22.12.2014. Mumbai.

Preface- I have just returned from Pondicherry yesterday evening after compiling many articles and holding a Workshop.  It was a very successful Workshop on whose model I have plans to execute more interactions and great learning times in future. Everyone has derived tremendous learning experiences and have grown inside and wish to do their sadhana with great fervour now. The goals were met with amazing results with God’s and our Gurus’ grace. I understand that there is now bound to be a slight weight on you as this is a rapid learning period for all of us. Hence, kindly prepare yourself accordingly and accomplish positive results for yourself. This post has come too fast, hope you will be taking some time off for your own welfare and well-being whenever you can accommodate time …….

My wonderful, unexpected experience while travelling back home from Pondicherry-While I was in the taxi around 10.00 am and going towards Chennai Airport yesterday, I wanted to catch some sleep as I had slept only a few hours on the previous night. Instead of falling into sleep, I fell into a deep trance and I saw a Buddhist Lama who showed me his face from close quarters. His face resembled so much like one Lama who used to sit in my white crystal pyramid. That Lama looked like a Chinese man with a long beard, grave, very quiet and still. From a particular angle whenever I saw into the pyramid, very distinctly I always saw a meditating Lama inside it. As I was a new meditation practitioner back then, I also tried meditating with him by keeping the pyramid on my palm and I saw the difference. I could concentrate well during my short meditations in the afternoons because of this unplanned and spontaneous act on a few days.

A thought then arose inside that what if he is only a wandering, purposeless soul, should I even look at him with carefulness and ignore him completely?

I experienced a wave of deep, soothing tranquility in the next moment as a sign of proof of his truth. Because of unusual prevailing tranquility, I became assured about the credibility of the just appeared, anonymous Lama in my taxi.

“I am on level 18.” Hearing this line from him assured me further that all was well and he can be trusted fully.

“Write again on peace,” said he and he left instantly and as unceremoniously as he had just appeared out of somewhere….

Dear readers, henceforth there will so many stories that will be having some connections with upcoming articles or previous ones. They all are related and you should avoid staying away from the blog or else you will not be able to understand fully what the in progress post is all about. This portion of the blog is for advancing yogis.

 Referring to an older post-https://spiritinlife.blog/2014/12/12/my-communications-with-swami-shivanandji-on-an-auspicious-day/-i

As I told you several times that I will reveal many things to you with the consent of God which were not open publicly, I will first disclose that there are more than 7 levels of consciousness or Chetna. So far, this was kept hidden from the masses because God wanted to give this sacred knowledge to the sacred Souls of extreme elevated levels of Supreme Consciousness. However, as it has been decided by God and the saints’ community to make a document of sacred, hidden divine laws through this blog for a road map for the mankind in Kaliyug, I wish to tell the world that there are higher realms or stages of spiritual consciousness other than stage 7…..”

Now after seeing the Lama and hearing his statement, I realized that something has just started again. By 7 pm on 21.12.14, I fell asleep on my bed but after I had a very interesting experience and it should be retold especially for those who care for such mesmerizing events. When I was resting after my long journey, I saw another white face. It was a very different face from the one that I saw and belonged to the Lama. Seeing a white face gave me solace as it represented two things to me- it was a pure soul and secondly it was the face of an old, very old soul. But as I had little energy to fix my attention on the ongoing event, I preferred sleeping because I was thinking that most likely some unknown souls are trying to catch hold of my focus for some reasons.

A few moments passed and the same face reappeared with more detailing. I longed to sleep and did not wish to be engaged and I closed my eyes and felt so restful.

Hardly three or four seconds must have lapsed and the same white face with proper white hair and prominent white curved mustache reappeared. Since I had no desire to communicate with any roaming astral soul after my good times with very exalted Souls in Pondicherry and current fatigued body, the man in white hair and white curved, long mustache began to communicate with me as though trying to show me through his facial gestures and features something important and urgent.

“I am Bogarnathar and my face looked like this.”

