I visit Dakshineshwar again……

Part A

29.1.14 Morning meditation.

“My dearest God, my sweet Lord,” I began to invoke God in order to start a new post. I was about to utter the next lines when my attention was shifted from invocation to hearing a soft sentence that arose near my heart which I caressed fondly after hearing it quite distinctly. The sentence was-

“Can I please……?” I was pleasantly surprised at an instant response to my invocation to my Lord within. For a moment, I wondered and waited to know if it was a response from the world of the saints and thinking, so my breath stopped. I smiled to myself because such unexpected mystic encounters first of all bring immense joy in the devotee’s heart and the outer world that we live in is completely gone.

“I am residing deep inside your heart. I am Spirit, I am God. I am Love.

Do you realize how vulnerable you are these days as you have become the ‘Bird of Paradise’?”

For a moment, I was intrigued at the advent of this unanticipated phrase called the ‘Bird of Paradise’ and that too addressed to me. I wondered what could be the reason for this reference at this point of time today. And then I co-related and recalled that just as I had sat down in my meditation at 6.30 am today, a flow of delightful conversation took place with the Almighty and me. I was bathing in divine bliss after which I was apprised that from now onwards and in coming future I will be a ‘Bird of Paradise.’ I interpreted it as that maybe my heart always dances like a peacock in very blissful periods when I am totally connected with God sometimes these days and hence God is using a similarity between a beautiful, delightful bird and my state of raptures of intermittent joy which could be compared to a dancing peacock in a far off forest.

“You should now exhibit your inner grace, versatility, stability, calmness and wonderful workings of your beautiful subtle mind because this is God’s wish that you serve many people and touch their lives henceforth through the two mediums that are now your domains of expression.” I comprehended that the two mediums were my blog Spiritinlife and Facebook understandably.

I quickly connected everything about this phrase ‘Bird of Paradise’ and realized that whenever I saw those exotic birds dancing or exhibiting their spectacular plumes and feathers in thick, secluded forests, I have been completely mesmerized and wonderstruck and gazed at their extraordinary beauty, grace and impressive colours when I saw on television. When I gaze at their extraordinary beauty, side by side I have been in awe of the marvellous power called Creation or God who has the innate ability to create something so exotic, pretty and awe inspiring from the unseen subtle forces that are lying dormant and elusive from our eyes in the Universe. I silently bend down mentally out of sheer reverence for the magnificent powers that God has. We know so very, very little; I would say that we know nil or nothing about the greatness, glory and power of the Creator in the Creation that we live in! We as humans, spend each life of ours embroiled only in ego clashes or ego actions or pride that first of all eats us up only; it is that detrimental. Or we have unending desires and we are so bewildered with or drunk for material achievements, its gain or loss in our life that we never once free our mind from all this and allow it to plunge inwards and ponder on subtler and refined ideas. This is my observation and I sometimes feel very helpless as I feel like reaching out to those who have no clue about the magnificent, beautiful and sophisticated world that exists just below our physical mind! How I wish they knew how blissful it is out there!

God- “Providence provides us all the tools and agents to get us acquainted with the Forces of Creation. Creation similarly called ‘Ishwara’ in Sanskrit or God as we may usually address it. On the other hand, the jeevatama  or single Self’s attention is persistently occupied with seeking something else for the reason that the outside world is alluring and consists of changeable elements unfortunately.

If by the power of your will or great desire, you come to the deduction that there is another unknown world existing right inside you which is far better, pure, beautiful, blissful and peace-giving, then you will give up all the vices, evil deeds and the lure and greed for worldly, monetary and material advantages and even jealousy, insecurity and all other negative trends.

Those who have ventured quite deep inside themselves know that an infinite extension of paranormal, psychic and divine world, in this order exists. Whenever any persisting devotee or seeker advances ahead without caring for gaining the paranormal and psychic powers, ultimately the purest territory of pure ether and space and ultimate silence is touched. This is our final destination and resting place. Except leaving out a very few, all the other seekers get trapped on their journey towards God with the small dividends which are the psychic powers. They are dense vibrations and also consist of negative forces.

 In short, they are God’s created other type of forces in the same Universe which are in opposition and are anti-God in nature because they work against the positive, gentle, regenerative and healing vibes which was created by God for our well-being, happiness and health. As these disparaging or ‘tamasic’ forces are very attractive, almost everyone including many Gurus- Teachers and disciples-devotees resort to it freely for merely personal gains, competition, material advancement. Maximum people depend on the dark forces to gain some kind of victory over others, to become wealthy, to sustain their wealth and power, to increase their own psychic powers and gain success in all types of worldly pursuits.”

