As one can see these days there are quite a few new readers from all over the globe who have made their presence felt on this weblog by giving their regular feedback recently and are showing keen interest in self awakening. One of you has even requested me that I attach more pictures to drive home a point. Sure, I will do that as long as I have an appropriate photo for that purpose.

 I thank all of you heartily before we begin to discuss the central point today. Your overwhelming positive response and expectations make me raise my bar of excellence in every arena- be it making regular entries of useful content, better explanation of spiritual phenomenon and its underlying spiritual principles along with bridging the gap by cementing a bond between us for mutual growth and spiritual excellence. 

 And this blog initiated by none other than His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji  is also fulfilling the purpose of laying the foundation for future generations for road mapping. Therefore this post is once again an offering at his sacred feet and is a ‘prasad’ or blessing for all his disciples and devotees alike all over the world, wherever they may be. 

 May we all cherish divine love and friendship and may we all be a helping hand to each other on our voyage towards knowing God within ourselves. May the flame of illumination always glow in our sacred hearts and may we for all time offer blossoms at the holy feet of our Divine Lord and all the sacred gurus.


The aim to write this chain of eight posts is to in some way answer your budding questions and also furnish further details on topics with which many of you are already familiar with in this field.

This segment is now divided into two parts as you will see. Topics related to Consciousness and Super Consciousness are listed in section I while the last eight posts for the new as well as old readers are added in section II.  They are related to mixed topics usually pertaining to an upcoming and struggling aspirant and also for those who have their feet firm now on this path.

So let’s all now begin our next step on this lovely path full of fragrance of spiritual bouquet.

If you recall in my last post I had mentioned to you about my sublime experience of rendezvous with complete silence during meditation on one blessed day not long past . Since then, I tried a few times to relive those splendid moments when I could get in direct touch with the omni present. Even the flashes of those exclusive times left me recharged and have given me so many insights without which I cannot go on writing relentlessly. Once more, this post has emerged out of those potentially dynamic spiritual moments and we all shall now bathe  and baptasize ourselves in that glory and immortal beauty of God.


Just a night before the previous one, when I wrapped up my day accomplishing quite a bit, I was still hazy about the content of the upcoming post due today. But leaving that to God and being assured in myself that let the right time come, I will be given directive about the content of the subject, I was feeling at ease and serene. Thinking so, I put my head on the white pillow with placidity and began to say my prayer as an offering for the day’s blessings. My heart welled up with emotions when I closed my eyes and remembered the Lord residing within me as I did mental chanting of His holy name-

 Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar; Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar ; Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar ……. (synonyms of God)

No sooner did I repeat His name that I saw a drop of gleaming Light emerging from the higher space and then hitting me at the place between my eyebrows.

The Light was fairly square in shape and sparkling rays were emerging out of this drop of Light in outer direction as my eyes could see them distinctly. I promptly absorbed all the rays as I now understand every shred, every speck, every miniscule part of it is so forceful and is a gift from God and should be humbly accepted as a ‘prasad.

I was sliding into absolute tranquility when God’s benevolent words began to trickle in like little drops of golden light over me…

“Why is peace so difficult for man to achieve?” In a continuous flow of words, quickly came in the answer too.

“Because he has never tried to find it, since man is ignorant about it.

And why is he ignorant?

Because he does not know that there exists something so benign, so propitious, so auspicious as peace. And that peace should be attained at all costs the way we know that material prosperity, success and fame should be sought after. We do not know peace because we have long forgotten it. We do not yet know where to look for that peace.

And how to attain that peace?

By purifying yourself of all the inner impurities, being grateful to God and others, being unselfish in all your goals and doing charitable and kind acts. Learn to meditate to calm the disturbed and troubled mind”

Regarding me He said, “You have all your life searched for love and peace and have gone for it undauntingly, so you are an appropriate person to tell others about it. Those who seek it, one day find it if they are centered and one pointed in their goal. Man has created a putrefied mind in today’s world and he is leading an inharmonious, immoral and senseless life. Ask them to alter their present life. Who can help you if you help yourself not! To get a few moment’s pleasures, they are ready to sacrifice their whole day, all energy and their age. Isn’t it ironical that even after dedicating all the years and all their physical and mental energies, one is not at peace with oneself? There is not a moment’s peace in them.

