Learning, a pleasure.

Dear G,

Your mails make a very good read and are informative. You are devoting a lot of time in feeding me with ample news and incidents. You are filling up the lost years very well and is good to know what all is happening in your life.

Thanks a lot for appreciating my spiritual endeavours and that inspires me to strive even more and be ever consistent. Such a thought has also made me start my mail from the most vital point which is applicable to both of us.

How to upgrade myself and make further spiritual progress?

The path to God is long and full of riddles and puzzles, I got to understand on my way. It is also very beautiful and interesting as one does not know where the winding road will lead us to. But the destination is so wonderful that all the arduous trekking, walking and stumbling is worth the troubles and efforts.

The only requirement is that one should have the will to seek God and the other to linger and persist till the end so that one day we come face to face with the Divine.*

Whatever efforts we make in quality, variety or quantity does matter. God knows about it and it is counted. So, no matter what efforts we attempt towards achieving our goals of god-realization, we are moving forward. That’s what really matters. It is better to have tried and failed rather than not try at all. So whether you are doing yagya or jaap, everything is good. I really appreciate your efforts.

Today while doing house-work in the morning at home, my mind drifted in the classroom of small children to whom I have taught for a few years in the past.

There were some children in my class, I remembered who were very active physically and mentally and would never sleep in the class. Their mothers used to complain that he/she does not like to sleep at all and he plays all day at home. He sleeps only when no energy is left in him to expend and he drops off to sleep suddenly while playing!

 Now look at the other types who could sleep anywhere, any time even in class room.

 I used to wonder how come there are those who want to stay awake most of the time and sleep only when the body cries for a shutdown?

And the other set of children to whom I used to pay so much attention to arouse their attention and and keep them interested. Yet, as and when they felt like, they used to doze off.

Today morning I found my answer as to why they showed contradictory responses in spite of my wanting all of them optimum learning.

 If we do not command our mind with the right instruction, it does not give the desired result/reaction. We have to first feed the mind with the right instruction or command and like a computer, it registers and then works automatically.

The so called babies in their past lives have fed their minds with a particular instruction and their mind is still working on those instructions, I discovered. If A had given auto suggestion to itself- “I want to learn,” the mind registered it and the body responded to the command. They became active. Their mind is functioning in the same manner even now and they are the active ones. Learning becomes a pleasure then.

Likewise if B told itself that I am not interested in doing a particular thing, the mind shut down and learning stopped. This set of children were the ones who liked to sleep in place of learning or discovering the fascinating  world around them.

And hence the two divergent responses from the class where minds were different as they planted different ideas in themselves at some point of time.

 Now imagine if B feeds itself with the idea of A.

All one has to do is to tell one self that he will do this particular thing and the body begins to respond. Our mind is like a sponge. All we have to do is soak it in water. It has unlimited possibilities and one must unleash its potential. It is our duty, I feel not to let go the great possibilities of our mind untapped.

 Mental lethargy and sluggishness is a hindrance for a sadhak and if one can alter the mind, he is a yogi. To me, this is all sadhana. Think about it.!!

 Try this, I pray for you that it should work. More later. Enjoy your stay in the quiet hills.

 Lots of love to you.



* Ichcha Shakti or the power in us to will.

Updating and Notes-

So what is will? Will is the initiative power existing in us. The power to initiate, to start, to pursue and sustain and to accomplish something is called sankalp or will. Without the presence of will, we will not live well enough and will become lifeless, inert, lazy or ill defined in our direction. People who lack the power of will, do not perform well in carrying out their responsibilities and given roles. Our will is the deciding factor in humans which decides whether we wish to continue living or not.





15 Responses to Learning, a pleasure.

  1. mandira says:

    our past instructions instructions to our mind show in our personality traits. but even in the current life what we instruct our mind to do has direct and evident impact on the way we behave. remember how you would keep telling me as a child “instruct your mind to do this and you will be able to do it.” so i think it works both on the past and present planes.

  2. spiritinlife says:

    Yes, every act that we do now has an impact on our mind. If we train our mind well by right instruction and repetition, it begins to give positive results. Do not forget to review your progress from time to time. Our overall progress should be measured to help us plan our future accordingly. So start now!

  3. pandey2 says:

    Great lesson..I am thrilled to read this.


  4. Garima says:


    when we give instructions and repetitions to our mind, why it happens that some things become part of our behavior very soon and others task are tedious and may even take years to come into existence?



  5. spiritinlife says:

    It depends on the past tendencies called ‘sanskaras’ so if you have done those acts earlier, the mind and body respond quickly to them.
    And for those tasks which are found tedious, they are so because you may have not done them at all before.
    And above all, it is the mind in which lies the will power that must have not come into play!
    So you can change the old unwanted mind pattern with your present will power engineered by the mind with corresponding right acts in place…..

  6. Vanita says:

    “If we do not command our mind with the right instruction, it does not give the desired result/reaction. We have to first feed the mind with the right instruction or command and like a computer, it registers and then works automatically.”

    Dear Sarika!
    These words have given an answer to the question in me.
    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Shilpa says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    “Whatever efforts we make in quality, variety or quantity does matter. God knows about it and it is counted.” These words are very inspiring..:)


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shilpa, make small efforts but they should be continous. Ask God to give you more shakti, strength to allow you, to make you do more serious sadhana. Sometimes our past karmas act as huge hurdles so praying to God and asking for shakti to do sadhana is a very good act.