Pondering about the incoming vast information, my mind now became focussed and I, after understanding the consequences of such acts of others around me became serious and put forth this question.

“How am I vulnerable?”

God-“Because there are many people out there who out of mere jealousy at your spiritual achievements are constantly sending you jibes or pinches and tweaks which sometimes attack your vitality and health and also affect your writing pace. They do not know that you have left behind everything voluntarily including psychic and occult powers because you consider them derogatory and think that such belittling powers are like someone’s leftover food which should never be eaten and obviously only be discarded and thrown in the dustbin. You realized long time before that God is the ‘Kohinoor diamond’ or a huge solitaire diamond and all siddhis or occult powers are pebbles on the footpath and therefore you never used any of these powers for personal gains.

You have compassion for others and wish to help others, as many as possible in eradication of their  ignorance because you know that extreme suffering and bad life awaits for those who do not live in harmony, service and love for others. You help all the people who wish to align their lives and proceed towards a life full of Grace, blessings, peacefulness and harmony. Those spiritual Gurus who are hideously practising the prohibited occult practices to hold on to their stronghold, disciples, power and money, shall be punished by God. They will be deprived of superior divine realizations and purity of mind and thought. Because of this they will never experience the perfect balance and harmony inside outside. They will be unable to silence their mind completely and even if they invoke God excessively, God will not respond.

God when invoked by the pure devotion of a devotee becomes helpless and appears instantly because God is attracted to purity, simplicity, honesty and unassuming devotees. Create a sacred space inside your heart from where you can invoke God frequently and where God has His own space to manifest. A heart full of compassion, unselfish love and brotherhood is the most sought after ground for God to manifest.

Invoke God after you have spoken kind words even to a rude person.

Invoke God even when jealous minds have jibed and attacked you and pray for their immediate improvement and transformation.

Invoke God after benevolent, wise words full of love and empathy reach you through unknown sources.

Thank God every minute for listening to your prayers.

Thank God for His mercy, love and wisdom those are showered upon you from various people and life-situations.

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti Om……..

Part B

My dear everybody, I returned from YSS Dakshineshwar Ashram om 25.01.14 and since then was thinking that there was nothing to blog because my stay in ashram was more of reviewing my own spiritual yatra than anything else. I went there with my daughter in 2006 last after her exams got over but it was different then.

The last six years or so have been a phenomenal change in my personal and spiritual life and except for gratitude and thanksgiving, I could not do much. These are my frank confessions because each place, every corner and thing in the ashram was reminding me of my own thoughts and realizations that I had in 2006. I was all the time thanking all my Gurus, particularly Shri Mahavatar Babaji for sending me to such nice places which provide so much inner strength and power to push myself further ahead in my yatra. I was also remembering Paramhanasa Yoganandaji for his kindness, unconditional love and empathy. I was remembering my past and how I was initiated by him in so many yogic disciplines.

And as usual, God is very unpredictable. Just when I  decided that there was nothing to blog, I had a wonderful meditation on 29.1.14 in which I was asked to write one post on Dakshineshwar. All I can do now is to thank and thank God for always arriving to sort out my mind, to give timely guidance and most of all, always giving us such useful prescriptions and advice which we all seekers need from time to time. This post is a part of my meditation which I have shared with all of you. I pray that you get blessed in many ways by the words that have arrived as a post and that each one has something for him or her. May God give us the inner power and will to execute this and then transform our lives which will provide us divine bliss and unending peace of mind.

Some pictures for you to see of the YSS ashram. Photography had been minimized because the inner browsing was on. So just a few for you, hope they will give you an idea of the serenity of the place where I spent my six days……





I walked up these steps of this small meditation room to take pictures of river Ganga and sunset.




It was Spring time.






