How to increase the level of your consciousness-I?

On the return journey from Saga to Nyalam of my pilgrimage, there was no habitation at all in certain patches and there was this natural, pristine silence pervading in the region. There were stretches of thoughtlessness and the mind fell quiet on its own for a very long time. When we were crisscrossing the mountains and small rivers and rivulets, the impact of the nature was such that without any effort, the mind fell in the lap of peace and solitude. Out of nowhere, we came across such a beautiful turquoise blue lake which left me spellbound. We stopped there for about just fifteen minutes or so. The water was completely motionless and the surrounding mountains were standing mutely, even the wind seemed to be hushed into peaceful silence. The landscape was unbelievable and I easily leapt into ecstasy and endless joy. It took me some time to believe and imagine  that such a beautiful panorama existed before my eyes. However as it was extremely cold, we were quickly bundled back in our vehicles to avoid catching a chill. We soon left for our destination after spending some unbelievable moments on that very pretty turquoise lake.

As I reminisce my journey and the exclusive moments on and off, I am compelled to revisit the feelings and thoughts that came to my mind after I saw that beautiful lake. Meditation was so easy there. At that moment I realized that the mind by nature is calm and quiet and humans long, long ago must be meditating naturally!! Meditating is the natural way of living. The sound of the rustling wind, the chirping of birds on trees and the natural foliage that passed us in between urged me to go deeper inside myself and look for more while the car was racing through the dusty patches.

Today in the noise and hustle bustle of the city, we long for some solitude and quietude. Our present life style and consciousness is man created and is not natural I have realized. No wonder we do not meditate. In my opinion, everyone must meditate and it must be taught to us like we have learnt so many other skills of life. And think why don’t we meditate?  That’s because we have got used to living in a fake, chaotic, restless society and are accustomed to this synthetic living style.

Since I have come back, I have been trying to practice silencing my mind as much as I can and as long as it can be. I just close my eyes in between two activities and dive and plunge inside off and on. I find peace inside. This unalloyed peace pulls me to itself again and again as if there is a depthless ocean inside me filled with pearls and other enticing lovely beauties. I am making an attempt these days to quickly empty my mind with the faces, actions of people and whatever images that get formed in it after my interaction with them. With regular attempts, it gets emptied quickly and I am back to my quiet self, my natural state. How beautiful it is just to close the eyes and drink the nectar of elixir and the sweet honey words of the Formless that guides me and teaches me my next lesson! God is forever encouraging me to delve deeper and still deeper in the sunken mines of treasures of diamonds and rubies that are buried at the deepest surface. I sometimes wonder what took me so long to understand that contemplation and meditation are such sweet gifts to humanity by God and we do not recognize this wealth bestowed on us by the Almighty?

Yesterday night, as I was practicing to dive deeper till the last levels of my mind, I saw during meditation that there is nothing left to be seen or to be emptied at that moment. There was no thought, no movement and the mind’s activities were completely nullified. I became a spectator of this great moment and was just there. Just then pure white Light began to dissipate and filled up my vision. Like the mist on a mountain top, the light spread evenly and I entered it. The Light became denser like the thick rain clouds and filled up every dot of space of my vision. The thin luminosity became brighter and more radiant and covered and extended the space completely. Like a very thick fog scattered in all directions, the Light filled up my inner eye’s vision. Next what I saw, left me completely breathless and astounded. Amongst the brilliant Light, there was a wooden plank or ramp and from behind this thick white Light, Mahavatar Babaji emerged and he began to walk down the plank. His face was glowing brightly and he had a serene smile on his face. I was standing down gazing at the fabulous scene that was going on.

 The very image of dear Babaji left me in a joyous spirit and I waited in anticipation to know what would happen next.  Babaji came down towards me, looked into my face, smiled at me and took my left hand in his right one. He held me and I was certainly jubilant. He then embraced me unexpectedly and when I got closer to him, I saw a huge white Light emanating from his heart.  The Light’s circumference was very, very large. His Light originating from the heart began mingling with a small light in my heart. Both the lights became united and one. Overjoyed at what was going on, I silently thanked him profusely from the core of my heart and I was melting away with gratitude.  His compassionate eyes, which are always so serene, fell on me. Out of gratitude and contentment I felt at that instance that the purpose of this life has been met. What more do I have to ask for or achieve now? I am so very blessed to experience this kind of divine touch and illumination from my beloved Divine Father!!  Like a little child, I wanted to hold him forever and I did not want him to go or leave me. All this happened in a few moments but I was aware throughout and was absorbing every bit of my memorable experience.