I sprang up from the drowsiness and became alert with a soft current like lightning in my brain. He showed me his face one more time to make sure that I was fully awake and serious now. I swiftly tried to think how old could Bogarnatharji be? I had no clue at all.

Streams of light rays came gushing down from high above and there was no doubt at all that he has arrived at my door without any invocation. I expected this type of waft of astral fragrance in the next few days since there have been so many articles recently and there is a great sense of contentment in all of us. It also dawned on me that I was already told beforehand in Pondicherry that next posts will be guided by none other than Shri Bogarnatharji and also that there will be no rest for me before April 2015.  And then, with these considerations suddenly all things fell in place and I quietened myself thoroughly.

The streams of cascading light rays reminded me of my experience and the photo of the cave of Dwarahat on my post in which beautiful Sunlight is dropping from the sky. Ever since my arrival from the cave of Dwarahat in September this year, where Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji met Shri Mahavatar Babaji there has been a great surge and revival of very powerful spiritual energies. They are condensed and mystifying since they are laden with very dynamic and powerful vibrations of reformation and revival.

“I will send you to one more cave of very powerful vibrations shortly and you will surge more.”

My problem is that my mind is very conditioned and it does not budge and it falls in the same groove every time I think of a cave- Babaji’s cave in the Himalayas is my instant reaction. I became disappointed because I am not in a great health so I requested him not to ask me to do extremely tough things physically as the body cannot cope up at this point of time.

Shri Bogarnatharji gave me a sweet, mysterious smile and because I was sleepy, I do not know what happened after that except that he told me that he has expelled two persons who are my contemporaries. They are not performing well and they have delayed in giving responses after reading the last phenomenal posts which had the great sages speaking to all of us. I promised Bogarnatharji not to give my time and attention to those whom he thought are not up to the mark. The Open University Spiritinlife is getting more and more defined after some are graduating and some will graduate in due course of time or years.  A few are lagging behind and some are doing so well solely on their mind power and their will to surge and they take very little time of mine. They are quick souls who wish to redeem on a fast track and are very few in number….

Today morning, I meditated and I was waiting to reconnect with Bogarnatharji. I assumed that he is about to give me some more instructions and guidelines to follow but something else happened.

I travelled on the astral pathway to Palani where the Samadhi of Bogarnatharji is placed. Instead of him arriving at my house like last night, I visited his eternal home. I travelled astrally with him beyond space and time. I prostrated gently at the great revivalist sage out of respect and awe. He rose up from his samadhi,  the silver light rays came out of the slab of the samadhi and his soul’s presence was visible to my inner gaze. He began conversing with me promptly in chaste Hindi to my extreme surprise as I consider him to be of South India origin.

“Tum mujhe bahut, payari lagti ho, bahut pyari. Maine aaj tak aisi koi stree nahin dekhi jisne Satya ke liye sab kuch chod diya ho. Aisi koi stree hai hi nahi jo Satya ke liye apna sab kuch dede. Sirf purush itna kada parishram karte hai Satya ke liye, striyan nahi.”

“I am very fond of you, very fond. Till this day, I have not met any lady who has relinquished everything for Truth. There is no woman I know who has given  everything for Truth. Only men can yield so much toil to realize Truth and not women.” I was very humbled and did not know how to react to it.

Then I saw Om in its symbol and subsequently I saw the temple of Omkareshwar in my view and Shri Bogarnatharji proclaimed at this juncture, “I wish to tell you about this temple. It is of great importance and is very ancient. Now do you remember that you were told in a post that all the temples of great importance were built by God where once some tapasvi has done tapasya including Mahakaleshwar.

The importance of Omkareshwar lies in the fact that Kashyapa Maharishi lived in this area and hid himself in a cave for many years about 59,000 plus years. At the same spot a temple of Shiva Bhagwan was made about 27,782 years ago. It is the only temple in India where Shiva is manifested in the form of Om. Kashyapa Maharishi worshiped Shiva and he meditated on the formless aspect of God and meditated for too long on sacred sound of Om. Hence this temple was decided to be constructed by God of Lord Shiva and Om resonates here if you can hear that if you are attuned to it. Some will benefit after they come and visit this place and will be able to listen to that sacred sound of Om for the reason that their centres of consciousness which are choked will purify by itself.

