Dear readers, this is the concluding post about the Great Seer, Vishwamitra.

There is nothing recounted about his life and times as the time spans considered are phenomenal. Such exalted Seers ignore trivia anyway. They prefer giving examples and concluding what they wish to state by simplifying the difficult in this way. Their answers come as explanation of various spiritual realities of highest grade. Please look into each paragraph with full concentration and keenness whether it is section 1 or 2. You will know about the great achievements of the Seer who was born when the Earth was made for the first-time ever. It is self-explanatory and should be understood without further references.  

This post unarguably has been demanding on me as it required many sittings of intense meditations. I wrote down the dates when the spiritual knowledge arrived in transcendental state in parts or fragments, you will find them in between paragraphs. It might break the flow of the divine song, nonetheless it is required. Documentation is necessary. Each line is filled with so much content to think about. The revelations are too many, the flow too fast though very condensed. Kindly bear with short interruptions, you may use the intermittent dates  as a pause if you need to. Your comments, responses and questions are welcome at this stage. These are rarest of rare revelations. There will be more coming soon.

There are 2 sections in this comprehensive post.  Section-1 is poetry, Section-2 is prose.

Section 1 is very lengthy and has 4 parts-A, B, C and D which will narrate and reveal the mysteries of nature. Section-2 is concise and are the messages for me and others from the Sage about events of the Earth which took place too, too long ago.

Please be slow and go over the post several times singly or in parts to derive the best benefits. In the end, you shall get the nectar out of churning or kshirsagar, the ocean of milk…..

Part A 

26.11.18 afternoon 

Revelations unprecedented, Benedictions unlimited!  


The house was filled with enormous atoms of tranquility and peacefulness; I immersed in unimaginable, unthinkable expanse of infinite Divinity. 

Floating I was into realms of unfathomable territories when I gently glided back in timescale and timeline which humanity cannot conceive. 


I was with the most advanced Sage, most revered by God I must say, he invited me to meet him in the astral world where only peace prevails. 

Rendezvous of this kind is only possible when the mind has fallen into deepest recesses of purity, peace, void; only space and rays of Light remain. 


You will be aghast when I say that there were Earths made and destroyed many times before; thirteenth time it is now says the Greatest Sage. 

It perishes with a cause, we think that this is the only world, only life and only people that were ever made and never before did they live. 


This is not true we will slowly understand this fact and we must not make a hasty decision for the minds of people are very constricted, small. 

We think that life exists only now, our Earth exists only now, how it can perish and be remade, it takes millions of years to repair and remake.   


The phenomenal Sages are equipped with a peerless, piercing inner vision given by the Divine to purview what happened millions of years ago. 

It is acquired with the means of prolonged years of doing meditation and keeping silence to absorb what appears as visions, dreams and awareness. 


They keep the secreted knowledge of past, future and present in their subtle mind as a repository and vault and seal it with quietude and reticence. 

They share this wealth with only those who are devout filled with purity, will maintain all ethics of spirituality laid by God unless God ordains otherwise. 


I woke up to this truth in meditation that the ancient most Seers were born at a time when life sprung up fresh, Earth was in nascent stage. 

Some were born when the Earth was made for the first time ever, some the second time, some third time and so on, yet they are in unity today. 


They told me that everything happens when God wants it to happen, God’s will is foremost vital, all creation and destruction are cyclic. 

It was with God’s will that survived the Earth, it was God’s will it perished in natural catastrophes and with God’s will it will be recreated. 


God has made unknown number of forces in the Universe, some are temporary some are permanent in nature, they are used to operate. 

All types of activities that will be done from time to time by different types of species when they come to exist on the planet or Earth. 


These positive, negative powers are charged and recharged by God in different times so that they are always at work and do not hamper the flow of creation. 

These two opposite forces are standing against each other thus creating a balance and perfect equilibrium in the whole Universe and in all humankind. 


Life cannot be pursued unless there must be some force which will instigate the wheel of action and reaction; destruction and construction always cohabit.  

But when humans break the balance beyond repair and reformation, God takes all charge again and invites all forces to give back their inherent powers. 


God’s will and God’s powers are at play when such decisive events transpire, they happen because something better is to emerge and eventuate.  

When the plan and management of God at one point envisages that it is better to come out of current state of the environment and affairs, Earth perishes. 

Part B 

The Earth disintegrates slowly but with natural disasters as it had formed, it perishes and all living beings die except one of five natural elements.  

It is also called Pralaya’ or complete destruction, an act of God by which cleansing and submerging of all wrongdoings and actions conducted. 


For a prolonged time, no activity of breeding or recreation takes place, there is no earth, water, fire or air, they return to its inactive or dormant state.  

Only ‘Akash’ or ether stays intact rest retreat, it is the job of akash to take on the role of master supervisor or a manager who now manages. 


