Why do we die?

Man has been gifted with the power to act by God. The power to act in a man also comprises the power of their effects embedded in them. The power to act is the cause called karma and the power of manifestation in a seed- karma is the power of effect or karma fal. Cause and effect go hand in hand; karma will lead to karma phal.

The earth gives birth to not only the seeds of plants and trees on its soil, nevertheless it is the same  place where we all are born. It is the place where the effects of all the karmas done by all on this earth are manifested in time in some or the other form which we all have to reap.

The will to die or one’s sankalpa to die is necessary before the body and soul separate. Sometimes the will to live is much more stronger than the will to die.  Death is inevitable to the one who is born and it cannot be prolonged if desired unless in some exceptional cases where one performs unselfish  deeds in abundance.  God blesses that pious soul and grants grace time so that more good deeds are done for the benefit of mankind on this Earth.

We die because the harvest of one life exhausts and the seeds of the left over karmas are carried forward in next life.

Along with our karmas are also fixed the number or count of our shvaas or breath. The number of breath depends on the quality of performed deeds or karmas. As we live day by day, the count of breath diminishes and we approach the final stage. The cessation of life force in our breath is death.

Who decides when should we die?

Our karmas.

Who decides the quality of death and the state of consciousness at the time of our exit from the world ?

Our karmas.

What shapes our next life?

Our karmas.

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  1. Stewart Benson says:

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  2. Mandira says:

    Who decides when should we die?

    Our karmas.

    This is new information for me.

  3. spiritinlife says:

    Our karmas are the blueprints of our present and future lives. The natural law or the divine law of karmas of cause and effect is constantly working behind oblivious of which is human race in general, barring a few. Thoughts, karmas, breath, life and death so mystically interwoven….

  4. Jerry Joseph says:

    Dear Sarika Maam,
    “Death is inevitable to the one who is born and it cannot be prolonged if desired unless in some exceptional cases where one performs unselfish deeds in abundance. God blesses that pious soul and grants grace time so that more good deeds are done for the benefit of mankind on this Earth.” – As a student of History & Social Sciences, I was always intrigued by this point stated many a time by spiritual Masters. In human history, there are many pious souls who tried to improve quality of human lives and tried to bring peacefulness. One of the best example is the Father of our nation – Mahatma Gandhi. Before he was murdered, he had plans to start a 20 mile long march with refugees to Pakistan and return also with 20 mile refugees from Pakistan. But then, he was brutally murdered. Nobody after him thought about such a wonderful idea and tried to bring peacefulness between the communities of India & Pakistan. Why Gandhi could not get a prolonged life as per the laws of God to bring more peacefulness and harmony? Similarly Socrates was given poison, Joan of Arc was burnt alive and Christ was crucified. All these people only tried to bring harmony among people and tried to bring peacefulness among people. But their lives were short and they met violent deaths. Similarly Mahabharat says that Vidur, Kripa & Ashwadhathma are ‘chiranjeevs’ or people with no deaths. What is the secret behind this? What is the divine law operating here?
    with deep regards,

    • spiritinlife says:

      Jerry, thank you for telling me about Mahatma Gandhi and his noble ideas of bring about peace and harmony amongst estranged groups of divided India.I did not know about this part.
      There are three things involved here- the good soul’s own destiny, this is a major issue.They all bring with them their fate which is inevitable and they happily agree to reimburse their past deeds, good and bad both in that life itself. Socrates and such people embraced their tragic end taking it as God’ will and died and lived for a great cause and are therefore examples for mankind to follow. Socrates was a thinker and a philosopher and wanted to change the society with new philosophy and new minds. But people were not ready for it as they were still holding to old world.
      Secondly, in their current, ongoing life, some good souls create so many, so many new good karmas that God gives them more years to live and the saints themselves wish to continue working for service. Example- Paramhansa Yoganandaji in this era, he lived more than his destiny and God was pleased to grant more time. It is God’s discretion to allow or stop someone’s life.
      Thirdly, sometimes the saints or social workers or sages are so badly treated that God can discontinue their lives abruptly.During Gandhiji’s time, the rise of contrary forces was on escalation and therefore his life span was cut short. Even Gandhiji abhorred the idea of dividing the country as it would bring about so much violence and then he died most unexpectedly, most likely because he was heartbroken with India’s division and the misery and deaths that it brought with it.
      God’s ways are very bizarre, God can do anything and God may or may not reply to all our curiosity or inquisitiveness. So my advice is set a limit for your mind to go deeper and deeper in the events of this world, they can be quite diverting at times, so check yourself. Instead, after knowing little bit, establish more faith and confidence in God and believe in God’s deliverance. Devotion, prayers and meditation are very soothing for our soul. When appropriate time comes, God within yourself will give you all your answers so love God more and more, have unending faith and spend most of your time in contemplation and devotion by which you can become more and more calm, pious, loving and helpful to all men. We cannot understand everything that God is doing in this world and remember God can do no wrong.
      And all the history that is documented is not accurate and so all the scriptures. ‘Chiranjeevas’ according to me are only those who have sometime or the other have had God Realization, they are immortal, rest is fabrication of facts and imagination. Atmagyan is most precious and not some unique deeds by some at some point of good time in their lives….
      God bless

  5. midhunpk210 says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya.

    bow at the feet of babaji and guruvayurappan.

    sarika ma, pranam to u ma.

    all depends on the karmas.

    it is great to hear the information on “shvaas-breath” counts.

    with all love,
    Midhun Pk

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