Vichar Shakti or Thought Power

As the name of the post suggests, this post is an extension of earlier posts.

Since I last visited Rishikesh in December of 2015, there have been a few posts as well as a few discussions on the same topic from the book of Swami Shivananda-Thought Power.

This subject is grave and needs to be studied well.

On 27th Nov’16, there was a small gathering where we again read and discussed a few portions of the book. An audio is available for the same. As it was not planned and was an audio for the attendees’ personal use, there many be some aberrations. Henceforth, audios of a few posts along with my commentary will be made available for your study and learning.

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Some photos, synopses and a short video is on Fb on the first Spiritinlife Annual Meet in Rishikesh.

With this post, this segment-Truth in Light gets over. We shall be starting with a new post on New Year.

4 Responses to Vichar Shakti or Thought Power

  1. pandey2 says:

    Jai Sat Guru Ma,

    Thank you so much for explaining in so much detail about thought power. It is wonderful to know that having good thoughts also is form of service.
    A evil thought is thrice cursed. Have subh thoughts. Practice Mauna. Even stopping just one thought gives us so much. Spritual thermometer…
    Where else we will get such deeper aspect.
    Koti Koti Pranam to you and Swamiji.

  2. doodlescribble says:

    Had started listening, will come here again.

  3. doodlescribble says:

    Dear Maa,
    I truly believe and agree with the points of this recording. As I was hearing your speech, I started reflecting on some of the part events of my life.

    This is a very beautiful and concise recording on one of the most subtle and yet powerful forces on earth. Thoughts probably are so powerful yet least researched force in the world that unknowingly the world is wasting this force. And the beauty of thought is it can connect with anything – sciences, arts, television, books, news, places, weather- for any physical parameter that we see, feel and believe has a thought force behind it. As thought is cannot be defined in of physical electromagnetic waves (as you have mentioned), it is considered non-scientific.
    I had heard in one of the speeches in Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi by late Shri Bimal Mohanty that thoughts which are surrounding us can date back to many centuries as well as belong to millions of years in the future.
    For general human beings the range is almost similar but for humans who are evolved spiritually this range keeps increasing. This is what creates clairvoyance in some people, some people can recall their past lives.
    Thoughts create memories, and thoughts create music.
    Therefore as per Hindu scriptures we must never allow ourselves to be gloomy and sad when we lose someone very dear, because our good thoughts will enable the soul to move where it is destined.
    There have been instances in my life which has proven that thoughts can make all the difference – good or bad. If we control our thoughts it gives us more will-power and that helps in our spiritual upliftment.
    This extremely meaningful recording of yours just reinforced my concepts and will help me and everyone in progressing towards a better life in future.

    Reverent Regards,

    Note: It is due to the collective thought of people in a city/locality/country they can become clean, safe and beautiful and vice versa.

  4. spiritinlife says:

    My dear Deepanjan, very well said and so well understood the power of thought. You too can develop this power in you by eliminating those thoughts which are bothering you and hence in this way empower yourself exponentially by negating the self defeating thoughts.
    Your inputs are providing more insights to what is already been said or quoted by me. Please keep on reading similar posts so that you too can make your mind strong and one-pointed for your sadhana.

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