Precious Gems

My dear__,

Precious stones are not found in common places. They are hidden and buried in the interiors of the Earth. So is the Soul hidden under many thick layers and layers of our thoughts, latent tendencies and habits called ‘sanskaras’ accumulated over many cycles of birth and death. The Soul is the Light and centre of the being.

Like the peerless diamond hidden beneath the earth, its radiance is covered by the thick covering of matter called thoughts and the constant movement of them over it. When all the muddy layers of the thoughts and dormant tendencies are removed by cleansing and purification of the soul, the radiance of the Spirit is at last uncovered and it shines forth. The Soul shines brilliantly, when the matter is removed from the Spirit.

The being begins to reflect Light as a reflector reflects rays of sunlight. Here comes the role of spirituality and the spiritual guru. The aim of spirituality is to finally know your true Self, i.e. know the Atman. The guru is the purifier in this process of metamorphosis. He is the agent and a catalyst through whom the process of purification and then transformation in the disciple takes place.

Emulating the guru hastens the speed of the mind’s transformation. The old patterns of thoughts are replaced by the new ones. Divine Light enters our body and mind as very subtle rays and is responsible for the new shift in thought processes. Physical, mental and emotional healing occurs side by side. Corresponding changes take place in the physical body too. Old cells of inertia and matter begin to die. Dullness, confusion, worry, indifference, insecurity, envy, self pity and other undesirable thought patterns fade away.

 In their place new cells are regenerated with  new consciousness  in them.

This translates as- the cells are microscopic blocks of ignorance and lethargy but they now begin to have awareness in them as they are awakened by the Light. The body gradually becomes subtler and is sensitive towards very fine movements of vibrations and sensations.

The aura becomes clean and lighter. Its colour changes to violet, yellow, blue or shades of silvery white instead of brown, grey or muddy.

The cells in the body become aware, they know.

Qualities of Soul like truth, aspiration, faith, love, hope begin to show in the individual’s character. A new life filled with new hope, joy, faith, positive energy, enthusiasm and good health begins to build up which alters and changes the entire outlook of the seeker towards himself and the  whole Universe as well.

If this activity continues,

there is a possibility of changing the old body with a new one! The dark, inert and dense body cells are now very light units that carry sparks of light! There is illumination in the vital being. Complete transformation can take place provided the process is continued over a  long period of time under the tutelage of an immortal, stalwart, divine preceptor, the Divine Guru.

Yoga of mind and body is the path through which complete transformation of our mind and body is possible gradually through an irreversible, tangible  and  scientific process, the result of which is a Divine Life..

You have asked what are the conditions to achieve this irreversible state of mind and body?

 The expected requirements are :-

  •  Total dedication and devotion towards the divine guru.
  •  Single minded penetrating mind.
  •  Complete surrender to God and Guru.
  •  Practicing Yoga, sadhana.
  •  Tireless efforts.
  •  Positive attitude towards oneself and the world as a whole.
  •  Cheerful disposition.

These are main conditions needed to bring about the complete transformation in the mind and body in the course of one’s spiritual life.

Lots of love.



Updating and Notes –

Body, mind and Spirit are all gifts of God which we must cherish and preserve because the body is the boat by which we shall navigate.

‘Jyoti Marg or ‘Pathway of Light’ is your natural method which even the ancient seers adopted and mastered.

The mind can become so powerful one day by it if body, mind and Spirit are balanced most perfectly.


The mind can travel faster than Light some day if this method is adopted and mastered over many lives, Light cannot be the obstruction at all.

In place of Light of God, what remains is just God and you can touch God instantaneously and directly in no time.

‘Jyoti Marg’ or ‘Pathway of light’ has been mastered by particular few and is used for instant messaging and passing on important information and energy.

God’s highest grace is this where we do not depend on any other mode of communication and we can stay always in His Grace like this.

Spiritinlife is following ‘Jyoti Marg’


6 Responses to Precious Gems

  1. doodlescribble says:

    Dear Sarkia Aunty,

    Surely there will be takers for such a painstaking yet powerful means to attain eternal connection to the Divine Light. A positive attitude is like a tuning to receive the frequencies in which the Divine transmits signals to the humanity. Such a tuning is not possible if the seeker turns to Yoga only to seek refuge from the harsh realities of life.
    Life is ever-changing and therefore very dynamic and since almost everything meets its crest and troughs through the long journey of Life, let even an iota of happiness be present in the heart of the beginner while initiating the path to meet the Eternal Being.
    The troughs or the harder times in life are the actual catalysts to metamorphose our mind into a stronger and stabler part of our being.
    A post so concise that it convinces the need for performing Yogasana – to add pearls of wisdom and light to the vital convoluted mind.


    • spiritinlife says:

      Deepanjan, thanks for reading the older posts and also making me read them once again. Oh my God! this post was also so good, I understand its full meaning may be not even now!!Concise message yet so powerful and emancipating. How I wish that more and more people realize that their aim should be to reunite with that Eternal Force in this life!Although it is painstaking, but nonetheless should be alteast attempted. Nevermind, you please do not look back, surge ahead, don’t stop till you become one with that Universal Force within you. May God bless you for all the efforts that you undertake on your spiritual journey.
      Sarika Aunty

  2. Asim says:

    Complete transformation of body into golden light only to serve…
    The perfect resonance with that Divine frequency…
    Seems only perfect ‘giver’ can be the taker…

  3. Shahid says:

    Awesome post 🙂

  4. Shahid says:

    Loved reading this post again today.
    Glory to God and all the Guru’s <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      @Shahid God bless all of us on the auspicious day that is dedicated to the Great Teachers of God and omnipresent Grace following via them. May each day be a day of rising and transforming for all those who have decided to follow the footsteps of the Enlightened Beings.

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