and commitment towards his disciples.”

    I also felt that you and Swami Shaligram are quite similar in many ways.
    -Both of you love have highest regards for their Guru.

    -Both of you like to live simple and reclusive life.

    -Both of you followed /follows Guru’s word as highest and always indulge in selfless service of mankind.

    Ma, I am not trying to compare greatness as that is beyond my capacity. I am just trying to write similarities I have observed so far.

    I offer my gratitude to Swami Shaligram and you mother.
    Looks like Nithyananda Babaji and Swamji has given his consent to some of us to come to Ganeshpuri after our long pending request. I am eagerly waiting for that day.

    Koti Koti Pranam


  15. spiritinlife says:

    My dear Paripurna, I feel very glad when some of you are persistent in your efforts undertaken daily and one day it shows. Your observations are very true and correct. Yes, without doubt I can assure you that I have followed the footprints of Swami Nityananda and Swami Shaligram in the beginning of my sadhana this time. Hence the similarities you have observed. It was for the first time that to my heart and Soul’s restfulness that someone reiterated so much on peace. Swami Shaligram is an abode of deep peace himself. For any of my troubles related to my fate, he first advised me to maintain peace and calmness. I slowly understood how much peace was helping me to recover from the turbulence of fate’s constant jerks. Secondly, he was the one who taught me that living one’s own destiny sincerely is actually the sadhana. This made me free from the weight of so many add-ons techniques that we try out in order to improve our current situation. In fact, his advice gave me what I actually sought out to get and was trying despertely, my life long mission and constant aspiration-to find peace and love in my life. He was and has been a great teacher, guide, friend and my Guru.

    However, as I progressed, the sadhana or tapasya took a different route. I may feel shy to divulge but I also felt that I must nudge you all a little so that you get some power to peep deeper inside the blog. I was put on higher studies and I was sent to greater Masters also after that. I am and will be under more great, Holy Masters like Swami Kartikeyan, the param Guru and Guru and Param Guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji as I esclate my sadhana more. There is one very good post on Face book which I feel has gone unnoticed by all of you. It should be revised well because it has many secrets of making dramatic progress in your sadhana. Pasting that post below-

    You will never live this life again!

    Did you know that this life of yours was never lived before and shall not ever be repeated?
    A phenomenal miracle is our life; it is built on so many types of forces of life present in the Cosmos.
    It takes phenomenal effort on part of dear Mother Nature to organize all the natural elements.
    In order to run this wonder that once built, it cannot be made in the same order again.

    Each being is a unique being, every formation of cell in each being makes its own effort to form and dissolve.
    Every particle in humans has innumerable possibilities of going either way-way down or skyrocket in the sky.
    Every cell is charged with dynamic forces that will burst open if the power of will is applied to it.
    Nowhere will you find in the Universe an entity as a human being as far as the powers to conquer and rule the hidden forces is concerned.

    The underlying, dormant energies are all squandered as the parts and organs of the mind and body are never used and become vestiges finally.
    Countless permutations and combinations are possible with just a few digits and they are digits 0 to 9.
    There are only five basic elements in this Universe-Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space but limitless creations manifested.
    Similarly, myriad designs of lives are carved out by each human being and none are similar also, interestingly hardly anybody knows about it!

    However, there are some rare human beings, who have taken tremendous amount of time to find out how they could match the greatness of the Creator.
    They wasted no time anywhere and used three great qualities which we all must adopt and translate in our lives too.
    They conquered their own flaws, spent a lot of time in knowing their own selves and did not address others around them.
    They never gave up their passion and madness for knowing what the Silence in Nature says and teaches them every time!

    The three qualities which were abundantly used for conquering their own limitations and mental flaws, were as following-
    Obedience, fortitude and fearlessness; obedience learnt at home very early, fortitude to follow the footsteps of sensible revolutionaries,
    And fearlessness, in one’s own beliefs and convictions, besides carrying out those actions, which are suitable to fulfill one’s magnum opus dreams.
    These three qualities are adopted by scarce persons, who wish to soar much above the multitude people in society living senselessly.

    I am blessed and I feel grateful all over again so many times because I woke up in the wee hours of this morning (9.9.16)
    And travelled in the silence of the heart and mind to the uppermost land where one Sage, who was an exceptional ancient sage was waiting for me.
    He answered all my curiosity that was sprouting recently as I wondered can I recast my life all over again since my body cells are invigorated yet again?
    Even though there are unsurpassed horde of objectives I have achieved in this very life and wanted repose by this time at this juncture!

    Usually the body needs to rest for a while for the brain to rest and redesign and recreate itself.
    The mind maybe tired for some time but can be overhauled by plunging deep inside the land of peace and silence.
    The cells are charged again with regenerating currents of forces of Nature, it is God’s will that will electrify millions of them bit by bit.
    The cells are enlivened and speaking to me, they have so much more power implanted inside than even before and they can again take me to lands of sterling goals!

    Moreover, if these three principles of obedience to God’s will, fortitude to face and withstand all upcoming challenging events and fearlessness to care for none.
    Are applied again He said, you will come very close to my abode of Consciousness and create history in which the malleable brain has been redesigned historically and repeatedly.
    The commands from the brain are going so perfectly to the body parts gradually and they all are responding and behaving like a slave.

