How to increase the level of your consciousness-III?


When the Chetna shakti of the individual joins and unites with Atma shakti or Universal Spirit, that is Super Consciousness. It takes place at Brahmarandra or crown chakra. All sacred knowledge, truth and divine illumination takes place at Brahmarandra. Illumination comes from God, beauty comes from God, and truth comes from God. The state in which there are no thoughts is called Nirvikalpa.  (How to increase the level of your consciousness –I)

“After arriving at this stage even the Guru is not there, only Brahma remains. At this stage there is the Absolute Truth, absolute Brahma, Immutable Brahma, Unchanging Atman our Spirit. It is the beginning of the search of the Truth. Brahma is the source of our origin. We must immerse in it again. So meditate on the Light of God! Meditate on the golden glow of illuminating Light!” (Ignite the flame of Illumination-II)

The state of Super Consciousness is reached by doing progressive meditation by which is meant that the aspirant must progress from lower chakra to the higher ones in meditation. One should start concentration from the solar plexus, then progress to heart and finally to the third eye. (How to increase the level of your consciousness-II)

Dear readers, as we progress with each post step by step, we are moving higher and higher on the levels of realization of Self. It becomes necessary for us to look back for a while and see the links that are present in preceding posts. For this reason I have quoted from the posts of previous segments at the start because all this is inter-connected. Keeping all the quotes in mind, let’s continue now from where we left last time. We were discussing progressive meditation to enlarge our present level of consciousness.

The third eye is the centre of divine perception, visions, supernatural powers and telepathy. It is called the third eye or spiritual eye because the human soul has the capacity to see beyond the normal eyes, an inherent faculty of unused power to see beyond the realms of physical world. This centre of concentration is named agya chakra in Yoga. It is a special door of knowledge where one can see, hear, know and feel in super normal ways without the use of one’s senses. Knowledge coming from this door can be depended upon wholly and one cannot go wrong in his judgment unlike the normal method of knowing and judging situations in normal circumstances. High frequency vibrations of sound and light are very well received at this point from the middle regions of astral world without any hindrance of earthly disruptions. Through third eye one can have a direct contact with the Higher Self.

Please know that the results of concentration attained by the seeker at the third eye is much slower than the preceding chakras and the progress is at a slower rate. Much work has to be done prior to the manifestation of its commendable results at this centre. Only persistence helps. Meditation at the agya chakra or the third eye should never be done alone but always under the guidance of a guru. Many people are casual about it and are misguided by their mentors. As with Kundalini Shakti, so with the third eye. The awakening of these two sacred centres should come as a grace from the gurus and not by obstinate efforts of oneself. The dangers are many, including the most prominent of opening the door to evil spirits and the lower worlds. Practices like tratak or concentration at one point, on that of a flame or lamp with the motive of gaining success in materialistic affairs or attaining supernatural powers can prove to be very harmful for the practitioner. One must learn concentration to control the restless senses and mind and get rid of the weaknesses; and we must meditate to attain self realization. The intention of any spiritual practice should be pure and progressive in nature. Invoking and installing of a deity, a guru or some image of God in the heart and the third eye is mandatory, more so if you have just begun. The initiation and commencement of this sacred act should be in the knowledge of a reliable guru.

Karna, the brave warrior and friend of Duryodhana in Mahabharat lied to his teacher Maharishi Parshuram about his history and background. On revelation at a later stage, Karna was cursed by his teacher for lying and hiding his background.

There are spiritual laws which when defied result in very painful and detrimental results. Therefore, one should always be very humble and egoless in all the spiritual efforts and give the highest status to the benevolent guru. It is in our own interest and safety that we follow the legacy or parampara of guru –shishya, teacher student tradition and succeed in our deliberate efforts. Those of you who have any doubt or query at this stage must not hesitate, they must clear them now as we are about to move on to our next important lesson of spiritual knowing.

