What happens after we die?

My dear readers, as the Himalayas beckon me, I am now quite impatient to leave this bubbling and bursting city as soon as possible. I can’t wait anymore as I am awfully eager to roam freely in the mountains; my spirit longs to float without restrictions in the open cosmos of Himalayas and I am waiting to touch gently the stillness of the quiet, spiritual nights near Alaknanda river which flows softly near Badrinath shrine. My mind experiences vastness under the clean, boundless sky there and the state of timelessness comes quite naturally during such sojourns. In fact, I have visited this place a couple of times earlier but the excitement is  exceeding and overtaking me this time more than before as I know for sure that the ashram, the abode of my sacred Param Guru, His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Bababji is near Badrinath!

While I am still under the tutelage and constant guidance of His Holiness, let me keep you informed that he continues to impart great volume of hidden mysteries in unlimited proportions even to this day due to his bigheartedness.  So before leaving, I am feeling an urge to pen down a few articles on that portion of the mystic knowledge which has been imparted to me by him many years ago, in 2001 to be precise for you. Although I have been meeting him at the mental level through intuition and clairvoyance since the past eight years or so and have been deriving tremendous volume of spiritual as well as occult science enlightenment, I am palpably restless to greet him some time personally on physical plane. It will hence enable me to outpour my wholehearted thankfulness and gratitude at his sacred lotus feet for his continous avalanche of kindness and generosity over me!

I have undergone some thrilling paranormal and psychic experiences during and after childhood which went unnoticed and unregistered in my personal life. As it normally happens, I did not tell anybody because I myself did not recognize their importance and relevance in my personal or spiritual life. Drawing upon those childhood experiences and helping me connect to them as a consequence, Babaji helped me revive unexplored parts of my psychic brain and spiritual memory when I was initiated by him through shaktipaath or transference of divine forces through mind power from a far distance in 2001. Babaji stirred up my recollections and past impressions and gave me some extremely electrifying super natural experiences of highest astral plane in the month of Sept/Oct  during a couple of nights without any interruption. With electrifying speed I was being transported to the last plane of the astral world where I came in direct contact with Swami Shri Yukteshwarji and some other meditating yogis in divine bliss or ananda. It was only at a later stage when I discovered about the life and contribution of Swami Shri Yukteshwarji and some other divine beings of the spiritual world. 

By recalling my past occult experiences and today’s given intuitive knowledge, I submit this mystifying article for all of us to read and ponder. These articles on paranormal subjects are not merely to discuss or get excited about, on the contrary they are to provoke our thoughts and enforce us to contemplate because they concern us. They concern our future and they concern our quality of life now and the life after……

We continue from where we left yesterday. We read about why do we die? Next….

So what happens after we die?

When death approaches, the desire to live in a body becomes frail and the desire to pass on to the next world begins to overcome the soul. It all depends on the consciousness of each soul, depending on the quality of its desire where it wishes to embark on the astral journey.

Just before death, all the body systems begin to shut off one by one. The nervous system is the last one to stop functioning.  At the moment of dying the individual begins to see a movie of his/her life in a snapshot. He recalls the most pleasant memories and the most bitter experiences in a flash. The body disintegrates while the jeeva or manas lives on and the jeeva overviews distinctly the departed physical plane or the Earth with longing and remorse. Seeing one’s physical body lying dead or disintegrated makes him wonder why should he leave it anyway? It takes some time for the soul to come to terms with the reality of separation of the body from the mind or manas.

Each person has his own acquired state of spiritual consciousness. Majority or masses have low level of understanding of spirit and more of material. If the state of consciousness of an individual is pure and benign, it will quickly leave the earth surface and travel with a dizzying speed upwards. People with low morality and basal qualities remain stuck even for days to their belongings as well as one’s physical self. Their travel time upwards is also sluggish because of reluctance to leave the Earth level.

At the time of death the departed relatives, friends and loved ones  come to recieve and take with them the person who has just died. The dead person is delighted to meet the lost friends and old relatives. After this the soul meets God in some form or the other where God shows him/her all the account of his deeds and we are asked to give an explanation as to why we did not do more of shiny deeds. Like a judge, God in the end asks us if what He has said  is correct, the soul has to agree. Weighing all the negative and positive deeds, a place in the astral world is assigned by God to all of us with all fairness. We  are sent to a place or realm of hell or heaven in accordance to our deeds perfomed on Earth.

The higher souls are attended by and taken to higher regions by their guru after the body is discarded happily by the disciple so that they can continue to do their spiritual practice even there while the very bad ones who even refuse to leave the dead body are forcibly drawn up and separated.