Babaji made a gesture to me as if we should now proceed. We both began to go towards the plank and we walked up on it till the top after which we both disappeared in the luminosity of white Light.

He then uttered two very beautiful words from his sacred mouth – Chetan shakti and Atma shakti. He explained to me, “ Every individual has his own level of awareness and understanding. That is his level of consciousness or chetna. The chetna or consciousness has its own power. Most people are from low level of consciousness because their awareness is confined to merely materialistic, gross and physical level. The higher the awareness, the higher the consciousness or chetna. When the Chetana shakti of the individual joins and unites with Atma shakti or Universal Spirit, that is Super consciousness. It takes place at Brahmarandra or crown chakra. All sacred knowledge, truth and divine illumination takes place at Brahmarandra. Illumination comes from God, beauty comes from God, truth comes from God. The state in which there are no thoughts is called nirvikalpa.

The sages, saints and yogis compare the state of the mind with that of a lake. They tell us that we must still our mind like the still waters of the lake. The reflection of the moon cannot be seen by us unless the water is without any ripples and movement.

The light rays of the sun can only be reflected provided the surface is clean. Likewise, our interior of the core of our heart should be absolutely purified if the rays of illumination from the Super Consciousness are to arrive at us.

There are two aspects here. First is the stillness of the mind and the second is the purity of the mind. They both go hand in hand.

Every one has his own type of  consciousness. Individual consciousness is the power of that person’s thoughts. It is the collective power of his physical, emotional and mental bodies. Each individual has his own mental body, emotional and thought body. After this is the realm of the Atman or Super Consciousness. This collective power of all the bodies is also called the Chetna Shakti. When the individual purifies and stills the mind, his consciousness rises and when he unites his mind with continuous meditation with the Universal Self or Super Consciousness, his individual self is enlarged. The aura becomes more powerful than before, thinking abilities increase, intellect and memory are sharpened and the meditator gains extra powers to gain access to the limitless powers of the Divine. We become more and more aware as we move away from dross and physical to Spiritual realms gradually.

This process of uniting your limiting self to the infinite power called Super Consciousness is not complete and cannot be achieved without meditation. Those who live in wilderness and nature  do this naturally without their knowledge. The silence of the mountains, valleys, forests have taught us to be quiet. That’s how the human being has learnt to remain quiet and  meditate. It goes to prove that it is natural for us to remain in periods of quietude and tranquility.

So why don’t we learn to meditate and know our true and natural state of mind? Today the noise outside and the chatter inside seem natural and real. We have lost our freedom to choose between noise and tranquility. So choose now.”

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  1. One of the most extraordinary experiences I have come to know thus far. I always believed in the phrase “Silence is Golden” and indeed It is. Please do write more on the same account as you experience more. My mother practices meditation, she will be filled with joy when I share this experience with her.

    Thank you once again. 🙂

  2. spiritinlife says:

    Hello there, I am delighted to hear from you and to know that you like my posts & are reading them regularly. It is only because of Mahavatar Babaji that I could experience that. It is only because of Him that I have the courage to even write this post. My many, many pranams at his holy feet. He is spreading divine words of eternal truth through this medium. He never preaches if you have noticed. How beautifully he is asking all of us to meditate. How sublime He is!

  3. spiritinlife says:

    Thanks for adding this website as one of your favourites.