  8. Shilpa says:

    – If we do not command our mind with the right instruction, it does not give the desired result/reaction. We have to first feed the mind with the right instruction or command and like a computer, it registers and then works automatically. All one has to do is to tell one self that he will do this particular thing and the body begins to respond. It is our duty, not to let go the great possibilities of our mind untapped.
    – Ask God to give you more shakti, strength to allow you, to make you do more serious sadhana. praying to God and asking for shakti to do sadhana is a very good act.. Yes doing it!

  9. Surbhi says:

    Sarika Ji,

    The more I read your blogs and emails, the more I understand the role of will power to reach the Divine.
    This will power is empowering our intelligence(the charioter) to pull the rein(mind) of horses(senses) so that the chariot can be controlled. And when we test our will powers to reach the Divine, Maya comes into play that to big time to test our desire to reach the Lord.

    Somehow, my will power surrenders to Maya. How can me improve our will power?
    I have been selfish all my life, until I get something I cannot put efforts, but spiritual happiness is poison in beginning and nectar at the end. How can we surpass the stage of poison, when we are pushing our self to the spiritual path initially?

    Again answer is will power, but how to increase our will power?

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Surbhi, can anybody take out all the water of ocean to make it empty? Impossible. But the ocean’s water can be dried to make it empty.
      Similarly, as our scriptures have given a metaphor,we can dry our Maya and not finish it or get rid of with mental force.
      How? When we insert, add and fill up our mind and soak it till the brim with God’s remembrance and love, the sansara sagar or ocean of delusion dries up someday.
      Will power is used to make this happen in reality since nobody can be liberated unless he or she really wants it.
      But in reality there is a whole procedure to dry up the sansara in us and that takes time and is done by the Guru who will from time to time guide you what to do.
      So do not exert too much, everything will happen with the grace of God.All we have to do is sit in the boat where the Guru is the oarsman and we shall be blessed to get navigation from him.Only make sure the flame of your aspiration does not die out!
      Regarding you finding yourself selfish, when your mind becomes purer you will want to have higher happiness- the happiness of giving to others with love, doing everything for all for the sake of peace and joy, so wait until you come up til there. Begin today by doing karmas which have no exchange of give and take- just give and have no expectations and accept whatever comes your way.This is nishkaam karma, the path to liberation
      With my love and blessings

  10. midhunpk210 says:

    ” Learning, a pleasure”…Yes, really it’s a pleasure…Thank you ma.

  11. Sarika Ji,
    “Flame of aspiration” or the “Burning desire” for God is something which is pre requisite for merging with God. Can one develop this trait in his lifetime? If the sanskar of the previous birth too does not have any tendency for the same, can one still develop it?

    In Divine friendship

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Rajesh, the flame of aspiration is sought and achieved when we are surrounded by holy company, holy thoughts (of Gurus and scriptures) and past and present good deeds. It is possible in this lifetime.
      Old sanskaras of negation and opposition or of indulging in Maya are possible to wipe out but it takes time. Patience and faith are the best friends during such times. In place of old sanskaras, we have to plant new good ones. This can be done by maintaining periods of intense and reading lives and works of the great ones, going to pilgrimages, listening to the holy words of the enlightened Gurus in Satsanga or discourses, meditation, daan and maun. You must do all this. Wiping of old grooves in the mind and brain and re-writing inside the new grooves is the procedure and we must co-operate in this process willfully.
      God bless,

  12. Kunal says:

    Dear Ma,

    I am so amazed by the thoughts you have. You have changed my life, I am your debtor till eternity. My thoughts are more vibrant since the time you entered my life.

    Getting these high thoughts from the rishis directed to you, we realise that 1 thought can liberate everything around it, other thoughts stored around it start weakening, we start questioning their basis, creating positive change. But we lack courage because we bear the burden of our old thoughts, which is what karma is. Our cells are full of our old thoughts.

    I think thoughts and light, they have to be the same, a very high thought is more spirit and less matter and gets a higher colour, getting more white in it. High great thoughts of positive world CHANGE, full of desire shakti are whitest in colour and Life’s secret is we can liberate ourselves by thinking this by ourselves.

    The power to store light energy is equal amongst us, but we have spent more time in ignorance collecting low thoughts of low desire, so the mind space is fully dark, slowly slowly our high thoughts of devotion only will bring more bright light. Our cells will change its structure, they are only holding light, most yantras are cell structures of strong light, more we focus on it more our cells will become like that.

    All our energies have been divided between so many desires, we have to remove most of them which are weak and settle with a great few. Being one pointed is the purpose of life. Sole reason for sadness today is humanity cannot specify what they want clearly and strongly.

    We seek change in thought only when we reach our lowest. Most people including me were practicing escapism instead of spirituality before I met you, waiting till we become enlightened so that we can start positive actions of world change. Life within us or soul, life’s journey itself and All life on earth, all this is only god. If our actions and speech is life promoting and can make another love life more, this is also worship. That is what you are doing Ma.

    I see you as an artist creating beauty by living life as an example, every artist is also in search of an audience that truly appreciates the art form and who understands the subtleties in their performance, for the artist to perform better. The audience is always aspiring to be the artist and in inspiration to churn the amrita of life the same way.

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