Akash becomes active in activating all its nutrients which are embedded in its constitution called anu or atoms, the thoughts or sankalpa are the seeds. 

The dormant seeds of all thoughts of the Universe are looked into and sorting done as rotten, very obnoxious seeds are separated from very good and pious. 


It is then God and nature both take a long sabbatical, rest and restoration work to plan and envision how must the new world be ensued and emerged.  

The creative powers, regenerative and destructive both need restoration periods so that they can self-sustain by itself without additional burden on God. 


This period is called shunya, a long phase when nothing is built, created or a time period of no possibility of germinating seeds of cycles of birth and death.  

What should never be germinated is destroyed permanently, the remaining good virtuous seedlings are stored in a repository, a germ bank readied. 


All this takes place only in ether or vacuum which is merely infinite space, it has humongous power to store, save, germinate as well as culminate.  

It is also sometimes called akash or empty space or sky because its properties are different from other four elements or tatvasair, water, earth, fire.  


God has made it transparent, bouncing, free flowing yet stationary since it absorbs everything that is thrown at it, God has made it resonating, echoing. 

Akash or space never has its own properties, it is property less, it absorbs everything that is sent to it even if it is heavy particle of dense matter or smallest. 


It is like a white sheet pinned on a wall, the projector plays images and the visuals appear in exact form, the white sheet is only a screen, a mirror. 

Similarly, the akash tatva does not move or sway, it plays a crucial role in reproducing what is embedded in it and produces exactly what is given to it. 


It is when there is no Earth that all re-calibrations are done in order to bring a new start, brand-new spic and span uncontaminated worlds are ready. 

What needs to continue continues, what needs to be destroyed is destroyed, what needs to be redesigned is restructured and remade in only Akash. 


This is the real ground or base where everything is born, all activities are always taking place in ether or akash, the Earth is just a shadow. 

Because the microcosm plane or subtle world called the ati sukshma vishwa is the womb of all creations, it is a playground for all mental games. 


Nothing is absorbed there, only stored and preserved until God commands the seeds to first break open the shell without sound and to sprout. 

The sprouts are visible on Earth as actions of humans, as objects or things as natural occurring, as someone’s dreams or desires and lust! 


Our thoughts gross or very subtle are those arrows which are catapulted upward invisibly in the ether or akash, we are unenlightened. 

We are oblivious to the mystery, powers of God and God’s most intelligent working, there is a computer in cloud with infinite memory!! 


Everything is stored in the grains or atoms of ether, nothing ever dies, all our thoughts will someday take birth even if it takes years uncountable. 

The power of our thoughts living in the manas or mind is unknown so far, no one has been able to develop them except the most ancient Rishis. 


Vishwamitra has the highest capacity to store data and information in his stupendous mind, he has data collection more than half of the ‘Sky’. 

Hence, he ranks first among all Rishis and computes Time as no one else, he is capable of handling all world problems, tries to balance world order. 


Bogar, Kartik, Adi and Gorakh are his assistants to work out billions of problems of all humans when Earth is formed and sustains all creatures. 

These five have been ordained by God to look into world issues so that the equilibrium  of construction and destruction is always balanced and stable. 

Part C 

He told me– “You are a very blessed soul since you have dreamt of nothing but God Realization in all your incarnations so far, hence I bless you. 

You will never forget what you have earned as I have embedded every new learning in your subtle mind so well etched and ingrained thoroughly. 


You worry since you do not know if you are absorbing every new enlightenment and insight deep inside to make it permanent and again retrievable. 

The more akash you have in your manas, the more you can connect to me via ether or space since all our thoughts travel at a frightening speed in space. 


When you sleep, I make sure all the new rarest of rare knowledge that you have just gained from me is neatly organized in your brain by creating space. 

You are side by side deleting immediately trifle happenings of everyday and pushing the new information inside by revising when you sit alone or rest in bed.  


You are not allowing any other ripple of thought to embed inside the soil of your mind lest it may grow when the environment will be perfect. 

Your conscious deliberations to convert previous mind to an altered one initiated by me is worth mentioning; my pervasive eyes see everything.  


You are making a silent effort to hold on to what you have just earned and learnt, you are alert and know when we are careless we lose things precious. 

In spite of so much distraction and noise, you are not careless and weak and are holding on to what I have given you in abundance as your rewards and gifts. 


Duties I have given you unlimited yet your mind does not wander or drift for a moment as far as your writing assignments are concerned to be published. 

You are taking all this as your intense sadhana given by God through us and are attempting hardest physical, mental and spiritual hardships given. 


You ascertain that your lessons are blessings which must not be squandered and you have given up every little thing that was giving you little rest or comfort. 

Yet you are blissful and joyful all the time as your thoughts are beautiful, they are fragrance of flowers as you believe that God is exceptionally kind to you. 


You have a quenchless desire to penetrate inside the minds of Yogis and Rishis who are outstandingly risen, who reside far off and are of bygone era and yore. 

