An incoming link from this website has informed me today that a part of one of my articles has been copy-pasted on it. Though the“read more” at end of the article links back to this blog, there is no mention of this blog or the author anywhere.

 There is no problem in sharing my work- after all the very reason for having a blog is to share my spiritual experiences with others, but reproducing excerpts or articles from this blog without acknowledgment does not feel justified.

I request those people to kindly delete the excerpts from their website.

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  1. Meena Jethva
    Meena Jethva says:

    Dear Author,

    In regards to the comments on copying the link, I would like to state that I copied your Silent Prayer Poem with credits to you and shared it with my GuruJi and our Maharishi Sri Bhrigu Parivar on our Yahoo Groups. I will oblige to your request and delete it. Thanks.


    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear friend Meena, my co-traveller, and a companion.
      You give me joy, you give me happiness.
      In making me know that you have enjoyed
      The poem about transforming the mind aptly titled ‘Silent Praying’
      It was as though the poem was written for you and a few others.
      But also be enlightened that it would have been far more beneficial for you,
      Had you picked up a small pen and wrote down those lovely lines on a plain white paper,
      Meditated on the poem till those lines got inscribed on inner recesses of your subconscious mind,
      And then showed it to your Master whom you lovingly call ‘ Guruji’,
      After which the rest of the group could have been just made known,
      That there exists a ‘chest of treasures’ called ‘spiritinlife’
      And they should have visited the site ‘’ on their own!
      And picked up a few gems, rubies or many other other dazzling stones!!
      Those who sincerely wish to transform, know and change forever,
      Must motivate themselves and have an inner desire to initiate on their own,
      And work hard to gain something beautiful, everlasting and must come home!!!


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