What is Karma?-II

Bhagwad Gita chapter 2, verse 47

Karmanyevadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachana I

Ma karmafalheturbhurma te sangoastvakarmani II


You certainly have the right for prescribed activities but never at any time in the yielding results. There should be no attachment in either performing your actions or the results of them.


The mind of the worldly person is turbulent by nature, it is full of cravings for worldly stuff, and is made up of dualities of likes and dislikes. The senses carry away forcibly the mind of the man. The sub conscious mind or chitta has impure tendencies called sanskaras and when actions are performed with hidden tendencies of ego, greed, evil or selfish motives the result of the actions will have a direct negative impact on the doer.  Therefore, Bhagwan Krishna suggests that you should not worry about the results, just do your actions properly with sincerity and devotion.

The results or fruits of our actions are delivered according to the intention of our karmas.

If the intention of our thoughts of action is good, nature bestows beneficial and harmonious results. If we perform actions with impurities like jealousy, anger, hate, greediness, ego, the results will have harmful consequences and impact us adversely. As the man has very little knowledge about his own well being, he does actions which are contrary to his spiritual as well as personal growth. Therefore Bhagwan Krishna advocates that do not eye for the results, only perform your duties, the call of the hour. He says that you should not desire for the result primarily because the impurities of the mind will contaminate or adulterate your results.

It is only by being detached, that the dross of worldly impurities are wiped out from the chitta gradually.  Our inner self gets purified till a stage of unselfishness is achieved. The mind and senses are thus at rest and composure is accomplished.

If we become detached, the mind becomes stable. A calm and stable mind experiences peace. Yoga of equanimity for wise men possessing an equipoise mind renouncing the fruit of actions are freed from the shackles of birth and attain blissful supreme state.

Offering the fruit of actions to God, the karmayogi attains everlasting peace in the form of God realization, whereas he who works with selfish motives, being attached to the fruit of actions through ego, desires gets tied down.

(To be continued)

4 Responses to What is Karma?-II

  1. midhunpk210 says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya,

    Dear sarika ma,

    doest it means not to have the thought of development/progress in the journey ? ( My understanding was, the “will” it self a power to the goal/ or a strong believe of getting result after striving) .. i mean , by gaining/reading informations and experiences of other yogis/yoginis i have a image of a good being myslef, i have the thought of result of my meditation and my practice, i have a thought to meet great gurus, i hope this all are some examples of my thoughts, and result i expect. does it really affect my practice or journey as per the quote ( translation) above ?

    mother, please correct me if i am worng, i couldnt get clarity in it.

    With love,


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Midhun, there is just no reason to be feeling wrong about getting thoughts of meeting the enlightened gurus, this is not at all wrong or getting results in meditation. It is absolutely fine.
      All this is desire or Ichcha Shakti. We must have good desires. Like you said, you wish to become a good person, you want to meditate and get positive results and to improve your mental status and receive blessings from the divine souls, you wish to meet them. All this is fine.
      Remember that you should not be inert on the contrary. God has advised us to work hard, do actions to purify ourselves and to lead, healthy, happy and prosperous lives but without harming others.
      Our minds should be pure and calm, we must not do violence of mind, hope you understand that. We must believe in our destiny and have faith in God. That will protect our mind from doing unethical things. Let the world do what they are doing, leave them on their own mercy and fate.You be righteous and virtuous.
      Hope you got clarity now.

  2. Midhun Pk says:

    thanks ma,

    got clarity now…

    with love,

  3. Shahid says:

    “Offering the fruit of actions to God, the karmayogi attains everlasting peace in the form of God realization ” <3

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