Video and Audio Puducherry Discourse 15.1.19. The state of Super Consciousness-II. Part-II

Highlights of the above post.

1. Babaji began to explain to me in detail at this juncture about the pitfalls during evolution and progress of a human soul. He simplified and said- Poorva gyan  and vartmaan gyan.  When translated it means -Previous knowledge and Present Knowledge.

When born, every individual brings with him wisdom acquired by him from his previous lives. That is Previous knowledge or Purva Gyan. And Present knowledge or Vartaman gyan is the wisdom that we are acquiring in our present life.

The wisdom that we have carried forward in this life gets corrupted in the company of worldly, unwise, evil and lethargic people. By coming in constant companionship and interaction, we imbibe obtuseness, vices and impurities. So keep away from evil, vicious, greedy and immoral people. Benefit from the company of learned and wise. Enjoy silence and solitude.

2. We must possess enough inner powers of ichcha shakti,sankalp shakti and kriya shakti to contain and cancel the force of our sanchit karmas.

3. When all the sanchit karmas are exhausted and burnt, then one attains the state of Super Consciousness or Atma. It is the state of Brahma, the eternal truth, peace, harmony and bliss.

4. Gurus who do not teach you dhyana,  dharana,  meditation and concentration respectively, they can never be able to take you to the state of samadhi and permanent bliss.

Highlights of the Discourse

1. To become a good disciple, you must learn subtly. Have good observation. Learn from the Masters by observing them.

2. Be a humble disciple.

3. Enlightenment brings more humility.

4. Agya chakra or third eye opens with grace of God and Gurus.

5. Brahmarandra or Crown Chakra when aroused and opened by the enlightened Guru makes the recipient and disciple more loving, compassionate, tranquil and enlightened.

6. Silence and peace are giver of tranquility.




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