He showed me the various important points in the temple and said do you recall this? I said, “Yes, I do.”


I saw this cave when I was walking up the stairs but nobody was there and people were not going inside therefore I did not go there. I like caves and when I was buying flowers for God, I saw this cave accidentally and was attracted to it and not knowing that after some days, I will be introduced to it by such an highly acclaimed sage resting in South of India.

“That is the cave of Maharishi Kashyapa. You should go with some devotees in 2016 in a group of four. But before they go, they should meditate for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening or night and for two hours on a Sunday or weekend. Practice meditation before you go. It will be a long programme of 6 days and should be spent in this manner. Reach Indore and hire a car. Go to Omkareshwar. Stay in an ashram for 4 days. You will go and 4 others will join you. Each will take an independent room. Maintain silence for 2 days and meditate alone in your room or on the banks of the river or some other clean place. Next two days take their class on the lessons of the blog.

After that schedule gets over, go to Mahakaleshwar and take a train from Ujjain back home. This plan is for the advancing  yogis and their names are –Arun Mutt, Shahid Khatai, Atul Nagrath and Kiran Mutt.

In 2017 second group will go- Nishith Patel, Nirav Majithia, Paripurna Pandey, Chaya Mutt and a few names might be added according to their spiritual preparedness.

The medium pacers will practice half an hour meditation each day twice. Follow and practice the meditation techniques given by Swami Shivanandji after which you will be given some other techniques by Shri Mahavatar Babaji after you have practiced enough…..”

(To be continued in next post, it will discuss Nitya Jyot Rishis)

A short note- Shri Bogarnatharji was an ancient Sage who lived a very long time ago. He guided Shri Mahavatar Babaji and initiated him in higher forms of Kriya in Katargama, Sri Lanka. He was a great devotee of Murugan Swami, Kartikeyan, elder son of Lord Shiva. His samadhi is in Palani on a mountain top in a temple dedicated to Murugan Swami.


Revised and updated on 29-06-2019


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  1. manju
    manju says:

    Pranams to all the mighty sages in all humility !!!! prayers to Sri Bhogarnath kindly bless all with greater devotion and deep longing for the divine .

    expel none lord bless all ,change our conciousness forever ,

    Pranams to dear sarikaji


  2. akanksha10875@yahoo.com
    akanksha10875@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you so much. Your posts are like floodgates of knowledge for us. May God always keep you in good health. Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum.
    Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Akanksha, thank you so much for your wishes, need to be in good health always so that I do not stop or halt working for God and Gurus.

  3. Nirav Majithia
    Nirav Majithia says:

    Namaste Ma. thanks a lot for the surprising new post! Very Blessed to know tht Shri Bogarnatharji has taken my name for 2017 Omkareshwar visit! Many pranaams to Him and You Ma _/\_ 🙂

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Yes Nirav,
      Now you must prepare yourself for that great opportunity. It is our great fortune to be under their supervision and make progress. So avail the blessing of all the great rishis.
      God bless you.

  4. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Blessed to see the cave of Sri Kashyapa Maharishi. Thank you dearest mom, you reveal so many things we never knew of through this sacred blog.

    Thank you mom also for taking us all to Perengipettai and Chidambaram from Pondicherry. You gave us all so much
    divine wisdom, guidance so without you the trip to these
    places would have been incomplete.

    Delighted to see the divine sages above have included my name too for 2016 trip <3

    If I may ask , we have all been asked to meditate for 1 hour and then 2 hours on sunday. Do we start immediately ? I will be glad to do that. Is there any specific reason we have been instructed to do this ? Is it to prepare to receive the higher energies there ?

