Devotion  is the beauty of the soul.  It is love for God. Devotion melts all impurities and cleans your soul.

  Shri Krishna Govind Harey Murare, hey Nath Narayan Vasudevaya. Shri Krishna Govind Harey Murare, hey Nath Narayan Vasudevaya.

When the Pandavas were sentenced to thirteen year exile in the forest with their wife Draupadi by the Kauravas, Yudhisthir was despondent at his inability to feed the sages and others who accompanied him. Looking at his plight, his priest counselled  him to pray to Lord Surya, the Sun God for help. Pleased with the justifiable prayers of Yudhisthir, Lord Surya blessed him and gave him ‘Akshaya Patra.’

Akshaya means limitless and patra means a vessel, a container. Akshaya Patra means an inexhaustible vessel. It is an object from Hindu mythology given to Yudhisthir by LordSurya. It had a never failing supply of food for the Pandavas every day. The vessel would supply endless quantities of food for each meal for them and the supply would run out only when Draupadi finished eating her meal, usually last.

Once unexpectedly, rishi Durvasa and several of his disciples arrived at the hermitage of Pandavas. There was no food to serve them since Draupadi had already finished eating which made the Pandavas nervous. The Pandavas knew rishi Durvasa could get enraged easily and when angered could even curse them. Durvasa rishi expressed his desire to first take a bath in the river Yamuna situated close by and then partake the food.

As they left, Draupadi prayed intensely to Lord Krishna for help to escape the wrath of the sage. Krishna heard her intent prayers. Providentially, He arrived at their doorstep and Draupadi apprised him of her problem.

Draupadi was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and would always seek His advice on matters, spiritual and worldly both. She had great veneration and adoration for Krishna and Krishna lovingly called her sakhi or friend. Draupadi was not only Krishna’s friend but also his faithful follower. Seeing no solution to the problem at hand, she pleaded for help and asked Krishna to rescue her and her husbands. How could she arrange for food for so many people in the forest?

As it happened several times earlier, the Pandavas were once again saved by Lord Krishna. He asked Draupadi to get him some food to eat, to which Draupadi replied that all the food for that meal had been consumed. Krishna insisted on eating something atleast. He asked her to bring whatever food was left over for him.

Draupadi was embarrassed and reluctantly got a vessel from the kitchen which had only two grains of rice in it. Krishna happily ate those two grains and smiled mysteriously. He chuckled and told her that he felt full now and then He went his way.  Krishna’s eating two grains of rice miraculously satiated the hunger of Durvasa rishi and all his disciples at the river bank.  They decided not to go to the Pandavas at all as they were not hungry anymore!

In this way, the pride and glory of the Pandavas was saved and a devotee’s sincere call heard by the Master of the Universe.

The satisfaction of Lord Krishna meant the satisfaction of the whole universe.

When we worship God, we get everything in return in unlimited supply. God protects us, saves us from worries and rescues us from unexpected problems.

(To be continued)


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  1. Mavin
    Mavin says:

    Very true…but alas..this knowledge is lost to most as devotion and worship, God and spirituality is identified with old age and something to be indulged in later years of life.

    I have heard so many contemporaries comment that all this can be done at a later stage. This knowledge imparted at the right time would probably make the place a better place to live.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      In this world of innumerable people, just a few know that there is happiness beyond the senses and material gratification. They achieve partial happiness or Anshik sukh only. No one even knows that we must go within to find that immeasurable joy and peace which comes from unity with the super sensory world. That comes with only bhakti, devotion. Till their last breath, people are deeply engrossed & involved in total maya or business of life to put it simply. They cannot leave their grip over things. But those who are immersed in devotion of God are the fortunate ones, they bathe in Ananda which is beyond the realms of senses. You should be that one..may God give you pure, sublime joy, faith and peace..with each passing day, may you be in more and more Ananda..May the blessings of omnipresent Divine Guru be with you always.

  2. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    DELIGHTED to read this post today morning after coming back from work. This sacred blog is indeed like a relaxing spa for my soul.

    Turning more towards God nowadays for support and guidance. I see so many people around me who are confused and clueless so this propels me to get wise counsel from God directly. Why waste time anywhere else ? 🙂

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Shahid, you are in the league of the first few who have done justice to my blog. It will no wonder, be like a relaxing spa for your tired soul….
      God is the only support and guidance which can never go wrong or get exhausted. There are reasons for God to give us peculiar life situations if God thinks that we shall improve, progress and shine in those circumstances. So worry not, hang on, hold on to God every time you think you need sane guidance and protection.You shall realize God during such times….
      With abundant God’s peace and love

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      @Shahid. always there for you.
      (Teach me how you brought an icon of a heart here? I still don’t know how to make a smiley on FB!)

  3. miracleshappeneveryminute
    miracleshappeneveryminute says:

    As you have mentioned that “When we worship God, we get everything in return in unlimited supply. God protects us, saves us from worries and rescues us from unexpected problems.”

    Still we loose ourselves and get entangled in maya and bring all kinds of worries and problems.

    May the Divine always be with us.

    Lots of love to you and my humble pranam to babaji.


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