Why is it so?

Because these days  people don’t look within, their sight is reaching outwards. The more you seek inside, the more peaceful you shall become. Dive deep inside, stop the turbulence, stop the constant bickering of your mind.

Go further inside and your mind will come to a complete rest. Progressively, once the mind is quiet, you will find peace, absolute peace. The shadows of restless thoughts, the churning of worldly desires must end as peace awaits you. Go for it, run after everlasting peace of mind. Live for lasting peace and yearn for spreading peace wherever you go. You are the children of God. God is love, God is peace. You are love. You are peace. Live in peace now and forever.”

Like the rain drops falling on my windows these days, I admired those drops of golden words falling over me that night as I lay warm in my bed on a rainy night on 8th July. Each drop of golden word was packed with life, unlimited energy and limitless joy and bliss. You too devour these words, introspect and get illumined with the shimmery drops of golden Light!!!!


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  1. Atul
    Atul says:

    Sprit in Life,

    It was a very nice suggestion from a reader to include appropriate phots on the posts.

    Best Wishes and God Bless You.


  2. doodlescribble
    doodlescribble says:

    Peace I find is when,
    the first sunrays radiate on my eyes!
    Peace I find is when,
    the rain drops trickle down the leaves!
    Peace I find is when,
    I hear the breeze flow by tranquilly
    Peace I find is when,
    the sparrows chirp with delight,
    Peace I find is when,
    the water splashes the rocks, gurgling,
    Peace I find is when,
    the bhikshu recites his devotion for Him
    Peace I find is when,
    I see the eagles soar high up in the sky!
    Peace I find here,
    Peace I find there, everywhere!
    Peace is my companion, so omnipresent, so eternal !


    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      May you soar higher and higher my fledgling, never to stoop below,
      May you spread your wings wider and wider, never to wrap them ever,
      May you have dedication of a Bhikshu who has his eye fixed on his lofty Aim,
      And may your heart fill with all trust for the One and only One illuminating your soul!!

  3. Mohan Bhat
    Mohan Bhat says:

    Peace is not to be attained. Peace is to be realized. And when one attains or realized peace, one cannot speak. It is a tranquility of the deep ocean. For example – a Mother kisses her child many a times but suddenly, once in a while, when the child kisses her Mother, just imagine, that would be heavenly for a Mother. And that explicable moment is peace. Peace is beyond expressions!!

    But then you may wonder how to go about it? I will tell you. Just compare ourselves with a Flute. The flute has nine holes. We too have nine holes. The flute becomes lively due to the air. And we too breath because of air. It is how we control the air. In flute by regulating the air, you get a heavenly peaceful music. And in the case of human beings, thought is like air. By regulating our thoughts, we too can attain the peace – the music of life!!

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear revd. reader Mr. Mohan,
      Thanks for coming on this blog and spending your valuable time to comment and suggest for us.
      I get a feeling that you are a musician and if my imagination is not running too wild, you might be Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhat, the world famous musician who invented Mohun Veena. I shall be happy if my second guess is right because I appreciate good music but cannot play any instrument unlike you…
      As I can see that you find your peace in a musical instrument like a flute, in music, in its ecstasy…that’s so wonderful, really!!
      Peace in samadhi cannot be spoken about but that lingering peace leaves its foot prints …..
      And can be perceived and comprehended by a few outstanding devotees and yogis who are extra sensory perceptive and blessed by God if the waft of its fragrance is blown in the air…..
      But what of the masses, the majority who do not know that peace is within and it should not be lost in running after so many things that the world lures us into…
      What of we all who have been blinded by seeing others and in the course of time of many re-incarnations have forgotten that we are Atman and there is profound peace in our Atman?…
      What of the layers after layers of ignorance that has covered our Spirit during this time?…
      What you have so rightly described is unconditional love of a mother and a child and that is heavenly…
      And lastly as you will walk ahead on your path, you will realize that the quality of peace will enhance and it gets extremely refined and sublime in the end as you move up one after another levels of spiritual consciousness…
      Hope I have explained my point well enough for all the readers as you have made an interesting comment here to read.
      Thanks once again

  4. Mavin
    Mavin says:

    Peace happens. It is that state which is our true nature. Disturbances, vitiated feelings, negative emotions…..are not our true nature.