You are tireless, though the body and mind get fatigued but you recharge yourself instantly by remembering the graciousness of your Masters, teachers. 


Such humble beings are the ones to whom God opens all the doors of hidden, invisible chambers laden with its secrets and infinite wealth untold mysteries. 

People will marvel how she could bring down to Earth such undiscovered, untraceable, unbelievable spiritual knowledge from the realms beyond even infinity!” 

Part D 


He continued relentlessly since I was forever thinking of him and waiting till he gave me his opinions or comments as I was being trained under the greatest. 

There has not been a single moment when at the back of my mind I am not thinking about how to be an exemplary disciple to carry out duty in best manner. 


I know I am being tested every day, every minute and I must comply yet be alert because the footsteps and arrival of the Ancient Sages are so soft and gentle. 

I must not forget for a second that any message can come to me from them any time of the day or middle of night and I must be ready and alert to receive. 


What boggles me is how do they always without fail come to know what are my slightest, faintest thoughts which in fleeting seconds arrive and go by? 

I am getting replies to every thought which I have generated ever since the Maharishi has come face to face with me in my meditations and silence. 


They perceive every word of mine, the matter I think about and the intensity of my thoughts although people might say what I am thinking is trifling. 

They have looked inside the inner most depths, nooks and corners of my mind and are soothing the reviving pangs of my past lives’ innermost anguish. 


Though invisible they can see, feel, touch, perceive, know, convey, nudge, retort, imbue, instill, vaporize, saturate, embalm, embed, inquire, empathize. 

I see divinity personified in these Sages, they touch my Soul so gently, their love so caring and innocent, their concern so nurturing, heart-touching . 


Said He- “I give my advice to so many in the world as suggestions, I plant better ideas than any one and make sure that the idea is of only world welfare. 

I make a team of mine of Sages only five-Adi Shankaracharya, Kartik, Bogar and Gorakh, we work in tandem and take turns when other is in meditation. 


Your good deeds are outstanding, you have garnered so many meritorious actions with devotion, compassion and determination to alter everything. 

A towering sky-high pool is formed with them because of this God has ordained the impossible-that you be included in the team consisting of five. 


Bogarnathar, Kartik, Adi Shankaracharya, Gorakhnath  and now you will assist me in the team to work through mental powers of positive thinking. 

Your most compassionate and loving feelings generate powerful thoughts in the Universe, all thoughts of good will for the world manifest. 


It may take time because the geographical and environmental conditions must prevail to manifest them and time may be distant but they will express. 

The thoughts will be translated as physical realities, the power of thought of a human being if blessed by God becomes a blessing for all humanity. 


With your impeccable peace of mind, your will to empower others, your exceptional patience, resistance to negative forces and your firm, deep faith. 

Trust in God and the messengers of God, the eternal Sages and saints empower you to do exceptional tasks in multitude every day as you are humility. 


You have been selected to work on Earth for everyone, you will collect all the sacred knowledge to be dispensed and spread henceforth from us. 

First will be you who will benefit the most, then those who will follow and obey you without any restrain, for remaining benefits little or a few.  


This world is filled with liars and cheats but I will make certain nobody comes close to you who has come to deceive or rule you, they will face defeat. 

Your work of continued writing till your last breath won’t stop, it will never be obstructed by fraudulent or counterfeit or by men competitive.  


You have been profusely blessed and protected by us for each day, at every important event of your two organizations-Spirit in Life and Nav Jeevan. 

Your audience will consist of only devout, dedicated, faithful, obedient, trustworthy, sacred, hardworking, concentrated and loyal all through. 


This very sought after, prestigious, most sacred knowledge is for those only who we invite and call to attend or be inducted in the discipleship of you. 

We are in the knowing of everyone’s complete soul journey, their competence, every spark or dirt, all their previous earning and future possibilities. 


The holy, humble and spotless will be delivered, they will be navigated throughout the maze of all Maya, they will be encouraged and blessed with holiness. 

Their last chambers of mind or antahakaran * will be worked upon until they see God as light, purity, marvellous enlightenment, splendour and peace within. 


All their upcoming lives will be filled with devotion, service, empathy, wealth and prosperity and one day you all will meet again as loving Guru Shishya! 

The relation of teacher student breaks the barriers of constrain, all laws are applied so that the perfected relationship is never broken as the cause is lofty. 


They will meet again and continue to raise their levels and strive harder until someone becomes independent and starts a new wave of learning or centre. 

In a new era and Age and there will be partnership and collaboration between them and the aim will be meditation and self-realization ditto again. 


In this way, a tide will be recurring between spiritual people who will always co-operate, support in all eras and times and the world will have dharma.  

The number of people will be less but the quality of output towards the society will be excessive for such people have great mental powers in mind. 


Bless you with the ability to reach through your mind into the time when the earth was never ever made at all, God had not even created a thought!