From the position and center of the third eye, the spiritual voyage becomes exclusive as well as conclusive. When we concentrate at this point with our conscious will, we pull up the life force from the lower regions of the body to higher levels of concentration. The lower chakras are meant for and they deal chiefly with sustenance and survival actions. As humans have a very deep sense of survival instincts visible as ego, hatred, enmity, selfishness and self-centeredness, the consciousness of majority of people is centered there. Evidently, the vibrations of thoughts emitted from the lower chakras levels are gross and heavy. The knowledge base and capacity of understanding of majority of people is constricted and limited plus the vast horizons of higher consciousness untapped. The actions performed with constrained knowing and dim consciousness leads to unsatisfactory and impoverished results resulting in human race suffering in terms of mental unrest, confusion, lack of prosperity and success, physical as well as mental ailments, and as a whole they lead a directionless, purposeless and meaningless life. Sadly such a typical life is repeated again and again by the human soul who never reflects or thinks and therefore fails to transform and convert himself into a higher being. This is the irony of humanity at large! Only a few have the desire to attempt to walk on the path of spiritual evolution and divinity. And ironically those people who do attempt lose interest after some time because the results of these efforts are slow to become visible and difficult to assess by the unaccomplished practitioner!

Nevertheless there are a few outstanding aspirants who are intelligent, perseverant, diligent and sincere too. They continue working towards their objective and higher aspirations. They just refuse to be re- born incarnations after incarnations into insignificant and meaningless existence in lower worlds and domains.

Hence it becomes imperative for us to understand very well as to why we need to put in so much effort and time today for self improvement and progress in a lifestyle which leaves us with little spare time. However, those people who are wise enough will invest their energies and time towards their development because they realize too well that if they do so, their future lives will be pious, peaceful and sacred. And their present lives will have a great meaning and purpose too.

Dear friends, so back to our original subject-we were discussing about concentration at the third eye. It takes longer time and practice to open this centre of consciousness because the effects of past accumulated karmas are very profound and erasing them takes extensive time and labour. There are many doors which must be opened one by one and these are doors of ignorance and darkness of many, many incarnations. As each door opens one after the other with clearing of small portion of ignorance, we begin to experience frequent patches and periods of calmness, mental peace and devotion in our life. Once the agya chakra is cleaned by God and Guru’s Grace, the dormant Kundalini Shakti awakens by itself and the prana or vital force starts to flow freely in the spinal cord within some time without any hindrance or blockages. This process recharges and electrifies the spinal column and the nervous system as well and the prana reaches the seat of Super consciousness –the Crown Chakra with the help of excess force given by Kundalini. But please remember this, it is not a hurried affair and process. It is going to take you quite some time depending on many factors which may be discussed at some other time in a later post soon.  Next…

The Crown Chakra or Brahmarandr- Brahma means God, randra means a hole. It is the region of receiving Super Conscious vibrations from the celestial worlds. The uppermost part of the cerebrum is very sacred for the reason that it is here that the knowledge of sacred Brahma is received and established. It is the centre and seat meant for only one purpose- to receive spiritual realizations, illumination and knowledge in the form of astral rays of divinity through the very fine nerves present in the nervous system from the highest skies or astral worlds on the human form. It is received in the upper cerebrum which acts as an antenna, the human receiver and transmitter. Sincere prayers, affirmations and aspirations from this state is heard and manifested without any delay. It is a very potent and powerful centre and must be utilized for self growth and world transformation.

No physical or gross activity is done from this centre of vast learning. If one learns to concentrates at this sacred point, the knot of breath and mind is broken and the breath stops for a while. Cessation of breath leads to Super Consciousness. It is a stage of absence of thoughts as the connection of the Spirit breaks from the body temporarily and we are in a state of Cosmic Spirit. The ultimate aim of any Kriya and Pranayam is to untie the knot of prana and manas– vital force and mind. We shall discuss this in little more detail later in future articles. This particular advanced stage is termed as Samadhi and is hard to attain by one’s own efforts but easy to achieve for humble, sincere and devoted disciples as a Grace from their benevolent, merciful gurus. Arjuna experienced the Cosmic form of the Universal God during a war on a battlefield of Kurukshetra!! The Grace of Krishna was spontaneous and it flowed out of divine love for Arjuna who had a sacred heart and undying love for his mentor, Guru and teacher and beloved friend Krishna!!