  4. manju says:

    Jai Param Guru dear Sarikaji,

    I am a great believer of our Param Gurudeva Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji,I happened to come across your blog and i can say that it is truly inspiring and is helping me in deepening my sadhana.i read the blogs so very often and they have filled my days with divine joy.
    can you tell me a way to make contact with Mahavatar Babaji at a very deep level. kindly do not make my mail to you public.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

    jai Guru,


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Manju, Nice to hear from you. First of all our dearest Shri Mahavatar Babaji is our Param Guru so you probably meant-Jai Param Guru Babaji and dear Sarikaji!
      Be fearless and ask anything that you wish to know on the blog. Q’s related to curiosity and further knowing can be done here as comments. Personal Q’s on mails are kept confidential so you need not worry at all, you should be assured that it is not shared with others.You can write on to me.
      Now regarding making a contact with Babaji on a deeper level, then you have already come at the right place. Read posts which you like, write to me if you have to say something and ask Q’s wherever you feel you should stop and ask. Express yourself freely. Keep in touch with me. By doing so, your sadhana and meditation will enhance and you will make a good progress. In this way, your mind’s unity with Shri Babaji will deepen.
      Wish you a very joyful spiritual journey!

  5. manju says:

    Jai Param Guru deva Mahavatar Babaji and Jai Guru dear Sarikaji,

    As advised by you i am reading your blogs and trying to connect with Mahavatar Babaji as i feel my deep prayers to him brought me to this blog but I want to keep him in my thoughts all the time after my prayers but am not able to do so.But your blogs have brought lots of peace and joy in my life.Thank you from the bottom of my heart and i pray that Mahavatar Babaji will fill your life with unending peace,bliss and joy.

    Jai Guru,


  6. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Manju, Jai Guru. Sorry to be replying after such a long time. Your comments make me feel happy as I understand that you are finding peace of mind in these blog posts. What more can be better than this? My heart swells up when someone like you informs me that these words are bringing joy and peace in their daily lives.
    Will bring out a new post definitely on 10th June because I know that many other readers wait in anticipation and curiosity for the new post that comes up at very regular interval of ten days. Keep on reading the older posts and imbibe as much as you can. Write to me if you have something to say, will reply to your queries.
    Hope to hear from you frequently


    • manju says:

      Pranams at the lotus feet of Mahavatar Babaji and Jai Guru dear Sarikaji,

      I am reading the blogs again and again and i must say that i am very much at peace and will try to purify my life as instructed by you.cant wait for the new post.Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

      Jai Guru,

  7. midhunpk210 says:

    Pranam sri babaji and ma. so much clarity here,
    “There are two aspects here. First is the stillness of the mind and the second is the purity of the mind. They both go hand in hand”

  8. midhunpk210 says:

    The bolded lines are revelation of sacred knowledge from the divine father, read many times to grasp it. Blessed.Thank you so much ma & Babaji.

  9. Resham says:

    Maa, isn’t this you told me once? “I am making an attempt these days to quickly empty my mind with the faces, actions of people and whatever images that get formed in it after my interaction with them.” But the question is, how did you devised the trick of emptying your mind from the imagery? Is contemplation on God or Guru or other Divine beings a good way to practice this?

    Maa, I read these lines describing your thoughts for Babaji: “Like a little child, I wanted to hold him forever and I did not want him to go or leave me.” Now, I can well understand how you must have felt at that moment. To never separate from your beloved Guru is a loving disciple’s ardent wish.

    With love, regards and gratitude, <3

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Resham, you asked me about how did I empty my mind from the imagery that is formed after interacting with them when I was striving.
      Well, you should not take anything seriously what people think or say because they hardly have any weight in their conversations. You should also speak less when they give you their opinions so that your mind depletes and diminishes serious embedding of their mind set.
      Hope this helps you in removing the sediments.
      Yours Ma.

  10. Chaya says:

    Dear Ma, thank you so much. This is really helpful. Will try to implement it. Pranams, Chaya.

  11. pandey2 says:

    Jai Sat Guru Ma

    Mind by nature is calm and quiet..this is revelation to many among us. Today the noise outside and the chatter inside seem natural and real. Many among us we crave for solitude.

    Mind feel silent while reading this post again. The following Para is so touching and force us to introspect-
    ” I sometimes wonder what took me so long to understand that contemplation and meditation are such sweet gifts to humanity by God and we do not recognise this wealth bestowed on us by the Almighty?”

    Meditating is the natural way of living…Humans long, long ago must be meditating naturally!!…The silence of the mountains, valleys, forests have taught us to be quiet. That’s how the human being has learnt to remain quiet and meditate.

    It is for us now to choose ..

    Thank you ma for guiding us to re-read this amazing pearl.

    Koti Koit Pranam to you Ma, Babaji and all divine masters.



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