Once the body and soul are separated, the upward journey begins, each one moving up depending on their speed for which their accumulated karmas are responsible. Sometimes, this is termed as ‘sadgati’ in Hinduism which means –sad means truth or good and gati means force or speed!

There are seven levels or regions above the Earth. The first three are lower regions, the fourth level the mid way and the last three are upper superior regions.

Maximum people go rushing up to the first three levels only. They are debarred from moving higher up other than the three lower levels. At their entrance they meet a rugged, awful, scary  looking man appointed by God called Yamaraj or death deity in Hindu scriptures. As those people have done obnoxious karmas, they are met with dreadful and unpleasant looking guard before they enter their abode of supposed rest after their death. The teeming people here are quarrelsome, immoral, lustful, boastful and full of evil, hence no pleasant greeting at arrival. These people continue with their bad behaviour here too and refuse to transform. At their arrival they are asked by the Deity of Hell to give account of their bad deeds and are asked to reform themselves but to little avail. So they all suffer here again mentally like on Earth even though there is no physical body.  There is no redemption because they refuse to believe in God, devotion, humility, forgiveness and other divine qualities. There is complete cacophony, chaos down there because of disharmonious thoughts of restless souls residing there.  However, each individual is again asked to plead for forgiveness so that their heart changes, but just a few try to reform themselves. Unfortunately, such souls repeatedly visit these low regions because they live a life full of low tendencies life after life without bringing any positive change in their damned personality.

 Individuals who have done partly good deeds and partly bad deeds belong to the fourth door or gate. This region is the place of transformation and people who come here are usually more receptive towards repentance and redemption. Their morality is little higher than those below and they are given new chances to revive their lost glory and divinity. The astral world is a place of rest and redemption created by God for all the humans so that the journey thenceforth into the new world or reincarnation through the body becomes more pious and sacred. Most of the human souls do not wish to qualify for the highest three realms because that would require them to have done ample virtuous deeds in the Earth life by performing abundant sacred karmas through tapasya and spiritual practices. Hence the more one moves upwards in the astral world, the more free space one floats easily in!

Now the fifth, sixth and seven planes are the abodes of pious souls like saints, yogis, social reformers, great musicians and artists, philanthropists, scientists, alchemists and even healers.

Depending on their spiritual progress, they are assigned a berth whereby they continue to do their good work mentally and intuitively. The enlightened beings love to meditate and worship God in various ways and methods thereby adding to their good deeds. These souls help each other happily without any sense of rivalry as they had already overcome this bad tendency in the Earth life. The fifth and sixth level individuals redeem, transform and refine their souls while the highest realm people only refine their souls by further advancing on their divine path.

The souls in the lower regions are not allowed to travel to higher regions but the beings on the higher levels can scoop down. And that happens only if God wishes them to go and help and attend a distress call from one of them! As soon as the job is done, the revivalist soul speedily comes back to its safe zone so that his soul does not get stained by any ugly thought or deed of the bad souls thriving at the low level! Prevention, they say is better than cure!

In the seventh astral plane, the atmosphere is of tranquility, silence and ananda. Souls or Mahatmas living there are in need of no more redemption as they are free of any dross or sin. They are always one and united with the Heavenly Father and have crossed over from the maya or the deluding force of duality. It is world of light and the souls can hear beautiful divine music in their astral ears as they move around in that blessed space in joy and cheer! The beings here bless, pray for all living on Earth and elsewhere and ask God to spread peace everywhere-in all universe, in everyone’s hearts.

They experience divinity in every moment and have no desire to return to Earth unless a request is made by God for helping mankind in spiritual matters. As soon as their work is over on the earth plane, they return to their divine realm to enjoy uninterrupted ananda which is not possible on the Earth because of human interjections and disturbances.

Those souls travel from one point to another only through the passage of light in the seventh sky or realm. One hears the other through the language of only heart or soul which goes  to say  that the sensory perceptions at this level and plane are extremely subtle and it is the  mind or manas which senses and feels the other divine being there.  Hence there is no scope of misunderstanding between any of them. Everyone wishes to help each other in furthering their higher spiritual and divine goals and they derive exceptional happiness in doing so.

When someone from Earth connects his/her mind with a soul at this level it is only through intuition that he/ she is connected with because the medium  of  instruction and communication is the very fine and refined cosmic energy called the intuitive rays emanating from the astral region and received by the third eye on the Earth called the divine eye or divya drishti.

My friends, you must have found this piece of enlightening information startling. These articles must awaken us so that we reform our present life now here on Earth and even after we die. As life is continuous and reincarnation is inevitable, it is our duty to enrich our souls so that we live and flourish in harmony, love, peace and joy wherever we are – On earth and in Heaven….