    Whether it is through yoga-pranayama or any other technique or sheer grace of God, these negative add-ons just vanish and what remains is peace and tranquility.

    To be in this state of mind is actually not difficult once we overcome our inertia (read tamas here). This is the first challenge – so the initiative to overcome lies wholly on the person himself / herself.

    The second challenge, and, perhaps the more difficult one, is to be continuously in this state. This requires commitment.

    At the basic level of existence, breath is critical. Regulate breath and everything else falls in place.

    Wishing everyone a happy phase of self discovery.


  5. Midhun Pk
    Midhun Pk says:

    Ohm namo narayana..

    blessed to read it.

    Aitareya Upanishad

    ॐ वाङ् मे मनसि प्रतिष्ठिता
    मनो मे वाचि प्रतिष्ठित-मावीरावीर्म एधि।
    वेदस्य म आणिस्थः श्रुतं मे मा प्रहासीरनेनाधीतेनाहोरात्रान्
    संदधाम्यृतम् वदिष्यामि सत्यं वदिष्यामि तन्मामवतु
    तद्वक्तारमवत्ववतु मामवतु वक्तारमवतु वक्तारम्।
    ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥ [8]

    auṃ vāṅ me manasi pratiṣṭhitā
    mano me vāci pratiṣṭhita-māvīrāvīrma edhi |
    vedasya ma āṇisthaḥ śrutaṃ me mā prahāsīranenādhītenāhorātrān
    saṃdadhāmyṛtam vadiṣyāmi satyaṃ vadiṣyāmi tanmāmavatu
    tadvaktāramavatvavatu māmavatu vaktāramavatu vaktāram |
    auṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

    Aum! May my speech be based on the mind;
    May my mind be based on speech.
    O Self-effulgent One, reveal Thyself to me.
    May you both (speech and mind) be the carriers of the Veda to me.
    May not all that I have heard depart from me.
    I shall join together (i.e. obliterate the difference of) day
    And night through this study.
    I shall utter what is verbally true;
    I shall utter what is mentally true.
    May that (Brahman) protect me;
    May That protect the speaker (i.e. the teacher), may That protect me;
    May that protect the speaker – may That protect the speaker.
    Aum! Peace! Peace! Peace!

    thanking you ma.

    with love,
    Midhun Pk

  6. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    The more you seek inside, the more peaceful you shall become. Dive deep inside, stop the turbulence, stop the constant bickering of your mind.

    Go further inside and your mind will come to a complete rest. Progressively, once the mind is quiet, you will find peace, absolute peace. The shadows of restless thoughts, the churning of worldly desires must end as peace awaits you. Go for it, run after everlasting peace of mind. Live for lasting peace and yearn for spreading peace wherever you go. You are the children of God. God is love, God is peace. You are love. You are peace. Live in peace now and forever. <3

  7. Kunal Vakil
    Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    I now have a desire to make God’s will into mine. I see that I have been avoiding this.

    It’s very hard to swalllow these facts that I have to love and pray for God’s creation that seems so frustrated and scared in the outside and then I will be tested repeatedly by him with a lot of suffering.

    I have always put conditions on listening to God till now, like ‘I will do this to get this’ and that ‘I will meditate and do good till I get moksha’ after which I will follow nobody and be all powerful. It’s scary to tell myself that I will keep doing good acts in the name of god and put the results at his feet.

    Now I realise that there are many levels after moksh and that reincarnation does not stop, after moksh many births will be taken to serve gods creation and that moksh is just 1 step in a very long journey.

    I guess after so many births my trust in God is less, I now know this is what I have build.

    Your blog has corrected so much in me.
    I thank you for this.🙏

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Very beautiful thoughts and realizations dear child Kunal, you need to expand your mind further!
      Whatever noble we do in mind or body is first and foremost beneficial for our own good. Whatever we think or do comes back to us in the same proportion or ratio.Others benefit also. This Universe is an echo, let’s vibrate highest frequencies of Consciousness. You will become that.


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