God was alone, no sankalpa or thought was ever created by God, only He existed, the centre from where the power of thought emerges was inactive.  


Only God exists as profound peace and silence- that state is uninterrupted and eternal, timeless and unchangeable, irrevocable, perfect and continuous. 

That state you have achieved from today in your meditation, there is no dealer between you and God in this state of total unification with your purest mind. 


You have received these unlimited benedictions for all the hardest trials withstood over many lives in search of God, you have desired nothing but God. 

In spite of dealing with all types of ‘Maya’, you have stayed pure in your heart like a pink lotus in a pond of mud and stench and withheld dignity, honour. 


Your wailing pleas to God to rescue women in distress, dishonoured by men in body and mind, your nights in prayers to reform women living in shame. 

And immoral lives have created a very powerful Divine Light in the place you now live, your earnest desire to grow many trees on Vasudhadharti mata. 


Called Mother Earth has brought you a blessing for Earth from God and shall manifest from your loving compassionate thoughts in your peaceful mind. 

There will be the largest forest in the world on the land where you reside today but after three and a half lakh years from year two thousand eighteen. 


As you have relinquished all comforts, rest and recreation to work for environment and people to revive the world from deforestation and immorality. 

God gave you the best opportunity to serve Him, to revive humanity by revealing the world of the penance and lives of forgotten, ancient holy Seers. 


You have shown the world that it is possible to revive our divinity, to live modern life with grace, simplicity, humility and resourcefulness, respectability. 

It is possible to live the modern fast life with frugality and it is possible to live a life laden with richness of great thoughts, wonderful virtues and propriety. 


The world must change slowly by giving up false ideas about joy and happiness, give up pretensions and highhandedness, life living on surface and immaturity. 

They must instead learn to explore the hidden treasures inside; the insatiable desire to enjoy worldly objects and money are doors to hell, constant insecurity. 


They must learn to enjoy noiseless conditions of their minds; deep peace emanates from within the present Spirit, true happiness is derived when mind is silent. 

Everything is impermanent in this world, it will always change with time, nothing it is that you can call mine, death and life are constant, joy sorrow allies. 


God has blessed you my daughter with the highest grade of peacefulness, it is derived when the mind can be so peaceful that it can speed and then rest at a time. 

When God was alone, God was in peace and only peace, God had not wished to even create anything, God was in its truest form and state, it was without a thought!!”  


Since the post is lengthy, the latter part has been compressed.  I have written the wise words, predictions and benedictions of the most revered Sage as statements.

Morning meditation  27.11.18 


About Spirit in life Blog

Vishwamitra Maharishi told me on the above recorded date that Spiritinlife Blog was received by him from God’s mouth and was asked to write it in the Akash beforehand 1,00,000 years ago dictated by God to him! It was meant for today almost 1,000,05 years later in Kaliyug in modern age. He has stored it, held it within him since then. 

There were only two people who could have become the medium for this gigantic task. Guruji Krishnananda (Manasa Foundation, Bengaluru) and me. Vishwamitra Maharishi wished to transfer this mentally. I was just a remote possibility. If I had not become capable and ready to receive these divine messages, Krishnananda would have done this work as he did in Manasa. He would have made this blog divine! However, he was already very tired and Vishwamitra Maharishi is relieved that I took up the responsibility eventually from him.  What I am doing now is decoding Akashic recordings!! My connection with Guruji Krishnananda is of five lives and hence the affinity and work so similar. 

Explanation and references- 

“I have written the immortal Durga Saptashati Mahatmya because God wanted to help women in distress. Courage, hope and energy can be derived from the sutras, or verses of this holy book. You are doing the same by empowering women and uplifting their lives.  

I have reincarnated many times as anonymous and unknown man but was extremely wise and observant.  


Maharishi Markandey-“Almost 85,000 years ago, God transferred knowledge and hymns of Shiva to me mentally by only thought transference in my meditations. I stored it in my mind well and died. They were the verses of Shiva Purana yet to be materialized in physical form. When I became Sage Markandeya  approximately 65,000 years ago, I revived it and recited loudly every day to embed the atmosphere with the verses as sound waves in order to save and document those holy verses once uttered and pronounced by God to me as mere thought vibrations!! I printed and reprinted in the mental world and reinforced it in the Akash, and engraved all the verses permanently in the records in the sky once again by my outstanding mental powers. This act is also one’s mind power and an extreme case of thought power and thought transference. It is preservation of vibrations emanating from God directly for world’s welfare for posterity sake. 


About Vajreshwari Temple. Its connection with others. Connection of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Markandaye lives. More about Markandaye Maharishi His first incarnation ever was when the Earth was formed for second time.  