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  1. 369rajeev says:


    I reread this post. We are really fortunate to communicate with you!

    Good luck on your trip. Stay healthy. Please keep blogging no matter how busy you are!

    Reading your articles is a welcome change to many busy lives.


  2. doodlescribble says:

    Hi Sarika Aunty ,
    The intuitive power explained in this article is very enchanting. Also various levels of astral planes explained here so vividly does make us rethink. Thanks for keeping me on track all these days. Regards, Deepanjan

  3. Shahid says:

    Just want to know why God created Humans? I am sure we are not here just to go to school,get a job, get married and then die. So what was God’s purpose in creating humans and what did he really intend for us to do when he sent us to Earth ?

    Thank you.

    • spiritinlife says:

      This creation came into being at the behest of Thought of God “sanlapamaye srishti”. We have been created out of the Light of God out of our own sankalpa but have forgotten because of delusion or Maya.
      We are here for the sole purpose to remember that we are the same Spirit. The rest of the liabilities or duties of a householder shall be done side by side but the foremost responsilbility is to remember the divinity in us.
      God created humans as his own image out of Divine Love and expected us to spread and give the same love to all. We should be giving peace and love to all because God loves that. Serving our brothers, loving all and spreading peace should be out attitude and goal of life.
      That should be our intention also.

  4. Shahid says:

    The third pic from top with bolts of lightning/thunder seems interesting. Any story hidden in this pic for us ?

    • spiritinlife says:

      These pictures are from Delhi Aurobindo Ashram compound. I went out to de-stress myself and took some pictures on the terrace. Aug is monsoon time. I took random pics of the sky and this one just came in the camera, don’t know how? I saw it after dinner and was quite surprised at its mystical arrival. The moment I saw it I thought of a soul travelling in the sky upwards or a soul travelling in the sky. And therefore I was very pleased to upload this pic on my blog. I knew God had sent me this special one for a good reason…..

      • Shahid says:

        Picture of Soul travelling in the sky, That’s great. Amazing that you were at the right place at the right time to click this picture. Thank you.

  5. Shahid says:

    You wrote “Now the fifth, sixth and seven planes are the abodes of pious souls like saints, yogis, social reformers, great musicians and artists , philanthropists, scientists , alchemists and even healers.

    Depending on their spiritual progress, they are assigned a berth whereby they continue to do their good work mentally and intuitively. ”

    So I guess Beloved Babaji lives on the Seventh plane or above?

    This is wonderful, inspires me to do maximum good karmas, tapas, bless others through good thoughts while on earth, to reach these higher realms after death.

    This article is such a blessing and I bow at your pious feet Sarikaji for writing this.

    • Shahid says:

      Regarding which plane Shri Babaji lives in, I got my answer from another blog post of your’s – How should One die ? So please don’t take the trouble to answer this question.

    • spiritinlife says:

      No, no Babaji has already transcended the seventh sky and is in a state of spiritual level where no one has ever touched, so let’s leave out Babaji completely. He is in a league of his own!

  6. midhunpk210 says:

    these informations are pretty much benificial, thanks a lot.

    i thought about this questions but never got answer with much clarity from any source, and i hope the seven planes are quit similar to the 7 swargas described in Holy Quran, also the 7 conciousness.

    Is there any relation of 7 planes to 7 chakras counting crown chakra ?..

    According to the karma soul goes to hell and heaven, how much time or what is the duration of their stay there for the next rebirth ? or what are about the souls in hell who already done with their retribution ? then how one get form of animal , tree..etc ?

    Kind Regards,
    Midhun Pk

    • spiritinlife says:

      Midhun, trying to answer your multiple questions in one place.
      7 planes above the Earth are not all heavens, mind you please.From the 5th plane, that is the plane of the fairies and other semi-godly celestial beings, the realm becomes worth living! Because there also people behave exactly in the same manner as they were behaving on the Earth. We can call them seven lok or seven worlds and not 7 heavens.

      Relation between 7 planes and 7 chakras? Yes- there is a relation.
      People when living on Earth having a particular level of consciousness will correspondingly go on same level in the other world after that. That is to say that if a person who has lived all his life on Consciousness level or chakra level 3, will directly go to plane no 3 above, not so far away from the Earth and live a very similar mental life as he/she has lived on the Earth. And if someone has lived his life on Earth on a very high level of Consciousness of 7th level of Higher Consciousness, he/she will not be living in the realm of lower world. They reside in thinly populated sky 7 or heaven 7. Such highly evolved people will go on astral plane of 7th level or stage. There is a direct relationship with our level or grade of Consciousness and our placement in the other world after death.
      The time taken for any soul to reincarnate depends on their fructification of karmas in the astral/other world after death. The lower beings are in a hurry to return to the Earth as they are attached to their desires left unfinished earlier while the higher souls from 6th level onwards are extremely patient and wait till God commands any order. They will sustain themselves only with the will of God even there.