22 Responses to I visit Dakshineshwar again……

  1. Asim says:

    “A heart full of compassion,unselfish love and brotherhood is the most sought after place for God to manifest…”
    May one Self reflect in all in our vision…
    Thank you ‘Bird of Paradise’…
    May this ego dissolve beneath your divine wings…

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Asim, thank you child for your sweet compliment.MAy God bless you.
      But I would be far more happier if you too became a ‘Bird of Paradise’. We all have the hidden potential for reaching great heights so aim for that. One day that can be possible.
      May you always keep God in your heart and be loved and protected.
      Sarika Aunty

  2. Shahid says:

    Delighted to read this post, esp this para :
    “God when invoked by the pure devotion of a devotee becomes helpless and appears instantly because God is attracted to purity, simplicity, honesty and unassuming devotees. Create a sacred space inside your heart from where you can invoke God frequently and where God has His own space to manifest. A heart full of compassion, unselfish love and brotherhood is the most sought after ground for God to manifest.”

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Shahid, God is so benevolent, pure, still and calm and loving. To be able to reflect the abstract form of God and worship it in one place, we have to make a suitable ground/place inside s. Any corruption or adulteration can stop this process to happen and hence it is advised for all the sincere aspirants to be honest, simple and unassuming.
      The Light of God can be received only with the Grace of God when we do pious acts.
      These lines were my most favourite and everyone as well has caught it attention. Happy to know that we are synchronized.

  3. manju says:

    Jai Guru Sarikaji,

    you have created a sacred space in your pure heart where God manifests as love and wisdom. kindly pray for all of us that we too find God as love and sweetness in our hearts. with my heart filled with gratitude to you and your teachings.

    Jai Guru to you from all the readers of Spirit in life blog ,


    • spiritinlife says:

      Thank you Manju, for your kind generosity and prayers for others.Indeed, unselfish, profound and spiritual thoughts enlarge our hearts and in return we get the blessings of all others who were the recipients of our meaningful prayers.May that happen to you too, this is my morning prayer which God should listen……
      Jai Guru and Hari Om Tat Sat to all the readers in this pure time of silent praying….
      May God bless all of us.

  4. pandey2 says:

    Om Gurubhyo namah

    Jai Guru SarikaJi,

    I wish all of us including myself can reach to this level in this life time where we can also speak to Lord. It is being said that “Ishwar paas se bhi Paas Hai” but we are so blind that we are not able to see him..We are so senseless that we are not able to experience him. We are so dumb that we can’t hear him. I wish the day would come soon in our life where we also can live in continuous remembering of lord. Any attempt to remember god don’t even go beyond few secs and some thought come and take us away from lord remembering and when we wake up we just regret and attempt again and then again some though take us away..This keeps getting repeated again. during meditation.
    I don’t know why our heart has no compassion..How become so heartless that we don’t care about fellow living beings. We can’t sing a song in full devotion to the lord. What happen to son of lord..why our life is so miserable. I don’t know from where these words are coming but i feel like writing it and it has nothing to do with my intellect may be something in me is pouring these words.

    O lord please help us..O Masters please help us.. O guru please help us.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Paripoorna, This is the beginning, this is the point from where a genuine devotee starts-from praying.
      What you have said is 100% true that our mind has absorbed the thoughts of the sansara or world so much that it is so difficult to bring it to a point where it settles down now. The mana/mind has been living and thriving on ‘food for thought’ of sansara/world for many, many incarnations, so if you stop its momentum now, it is not in your control.
      Yet the image and memory of God is etched in us and so it is possible to revive it.

      Procedure(in brief)-
      Take an enlightened person called Guru or Sadguru’s help.
      Be in holy company as much as possible in group and when you are alone bring your mind back to a profound spiritual thought. Create an image of a holy, enlightened personage in your mind and delve on it as much as possible.Stop being in the company of worthless and sinful people who are not going to remind you of your divinity and on the contrary, they will pull you down.
      Pray, invoke and call God as much as you can. Chant the holy name of the Lord mentally silently. Sincere prayers are all heard.. Only when the time becomes right, so they manifest.Reflect and contemplate on the subject- matter that I present to you all here.Make your present life more happy, moderate and balanced.
      Sanchit karmas or accumulated karmas take very long to harvest.So be patient. The role of the Guru is to help you navigate, bear and clear all the good and bad kama’s backlog. As they begin to clear out with time, the mind becomes stabler and in more control day by day.Side by side, create new, fresh and very positive actions which will recreate a new fate in future that is going to be be holy, peaceful and of higher quality. (Read older posts of segment A and B where I have written very enlightening posts with Mahavatar Babaji’s blessings on recreating our new life or destiny from the past and what it takes to do so. All the secretive knowledge of this science of liberation is also described for our good. Even the older readers can go back to it for revision sake)

      This is the essence of spirituality and why we should pursue it in our lives as human beings so that we as images of God, can one day live our lives with the qualities or characteristics of our Holy Spirit or God and hence make our lives devoid of worries, frustrations, jealousy, greed and anger.It will be filled with joy, unconditional love, calmness, positive energies, satisfaction, motivation and of course lot of peace without which we cannot live.