Vajreshwari temple near Ganeshpuri has a history which is said to be very primitive but not reachable by people. In my meditation, Vishwamitra Maharishi surprised me to the point of getting mild convulsions since I have gone to this temple several times. He revealed that beneath the temple is a samadhi of a very, very ancient Rishi. The temple was  made later to protect his samadhi place. In this whole very ancient teerath shektra, pilgrimage site the first person who came here to make it holy was Markandaye. His identity was obviously different.  

He became the recipient of Durga Mahatma or greatness of Goddess Durga in poetry as Durga Sapt Shati scripture through thought transfer by God directly. 

1,50,00002 years ago (1.5 crore and 2 years) God decided to empower women for future eras through the greatness of a goddess and wished it for their welfare. God’s wish and words were transferred into the mind of Markandaye Maharishi at this time. This was when he was born in the forests of Sahayadri, the ancient mountains of today’s Maharashtra in today’s Vajreshwari temple site. He received it in samadhi state. 

He embraced it, wrote it on hridaya patalthe surface of his heart and embedded it in the mind for future. He regained, recalled it 65,000 years ago as Markandaye and wrote Durga Sapt Shati after retaining it in his indestructible mind for 1,49,35,002 years (1 crore, 49 lakh, 35 thousand and 2 years)!!! Such is the power of God’s will and our mind if we develop it to its highest capacity I was taught by my revered Maharishi. 

This first samadhi of Markandey Maharishi in Vajreshwari was established when he got mukti first time 1.5 plus 2 crore years ago. Knowing about this fact, Gorakh Nath and his guru Machendra Nath were laid to rest and their samadhi are right opposite Vajreshwari mandir today. 

Swami Nityananda was called here so that these Rishis can be left in peace and the people go to Nityananda for ichcha purti or fulfillment of worldly desires. He was delegated the task of keeping people occupied and leave the holy sites alone. The samadhi of Markandeya, Gorakh and Machendra are kept secretive for posterity. 

Spirit in life blog is made when I have got mukti  in this life on a site where once Amara Maharishi has lived. The blog was first transferred to Vishwamitra Maharishi 1,000,00 years ago ( 1 lakh years) and was intended for decoding now through the holy sages. 


About me

How is it that you won’t meet Mahavatar Babaji? No thoughts die. You will meet him and write three books on him. God has purposely made you wait for about 20 years because the world will run after you when his books are released. You will have a life filled with people while your work entails you to be very quiet and recluse. First do the work of writing about difficult things which require all your mental energies. 


About an undisclosed, underlying yantra or grid.

He disclosed later on that extremely auspicious and peaceful day that Amara Maharishi came as an anonymous rishi 1,600 years ago in Maharashtra, the place where I live today. On the same place a Spiritual University after 10,000 years approximately and then a forest after 3,50,000 years  will flourish. An unknown, underground grid or yantra is made between my place, Vajreshwari temple and Mount Kailash where underground spiritual energies are generated and distributed for speedy salvation for those who follow Spirit in life Open University. Energies from this grid are being used to dispense energies to the world also to transform and hence the change toward the Age of Truth or Satya Yug is expedited with the backing of the penance of timeless Rishis of yore and eternity! ………. 

Hari Om Tatsat! Hari Om Tatsat! Hari Om Tatsat!

My learning after making this post-For the first time I understood the term sankalpamaya shrishti very thoroughly, so often used in Yoga Vashishstha holy book. Our Universe is created by our own thoughts, there is nothing else in this world but sankalpa, thought is reiterated in the book. I read it many years ago and could not grasp its depth.This post is the concise form of that statement. I am very happy that I was able to crack the shrouded verses and can use these spiritual principles kept a secret since life surfaced on Earth. The principles are the same, it is only now that so many secrets prevailing in nature are bared open for us to realize and realize ourselves easily without losing time. Truly grateful to the Divine for giving us the Master key-Rishis.

Quoting from-

According to Yoga Vasishtha, this world of experience with various objects, time, space and laws, is a creation of the mind, that is, an idea or Kalpana. Just as objects are created by the mind in dream, so also everything is created by the mind in the waking state also. Expansion of the mind is Sankalpa. Sankalpa, through its power of differentiation, generates this universe. Time and space are only mental creations.

References for advanced studies


In this way, awakening of humanity is going on; this world is constantly changing as it shifts from one era or epoch to another through natural calamities.    

Natural calamities or ‘pralaya’ are essential in the world as they are levellers or stabilizers of mass human karmas done on Earth; they create destinies.   

The Holy Sages are gifted beings, they are blessed with knowledge of psychic and Holy Sciences which are best put to use to help humanity rid their sins. 

 Chitta * 

It is sub conscious mind. It is called chitta in Sanskrit. ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodha’ is an important line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.   

It means stilling the mind with Yoga by removing the fluctuations until it rests and comes to a state of complete tranquility. Yoga, Puranas, Vedasand Self Sacrifice for highest Ideals are infallible ways to have command over Atma.    