      Souls in hell if they are finished with retribution, return to Earth as new bodies and new names depending on the left over karmas to be worked out. They may even improve or else they continue doing similar actions which they did earlier because they did not form new patterns of karmas. We have a tendency of repeating same karmas again and again.
      If some souls have transgressed boundaries and exceed limits set by the natural laws of karma set by God, then they are reduced in consciousness and fall into beings of lower consciousness like animals or trees. They will get ample opportunities and time to recover from the grievous loss someday….
      May God bless all living beings and let there be Light in every mind and every soul…..

  7. midhunpk210 says:

    sarika ji, at very first thanks a lot for answering my query.

    i have got my answer with all clarity, and i have read your reply carefully,

    “if a person who has lived all his life on Consciousness level or chakra level 3, will directly go to plane no 3 above”

    according to this above lines in your reply mam,

    i have understood from some other source is, the conciousness is depend on the Kundaliny awakened and how far kundaliny energy is raised in the spinal cord, does the kundaliny energy raising slow with spiritual practice or a sudden process ?, I request you to correct me if am worng.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Responding just to the Kundalini part from your comment from the post What happens after we die?
      Higher or intense rising in human consciousness depends on many factors. It begins acutely after Kundalini Shakti which is a surge of pure energies in the brain and other parts of the body from the navel. The rising of the dormant energy called Kundalini enhances the spiritual path on the spine.
      After that, the consciousness is aggravated and enhanced by so many other methods and not just Kundalini Shakti. This milestone on our way is just a big push after which tapasya has to be done to get Higher Knowledge from the Enlightened Masters and God both.Merely Kundalini is not a ticket to the Highest abode, it is just a peep into it.
      Kundalini can rise on its own in some people with or without their knowledge. Best advice is do not try by yourself, you will neither be able to recognize it nor be able to handle the symptoms or side effects. So best is to leave it to the revd. Gurus to decide when and how, in what circumstance should this special surge of energy be awakened. It is pure and very sacred and if with this sacred energy one does malpractices, there are severe consequences in this and after this birth also. God does not permit us playing with such special sacred energies created for a special reason. You can read my 2 articles on the same topic and I am sure you will be fully satisfied.
      Hope this information was complete for you.

  8. midhunpk210 says:

    This article inspires a lot, it makes one think beyond this plane, this is little complicated topic and this knowledge can only be revealed by the great gurus, Ma, thank you for answering all questions & Doubts.

    Getting answer to many of my questions i asked you, and some of them you left to me to find out my own..

    pranam to Ma, and all other divine masters..

  9. Shahid says:

    Happy to read this blog post again. Each one is responsible for his own growth and deeds so one should do good deeds,karma’s in this life so that one can go to the highest spiritual level after death.

    Glory to the divine.

  10. Shahid says:

    Dear God, Masters and Mom Please bless my dear dad wherever he is. I hope he is peaceful and happy. We can do nothing against your will God. This was inevitable I guess. RIP Dad, I LOVE you.
    GRATITUDE for everything you have done for us <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Shahid, I can feel your pain and also your love for your father who just crossed over to other land of God a few hours ago. I know you are speaking from this blog so that your prayers be heard for sure. We all are with you dear Shahid. Such losses are too heavy to bear. Only God will give you peace and stability so ask for that now. My heartfelt condolences from Spiritinlife family. May your father be filled with divine light and love and peace. Yours very lovingly Mom.

  11. Shahid says:

    Thank you for your reply mom. Just managed to get wifi here in Kashmir. Praying for peace, harmony, prosperity to all in Kashmir <3

  12. Sacred Knowledge !!!! Guru Ma, in the below paragraph Musicians, Artists and Scientists are classified a pious souls. Does it imply that all great Musicians, Artists and Scientists that we come across all ages including today are pious souls?

    “Now the fifth, sixth and seven planes are the abodes of pious souls like saints, yogis, social reformers, great musicians and artists, philanthropists, scientists, alchemists and even healers.”

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Rajesh, you asked-“Does it imply that all great Musicians, Artists and Scientists that we come across all ages including today are pious souls?”
      Most of them are. They have done great practice in music, arts, philosophy, science, philanthropy, healing etc. Their field and subject becomes a source of joy and happiness. They derive peace from it. Simultaneously, door to spirituality opens up for them since any pursuit which requires immense concentration brings them closer to Self. This act purifies them and they become pious.

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