    This was the reason he had called me in order to bless me to his final resting place in Katargama in today’s modern Sri Lanka.
    “Appropriate actions and thoughts will be synergized to build up the remarkable future plans and you shall,” He said, “Be under hard training all over again.
    Physical, mental and spiritual observances are to be executed day and night for ample months and years.
    There will be no holidays or rest for you but only industry and hard work and tremendous mental reorganizing in the king size brain.

    Rewiring is most required in the circuit of the brain in lieu of what shall be the rewards which you shall abundantly gain.
    The great Himalayas will call you again, so will great places of penance of many ancient sages and Holy Masters.
    This blog will further be enriched and augmented with sweet fragrance of pure devotion or bhakti and action or karma yoga.
    Sacred knowledge shall be distributed to humanity so freely, it is for people to understand and know.

    For many centuries people will wonder how could someone achieve so much in Spirit in one incarnation without any support and appreciation?
    When times are bad, the Age is Dark, humanity has more value for lust, power, greed and social prominence.
    They will never appreciate the great efforts that some Soul undertakes in order to reform the social structure, their formidable work is invisible to all eyes.
    It is only God who loves such children and knows what phenomenal efforts and sacrifices have gone to make a Magnum Opus such as this one.

    Their efforts will not go in vain, the result may show after thirty or forty or even one hundred thousand years.
    God stores the power and efforts of such great works for best and most appropriate times to come in history of world.
    And will wait and wait endlessly till the most right time arrives and the fruits of such phenomenal actions are to be redeemed.
    However, whenever such treasures are opened, they make a stupendous ripple effect and can bring about life altering changes in humanity.

    People in large numbers realize a radical change in their consciousness and a sea of people transform but all very quietly.
    You are one like me who will not live to see the reward of all your sacred acts; nonetheless, God will not allow your penance to go to waste.
    A day will come when humanity will live in love, peace and God’s Truth in Satya Yuga and your work of hard labour and immense patience will be utilized then.
    If such a period has to ever come back to humanity, it cannot return unless the pious acts in many millions of a few great sages are spent and utilized.

    God’s mathematics is very acute and never goes wrong, a huge tide will surge on earth after a few thousand years from now.
    And the impact of pious collective karmas will be so mighty that the impious society will redeem itself after God has cleared their obnoxious collective karmas.
    Your extra ordinary fortitude and unsurpassed determination shown so far has earned you very blazing knowledge of Spirit.
    The upcoming next phase of extreme hard labour and mental as well as physical forbearance and daring plans and programmes.

    Will earn you very special place in the celestial far off kingdoms because none would like to go through so much discomfort and lack of rest and sleep.
    Your penance will make you perch next to me and we shall work in unity and resonance and synergy.
    My own penance so hard and painful, done multitude of thousands of years ago, was never rewarded by God immediately.
    You are my most favourite and apple’s eye because I have waited for you to gain blazing knowledge like no other before.

    The reason is God had saved the fruit of my penance for Dark Age or Kaliyug as man was going to be totally immoral and untruthful.
    God has chosen you to deliver the fruit of action of my severe penance done in thick forests in far off lands primitively.
    You are my messenger, my holy child who will deliver millions of people in years to come through your literature.
    Your literary work is laden with my silent force and the power and mercy and grace of other ancient sages who work for humanity quietly since uncountable millennium.

    You will never fail in any of your endeavours I bless you; you will do actions which will leave the society speechless.
    None of the enemies will survive or flourish since I make sure they get destroyed and are perished finally.
    You will always be a light house, a pioneer, a firebrand, a messiah, a pious devotee and a great social worker.
    However, it is for the people who must take the first initiative to approach you as you will always be a Seer.

    They will come to you to know the Truth, the sacred knowledge to know oneself and you shall redeem them from their woes and ignorance.
    You will always give them best advice and solutions related to complex fate of theirs, but through quiet mental vibrations and your good company.
    The Soul knows no language but the language of compassion, love and mercy.

    It is for the people to realize how ignorant they have been all their lives and it is the best time to remove their primitive unawareness.
    We float such beatific spiritual vibrations in the ether continuously which they must gather and absorb sincerely.
    If they miss this opportunity, the next phase of such effortless effort of their Spirit’s redemption shall never come”…….

  16. Aditi Bhatia says:

    I bow down to you Sarika ji. Such powerful words.

  17. Extremely happy to read this sacred article. There is so much to grasp here. I will read it all over again and again. I am extremely fortunate to visit Shaligram Babas Samadhi and also participated in Bhagwan Nityanand Babajis birthday celebrated at Mahul on 30 Nov 18. He happens to be one of the most handsome Yogis and his face is full of grace.
    Guru Ma, I have a question on the purpose of such yogis taking Jeevant Samadhi. Many others too take Jeevant Samadhi like Guru Bogarnathar taking at Palani. What is the significance of taking a Jeevant Samadhi?

    Glory to Shaligram Babaji and you dear Guru Ma.

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