The Crown Chakra is the place of receiving abundant Cosmic Light without any hindrance or obstacle. So all the knowledge that comes from the higher skies or celestial kingdom is in the form of Cosmic Light first which instantaneously translates into human intellect and comprehension. Hence knowledge received in this method is infallible while the world’s method of  knowledge procurement is from the middle level and order- the intellectual level. It cannot be relied upon so  many times and is not complete in wholeness.

If we learn to begin to operate from the higher state and level of Super Consciousness and Cosmic Light, all our actions are going to be of divine wisdom, love, understanding and compassion. It is stage of perfection or boddhi sattva. All human stride should be in this direction to circumvent disorder, hatred, and mayhem so prevalent in our world. But alas it is not so!

If we cannot change the present world we can change the world within ourselves. We can definitely make our inner world pious, peaceful and divine. The real purpose of each human incarnation is to move somewhat nearer to this supreme goal and not to drift aimlessly or regress in lower consciousness. The real purpose of spirituality is again the same-to rid our consciousness of the lingering ignorance of our divinity and sanctity. Each incarnation is a big lesson to learn, each life is an opportunity to learn our next lesson. We are given incarnations after incarnations to live until we understand fully well that the real purpose of our life is to reveal the divinity present in us. We should therefore make all possible tireless and persistent efforts everyday in some manner to push our present life in that sacred direction.

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  1. Once again it was a great feeling reading the article, this time it increased my confidence about the lifestyle I have, the type of person I am, and the path I have chosen to live my life as. Probably some day or in some life I will be able to experience the Ultimate Reality. But till that happens, I would like to help the world in whatever way I can.
    Thank you again 🙂

  2. spiritinlife says:

    Your thoughts are pious. Take refuge in Mahavatar Babaji and start your sadhana now with Him and experience the sublime Truth. You can do it.You shall succeed.
    Ask questions that are floating in your mind. I shall try to answer them. Thanks for responding in such a positive way.
    You are forever welcome.

  3. wonderful inspiration to persevere
    om namaha shivaya

  4. Shahid says:

    Interesting I was thinking of meditation focusing on the third eye and then I see in this post that it should not be done without a Guru’s guidance. So i guess for now i will stick to chanting in front of Mahavatar Babaji’s picture.

    I also love this sentence and this is what i want to do in this lifetime
    ” We are given incarnations after incarnations to live until we understand fully well that the real purpose of our life is to
    reveal the divinity present in us. ”

    Reading this blog is just fab, it’s like being inside a Dark Cave for years and suddenly the Lights turning on, one by one 🙂

    Going to chant the Mahamritunjaya mantra as you had written to me.

  5. Asim says:

    Shakti and humility blended together results in the stability to move forward what i perceive from this post…

  6. midhunpk210 says:

    the 3 posts are so much helpful & very delighted to read it. made for us.

    Invoking sri guru mahavatar babaji to bless his all children.
    pranam babaji and ma.

  7. midhunpk210 says:

    “The real purpose of spirituality is again the same-to rid our consciousness of the lingering ignorance of our divinity and sanctity, each life is an opportunity to learn our next lesson”

    remembering my fav affirmation,,,

    ” I am the blessed child of sweet immortality, sent here to play the dream of birth and death, but always rememebring my deathless self”…thank you ma,

  8. Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    Would you say balancing all chakras with concentration on each for 3 mins each is good or just pick 1 chakra and work on it for the full time.

    I tend to sit for 7 minutes, than I get restless, if I survive this 3 minute restlessness, than I go on for another 7 minutes. I mostly don’t survive.

    I want to understand what happens at 7 sub levels of the 7th level?
    This is very interesting, I have a feeling it’s the activation of the chakras in the head.

    I have never understood how cleaning the chakra gets rid of karma, you said the ajna chakra has most accumulated karma.

    I guess we can remove all our cyclical nature by this but still have to
    go through the sins we have committed, what if I know my sins and tell god I’ve learnt the effect of acting this way and see how harmful this is to others and myself, really show him by acting better, do I still have to go through the punishment.

    surrender at your lotus feet

    Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Kunal, the question yo have is not for you to execute. It is the job of the Guru. Hence, do not tax yourself too much on this. As time arrives, this task will be performed under the tutelage of the Guru. Our duty is to be ready and receptive.
      God bless,

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