Spiritinlife 9th Blogging Anniversary Videos, Audios of-How can you find God in this life? I, II & III. Rishikesh Workshop 22-4-17


Dear Readers, it is a great day of joy and celebration when we have arrived on this day when Spiritinlife blog is nine years old! What an incredible journey it has been so far!! There are 270 posts today!!!

My most humble pranaam and revered prostrations at the Lotus Feet of all our Gurudevas from Param Pujya Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his own Gurus and param Gurus, Swami Kartikeyan, Bogarnathar and other stalwarts like Guru Gorakh Nath and Swami Shivananda. It is because of them that I was able to achieve the capacity to receive extra ordinary spiritual knowledge in many meditations. And once again from none other than Swami Bogarnathar himself I could be under his tutelage and receive rare knowledge. It was a very unique, trying and grim subject with the title-What is our mind and how is it formed?

Not only this, it was equally if not more, a daunting task to be able to explain and pass on this knowledge to the listeners in Rishikesh Workshop in April a few weeks ago. (Rishikesh Workshop was held on 22nd, 23rd & 24th April 2017) It took a lot of courage from my side to permit myself to speak for the first time in public about my personal anecdotes and experiences of my spiritual life so freely. Or even experiences of how I make these posts and how much more is given to me apart from these nuggets in posts! All this and much more you shall find in my Talks of these three days in Rishikesh posts of 22nd, 23rd and 24th April in a serial. Some videos and audios are not too perfect because of glitch and slow internet speed but please stay on as these are passing phases.

Moreover,  for the first time these Talks are in Hindi. I don’t feel any difference in the standard as well as the quality of my Talks by changing over. On the contrary, it shall reach many more people and most of Indians especially the Hindi speaking gentry will get initiated into a subject such as what is our mind or mana? The challenge was not the language but it was how do I explain in such a brief time such an in-depth and grave subject which was concise yet an ocean of knowledge imparted to me. There were questions & answers also in the gathering and hence the duration of our satsanga or spiritual meetings got extended in spite of me tracking time all the time. The total time of all videos of 3 days is more than 11 hours and a few minutes-one more milestone for all of us!

There are 6 videos and simultaneously 6 audios of the same in these 3 posts. Apart from that, I have also inserted one post as an audio this time in all three posts from Fb and WP to help you understand about these ancient sages with more clarity. They are- i)The Shining Stars in the Galaxy ii) Why is it important to submit our mind at the Holy feet of the master or Guru? And iii) What happens if your submit your mind at the Holy feet of the Master?

((And lastly, it became mandatory to make a complete audio of all audios in each post since the Podcast picks up just the first audio and leaves out the rest unfortunately. Hence that becomes the first audio by default))

Updates There will be a great surge in the energy and speed of the blog since our projects are all time bound. There are many Workshops and meetings now and in coming two years to clear your path to remove your doubts and diffuseness. I also wish to give you a clear picture of what all activities are due and in which place which posts will be explained in Meetings/Workshops. I have decided to share with you my plan-chart of the upcoming Workshops, places and posts so that you are in touch with the quick flow of things.

The chart cum planner for June-

4th June Sunday Bangalore

10th and 11th June, Sat & Sun Vashi, Navi Mumbai

16th to 18th June, Fri to Sun, Pune.

The complete Plan of a year was this-

Nov 2016 to Nov 2017 Workshops, Places & Posts

  1. Rishikesh Workshop 10-14/11/16 Augment of a New era-I, II & III
  2. Pune 14.1.17- Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will-I
  3. Navi Mumbai, Vashi 19.3.17-How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-I
  4. Pune 9.4.17-How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-II
  5. Rishikesh 21-26.4.17-How can you find God in this life?I,II, III & 5 paras of Augment of a New Era-III
  6. Mumbai, Kandivali 10.5.17-Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-I
  7. Bangalore 4-6-17 What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master? (Fb)
  8. Navi Mumbai, Vashi 11.6.17 Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-II
  9. Pune 16-18/6/17 (i)Why is it necessary to live your life by God’s will?-III & (ii) How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-III
  10. Bangalore 16-18/9/17 (i) Why is it important to submit the mind at the Holy Feet of the Holy Guru? (Fb) & (ii) My Home shining bright! (Fb)
  11. Palani, Madurai 9-14th Nov-2017. In Divine moments with Swami Kartikeyan I, II & III

Total no. of Workshops 11

What’s new? Since this whole segment is primarily of audios and videos, we are introducing Podcast for your convenience so that you can listen to all the audios on your Android phone at your convenience.

You will have to download the App and whenever there is a new post on the blog, it will automatically be saved on your phone. There is a separate post the fourth one today to help you guide step by step how you can download these audios on your phone and listen to them offline. It is called- Podcast, an advantage for seekers for listening to Spiritinlife Audios.

Besides this, there is a tab on the menu on the Home Page of spiritinlife.blog which tells us about all the Workshops that are being held regularly, where and which posts are being tackled. These posts have their links also so the blog is very well designed and organized at this stage for everyone’s convenience. It is updated as soon as one Workshop gets over. Now moving over to this post’s content.


(Complete audio)

Dear listeners, There is one extra audio added automatically in the posts. This Audio is a long combined audio of other short audios. We did that on purpose, otherwise only the first audio of such posts comes in podcast. It’s a limitation of RSS in WordPress. It picks up only the first audio of a post and ignores rest. So we had to create an audio file which has all audios merged into single file and upload it as first item in such posts with multiple audios)

The Shining Stars in the Galaxy!