Not every saint or sannyasi removes all the Maya from their innermost manasthe last level of unconscious mind. Most of them stop at sub conscious mind, chitta.

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  1. kunal vakil
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    Dear Ma,

    Very greatful to you ma for the insights, we are so lucky to do this rare mana sadhana and have such a great guru and param gurus, the guru shishya relationship is the strongest, may I get the chance be your disciple forever in every birth.

    The sages have taken so many births, they must have so many samadhis. Vajreshwari is a mind blowing temple, it’s beautiful to know Rishi Markendeya’s samadhi is underneath it, this must be his earliest samadhis. The number of samadhis in that area make it so great, after all it has the samadhi of the principle and vice principle of the SpiritinLife blog, Bhagwan Nithyananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram also.

    It’s beautiful to see how a 1.5 crore year old sankalpa is fructifying finally in such a grand way! how things seem to just happen accidentally but are actually part of a divine plan. Your house, Kailash and ganeshpuri form a underground triangualar yantra, the samadhis of the oldest souls Rishi Vishwamitra Markendeya and Amara. How convenient that I live so close to the sites, I really thank my stars.

    After writing 3 books, you will become very famous and also alot of new and deserving people will be competing for your time, I hope ma that I never lose communication with you as my mana is always in yoga with yours and I will strive to be a better disciple to you each day.

    🌼Surrender at your lotus feet🌼

    🌹Be in my heart always🌹

  2. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    My dear child Kunal, delighted to see your sweet comment. Please know that the relation between guru and shishya is of many incarnations. It is a beautiful relation which grows with time and the disciple keeps growing with time due to love and compassion of the Master to relieve the sorrows of the disciple. It us the duty of the disciple to put his or mind on the Guru throughout to keep energizing the mind with energy for further advancement. This happens more when the disciple is ever eager to remove his own chains or bondage of karmic repercussion.
    Keep your mind on what I teach you, the number of disciples if grows has no impact on me, you will get your due always.
    Yours always,

  3. letTheColorsRumble
    letTheColorsRumble says:

    Dearest Maa,


    Thank You so much for this wonderful Knowledge. The science of creation!

    Don’t know what I can say here, or at all ever!

    I was spontaneously touched by these lines:

    ## Though invisible they can see, feel, touch, perceive, know, convey, nudge, retort, imbue, instill, vaporize, saturate, embalm, embed, inquire, empathize.

    ## I see divinity personified in these Sages, they touch my Soul so gently, their love so caring and innocent, their concern so heart-touching nurturing.

    ## You have shown the world that it is possible to revive our divinity, to live modern life with grace, simplicity, humility and resourcefulness, respectability.

    ## There will be the largest forest in the world on the land where you reside today but after three and a half lakh years from year two thousand eighteen.

    I bow humbly to God, Maa and the Maharishis in gratefulness and love.


    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Nish,

      Though invisible they can see, feel, touch, perceive, know, convey, nudge, retort, imbue, instill, vaporize, saturate, embalm, embed, inquire, empathize.


      I see divinity personified in these Sages, they touch my Soul so gently, their love so caring and innocent, their concern so heart-touching nurturing.

      What I wrote about the most divine souls ever is very true. I can feel their presence so close to me. Feel every word that I have written, they have their waft though too genteel.

      Regarding the largest forest in future on the place where I live, I feel too elated about this blessing since it will be so wonderful to see so many lush green trees on planet earth which will give life to people who will live here at that time. Without oxygen ,there will be no life on Earth. So making sure there is abundant oxygen for everyone to live is a boon to humanity. I repeat my prayer again to God and let it reverberate in the atmosphere-May there be life on earth always, may there be children who will flourish, may there always be greenery on Earth and may all be nourished always….
      God bless you,
      Yours loving

    JERRY JOSEPH says:

    Mind blowing streams of information Sarika Ma. Just one question. If I remember correctly, you have written once that Lord Shiva was the first human being on earth who got enlightenment and Lord Shiva existed so many millions of years back which the human mind cannot fathom. So from what you have written on Lord Shiva and about Sage Viswamitra you are writing now, is there a contradiction? I am not attempting at any controversy. What you wrote on Lord Shiva just crossed my mind while reading about the life and times of Sage Viswamitra. Could you please reflect more on Lord Shiva?

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Jerrry, I am glad you remembered what I wrote some years back. What you say is absolutely right. And that time I was permitted and equipped to go back in time uptil Lord Shiva only.
      The world was being prepared for something more. Even I am learning and knowing more each day rapidly. There is no controversy, it is just that people should be ready mentally to receive this knowledge, including me. Now is the time for the world to know about the first ever enlightened human beings termed as Rishis or light masters.

      Truly this is mind blowing to know how many times our Earth was made and perished. That is why I have written that I had mild convulsions inside when I discovered that Markandaye Maharishi, name obviously something else at that time, got salvation or mukti 1,50,00002 years ago and it is still intact in Vajreshwari temple!