      May God give you the strength and the will to pursue this wonderful goal of human existence.
      In Divine remembrance now and always

      (This message is for all of us and should be remembered so that we take the next part of our journey with more steady and confirmed steps)

  5. bird of paradise – any of numerous brilliantly colored plumed birds (dictionary meaning )
    This is what babaji called you.
    How much he loves you!!!

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Dr. Srinivas, I am looking very differently at the current state of mine which you have described so generously.
      I had always known from the start that Shri Mahavatar Babaji is so well versed in remoulding his disciples’ lives in stupendous ways because of his own extraordinary divine powers so I prayed incessantly to Him to rub out my old thoughts, habits, mind and body and give me a far better new versions of them. And He has worked on me indefatigably for years, 24 into 7. It is His unfathomable pure, generous and holy love for all of us that he can rework on us provided we love Him and God more than we love ourselves!
      Well, I am always thanking them because none of my faculties had ever imagined that I could do so much in Spirituality field in one life because my ideas of reaching great heights in Spirituality were very limited based on my knowledge of the books and scriptures that I had devoured in my frantic pursuit of God.

      It was only His Holiness, kindest and merciful Babaji who told me that there are possibilities and life beyond Mukti….Remember our discussion that we had at home? So I take no pride in being called the ‘Bird of Paradise’by God or Him because all the intentions or sankalpas, they gave me; they sowed the new seeds. Their sankalpa are very strong and are bound to happen. His and God’s sankalpa were one and with Divine mercy and Babaji’s generosity I am in a new world, a new start.
      And yes, it is a fact that if we love Shri Mahavatar Babaji with a pure mind and heart, he will surely respond in the most befitting manner.

  6. Suresh babu taintavide says:


    Revered Sarikaji,
    God said you are The Bird of Paradise and vulnerable.
    Yes! If anybody of us have those negative qualities at the deepest
    part of our heart you are digging it out by simply narrating the encounters with God.
    He gave the reason behind it,that you were not carried away by the glitter of siddhis,psychic and occult powers.
    He disclosed it and you published.So we can
    recognise and dissolve it through intense prayers and by His grace
    become lighter enabling us to fly high towards the upper realms of
    A divine procedure of purification prescribed by
    Almighty Himself!
    There by listing us as His beloved children…..that is because we
    are following His heavenly Peacock!!!

    The photographs are superb!

    Praying for Blessings…..Suresh

    • spiritinlife says:

      @SureshBabu, my wish is to see more God’s ‘Birds of Paradise’, praying for that. May God bless all of us. May His mercy, kindness and protection always be with you and others.

  7. Shilpa says:

    Dear Sarika aunty,

    Thank you very much for this post.
    You are really touching our lives with your articles.
    A question came in my mind that why there are God’s created other type of forces in the universe which are anti-God in nature, in the first place? Why God created it?

    It is my prayer that may we can also create a sacred space inside our hearts where God would manifest, as He has manifested in your heart.
    I pray that I have the experience of this magnificent, beautiful and sophisticated world that exists just below our physical mind.
    God is attracted to purity, simplicity, honesty and unassuming devotees. Who are unassuming devotees?

    Sarika aunty, photographs are really very nice, especially flower photos are very very beautiful.