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shahid, truly our gathering in Pondicherry was memorable and so was our pilgrimage to Babaji’s birth place and of our darshan of Nataraja in a blissful state in Chidambaram.
      You can start increasing the duration of your meditation. Remember to take a good healthy diet also along with that. As we go further our power to meditate for longer duration must increase and later we shall increase the depth of our meditation. They both go hand in hand. It will also prepare you for your higher class in Omkareshwar when it happens and you shall be able to increase the depth as well as duration by then.You will thus have an advantage. It is expected by then that the depth and duration must increase.

  5. Resham
    Resham says:

    Dear Maa, First of all, my gratitude to all Bogarnatharji and You for sharing this knowledge. As Bogarnatharji has mentioned in the post, a woman can’t work hard as men do for the sake of Truth. Why is it so? What stops women from renunciation? And why is it that there are so many male saints and not many women saints?

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dearest Resham, As you are quite young and are trying to grapple very serious philosophy at this point, I am glad you are asking for clarifications.
      Please note what Bogarnatharji is saying-“Till this day, I have not met any lady who has relinquished everything for Truth. There is no woman I know who has given her everything for Truth. Only men can yield so much toil to realize Truth and not women.”
      He is hinting at something more important and subtle. Realizing Truth is a very tough task, it requires a lot of experiences which a sadhak has to undergo to gain insights. Highest Truth is gained with penance. The real life experiences which provide insights of Truth demand a lot of time, hard toil, patience and perseverance. Women are usually occupied at home and therefore cannot put aside their domestic duties and work only towards attaining great heights in realizing the Truth about God. Men usually are more hardy and can devote more time than women as they are absolved of many domestic duties.Hence women automatically separate from men.
      Secondly, there are many women who have attained wonderful spiritual attainments and there will be many in future. But at this point Bogarnatharji is pointing at knowing the Highest Truth and procuring that Truth with great difficulties and a lot of physical stamina is required. Imagine what it means to be able to reach and connect with a soul of Bogarnatharji and deriving many aspects of highest Truth from him!
      Mandira didi told me yesterday that she ventured on internet and tried to find some information on Shri Bogarnatharji after she came to know that the upcoming post is dedicated to him. She found hardly two or three lines, practically nothing. So doing research on him, finding some information about him and then learning the Truth from him after many years has demanded a lot of physical toil and hard work on my part. Women cannot easily do this. I have gone to Palani three times to meditate there, it will be difficult for other women to do that easily because of many restrictions and lack of overflowing enthusiasm in an unknown and obscure sage like him.
      Rest of this you shall understand as you grow with time. Ask if you still have any doubts.
      Yours Ma.

      • Resham
        Resham says:

        Dear Maa, thanks a lot for appreciating my query and answering it patiently. I read and re-read your answer. It looks like women are less privileged than men when it comes to getting Moksha. 🙁 Please correct me if I am wrong, Maa. But if what i have gathered is true, then how should a duty-bound householder woman make God-realisation possible?

        With warm regards,

        • spiritinlife
          spiritinlife says:

          Dearest Resham, do not be afraid to venture out in a uncharted path where others do not try. You can do it, just apply your indomitable spirit and forget the people. God will give you enough opportunities so do not worry. God will clear your path and so just believe in God and his mercy.
          Tons of love

  6. Mandira
    Mandira says:

    This is AWESOME, amma.

    I remember your crystal pyramid with the lama. Wasnt it the one where the lama sat on a bench?

    A lama on level 18! Thats unbelievable. It brings home the point that my path is very very long and I have indeed just started.

    I am DELIGHTED to read names of people invited to Kashayup rishi’s cave. Very lucky to be invited by the Maharishi.

  7. Kanchana Iyer
    Kanchana Iyer says:

    Dear ma, I was spellbound reading this post and knowing about level 18!. I am still basking in the pleasant memories of our Pondicherry trip. and happy to receive your new post so quickly. Thanks for sharing more information about God’s plans and also about Omkareshwar caves.Delighted to see the names of our fellow family members in it and hoping to see our names in the subsequent trips. Will definitely intensify my meditation practice and strive to graduate from SipirtInLife Open University on a fast track. Our Pranams to you!