      I am also discovering with time about the main Rishis and who got salvation at what time the earth was made; that is when the earth was made for the first time, who got enlightened, who the Rishi was who got salvation when earth was made the second time and so on… per this table and God’s data, it is Lord Shiva who got Mukti and he is the first person who got it but when the Earth was made for the thirteenth time……during this time, he is the first human being to have won over Maya.

      Since we have gone back so much in time, we need to organize our collected data. I have already asked my children to note all the time periods so that we can understand time better and also know about oldest time possible now that these facts are being released slowly in the world.
      There is a rush, a hurry to write about these Rishis as per the command of God. There will be a new post every Sunday till a few weeks I think, at least uptil 19th January 2019 when the eclipse subsides. It began on 16th Sept 2016. All the punyas of these ancient Rishis, particularly of Swami Kartik are being released in the world for spiritual upliftment. Therefore, I am being made to write these wonderful posts.
      Thank you asking for clarification. It was needed. Maybe I will correct my older posts as new knowledge of Higher Truths is being given to us and we are also ready for it. God bless you.
      Sarika Ma

      • kunal vakil
        kunal vakil says:

        Dear Ma,

        I am very curious to know about eclipses and release of energies of the rishis, why is it so closely related to the cycles of the moon and not the sun?

        The eclipse began on 16th Sept 2016 and 19th January 2019 is when the eclipse subsides. This is not solar or lunar eclipse as they last for shorter periods, then what is this? You have stated earlier also that this is a very auspicious period and to make most of it, how do we do this Ma?

        If swami Kartikeyas energy being released through this blog in upcoming posts, if we re read do we get more energy? What is the next period thats coming up?

        Sorry for asking too many questions, the blog and the information is so fascinating.

        🌼Surrender at your lotus feet🌼

        • spiritinlife
          spiritinlife says:

          Dear Kunal, replying to all your questions one by one. You asked me-
          “I am very curious to know about eclipses and release of energies of the rishis, why is it so closely related to the cycles of the moon and not the sun?”
          I have myself woken up recently to the Science of stars and galaxies with my advent to being introduced to Manasa Foundation and the Sapt Rishis formally in 2014. It is very new field for me in which I am getting to know about the eternal element of the Rishis. Until then, they were my faith and beliefs. I had never ever imagined in this life that I would get to know them so closely since they were in our heritage, culture and text books. I am particularly happy to know about the Rishis because their stories were a part of our Hindi text books or mythological movies of childhood time. The aspect of reality and differentiation of reality and fiction has become a fact in my life. To be able to communicate with them through the developed mind and Soul is unbelievable. I am eternally thankful to God and the revered Rishis for blessing me with this talent or endowment.
          Regarding your question, I will wait till I discover it and I will come back to you.
          All I understand is there are reasons for eclipses. They are caused by energies and forces and they impact our lives. Our actions collectively cause so many physical and chemical phenomena in the Universe and hence we must have and do only good and merciful thoughts and actions so that positive energies are created thus giving health and happiness to all creatures.

          Next you asked me-
          “You have stated earlier also that this is a very auspicious period and to make most of it, how do we do this Ma? If swami Kartikeyas energy being released through this blog in upcoming posts, if we re read do we get more energy?”

          This eclipse period is nothing but releasing all the punyas of Swami Kartik. God retained it for Kaliyug. During this eclipse are also the punyas of selfless people who are working for the environment, ocean and other areas for nature protection and preservation. They are unaware of the fact that they have generated good karmas, they work selflessly for protection and preservation of all species be they insects, birds, minerals, air, water or trees. God had retained their collective positive deeds to uplift the mentality of the masses. The time period is now when they are giving fruit. Therefore, there is speedy advancement for those aspirants who are truthful and care only for higher realizations. This is the eclipse in which I am taking so many discourses, writing about the greatest Rishis for the first time. This is their time.

          You asked me-“If swami Kartikeyas energy being released through this blog in upcoming posts,if we read do we get more energy?”
          Dear Kunal, their energies are very different kind.
          1. They help us to understand better. They promote us by giving clarity and focus of mind hence we grasp what they tell us. Otherwise, no one breaks through the barriers or thick crust of the layers of mind alone.

          2. They help us solve our life problems related to destiny which blocks our path. Life is hard to tackle. We find right solutions or we get the capacity to tolerate what we are ensuing. Both are good for us. They are the shaktis or mental powers given by the Rishis to equip us to solve riddles of life. We take right decisions.

          And finally-
          “What is the next period thats coming up?”

          Only God knows, we will be informed through Great Masters about these special time periods and how to utilize them if we are entitled to it.
          Since you have just come to me, you are asking me many questions. Others have spent a lot of time with me and have attended many Satsangas, they are well versed with this information. You will catch up soon, no issues. You are welcome, you can ask questions, they help all of us to know and grow.

