And the last one to Khajuraho-the city of ancient temples!

All my dear readers, I was away from my city covering distance in Madhya Pradesh to complete the last leg of my series of visiting  ancient heritage sites of India and have just seen Khajuraho, the city of temples.  My daughter Mandira  and I  made up our minds to see as much as possible in three days that we were there and were quite successful  in our attempt.   Khajuraho was so very rural and peaceful that we never thought that we would one day travel to such remote parts of India.

Now as you know that if I am sent to such places by my Param Guru, there had to be a special reason to do so. We all know that Khajuraho is a world famous place and is a UNESCO world heritage site too. Surely my eyes were in disbelief when I saw those splendid temples because of their mind blowing  beauty and marvelous sculpture.

As we landed in Khajuraho, it felt as though we were taken back to old times when life was at a very comfortable pace. The whole atmosphere was very calm and placid. The people were gentle and are far from commercialization and modernity. Our hotel was exactly two minutes away from the airport and the complete range of old temples was within a circumference of barely five kilometers. However, once we started seeing the temples, we ran out of time and energy. There were so many and each temple demanded a lot of our time and concentration. We forgot to eat and  drink  water  later in the day, they were so engrossing!! People who like history and appreciate one’s past rich heritage must visit Khajuraho once. Except for excess unchaste engravings on almost all temples, everything was very welcome. I guess there was a lot of competition between all the kings of Chandela dynasty at that time and hence they must have not exercised moderation and sanctity rules in places of worship like these. The next post shall continue with this thought and context and my experiences on the same line of thought.

As usual many questions ran across my mind to which I found answers in my meditations. God is very gracious to me as all my curious questions are best answered by that Supreme Power. Those temples are about 1,500  to 1,800 years old and who else can ever give me such accurate answers? Regarding my those revelations I shall disclose them in the next article and  before that I want  to show you   some beautiful photographs of that city.

I also wish to recall and pay glowing tribute and  homage to all the sculptors, workers, artists and labourers who made these glorious temples and iconic monuments during medieval times in India.

Rural India with so much open space and sky…

Even the birds were calm in nature and were sitting prettily for us to see them!

Day 1. Eastern temples- Jain Adinath, Shantinath temples

Eastern group of Temples-Jawari and Waman

Day-2 Western group of temples-Matangeshwar Vishwanath, Lakshman, Vishwanath, Kandariya, Jagdambi, Chitragupta temples

Took a break and marveled at these wonderful flowers

And then we started off again and tried to capture the lives of people who lived here centuries ago

The Southern group of temples, Chaturbhuj of Lord Vishnu

Beeja Mandal temple excavated only two years ago, the process is on

And even after seeing so much we were not able to cover every detail of those monuments.

Today when I look back I wonder when my next  journey to an unexplored part of India will be and what  new  learning it will bring.

(To be continued………)

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  1. lakshmi says:

    Thank you sharing wonderful photos

  2. pandey2 says:

    Guru knows what is best interest for disciple. It is up to disciple to follow as Guru don’t force it on disciple. Oh Lord give us wisdom and strength so that we can follow Guru’s path with heart full of devotion.

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