  8. Shilpa
    Shilpa says:

    Hello Aunty,
    Delighted to read this post. Like all other fellow readers I am also pleasantly surprised to know about level 18, God knows how many levels are there in his kingdom!
    Well we all need to improve our own level continuously..
    I am pleasantly surprised about such detailed planing that great sages do for this blog and all students, it is really a delight to know names of students mentioned by Bogarnatharji and the schedule told by him. How minutely they observe each student here.
    My humblest pranam to him and all gurus.
    It is also nice to know from recent posts and all comments that your pondicherry trip and meeting with my some of fellow friends was very fruitful, this definitely increases mutual bonding, love and positive energy in the whole environment and directly or indirectly everybody gets benefited from such spiritual group interactions.

    About woman saints, everyone says that there are more male saints than woman saints in proportion…But as a soul is neither male or female, definitely our social structure plays more active role in deciding about it…As i have observed around, truly a woman feels more satisfaction in caring for her husband and raising a child, and i guess this must have been added to her spiritual journey as nothing is hidden from God..
    Just a guess that may be a soul likes to incarnate as a male for fulfilling one’s highest spiritual quest and achieve the maximum heights in a given lifetime.
    Man or woman, everyone needs to do hard tapasya to realize God.
    But Sarika aunty, in all past lives of yours which were mentioned here until now, it seems that you liked to incarnate yourself as a woman only.. may be to do more hard penance..which is required to be done as a female spiritual seeker..
    As like you, i am happy to do hard penance..
    Best Regards,

  9. miracleshappeneveryminute
    miracleshappeneveryminute says:

    Nameste Ma,
    Some people are destined to get blessings from God and others put lots and lots of efforts to make things materialise for themselves.
    You are one particular soul who has tried everything to achieve your spiritual goals. May God grant that kind of determination to every woman.

    Lots of love

  10. Arunmutt
    Arunmutt says:

    So much compassion and eagerness to see others grow, the only expectation from us is that we blossom spiritually I have no words,
    Thank you !

  11. pandey2
    pandey2 says:

    Thank you Ma for such in-depth planning and arranging pondicherry workshop. It was planned so well that not only me but heard from each one who all attended on your amazing ability of planning every steps and taking care fore everyone. Million and zillions of thanks.

    The two days of pondicherry workshop was so fulfilling…. I get astonished that so much was achieved in two days. So much of learning, covering so many topic like importance of fitness, need of oxygen, Live in nature, Save nature, importance of concentration, level of consciousness, efficient time utilization to take time-out for meditation and many more deeper topics. There was enough for everyone including kids.

    The current world example of cutting tress to make paper napkin..OMG..now i will think twice before using paper napkins. We need to ensure that we limit our usage of five elements as we are getting so much in-debted towards them which we have to payback at some or other time.

    Meditation at Mothers place during the evening was so peaceful. The total environment was so divine.

    I am still not able to believe on our luck that we would able to go Chidambaram and Parangipettai along with you Sarika Ma. The re-incarnation life of woodcutter has amazed all of us. If anyone of us have good fortune to be at kataragama then certainly we would more than happy to see the growth of the new banyan sampling towards becoming a giant tree by means of your intense prayers, and Baba ji mercy, considering no Banyan tree survived around that place due to curse post up-rooting of original banyan tree. We are blessed to got to know so much.

    So much bonding happened in just two days that at the end of two days while separating, feelings were like what it feels like separation from close family. Everyone was very caring towards each other. I want to thank everyone be it Bharath ji, Kanchana Ji, her mother, Kiran ji, Chayya ji, dear Sahid…. Devanshi and Kumkum were so happy to be part of it and are already asking for next opportunity to be involved.