    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Shilpa,
      It gives me immense happiness to know that you like what I am sharing with everybody. Indeed, never did I know that my spiritual experiences are going to help others in this far and wide manner. Anyway, thank you for your appreciation.
      Answering all your questions in a sequence accordingly now.
      God has not created anything negative or anti against Himself. When this Earth was created two types of forces which would balance each other were created. They are positive and negative in current. It is we humans, out of our old ignorance utilize some forces for our selfish ends, and in the end harm ourselves. If God has created death, it is because there would be surplus things on Earth and things would get out of hand. So birth and death, health and sickness etc are all dualities. They all go hand in hand but if we make a balance in our lives, no force is detrimental. We should be able to choose between good and bad, holy from unholy and we shall be happy. Nothing that God has created is bad or harmful; all of them have a purpose in this Universe. If we are in harmony with all the forces in Nature by having right thoughts and actions, then none of the forces will go against us.
      Lastly, to explain to you in much detail, what I intended telling you and others in the post was that some people generate negative thoughts of anger, jealousy because of some type of edginess towards other fellow beings. When we get into this, we create a negative mind and instigate a negative force present without a sound in this Universe and we aim at others. So somebody gets affected and is harmed and unfortunately the person who prompted this, brings about a lot of pain, suffering and ill times for himself/herself also. So it is not the force that is anti-God but our intentions can be harmful. Hope it is now clear to you what is meant by anti-God.
      Yes, we as highest form of Life on Earth can pray and we should pray to God so that He manifests in our sacred heart.
      As God is pure, refined, sophisticated and subtle, it is possible to make ourselves that and these conditions would be perfect for God to manifest. Take the help of a realized soul and your path will be illumined.
      Unassuming devotees are those who do not consider themselves to be something special or great because there is no power, they know that is higher than God and surrendering their pride and ego at God’s feet, they always remember that God is the mightiest and therefore they are very, pious, simple, light and honest in nature.
      Thanks Shilpa, as it was spring time around Basant Panchmi festival, the flowers were blooming in full swing. I was lucky to be there at that time in the ashram when everyday so many shades and colours were being boasted by them happily!!!Flowers give so much joy to us!!!

      Sarika Aunty

      • Shilpa says:

        Thank you Sarika aunty for your detailed reply to my questions. I understood now. It is important for us to have an honest and balanced life and cultivate good thoughts. May God and Guru guide us all.

  8. midhunpk210 says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya.

    Ma this post is read by sri babaji, you have mentioned in an other post, i know he know every posts, but i was unable to go to some other post without reading this. thanks a lot.

    i always having the doubt of the creation of the negative energy, anti god, and the roll of Maya in the earth, hope oneday those will be cleared

    you are absolutely right ma,

    we know very little,

    thanks a lot ma,

    with all love,
    Midhun PK

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Midhun, very briefly I will explain these lines of the response you gave me after you read the post ‘I visit Dakshineshwar again’ –
      “I am always having the doubt of the creation of the negative energy, anti god, and the role of Maya in the earth, hope one day those will be cleared.”
      Yes, it is true that to allow the play of “Ishwar sankalpa’, the game of hide and seek born out of God’s own will and thought, two types of shaktis or energies were born to start with. First, the one that will be in harmony with God and will also synchronize itself with God’s will, such energies give us peace, tranquility, stability, goodness and purity. The contrary or negative energies are just the opposite. They are against the will of God, are against the welfare of the people using it or the person will be out of harmony, peace, health and prosperity and so on.
      Both types of energies are always around us, in humans and in the Universe. First we understand this and then the negative energy in us which also manifests in us as ego, desires, jealousy, greed, sex and so on are gotten rid of slowly one by one. With the grace of God, when all the dirt is removed completely, we cannot be ruled by these weaknesses and virtues of purity, honesty, satisfaction, calmness, faith, silence, gratitude etc. do not allow these negativity to rule us anymore.
      Apart from this also read the new post- Kriya Shakti, the power in us to do and act-III where I have explained in great detail about how our negative karmas degrade us and our many lives to come. We do negative karmas because of our own Maya or falsehood or vikaars, the weaknesses…
      God bless

  9. Asim says:

    Thank you again Bird of Paradise 🙂 May the wings be totally unfurled and eyes constantly fixed towards the Glorious Sun..
    With Love,

    • spiritinlife says:

      Asim my child, your mother wishes to see all her children fly up in the sky over the clouds where horizons don’t matter. Her heart swells to see young fledglings take a flight in the vast open sky.

  10. Shahid says:

    ” I am residing deep inside your heart. I am Spirit, I am God. I am Love. ” How wonderful it would be to have a personal, blissful experience of this sentence. Om Nama Shivaya <3

  11. Shahid says:

    ” Those who have ventured quite deep inside themselves know that an infinite extension of paranormal, psychic and divine world, in this order exists. Whenever any persisting devotee or seeker advances ahead without caring for gaining the paranormal and psychic powers, ultimately the purest territory of pure ether and space and ultimate silence is touched. This is our final destination and resting place. “

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