Dear readers and viewers, on the occasion of 11th Spiritinlife Blogging Anniversary on 20th May 2019, I am uploading a video of a Discourse held in Pondicherry between 13th to 19th January 2019. There are three videos of this Discourse. As the number of videos in the library is high and the duration long, it has been decided to upload one video every month for next six months or so on the same date 20th. Apart from 3 videos of Pondicherry, each month a new video along with its audio will be upload. This includes Rishikesh Discourse (17th to 21st April 2019) and Badrinath yatra to be undertaken (20th to 29th Sept, 2019). It will be beneficial for all if we listen attentively to these recordings and recall, repeat, think and revise what has been imparted to the listeners through these talks. Contemplate.

This video stands out from others. I have made a conscious effort to link content of one post to another and meticulously led the listeners to reach those posts which are interlinked and also to recall the content of specific posts.

Apart from interlinking posts, I have also spoken about the underlying, unsaid and unread experiences of mine as I moved forward on my endless journey of Infinity. The last video, part 3 will exhibit so many of my concealed transcendental experiences known just to me. It has many personal incidents shared with the audience for the first time.

There are many questions and answers also in these videos. Pondicherry gave all of us ample time to interact and participants were putting up spontaneous questions. Such interactions are healthy and a very good way to learn faster. Hope you too profit from these exchanges. My aim was to go into details of the posts and my experiences as well.


Opening passage from a post on Fb-

(On the eve of my Discourse in Pondicherry-13th to 19th Jan, 2019)

When I was a little girl!

When I was a little girl, I had high aspirations to do things to propel my Soul.

I possessed scanty means to do something wonderful to make my Soul soar.

Time flew and I was caught in the wind of hurly burly life and I was in a flow.

I became involved in several demands of life and age was slowly catching up.

I wondered while I performed my duties when I will get time to perform penance.

Without it God was never to be experienced, no matter how many lives I shall live.

Penance of mind and Soul I wished to undertake as cleansing of thoughts was imperative.

I got power from my own thoughts as I made them very willful, streamlined, positive.

My will to do something purposeful, worthy and useful for the world was stinging my conscience.

Time was running out, body deteriorating, mind lumpy with people’s self effacing, grey ideas.

Destiny was insurmountable, body weak and powerless, resources negative, time was running out.

The wick of my lamp was dying out, spirit was about to be extinguished and mind was unsound.

After a very prolonged period of endurance, prayer and meditations, I beseeched God to navigate my life.

I was standing on the shore without a boat waiting incessantly for God to listen to my prayer and implore.

Tears dried up, feelings sucked out, nerves dead, mind and body indifferent and Soul parched and hungry!

I knocked at the door of the Omnipresent ample times enough to break it open yet it remained locked.

When fatigue was intolerable and no Guide to tell me what to do, only my wick of faith withstood me.

Faith so invincible that I challenged God to take some more tests and examinations but come to me.

Come to me and be mine forever, come once but never to leave me, come to me to give me purest love.

Invocations were so charged with unfathomable love and patience that He went on deferring me.

He delayed and postponed our union and friendship, He gave more exams to pass to make me rock solid.

I relied on my faith that God’s will is a guarantee of well-being, goodness and benevolence.

He tested me further by denying me all happiness and comforts so that once we became One.

We both would perform unimaginable wonderful feats and dazzle the world by our Minds’ sparkle!

At last, the time came when he set my boat sail in the infinite waters of Eternity, we began to navigate.

The endless horizons made of pink, lavender and blue, orange shades became vibrant, then blazing.

The trails I left behind were fading and in no time wiped out, the Sun of my inner home became burning bright!

In the heat of the enlightening Sun were burnt all the dust, I whizzed all my past, I reached highest skies!

Like a cyclone, I have trampled over hurdles and stomped into an impassioned, smoldering future.

Water, fire, wind, air and space are no more deterrents as Spirit gained victory and prevails.

Infinite Peace of Spirit inside, silence and equanimity of the Mind, all five fidgety senses mastered.

Long, uninterrupted periods of ‘shunya’, ‘nirvikalpa samadhi’, a very blessed state given by God to rest.

Kindness for the masses, compassion for all animate and inanimate beings and forgiveness abundant.

Frees my Soul entirely and I soar like an Eagle, drift gently like a dry leaf and live like a renunciant.

I rose like a phoenix and float like a feather, I mastered the art of living yet I wish to remain anonymous.

I have no desire to be known or praised or get recognized yet, I agreed to live a New Life for the people.

I offer all my actions in the fire of Spiritual Knowledge that I have achieved in all previous lives and at this time.

I pronounce myself a non-entity, a humble servant of all my Holy Masters and I sacrifice all my credits for world welfare!

When I was a little girl!

This video consists excerpts of the following 3 posts-

The State of Super Consciousness-II

The State of Super Consciousness-III &

How to increase the power of your will?


  • Two main reasons to conduct a Discourse in Pondicherry
  1. To avail the abundant, prevailing spiritual energies of the Eclipse of 16th Sept 2016 to 19th Jan 2019.
  2. The Aurobindo ashram is made on the once established Gurukul of Agastya Maharishi. He has lived here 74,686 years ago.
  • Role of The Mother and Pondicherry in my sadhana and their role in shaping my course of spiritual path.
  • Role of will power in our aspiration and progress.
  • What is power of will or ichacha shakti?



Audio of same day-14.1.19


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  1. Jerry Joseph
    Jerry Joseph says:

    Dear Sarika Ma,
    “When fatigue was intolerable and no Guide to tell me what to do, only my wick of faith withstood me” – I think I am also experiencing the same situation. But I hope the spirit to gain victory and and further hope that the victory will prevail with my Guru’s blessings.
    With Regards,


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