    Sarika ma, i am repeating here again what i had told during the workshop that, It is understandable that you are involved by God and great sages in such broad planning and efforts but what worth i have done to get admission in Spiritinlife university of great sages.

    I am indebted and grateful to you and towards all the great divine masters/sages for selfless act and immense compassion shower on us for our upliftment from clutches of Maya.

    I am so much humbled to read here that a great sage like Boganathar ji has planned for me. I have no word to express my gratitude. I will do everything in my capacity to what i am asked to do to prepare myself for the event.

    My Pranam to Sarika Ma and to all the great divine masters. May we all grow together and fulfil what dearest God and great sages has planned for us. This is my prayer for the Sweet God.

    With love and gratitude

    • Resham
      Resham says:

      Dear Paripurna ji,

      Thank you for sharing this mail. Although I could not be a part of the blessed union with Maa, I still got to learn a few nice things from the recap of lessons you have mentioned here. May God bless you and all of us seekers of his divine home. 🙂

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Paripurna, imagine this is just the beginning and you are so astonished! You have arrived in God’s kingdom where there is plenty and abundance in just about everything- knowledge, happiness, order, harmony, synergy, planning and co-ordination.
      You have done a wonderful job of giving a summary of the workshop, so far I was not willing to do it. But now others are also observing and learning from this exercise and must be seeing that a lot is happening apart from the creation of this blog. And you became a medium, thank you for your contribution.
      You get overwhelmed by seeing unseen life of God’s mercy. It is your own good deeds, your sincerity and good nature that God chose you, the saints are showering their blessings on you. Therefore, accept everything humbly and begin your journey with devotion and gratitude. You will be overjoyed in God given new life. Love all and bless all.
      God bless you.
      Yours Ma.

  12. Asim
    Asim says:

    Very illuminating communions..Aunty,is it true that Sri Bogarnathar went to China and came to be known as the great Lao-Tzu and then vanished in Himalayas as i read somewhere..Just curious because of golden words he spoke which are of profound silence…
    Pranaam to you..

  13. ~letTheColorsRumble
    ~letTheColorsRumble says:

    Pranaam dearest Shri Bhogarnathrji.

    Pranaam dearest Maa,

    Loved the wonderful ways Shri Bhogarnathrji communicated with you.

    Loved to know Maa, that you have thrown open a door for all women to emulate you or follow your footsteps in the future.

    Loved to know about your unassailable devotion for Dearest Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji.

    Loved to know about the selfless solitude of Maharishi Kashyapa, how great and powerful must be His Love for God that made Him meditate for thousands of years?

    Loved to know how your hard work is helping your children advance.

    On this Journey
    You are the Engine,
    We are the Train-cars,
    How could we ever move without your pull,
    It would be foolish and unwise to think otherwise.

    and it seems –

    The more we learn, the more insignificant we become,
    The more insignificant we become, the lighter we get,
    The lighter we get, the higher we fly,
    The higher we fly, the more we can See.

    so it seems.

    With deepest gratitude,

  14. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Feel so much gratitude welling up in my heart today. There is this urge to sit in meditation for some time now so shall go and do this. Thank you dearest Mom <3

  15. Farha
    Farha says:

    Pranaams to dear Ma, Mahavatar Babaji and Maharishi Bogarnatharji!! Ma…again the series of posts starting from your conversations with Swami Shivanandji till Swami Karthikeyan are pure gems. I have gone through many emotions while reading – being baffled by the information and wisdom provided, outmost gratitude for having found your refuge, reverence for all the Masters for their unconditional love and guidance and firm resolve to keep growing spiritually each and every day. For this, my many many thanks to you.

    Ma, also wanted to confirm, the cave that is mentioned here, is it the one below Omkareshwar temple? During our trip to there in July, we had gone to this cave during one of the visits to the temple. I had read on the net that it is the cave where Adi Shankara met Govinda Bhagavatpada, his initial guru. Didn’t know at that time that Maharishi Kashyapa did his tapasya here. We were able to spend some quiet moments there but couldn’t sit and meditate as the floor was very wet maybe due to rain. Knowing the spiritual significance of Omkareshwar and how I really absolutely loved the place, I hope and pray that I come to the level when I can be part of the pilgrimage sometime in the future with you, Ma!