          Follow a few good rules and tips of becoming a good sadhak. Be transparent, learn freely, speak the truth and have faith and God will sparkle your path.
          And lastly, do not keep late hours, sleep early and wake up early. You will know the difference in your mental and absorption powers.

          You said- “This is a very auspicious period and how to make most of it?”
          You are already benefiting so much, just keep your mind buoyant and grateful!! That’s all…
          Remember this life is very precious use it very well. Rest is their job.
          God bless you.
          Yours Ma.

          • kunal vakil
            kunal vakil says:

            Dear Ma,

            I am blessed to have a guru who has rishis for her param guru.

            Sorry for trying to go ahead of the syllabus, I now understand that the rishis will release this information as and when we are ready and will tell us what we need to know. Like Sai baba said shraddha and saburi, I am still getting there.

            Will try my best to be a good sadhak, I have learnt a lot from this blog, we sometimes don’t realise how much effort goes into writing these posts.
            Thank you so much for evrything.

  5. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    Dear Jerry, I shall be obliged if you could take out the link to that older post about which you were mentioning. It should of 2012 or 2013 max. Thank you.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Shiva was the first human being on this Earth who got God realization fully, prior to him, some had partial realizations.

      Let’s recall this post-

      Swami Kartikeyan: “Silence and peace, more silence, more peace you shall get if you let go of your past grips or anchors and merge yourself completely in the silence of your Atma. When you come in touch with your Atma, you are in complete restfulness and calmness.

      Om Namah Shivaya is the Mahamantra, profound mantra; is Moksha dayai, gives liberation, that which can give man freedom from the slavery of actions’ results when they are obligatory and detrimental. Shiva was the first human being on this Earth who got God realization fully, prior to him, some had partial realizations. How was this possible? He practised very long continued tapasya of maun and shanti, penance of silence and peace. He had no Guru to help him seek, there were no formal gurukuls, hermitages, people were all the time occupied with farming and looking after home and hearth. Life was uncomfortable and hardships were too many. Rains were punitive, the Sun was harsh and man was too dependent on Nature to procure food, shelter and clothing. Forests gave peace of mind because the trees give solace to our body and mind. Shiva went into deeper forests for days on to have continuing uninterrupted silence and peace. It was during such long periods of isolation and persistent quietude that the world of God within began to unfold in its full form. His mind never wavered once in his aspirations and all his realizations were passed on to me later on God’s behest so that a chain could be formed and the race of man does not lose this unprecedented legacy.

        JERRY JOSEPH says:

        Dear Saika Ma,
        Thanks a lot for the pains you took to give such a detailed reply. Thanks for the earlier answer also. I have read many other spiritual masters also talking about Lord Shiva, particularly Om Swami and Sri M. Om Swami in his autobiography titled ‘if Truth Be Told – A Monk’s Memoir’ tells about Lord Shiva appearing before him. Sri M says that “Shiva is beyond all desires; even the impulse of desire.” Recently Avadhootha Nadananda in his second part of the autobiography titled ‘Roaring Silence’ talks about the way Shiva-Shakthi appeared before him near Kamakhya temple, Assam. So I was thinking about Lord Shiva as the greatest among Gods. On a personal note, I have also chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ mantra for many years since now. Sometimes I have heard my heart reverberating with this ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ mantra’ or the heart center repeating that mantra. Is it just my feeling or illusion? I have heard it so loudly so I can’t just think that the reverberation sound is merely an illusion or a wrong feeling.
        With regards,

  6. babu sadanand
    babu sadanand says:

    Dear Maa,

    What can i say reading this blog ?
    Words fail to express my feelings . I think it is all Gurus kripa
    i could reach this site and go through what you explained .

    Pranams Maa

  7. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Dearest Mom, just want to ask forgiveness from you and God for all my mistakes,past life sins, very slow learning and no positive changes while I was with you for many years. I accept it as all my fault. I sincerely wish to grow and soar in life but still dont know how. I bow at your lotus feet <3

  8. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” This first samadhi of Markandey Maharishi in Vajreshwari was established when he got mukti first time 1.5 plus 2 crore years ago. Knowing about this fact, Gorakh Nath and his guru Machendra Nath were laid to rest and their samadhi are right opposite Vajreshwari mandir today.

    Swami Nityananda was called here so that these Rishis can be left in peace and the people go to Nityananda for ichcha purti or fulfillment of worldly desires. He was delegated the task of keeping people occupied and leave the holy sites alone. The samadhi of Markandeya, Gorakh and Machendra are kept secretive for posterity.

    Spirit in life blog is made when I have got mukti in this life on a site where once Amara Maharishi has lived. The blog was first transferred to Vishwamitra Maharishi 1,000,00 years ago ( 1 lakh years) and was intended for decoding now through the holy sages. ” <3


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