# Videos of of 2 sessions/segments &

## Audios of 2 sessions/segments of Post How can you find God in this life? Part I & II



Click button below to download all audios



A Note-A big thank you to IT team and all other Spiritinlife members for making this day possible. It is their sheer dint of hard work and dedication which has made it possible to upload videos and audios so frequently. And to conduct so many Workshops one after the other with your co-operation and team work! God bless all of you, your efforts are evident!

And one more point I must make. In Rishikesh, there were issues related to internet and electricity. There were power cuts and we still managed somehow to make these videos and audios. In some places during your passage, you will see this effect. Sorry for the inconvenience.

9 Responses to Spiritinlife 9th Blogging Anniversary Videos, Audios of-How can you find God in this life? I, II & III. Rishikesh Workshop 22-4-17

  1. Mandira says:

    Dear Amma,
    Please accept my heartiest congratulations on achieving this milestone. It wouldn’t have been possible without the grace and guidance of Gurus, no doubt , but your commitment and hard work deserve a special mention.
    Everyday I realise I have more and more to learn from you.
    Humbly ,

  2. neeta says:

    Beloved Ma,
    Rishikesh trip was one of its kind, truly remarkable life changing mind boggling and extreme in all sense. iam really fortunate to be a part of it and i wholeheartedly thank all my Gurus for it. The audios and videos are priceless and the more number of times i hear them ,the more clarity and understanding i derive from them. Especially these days when i have been sick..i have made the best use of this time by listening and watching the videos and have really benefitted so much.Thank you dear Ma for your untiring efforts to uplift us…
    in deep gratitude n love
    Neeta Agarwal

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Neeta, next time any disease comes, do not be scared. Instead know that it has a reason. I have replied in detail to Pulkit regarding this just now.Please refer to it.
      When our mind dissolves very old aged patterns because of Guru Kripa, the body also changes in many changes. Rishikesh Discourses are really extreme. Because of that, many of you are now undergoing titanic shifts in minds, your lives are swiftly churning out new patterns and the transforming is on the way. No wonder I can see the working of our gentle Gurus as gentle giants who are working silently from the base level to upper levels in all of us depending on our own consciousness level.
      When such drastic movements occur, we must silently and happily suffer with awareness.
      Stay in blessed moments those who are encountering major changes…
      Yours Ma

  3. neeta says:

    Yes sure MA ..will follow your valuable advice!!

  4. Nirmala Rao says:

    Dear Madam
    Wish to know if I can attend your workshop in Bangalore on 16 the Sept? Will be grateful if I could have the details.
    Thanking you

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Nirmala, if you wish you may join the Discourse on 16th Sept in Bangalore. It is in Ideal Home Township.You will get the details and the schedule with full programme. Please write to me on spiritinlife@gmail.com
      If you are following the blog and wish to take personal lessons you are most welcome.

  5. Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    Love the audio discourses, there is just too much to learn from you.The biggest power a human has is Iccha shakti, this is what made Babaji a Mahaavatar, you say why do people aim so low, i really did not know why, but then you spoke about sankalp shakti or “Mushkil sehne ki shakti”, then I understood that we think ourselves to be weak, which we are not at all.

    With enough faith in God all disturbances seem small. I forgot how comfortable I am compared to the saints that have sacrificed so much for humanity, realised I should stop complaining, just be glad that I have free time to do sadhana and good deeds, since that’s what I’ve come on earth for.

    I resonated with your exasperation of trying to make everyone in the family to do yoga, we can’t force them, it’s a individuals journey.They will understand with time.

    I understood never to have a “Chota mann”. Our mann is what we carry from birth to birth and that’s what we have to make into a Mandir of high consciousness.

    Does listening to the blog have the same effect as to come with you to rishikesh?

    🌹Om Shanti Shanti Om🌹

    At your lotus feet

  6. Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    I love thinking about God and doing his japa, it creates such a sweetness within, If I get a thought of a opinion on a material subject immediately the taste in the mouth also changes to bitter.

    I understood Maya, when you said that we see only the dukha or the sukha in some thing and mindlessly run after a material goal, we have to learn to see both always too judge if the sukh is worth it.

    All of us have access to God equally and he’s listening to all of us, but we have to learn to listen to him, to go further in our journey.

    Reading this blog is a honour

    At your lotus feet

    Om shanti shanti om

  7. Kunal Vakil says:

    Dear Ma,

    Understood that ‘Mana ki sadhana’ is what just 5 people have perfected ever, and you will teach whoever that shows interest. That there are many subtle powers not discovered on earth, the key to which exists in the mana and devotion to God.

    Our Mana exists near the heart region, Human ‘Chalakhi’ is the biggest cause of desease, ‘ mana ka mell’ is to be removed with japa for shanti to hear god, it is my iccha to hear god, I want my opinions to be replaced by gods will.

    God exists within all creation and is guiding all of us equally, I realised I am ready to meditate to calm my mann and hear god but have doubts of spreading his light through my actions, learnt that laziness is a nature of the mind not the body, just start and God will clear the way.

    I want to walk the path of self realisation but don’t want to push it to extreme like starve and think I’m very special, not even cut off with people but find like minded people who love and respect god.

    I have always dreamt of being a giver to society but have wished to be someone that’s given importance and preference, it is scary to think I don’t need that.

    I realised that I have so many thoughts and some of them even conflict each other at times, why is that ma?


    Om shanti shanti shantihi

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