  16. niti
    niti says:

    Dear Sarika Ji, You say here…Seeing a white face gave me solace as it represented two things to me- it was a pure soul and secondly it was the face of an old, very old soul.
    If all of us are infinite, that is souls are neither born nor die, then how can some souls be older or newer than the others? Pray, shed some light.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      My dear Niti. Spirit is infinite. But Spirit or Atma when takes birth and in a physical body that is called jeevatma. Spirit is always eternal and death free. Spirit or Soul may enter a body at different time period . When an individual soul incarnates the complete journey and transition takes place. Each individual soul has its own journey and transition and evolution time. To recall and learn again that one is Atma and not jeeva is the reference here. It takes a very very long period of time to realize fully that God is everything and we all have come from God. Those specific souls who have realized Spirit are age old, they have purity of Spirit and no mud of Maya and they are isolated from the crowd and their aura is full of white light. Hence, they always appear as white haloed or white rayed gentle beings in astral form when we are very calm. They may or may not be living but their presence even after death is permutable and evident if one is established in special communication skills! Hopefully, this explanation shall suffice. Or else we can discuss further.

      • niti
        niti says:

        Your explanations are always very loaded and I find it difficult to completely comprehend them immediately. It sinks in with time.

        In fact, in addition to the above, I have always found one thing very intriguing. On the one hand God is said to be One. Which to my understanding means that all souls are finally one. So once liberated, or even before liberation, would it be right to say we are all one? Yet, we retain our identities. As in one can invoke the great Masters!! So how are both things possible simultaneously? I am afraid for picking up very theoretical questions here, its just that, a lot of old questions are also surfacing, now that finally there is someone to ask !!

        • spiritinlife
          spiritinlife says:

          Dear Niti, trying to make it as simple as is possible.
          First of all read my answer to Midhun, you will benefit.

          You are asking me- On the one hand God is said to be One. Which to my understanding means that all souls are finally one. So once liberated, or even before liberation, would it be right to say we are all one? Yet, we retain our identities. As in one can invoke the great Masters!! So how are both things possible simultaneously?

          Yes God is always one. By one is meant that the power of God is indivisible. It is always present and it cannot ever be destroyed and even if nobody knew what is God, the mere presence of God is enough to carry on this Universe!It does not matter whether anyone knows or not knows what is God, God still exists!
          Yes, we all are one and we all retain our characteristics in spite of the presence of God in all of us. No two persons are ever the same.
          Any body can invoke the Holy Masters.
          The question is why will anyone invoke the Master?
          Those who realize that though we all are one and God resides in all of us, but we have forgotten what is the truth about God. So they invoke.
          None of us know what is God? where to find God/ How to find God? Irrespective of the presence of God always in us, we all have to one day go back to our original state where we had known God!
          Hope I could answer your question well.

          Don’t be ever afraid to ask, ask and you shall receive!

          Think and come back to me.

  17. Kunal Vakil
    Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    Wow I see clearly now that we the readers are being guided by the hidden masters to read the blog and can be expelled if we don’t respond regularly.

    Feel priveledged to be here, my 7th chakra and bindu is open because of previous sadhana, but not fully, also in my centre heart but slightly higher I always feel a pressure while reading the blog, I sometimes get cool breeze in it, I’m sure this is a step higher
    but I don’t know what level I am on.

    This is a very fascinating situation, there are so many godly hidden forces at play and at the end of this path is moksha, although suffering has to experienced fully to understand my cyclical nature but knowing the sages and you are with me gives me so much strength.

    Thank you!

    I bow down at your lotus feet.

    Om Namah Shivaya!

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Just look at your goal, your target, always remember your goal, rest is inconsequential…
      Om Namah Shivaya


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